TV Star Karlie Redd Addresses Rumors about Plastic Surgery

Karlie Redd Addressed Rumors about Plastic Surgery on Instagram Live

Karlie Redd admitted to getting a lip injection but declined further surgery.

TV Star Karlie Redd Addresses Rumors about Plastic Surgery

Love and Hip Hop star Karlie Redd recently addressed rumors about plastic surgery on Instagram Live, saying she has had lip injections but refused to have undergone additional cosmetic procedures.

Redd has received criticism on social media, with many followers speculating that the 48-year-old “destroyed” herself to look more attractive.

Many people noticed her new look when she debuted on LAHH. However, the reality TV star claimed that her slanted eye make-up is what gives her a different appearance.

During her Instagram Live session, her make-up artist also confirmed that she had never had a nose job or other surgery. Despite her outspokenness, many people were taken aback by her transformation.

Karlie Redd’s response to surgery rumors

Redd has received numerous comments about her appearance, so the star decided to respond to them on Instagram.

Karlie stated, “Everyone is talking about my face. First and foremost, let’s be honest. I got lip injections, and Tim is always telling me to stop doing them, so I’m going to stop because everyone is talking about my face.”

“I’ve never had surgery, but I always have Tim do my eyes slanted because he has this technique that makes my eyes look catty,” she added.

Previously, in 2020, she also said that “For those who claim I had all of this facial surgery, I have never had surgery, but here’s my secret. My face received cool laser treatment. They also did my lips, but there was no surgery.”

She further stated that Tom had been doing her makeup and that she had never undergone a nose job.

Likewise, the model posted a video of herself getting a coolaser facial treatment. According to the website of the physician who gave her the procedure, Coolaser is the “new facelift” and focuses on delaying the signs of aging without undergoing surgery.

Aside from keeping your face young and getting rid of or reducing wrinkles, the Coolaser light can even out skin pigmentation and reduce scarring.

Fans’ reactions to Karlie Redd’s response

Redd’s fans, who consider her to be one of the “prettiest faces” on Love and Hip Hop, have reacted to her surgery. The majority of people did not believe the reality TV star when she claimed she had never had surgery.

One YouTube user said, “Girlfriend got her face done. That’s not even the problem; the strange part is the denial. As if you did something wrong! It’s all your money, and all that matters is that you’re happy. “

Many people have left negative comments, including one supporter who wrote, “She’s still so beautiful, but it’s sad what society has done to make us chase youth. Nothing is wrong with aging gracefully.”

Another said, “Why do you do that? I had forgotten how beautiful she used to be. It breaks my heart to think she looks in the mirror and feels the need to correct her appearance.”

Karlie Redd before the rumor of plastic surgery

Redd had smaller lips and cheeks before the rumor about her having plastic surgery spread. Similarly, her eyes used to be normal, but she now has a cat eye, which she attributes to her eye make-up.

Karlie Redd before and after photo.

Karlie Redd before and after photo. (Source: YouTube)

The star does not appear to have had any cosmetic work done at the time. On the other hand, fans are convinced that she has had cheek and lip fillers, cat-eye surgery, and a mini facelift.

Many Redd fans thought she was one of the prettiest faces on reality TV,  and many people still think she is beautiful despite the surgery rumors.

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