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A Look into Joe Amabile and Kendall Long’s Dating Timeline and Split Reasons



A Look into Joe Amabile and Kendall Long’s Dating Timeline and Split Reasons
A Look into Joe Amabile and Kendall Long’s Dating Timeline and Split Reasons

Joe Amabile is a television personality who came into the limelight after making an appearance in the 14th season of The Bachelorette and the 5th season of Bachelor in Paradise. Recently, he returned in the 7th season of Bachelor in Paradise, which aired on August 16, 2021.

While he garnered fame from Bachelor in Paradise, it wasn’t the only thing he gained from the show as he also found a partner in the form of another contestant named Kendall Long.

Their relationship was on and off but they remained together later. However, in January 2020, they released a joint statement mentioning that they have parted ways for good.

Joe Amabile and Kendall Long’s Relationship Timeline

Amabile and Long first met each other during the 14th season of The Bachelorette in the summer of 2018. Later, during the filming of Bachelor in Paradise’s 5th season, they developed feelings and fell in love.

But, even before the season ended, they parted ways. Later, in September 2018, it was mentioned that they were working on reconciling their relationship — they eventually got back together.

After being together for months, in April 2019 they announced that they were moving in together and had signed a lease together in Los Angeles. Their togetherness continued as they lived together and flaunted pictures alongside each other on Instagram.

However, it seems like they weren’t meant to be together forever. In January of 2020, Amabile and Long released a joint statement in which they stated that they have mutually decided to go on their separate ways.

Their joint statement reads, “We have decided mutually to go our separate ways. Joe has made the decision to move back to Chicago while Kendall will be remaining in her hometown of Los Angeles. Our family and friends have always been an extremely important element to who we are as people.”

It continues, “We can’t imagine continuing our lives without them closer, especially when thinking of starting a family of our own one day. We both respect each others’ decisions and still have a great deal of love for each other. We appreciate all the love and support everyone has given us throughout our relationship.”

The announcement left the couple’s shippers in shock. Later, in April 2020, when an Instagram user mentioned that Long was not “that into” her ex-boyfriend, Amabile, she was quick to give an answer as she mentioned;

“Let’s not assume my feelings. I loved him enough to see a marriage and a future. A lot is private.”

Even months after their break up, the former couple still have a friendly relationship with each other. They are often caught together spending time with each other. When asked if they were together, Long said, “We have a good relationship. It’s not romantic right now.”

The former couple is set to share the screen once again when Long makes an appearance in the 7th season of Bachelor in Paradise, which aired on August 16, 2021. As for Amabile, he has already joined the show since the start.

In some of the promos for the show, it was shown that the former couple will have some conversations together. Amabile’s possible romance with The Bachelor season 23 alum Serena Pitt was also teased in the promos.

The Former Duo Has Given Several Reasons on Their Split

Over the months, the now separated couple have given various thoughts/reasons on their split, either it is during interviews or on TV shows.

Starting off with Long, during her Down to Date podcast in February 2020, she said that, “I did not see it coming. Every relationship has issues, but I feel like — with Joe and I — we were best friends. Everything was fun, we were getting a dog together. We had just moved in … Ultimately what happened was that Joe felt like he would have a better [life] in Chicago.”

In October 2020, she told US Magazine that Amabile is a great person and she loves him for that. She also reflected on how they have gone through so much while they were together. Due to that, she has the feel to talk to him whenever she is having a hard day, and she hopes Amabile feels the same way.

Additionally, she told that she and Amabile currently have a great relationship but it is not romantic right now.

Later, in May 2021, the Just Curious author said during a podcast that it would be hard to see her ex searching for a new love during the 7th season of Bachelor in Paradise, while she is also on the show.

“It would be so hard. I would not want to watch him fall in love with someone else. That would suck so much,” she said. “I still have a tremendous amount of love for him.”

Moreover, she added, “That was the relationship, I just threw so much trust in and right off the bat was honest and open. It was the first relationship I actually saw, potentially, turning into a marriage. That was something very new for me.”

Coming into the side of the Dancing with the Stars contestant, during the premiere of season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, in August 2021, he mentioned, “Breaking up was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Right away you have your doubts and you’re obviously upset, but I forced myself to get over her.”

When both of them were in season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, they had an emotional conversation as they talked about their breakup happening over “logistics.”

Long said, “It’s difficult for me to not have you be a part of my life. I do want you in my life. You’re a special part of my life and want you to be in my life in some capacity. It’s hard to not have that.”

Her statement continues, “You try to move on, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel right, and it’s hard to. … I guess the thing that was difficult for me is the reason why we broke up is not because we didn’t love each other.”

In reply to that, the owner of Chicago Grocery said, “Your whole thing was, ‘I don’t want to move anywhere for a man.’ I should’ve been more than just ‘a man’ at that point. We could’ve tried it.

Later, during the same show, Amabile, age 35, expressed his feelings towards the new contestant Serena Pitt. He said, “I’m not going to lie, I’m still at a point where I don’t know. I like where I’m at with Serena, but it’s still pretty early on. I don’t know if this is gonna work again. I don’t.

Furthermore, during a confessional, he reflected on his feelings towards his ex and stated, “I think it’s pretty clear that Kendall still loves me, but I don’t know if I still love Kendall. … I have something with Serena that I don’t want to just throw away. I don’t. I like where that’s going. This is messy.”

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How Old Is Donald Sutherland’s Wife? A Look into His All Three Marriages




Donald Sutherland's wife

Donald Sutherland is a veteran actor from Canada who has made his way to the top of the entertainment industry. Audiences have now seen the actor in almost 200 acting gigs, and nearly every one of it loved by the viewers.

In addition to his acting gigs, people worldwide have seen the actor with a few ladies, too. But, he hasn’t had quite the luck with the ladies during the start. As of this writing, Sutherland has been married thrice and divorced twice in his life.

Here is a look at all of his three marriages, starting with his present one!

Donald Sutherland is currently married to Francine Racette – how old is she?

Sutherland has been in a long-time marital relationship with his third and present wife, Francine Racette. His wife is a 76-year-old French Canadian actress who was born in Québec, Canada.

The now-married couple first met each other in 1972 on the sets of the Canadian pioneer drama titled Alien Thunder. Just sometime after meeting each other, they decided to get hitched and shared the wedding vows in the same year.

Donald Sutherland with his present wife Francine Racette in New York in 2002.

Donald Sutherland with his present wife Francine Racette in New York in 2002 (Photo: Getty Images)

Since they got married, the couple has always been together and is now regarded as one of Hollywood’s longest-lasting duo. In March 2008, he was asked by The Guardian if it’s luck that he married the right woman or has he worked at it.

In reply, he said, “I don’t know… It’s not something that you can communicate. She’s an extraordinary human. She was courted by intellectuals. Jean-Paul Sartre? She was his actress. She was Frédéric Rossif’s muse.”

The actor then quoted a line said by actress Joanne Woodward “Beauty goes and sex goes but my husband makes me laugh every single day.” After ending the quote, he added, “And so does my wife. We laugh all the time.”

Together, Sutherland and his wife Racette are blessed with three sons: Rossif Sutherland, Angus Redford Sutherland, and Roeg Sutherland. The veteran actor named his three sons after the directors he previously worked with.

Donald Sutherland with his third wife Francine Racette.

Donald Sutherland with his third wife Francine Racette (Photo: Twitter / GovGenPerfAAwards)

Rossif was named after the French director Frédéric Rossif, Angus got his middle name after Robert Redford, and Roeg was named after Nicholas Roeg.

Donald’s sons, Rossif and Angus, have been an active part of the entertainment industry. On the other hand, Roeg has only been a part of one acting gig, and it seems like he prefers something other than acting.

Donald Sutherland’s former marriages

As mentioned earlier, Sutherland was married twice before his marriage with his present wife.

His first marriage was with Lois ‘May’ Hardwick, a child star of the silent movies. Sutherland met his first wife at the university they attended. They dated for a while before walking down the aisle in 1959.

The two were married for seven years before calling it quit in 1966. In their marriage, they weren’t blessed with any children.

Soon after his divorce with Hardwick, Sutherland met his second wife, Shirley Douglas – daughter of Tommy Douglas, a Canadian social-democratic politician and ‘father’ of Canada’s universal healthcare system.

Donald Sutherland with his second wife Shirley Douglas.

Donald Sutherland with his second wife Shirley Douglas (Photo: Twitter / Sir Francis)

They tied the knots in 1966. When he was married to her, the couple had welcomed twins; a son named Kiefer and a daughter named Rachel. Sutherland named his son after the director of his film debut, Warren Kiefer (pen name of Lorenzo Sabatini).

As per The Guardian, Douglas was in pursuit of radical politics and was even arrested once for collecting money to buy hand grenades for the Black Panthers.

Sutherland and his second wife’s relationship seemed promising, especially after they welcomed children; however, it wasn’t meant to last forever. The pair split after only four years of marriage, in 1970.

But, not long before his marital relationship with Douglas ended, he already had an affair with actress Jane Fonda. As per the actor’s interview with The Guardian, he and Fonda were already together before they starred together in the 1971 movie Klute.

“We got together shortly before we made Klute,” he told the outlet. He also stated that everything was going great until “the relationship exploded and fell apart in Tokyo.” They had a three-year-long affair and ended things after that.

“And it [split from Fonda] broke my heart. I was eviscerated. I was so sad. It was a wonderful relationship right up to the point we lived together,” Sutherland further added to The Guardian.

At the time of their affair, Fonda was married to her first husband, Roger Vadim. They got married in 1965 and parted ways in 1973.

Donald Sutherland’s bio

Sutherland, born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, boasts a diverse ancestry, including Scottish, German, and English roots. Initially considering engineering, he ultimately pursued a career in acting after graduating from the University of Toronto with degrees in both engineering and drama.

Sutherland’s breakthrough came with his role as Vernon Pinkley in The Dirty Dozen (1967), leading to a string of iconic performances in films like MASH (1970) and Klute (1971).

Throughout his prolific career spanning over five decades, he has portrayed a wide array of characters, from chilling villains to respected father figures. His notable roles include appearances in Ordinary People (1980), JFK (1991), and Space Cowboys (2000), solidifying his status as a legendary figure in Hollywood.

More recently, he appeared in the movie Miranda’s Victim in 2023 and the TV show Lawmen: Bass Reeves in 2023.

Today, Sutherland remains a beloved and influential actor, leaving an indelible mark on the film industry with his talent and versatility.

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Greteli Fincham Actively Flaunts Her Husband and Child on Social Media

Know everything about the couple!



Greteli Fincham Actively Flaunts Her Husband and Child on Social Media

South African teen crime series Blood & Water has been gaining popularity since its release on Netflix in 2020. In the series, you can see South African actress Greteli Fincham portraying the role of Reece van Rensburg.

Fincham has been active in the entertainment industry since 2019 and has appeared in some popular movies and TV shows. Some of her notable roles are seen in the series Alles Malan and Ekstra Medium.

Greteli Fincham

The 22-year-old actress has garnered a lot of fan following, with more than 80k on Instagram alone. Although young, this actress has already become a mother and has proudly shared the news on her Instagram bio.

This article will discuss Fincham’s married life and other personal information. Find out all about her husband, kids, and relationships.

Who is Greteli Fincham married to?

Fincham is a happily married woman who doesn’t hesitate to show it to her loyal followers and fans. She is the wife of Juan de Swardt, who is also involved in the entertainment industry.

The couple married on February 2, 2022, in the presence of close friends and family. The actress mentions her wedding experience as stress-free, small, and intimate.

She was relaxed and even jumped into a dam with her mother 2 hours before the wedding. They had a load-shedding on the day, so she shared how she went to the wedding with damp hair.

The actress says she has all good memories of the wedding with the love of her life and her family. The actress has shared every detail about her wedding on Instagram with her fans.

The reactions of fans were also all positive. They expressed how happy she looked and also complimented her on her dress.

Who is Greteli Fincham’s spouse, Juan de Swardt?

Swardt is also involved in the entertainment industry, like his wife, Fincham. He is a solo filmmaker and cinematographer.

Swardt has created ads and promotional videos for several of his clients. He has worked with clients like Chef Paul Prinsloo, Quoin Rock, Balance Coffee Roastery, Sony, and more.

 He also runs his own company named Blue Crane Media as per his LinkedIn profile. The cinematographer completed his university degree in economics from Stellenbosch University in 2018.

Greteli Fincham shared news of her pregnancy

On October 9, 2022, Fincham posted a series of pictures that contained pictures of an ultrasound. With the pictures alone, fans could easily guess what was going on.

With a series of pictures, Fincham wrote, “It’s garden day!!! And about 4 months ago we found out that our little pumpkin will be ready to harvest in April 2023. 👶 This is the biggest blessing we’ve received & can’t thank God enough. Die Here is SÓ GOED & SÓ GETROU! 🤍 This was the hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep & it feels amazing to finally share it. Thank you for all the love we’ve already received & everyone already celebrating this little human. We love you. I CANNOT WAIT TO BE A MOMA & Juan is already looking at tiny surfboards. Lil’ babe, we can’t wait to meet you & do life with you. 🧡 Ps. To all my afrikaans peeps- @sarietydskrif het ‘n spesiale stukkie geskryf oor my eerste paar maande! The link is in my story. 🤍”

Greteli Fincham

As soon as the post hit social media, congratulations were in order. The comment section is filled with nothing but happiness for the couple. They also adored how the couple looked so happy in the pictures.

Later, on October 20, the actress posted another post where she shared videos that contained the reactions of her close friends and family when she revealed her pregnancy. There were reactions from the Blood & Water cast, her aunt & uncle & cousins and her friends.

Greteli regularly updated her fans on the progress of her pregnancy through Instagram. However, the couple decided to keep the baby’s gender a secret until birth, so it was a surprise for everyone.

The birth of Greteli Fincham and Juan de Swardt’s baby

On April 9, 2023, the couple announced the arrival of their first baby with a video. It was a beautiful baby girl, which came as a surprise to both, as Fincham had expected her to be a boy.

They are incredibly thankful for the lovely addition to the family, and we can see that with all the posts she has made on her social media. They are often seen on vacations with their daughter, nothing but smiles around.

They have named their beautiful girl Ale, and she is the perfect mix of her parents. Together, they are the cutest family, and fans always leave heartwarming messages to the couple.

Greteli Fincham is just 22 years old

Fincham married young and is also a very young parent. She was born on May 9, 2001, somewhere in South Africa.

The actress was raised alongside a happy family consisting of her parents, Newton and Lisl. She is the oldest sibling in the family and has a younger sister, a spitting image of herself.

Interested in acting at such a young age, Fincham participated in various school productions and also achieved several accolades. She made her debut in 2019 with Dwaalster, where she played the role of Young Annabel in 4 episodes.

She is currently actively working on two television series. Since 2019, she has been playing the role of Elani Malan in the South African TV series Alles Mallan.

She then got to become the main cast of the South African teen crime drama series titled Blood & Water. Here, she portrays the role of Reece van Rensburg since 2020.

With a promising career and many projects in hand, Greteli has an estimated net worth of $100,000. Most of her net worth comes from her active acting career and is expected to rise as she has upcoming projects in post-production.

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Arno Greeff’s Gay Rumors and Relationship with Partner Iluska Nagy

Arno Greeff is a South African actor who has been gaining huge popularity through Blood & Water.



Arno Greeff’s Gay Rumors and Relationship with Partner Iluska Nagy

Arno Greeff is a South African actor known for his role in the Netflix series Blood & Water. In the popular teen crime drama, this actor plays the central role of Chris Ackerman.

Greeff debuted in 2012 with a minor role in the movie Verraaiers. He has appeared in various South African projects like Getroud met Rugby: Die Sepie, Legacy, and Recipes for Love and Murder.

The actor is also very famous on social media, with 98.4K followers on his Instagram alone. With such an immense fan following, interest in his personal life and dating preferences are discussed a lot.

This article will address the rumors regarding his sexuality, as some think he is gay. Find all about his partners, relationship history, and more.

Is Arno Greeff gay?

Greeff has been surrounded by rumors related to his sexuality. Many believe that the actor is gay, which might have stemmed from his role in the series Blood & Water.

In the series, Greeff played the character of a pansexual individual. In an interview, he mentioned that he had no idea what pansexual meant, so he was highly cautious about learning about it as it meant a lot to the community.

He said representing a big community was a stressful experience for him as they had to think about the direction of the series carefully. The actor said they played a lot of detail to attention to normalize his character’s sexuality and make it open and accepting as it was their mission.

Although Greeff played a pansexual character in the reel, his real-life scenario is quite different. Even though people suspect him to have a gay sexual orientation, he is straight.

The rumors regarding his sexuality are entirely false and baseless. He is straight, which is proved through his relationship with an extraordinary woman.

Who is Arno Greeff dating?

In 2020, Greeff revealed he has been dating Iluska Nagy through various social media posts. The couple did not mention how they met or when they started dating, but fans could see he was in love.

The couple has a perfect relationship. Although Greeff was initially against marriage, he fell hardly in love with Nagy and decided to marry her.

On May 27, 2022, Greeff posted pictures and videos of him proposing to his two-year girlfriend on one knee. The fans were thrilled and in awe due to the lovely images and the caption that read ‘Liked it. Put a ring on it.’

The comment section of the post was filled with congratulations from his fans. The proposal was made in Mooikrans Venue and Garden, and Nagy also posted lovely pictures of them with the caption ‘The easiest “yes” I’ve ever said! I’ve never been more sure about anything! I love you, my fiancé.’

Arno Greeff married Iluska Nagy in 2022

Greeff and Nagy married on October 13, 2022, in a lovely setting in front of friends and family. The couple married in The Greenhouse Café in Rosemary Hill Farm, South Africa.

Through a series of beautiful pictures and videos, fans could see how excited the couple was to get married. Nagy also stated they had the best honeymoon ever and officially moved to Cape Town.

Arno Greeff

Nagy says how grateful she is to have Greeff, who treats her better and loves her unconditionally. The couple has been happily married for two years, and we still see their sparks for each other.

Do Arno Greeff and Iluska Nagy have children?

Nagy and Greeff have been together for almost four years, and their relationship has been going strong. However, they do not have children as of currently.

The couple have been married for just two years, so having a kid might not be on their priority list currently. Whatever the reason, the couple might be revealing the good news soon enough.

Since both the couple publicly share details about their life on social media, they will surely announce their pregnancy soon. Fans can wait for them to share the happy news while following their socials.

Did Arno Greeff have a girlfriend before?

Greeff is currently happily in love with his wife Nagy since they started dating in 2020. However, the actor is currently 28 years old. Therefore, he might have dated some women before finding the one.

Although there is a possibility he dated before, there have been no reports about it. The reason his dating history has not been documented could be that those relationships were not as serious as what he has with his wife, Nagy.

Arno Greeff on a vacation with wife Iluska Nagy

The case is similar for Nagy as information about her dating history is not public. The past is the past, however, and the couple has something going on for eternity.

Arno Greeff currently lives in Cape Town

Greeff was born on March 14, 1995, to South African parents whose details are unknown. He was born in an average household in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

The actor was first interested in sports and also played during his school years. At 16, he came across acting and fell in love immediately.

He appeared in various school dramas and later completed studies at the Helpmekaar Kollege in 2013. After his studies, he started taking on roles in different South African projects.

The actor got his first recurring role in the South African soap opera Binnelanders, where he played the role of Krige Vos from 2014 to 2015. He then became a series regular for Getroud Met Rugby: Die Sepie, where he played the role of Thomas Bekker for two years.

Greeff became famous on an international level after Netflix released the series Blood & Water, where he got the central role of Chris Ackerman. The actor joined the second season of Legacy in 2021 and has been appearing as Ben.

By appearing in such popular projects, the actor has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He lives a decent life with his wife Nagy in Cape Town through these high earnings.

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