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Inside Anna Chlumsky and Husband Shaun So’s Married Life



Inside Anna Chlumsky and Husband Shaun So's Married Life
Inside Anna Chlumsky and Husband Shaun So's Married Life

Anna Chlumsky has been on the top of the entertainment industry through her amazing performance in the movies and TV shows she plays in – the most recent being Netflix’s Inventing Anna.

While she has made a flourishing acting career, she has also maintained an equally blissful marital relationship with her longtime boyfriend turned husband, Shaun So. 

Chlumsky’s husband, Shaun, is Chinese-American. He is an American military veteran and Army Reserve member who has served in Afghanistan.

Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So were college sweethearts

The Rugrats star first met her future husband while both of them were studying at the prestigious University of Chicago.

During her interview with Interview Magazine, Chlumsky revealed that she met Shaun at a dance party called Spring Fling – one of the few parties held by the University of Chicago. “We were both there. I was supposed to go with someone else, but that person had the flu, so I went by myself,” she added.

Anna Chlumsky with her husband Shaun So

Anna Chlumsky with her husband Shaun So (Photo: Twitter)

As she went on, she said that she met all of his friends and then danced with him for like four hours. “We only knew each other’s names. Then I was expecting him to walk me home or something and he was just like, “Okay, bye.” It turns out it was because he was shy.”

On the next day, they caught up with each other again while going to Eminem and The Roots concert – they “were playing on campus.” She was in line at that concert with one of her friends. She told her friend, “There’s that guy I danced with last night.”

Chlumsky continued, “and she’s like “What’s his name?” and I was like “Shaun.” And she says, “Hey, Shaun…” and then ducked. The rest is history….”

The now-married couple eventually began dating each other. Months after being in a relationship, they began living together in Brooklyn, New York. Three years after they began dating, Shaun was deployed to Afghanistan.

Anna Chlumsky and her husband Shaun So at an event.

Anna Chlumsky and her husband Shaun So at an event (Photo: Twitter)

Describing the long-distance relationship, Chlumsky wrote a piece on Glamour Magazine in 2014 that read, “If long-distance dating is a sport, deployment is the X Games. I’d be building a fortress around myself in order to stay strong for my soldier.”

In January 2006, Shaun returned from his deployment. But, he continued to serve in the Army Reserve for five more years. About that, Chlumsky wrote, “During a two-week leave, we had many discussions about the future — his, mine, ours, the Army’s.”

“We’d come to the conclusion that life is only better with each other in it, despite any and all uncertainties, and we’d resolved to rely on our collective stubbornness to make it for the long haul.” 

Finally, in October 2007, they took a step forward and got engaged. At the time of their engagement, the actress revealed that they will get married soon in a fusion of the two cultural traditions as “Shaun’s family is Chinese, and my family is Catholic.”

Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So married in 2008

Less than a year after they got engaged, on March 8, 2008, Chlumsky and Shaun walked down the aisle with close friends and family members witnessing the ceremony held in Brooklyn, New York.

Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So's wedding picture.

Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So’s wedding picture (Photo: Amazing Gallery)

Since then, the married couple has always been together, holding each other’s hands through thick and thin. As of now, they live a low-key life and maintain tight privacy around their married life.

Years after their marriage, Chlumsky and Shaun welcomed a bundle of happiness in their family. On July 11, 2013, the duo welcomed their first child, a daughter named Penelope Joan So – Chlumsky was 32-year-old at the time of birth.

Three years later, on July 28, 2016, the actress gave birth to another daughter named Clara Elizabeth So. Interestingly, while she was pregnant the first time, she had just completed filming the second season of Veep.

And three months after her second pregnancy, she returned to the sets of Veep for the filming of the hit show’s sixth season.

Ever since the birth of their children, happiness has been doubled in the couple’s family plus some responsibility, too. The mother of two has previously opened up on multiple occasions about how her daughters have a sisterly bond and “empathize with each other.”

Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So at the 2018 tennis US Open.

Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So outside of the 2018 tennis US Open (Photo: Getty Images)

Similarly, in one instance, she admitted that she loves the experience of parenthood. But, she also mentioned that her eldest daughter has taught her that “the definition of motherhood can vary from person to person.”

She continued, “This whole thing has taught me that motherhood has a wealth of definitions and identities. There’s no one way to be a mom or one way to be a ‘good’ mom.”

Going by all that, it seems like the parents of two have been doing their best for their kids. As of now, the family of four happily resides in their New York residence.

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Who Is Corbin Cunningham’s Girlfriend? A Glimpse into His Dating Life

Corbin Cunningham has remained silent about his dating life.



Revealing Corbin Cunningham's Girlfriend - His Dating Life

Corbin Cunningham is well-known for his exceptional content creation skills, particularly on TikTok and Instagram.

Cunningham, with an astounding following of 5.2 million and an incredible 128.5 million likes on TikTok, has solidified his position as a prominent social media influencer. 

He usually posts various entertaining videos, including comedic skits, reaction clips, engaging point-of-view (POV) content, and captivating dance performances.

Similarly, Cunningham maintains an active presence on Instagram, boasting 143k followers and 212 posts. While he might not post as frequently as on TikTok, he shares pictures and videos, often featuring his friends. 

With a massive following on social media, many of Cunningham’s fans are intrigued by his personal life and are curious to know whether he has a special person in his life.

Who is Corbin Cunningham dating? 

Cunningham maintains a private stance regarding divulging details about his dating life. Notably, he has refrained from posting any romantic pictures or videos on his social media accounts.

However, the TikTok star occasionally creates videos featuring a point-of-view (POV) girlfriend scenario. On May 24, 2023, Cunningham shared a video on TikTok where he was seen hugging Jezelle Catherine. 

Later in the video, Cunningham and Catherine synchronized their lip-sync performance to the lyrics of the song ‘Hey Little Girl.’ Alongside the video, he captioned, “#pov: you & your girlfriend confront a young girl who’s $m0k!ng.”


#pov : you & your girlfriend confront a young girl who’s $m0k!ng..

♬ hey little girl (lve) – sophiemarie.b

Likewise, Catherine also posted a TikTok video featuring Cunningham. The video began with a warm hug between the two, followed by a synchronized lip-sync performance to the song ‘Be Around Me.’ Catherine added a caption to the video, saying, “Pov he accidentally called you baby.”

In the wake of the flirtatious video, a considerable number of followers quickly started speculating about the possibility of a romantic relationship between them.

One follower commented, “Even though this is just a POV video, their happiness while hugging is undeniable,” while another expressed, “They give off major couple goals vibes.”

In addition, numerous individuals expressed their support for a potential romantic connection between Cunningham and Catherine by commenting with shipping sentiments. One person enthusiastically remarked, “You guys should date! I ship Jorbin.” On the other hand, some observant viewers even took note of the height difference between the two.

The duo has also shared multiple videos of them on TikTok. However, they have chosen to keep the nature of their relationship under wraps, leaving their followers uncertain if they are dating or simply close friends.

Corbin Cunningham’s dating history 

Similar to Cunningham’s current relationship status, he has maintained a level of privacy regarding his past romantic involvements. 

The social media personality might have dated a few women in the past, although none of those relationships were made public. Instead, he has prioritized his career growth, focusing more on his professional pursuits rather than actively seeking a romantic partner.

Corbin Cunningham’s bio 

Cunningham was born on July 19, 1999, making him 23 years old as of this writing. He spent his formative years in St. Louis, Missouri. However, he has chosen not to disclose information about his parents publicly.

Moreover, the social media personality possesses a captivating physical presence, standing tall at 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) and maintaining a weight of approximately 68 kg (150 lbs).

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Is Charlotte Ritchie Dating Her Rumored Partner Mae Martin?

Charlotte Ritchie believes a future is near where labels are no longer needed.



Charlotte Ritchie's Partner - Dating Rumor with Mae Martin

English actress Charlotte Ritchie is widely recognized for her portrayal of Alison in the famous 2019 British TV series Ghosts.

Besides her notable role in Ghosts, Ritchie has made remarkable appearances in various TV series, including You, Feel Good, Fresh Meat, and Call the Midwife

She has also showcased her talent in the film industry, with notable performances in productions like The Open Doors, Benny & Jolene, and many more. 

Ritchie’s immense popularity has sparked a strong curiosity among her fans, who are eager to delve into the details of her personal life.

Charlotte Ritchie’s partner – Is she dating anyone?

As of now, it appears that Ritchie is single. She has intentionally maintained a private personal life and tried to keep her relationships out of the public eye.

In addition, the actress is notably absent from social media platforms, making it even more challenging to gain insights into her personal life.

Recently, Ritchie has seemed highly dedicated to her work, maintaining a busy and focused lifestyle. There have been no sightings or reports of her spending leisure time or engaging with any particular individuals.

Charlotte Ritchie’s rumored relationship with Mae Martin 

Ritchie and Martin were rumored to be in a relationship following their joint debut in the series Feel Good. In the show, Martin’s character, Mae, initially expresses skepticism about the possibility of a romantic connection with Ritchie’s character, George.

Charlotte Ritchie and Mae Martin portrayed a homosexual couple in Feel Good.

Charlotte Ritchie and Mae Martin portrayed a homosexual couple in Feel Good. (Source: Twitter)

However, against the odds, the two characters embark on a transformative whirlwind romance that deeply impacts their lives.

The undeniable on-screen connection between Ritchie and Martin in the series led to fervent speculation among their fans about a potential real-life romance. 

Despite the curiosity surrounding their connection, both Ritchie and Martin have chosen to remain silent and have not made any statements confirming or denying the speculations. 

Is Charlotte Ritchie gay? 

In the wake of the rumored relationship between Ritchie and Martin, fans started to speculate about Ritchie’s sexuality. 

However, the actress has not publicly addressed or confirmed her sexual orientation. As a result, her true sexual orientation remains undisclosed, leaving fans with unanswered questions and continuing to fuel curiosity about her sexual identity.

While Ritchie has not publicly discussed her sexuality, her co-star and rumored partner, Martin, made a confirmation in 2021 regarding their own identity. Martin openly identified as bisexual and non-binary, revealing that they have had relationships with both men and women in the past.

Charlotte Ritchie has not disclosed her sexual orientation.

Charlotte Ritchie has not disclosed her sexual orientation. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, the actress believes that self-definition is a progressive and vital aspect. She considers it important from a spiritual standpoint and envisions a future where actors are not questioned about their gender or sexuality. 

Even though Ritchie might not personally identify as part of the LGBTQ community, she acknowledged the significance of LGBTQ characters being represented in television and film. She recognizes the importance of inclusivity and the need for diverse narratives to be portrayed on screen.

In one of the interviews, the actress stated, “TV shows are ultimately our way of understanding ourselves and exploring or sharing our experiences, so everyone should be represented on and off screen; LGBTQ+ centric stories are still underrepresented.”

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Tony Hinchcliffe and His Wife Charlotte Jane May Have Been Separated

Tony Hinchcliffe has been married to his wife for about eight years.



Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife Charlotte Jane Is a Pin-up Model

Tony Hinchcliffe is an insult comedian married to a beautiful model, Charlotte Jane. It’s been over 8 years. However, the pair seems to be facing some problems in paradise.

Hinchcliffe, who used to initially work at open mics in West Hollywood, California, at The Comedy Store, is now a renowned person with more than 392 thousand followers on Instagram.

He gained a lot of success over the years, however, his married life is on the brink of failure as it seems to be they are separated. And his wife is now sharing her life with her new boyfriend.

Tony Hinchcliffe got married to his wife, Charlotte Jane, in 2015

As per various outlets, Hinchcliffe and Jane married in 2015 but only revealed the news in 2017 via Instagram.

Alongside a lovely picture, he wrote, “Married as [expletive],” revealing they were enjoying their honeymoon in La Jolla.

After sharing the ring picture, fans were in a frenzy and assumed he was only engaged but didn’t know that he was married to that lucky girl until they looked at the caption.

Tony Hinchcliffe and Charlotte Jane were married in 2015.

Tony Hinchcliffe and Charlotte Jane were married in 2015. (Source: Instagram)

The news got confirmed during his podcast when he started calling her wife. Although being in a relationship, they have not shared many pictures of each other.

Even after so many years, they still do not have a child together. They seem to be focusing on their career instead of having a family.

Who is Tony Hinchcliffe’s wife, Charlotte Jane?

Hinchcliffe’s wife, Jane, is a pin-up model and entrepreneur who has a profile on the app Depop according to various reports.

Jane sells products in Depop, and the products that she has sold are pants, trousers, jewelry, slippers, tops, and t-shirts. She was also one of the competitors for the cover girl of Maxim magazine and has modeled for several brands.

Jane’s parents, her late father, Bob Jane, was the founder of the Bob Jane T-Marts store in Melbourne, owned a car dealership, and brought stock car racing to Australia. 

But her mother, Laree Jane, had a rough life after the divorce as she used to threaten him with a gun and a knife. He finally had some relief when the court released an intervention order against Laree.

She also has two siblings, Robert Jr. and Courtney, and one half-sibling Rodney. Her father said Rodney was responsible for a significant financial loss in their business and filed a lawsuit against him. But, the case was rejected, and her father went bankrupt.

Are Tony Hinchcliffe and wife, Charlotte Jane, separated?

Hinchcliffe and Jane might have been separated as Jane uploaded a picture on Instagram with another guy with the caption, “I am the luckiest girl,” enjoying each other’s company.

However, Hinchcliffe has not revealed if he and his wife are separated. Even if they are separated, the news of their divorce has not been announced publicly.

In addition, Hinchcliffe is reportedly dating someone else, which would suggest that he and Jane are no longer dating.

While he personally has not said anything about dating someone, the news is circulating that he might be dating a woman named Sala.

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