Yanet Garcia and Boyfriend Lewis Howes Break Up: What Went Wrong and Her New Partner

Yanet Garcia and Boyfriend Lewis Howes Break Up: What Went Wrong and Her New Partner

Yanet Garcia and Boyfriend Lewis Howes Break Up: What Went Wrong and Her New Partner

Former Mexican weathercaster Yanet Garcia and her long-time boyfriend Lewis Howes, an American author, allegedly had broken up.

In the past few weeks, rumors have been circulating that Garcia and Howes have ended theirs over two years-long romance. But, it now seems that the gossips are very much true.

Garcia Has Deleted Every Post Related to Howes

It looks like the glamorous model is trying to remove every aspect of her former lover from her life. And, one of the major things she has done for that is deleting every picture she has shared alongside him on her social media handles.

Ever since Garcia and Howes began dating, both of them were very open about their relationship. They usually shared pictures alongside each other, wish on each other’s birthdays, celebrate Valentine’s Day, and so on.

But, now that they are no longer together, Garcia has been removing every memory from her social media handles, except the one from her 30th birthday. As for Garcia’s now ex-boyfriend [Howes], it seems as if he is keeping those memories.

Unlike Garcia, Howes has not deleted any of those pictures from his social media handles, mainly on his Instagram handle. If we look into his Instagram, the pictures of the duo from their dating anniversary and several other occasions can be clearly seen.

The last time the podcast host shared a picture alongside Garcia was on April 11, 2021, while they were in Malibu, California. Before that, on March 17, he had wished her on the occasion of her birthday.

The Reason behind Their Split

When Garcia and Howes began dating and their relationship was made public, many believed that their bond was strong and would stay together for a long time. However, that didn’t happen.

While there are many reasons for a relationship to end, Garcia and Howes’ togetherness ended due to quite the bizarre reason. It all started in April when the Mexican model joined OnlyFans, a content subscription service.

Howes was unhappy with her joining OnlyFans. Later, it seems like the same topic became the reason behind their separation. Their separation was confirmed when one follower of Garcia asked if she has a boyfriend, and she declined it.

Currently, it is reported that Garcia is living in New York, where she works as a certified health coach and also does photo sessions for her OnlyFans account.

Garcia Might Have Found New Boyfriend

As per some reports, Garcia has already found a new boyfriend. It is believed that she is in a relationship with Dr. Mike Varshavski, better known as Dr. Mike.

Mike is a specialist in family medicine and an internet personality with over 4 million followers on his Instagram handle. He was even named as ‘The Sexiest Doctor Alive’ in People magazine’s 2015 issue.

Although there is no official confirmation of the two’s romance, they follow each other on Instagram and even liked their Instagram pictures. Only time will tell if there is any romance between them.

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