The Dark Reality behind Laura Garcia’s Divorce with Ex-husband Brent Cannon Schweigert

The Dark Reality behind Laura Garcia’s Divorce with Ex-husband Brent Cannon Schweigert

The Dark Reality behind Laura Garcia’s Divorce with Ex-husband Brent Cannon Schweigert

NBC Bay Area anchor Laura Garcia and her ex-husband Brent Cannon Schweigert, a former NBC reporter, were married for 19 years from 1997 to 2016.

The long-lived marriage ended after Laura filed lawsuits against Brent for physical abuse and domestic violence. That news shocked many from the media industry, given that Brent was a reputed journalist. 

But there’s a dark reality behind that particular divorce and what was shown to the world. A source close to the couple spoke to GLAMOURBUFF and stated that Brent was trapped in a best-laid plan.

Starting from the first, Laura worked as an investigative reporter and anchor in Phoenix, Arizona while Brent did the same job for another network. They met during that process, fell in love, and tied the knot in 1997.

After their marriage, the two started working for the same station, NBC News — and their hiring in the same station was only possible because they were a couple and Brent persuaded the station to hire her. Most importantly,  they didn’t have any troubled relationship to that point.

“The only reason Laura even got the job was because Brent pushed the independent station at the time. They did not have a troubled relationship, there was no abuse,” the source stated.

The trouble began after that. Once they were hired and started working at NBC, the broadcast news journalist found out that Laura was having an affair with a producer of the station. He immediately confronted the affair to her but she continued the affair.

Soon after, Brent morally felt it right to resign from his position and pursue a career elsewhere. He resigned and started his own production company. FYI, he is currently serving as a content marketing manager for DocuSign, an American company that allows organizations to manage electronic agreements.

But that didn’t change the fact that their relationship had already begun to degrade. As a matter of fact, Laura started another affair with her current fiancé, Keon Vossoughi. Meanwhile, Brent had become a kind-of stay-at-home dad with the triplets.

Brent again found out about her relationship with Keon and asked her to stop. Instead, Laura had already thought of getting a divorce from him after accusing him of abuse towards her.

According to our source, she had an attorney friend who advised her on how to accuse Brent of abuse and demonize his reputation. “Laura was getting advice from an attorney friend on how to accuse Brent of abuse, justify her affair and safe her reputation by demonizing him,” a source claimed.

With a certain plan in mind, one night the multiple Emmy award-winning journalist started an argument and triggered him to a point that he pushed her away in self-defense. Because of the push, she flipped and got wounded.

But Laura got what she had wanted, a strong proof to accuse Brent. The event eventually got Brent arrested, too.

“Brent and Laura were at my wedding, she took pictures for us, and I was at their home nearly every day for 5 years. I never saw so much as an argument,” a source close to the couple told us.

Afterward, Brent was accused of domestic violence and his character was attacked in court. But despite that, Laura lost every court case against Brent apart from a misdemeanor that he had to plead no contest to.

The court admonished the NBC Bay Area anchor for her lifestyle and Brent was even given fifty-fifty custody of his kids, after all the charges against him were proved wrong.

“Brent was given 50/50 custody of his kids, which doesn’t happen to a convicted abuser,” the source told GLAMOURBUFF.

Regarding her lifestyle, our source also notified that Laura is associated with a women’s group called “The Vault.” The members usually meet at a med Spa after work to drink wine and secretly supply Botox.

And as Laura defamed Brent, it is ironic to know that her present fiancé Keon, a bar owner in the town of Willow Glen, was also charged with domestic abuse in a previous relationship.

He also has two daughters from his past relationship and he has a restraining order from the court to stay away from his children and wife. Not only that, but he also had a restraining order released against him for trying to get into fights with Brent during child exchanges.

But all these truths have stayed hidden and unknown to many, and people are still considering Brent as an accuser based on the facts available on the internet. The truth is Brent is a victim and his reputation has just hit the rock button.

Writer’s note: The report is fully based on the information provided to us by a source close to the couple. We don’t intend to defame anyone’s character or wish for any physical or mental pressure. If you feel this information is false and harm anyone, directly and indirectly, email us at — we are open to amending the story and serve the truth.

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