Bryce Hall Is Down To Fight Tayler Holder In A Boxing Match

Bryce Hall Is Down To Fight Tayler Holder In A Boxing Match

“im ready to return to the boxing ring,” Hall tweets.

Bryce Hall Is Down To Fight Tayler Holder In A Boxing Match

Bryce Hall has openly challenged Tayler Holder to fight him in a boxing match.

The social media star and aspiring actor made the bold statement recently via multiple tweets. “im ready to return to the boxing ring,” he wrote in one of his tweets.

In another tweet, he particularly mentioned the fellow social media star and challenged him to get into a boxing fight. He tweeted, “Hey @TaylorHoldsballs I heard you were reaching out for a boxing match!”

But he stated that he would only fight Holder “under a few conditions,” one of which said, “Whoever sells more tickets gets all the $$$.”

Likewise, another condition read, “You make a public statement to why you sent all your friends cease and desist letters.”

However, the most talked about the condition was the last one, in which Hall asked Holder to “respond to the SA allegations.”

Despite the 22-year-old internet personality’s open challenge to Holder, the latter is yet to talk on the same. But while Holder has been mum, neitizens have been writing various things on the internet.

“tayler won’t do it bc he has to explain himself. smart move by bryce tho,” someone commented on tiktokinsiders’ Instagram post.

Another chimed, “THIS is a prime example of when bryce having no filter whatsoever, pays off.”

A user even showed excitement for the boxing match, writing, “100% here for this fight.”

Coming back to Hall’s reference to Holder’s sexual allegations, the latter was accused of sexual misconduct back in February 2022.

Because of this very reason, Holder was unfollowed en-masse by a slew of his fellow influencers last year all at once. Although it was unclear why this social ostracization occurred, it was rumored that there were allegations of sexual assault being levied against Holder at the time.

Before Hall’s boxing challenge, Holder had made the rounds when he told in an interview that he didn’t know the fellow influencer.

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