Noor Dabash Accuses Ex-Boyfriend Nickolas Ray of Sexual Assault — Says, ‘I was 17, you were 21’

Noor Dabash Accuses Nickolas Ray of Sexual Assault — Says, ‘I was 17, you were 21’

Noor Dabash Accuses Ex-Boyfriend Nickolas Ray of Sexual Assault — Says, ‘I was 17, you were 21’
Photo source: Noor & Nickolas Instagram

Noor Dabash has some serious allegations against her former friend, Nickolas Ray.

On November 18, the TikTok star, age 18, uploaded a video while performing lipsyncs to ‘I’ve Had Enough’ by Melina KB, writing, “I heard we’re exposing manipulative r*p*sts.”

In the post, she also posted screenshots of Ray’s TikTok and Instagram profiles, along with photos of the two together and a screenshot of alleged text messages between the two in which Ray apparently denied sexually assaulting Dabash.


hey @Nickolas who else are you gonna tell i’m lying? i was 17. you were 21.

♬ ive had enough melina kb – eremika enthusiast

The conversation between them saw the TikTok star alleging that he took the moment and used it against her. She further added, “i’m uncomfortable around you rn so just give me some space.”

While she said that, he denied harming her and said, “Noor I would NEVER do that.”

“hey @Nickolas who else are you gonna tell i’m lying? i was 17. you were 21 [sic],” she captioned her TikTok post, alleging him of sexual assault and asking him to admit it.

Noor Dabash Explained the Sexual Allegations on Twitter

The social media star later took to her Twitter to further explain the allegations she made against Ray, a Missouri-born TikTok star.

She tweeted a long statement, stating she was sexually assaulted by him on July 5. According to her, she was intoxicated the entire week leading up to the sexual assault but was not “blackout” drunk.

She added that she had a “complicated” relationship with Nickolas because she “wanted attention” from him.

Dabash then stated that she was a minor at that time and Ray was aware of that fact. She also revealed that he was willing to wait till she was 18 to engage in any sexual activities. But despite saying that, he allegedly kissed her on the first day they met when he was sober — and she was drunk.

“At the time I was 17 years old and he was 21, he said he wanted to wait until I was 18 to even do anything,” she wrote before revealing that they had consensual sex 2-3 times while she was a minor.

On July 5, 2021, things went against Dabash’s will. In her statement, she revealed that she had the worst anxiety attack on that day and was unable to breathe and talk. 

Meanwhile, Ray approached her for a conversation but she declined it in the wake of her bad health. But once she caught her breathe, Ray “pinned [her] and proceeded to r*pe [her].”

After the incident, she was clueless; subsequently had a nose bleed, but she got up and went back to her apartment. In addition, they were still together for some time afterward, but when Ray often visited her apartment without permission, she and her friends banned him from entering the place.

In the end, she stated that she wanted to keep the incident private and end it; that said, she also wanted to stop him from doing the same things to other girls.

Post her explanation tweet, many fans and fellow influencers have come forward with love and support, dropping messages like “I believe you” and “I stand with you” on her comment section.

Ray has not responded to Dabash’s allegations as of this writing.

Both Dabash and Ray Are Rising Social Media Stars

Dabash is a rising TikTok and Instagram influencer who rose to fame after posting videos on her @noordabashh TikTok account. She presently has 7.6 million followers on TikTok and over 362,000 followers on Instagram. 

Born and raised in Alberta, Canada, she played volleyball throughout her youth. In her family, she has sisters as siblings in addition to her parents. Her older sister’s name is Diya. 

She has also appeared in a dance duet with Dixie D’Amelio and Charli D’Amelio.

On the other hand, Ray was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and is now based in Los Angeles, California.

He presently has over 134,000 followers on Instagram and more than 6.1 million followers on TikTok.

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