Josh Richards on Meeting Ex-girlfriend Nessa Barrett and If She Would Come on the BFFs Podcast

Josh Richards says Nessa Barrett met him to get some closure.


Nessa Barrett seems to be getting closure with her ex-boyfriend Josh Richards.

On Wednesday, May 18, 2022, Richards was outside the CATCH LA restaurant with his comedian friend Newbill Curtis when a The Daily Stardust reporter came to him and asked questions about his last meeting with his ex-girlfriend Barrett.

The reporter first asked about Richards and what had been going on with him. The conversation shifted quickly after the reporter said, “Why are you here just with Curtis? I mean I thought you would probably be hanging out with Nessa or something.”

“I mean, you guys have been spending a lot of time together,” the reporter added. In reply, Richards said, “That’s funny. No, no girls want to go to dinner with me.” The reporter then asked him if Barrett wanted to go to dinner with him as they had been “hanging out a lot.”

The Daily Stardust reporter was referencing Richards and Barrett’s recent meet-up after Barrett’s breakup with her then-boyfriend Jaden Hossler.

“What was that about?” the reporter asked. “Oh, we were just. I was on a dog walk, and she wanted to talk, so we went on the dog walk and talked. You know, kind of like get some closure and everything.”

The reporter said that was fair enough and then asked whether Barrett would be coming on the BFFs podcast — which Richards co-hosts alongside Dave Portnoy and Brianna Chickenfry.

The podcast co-host gave a simple reply by saying, “I guess we will see, I guess. I’m down to it.”

After his reply, another question popped out, asking the TikTok star if he and Barrett would be rekindling their relationship. Richards said that the question about dating Barrett again is a crazy thing to say.

“I don’t know. I don’t think so,” Richards added. “I mean, you’ve been living your best single life. Stagecoach and uh just wilding,” said the reporter, to which Richards agreed and said, “Yeah, exactly.”

A few more questions were asked to him regarding Barrett’s split with Hossler after Hossler allegedly cheated on her with Josie Canseco and what he [Richards] thinks about those cheating allegations.

In reply to the first one, he said, “I guess it’s just like what I said on the pod. It’s like what goes wrong comes around. I’m not really trying to like play on anyone’s downfall. So moved on from the situation now.”

As for if he thinks those cheating allegations are true or not, Richards said that he has no clue and cannot say anything about it as he “wasn’t there in the room,” and he “can’t contest that.”

Josh Richards with his ex-girlfriend Nessa Barrett

Josh Richards with his ex-girlfriend Nessa Barrett (Photo: Pinterest)

Hours after the interview was made online, Barrett responded via TikTok on whether she would appear on the BFFs podcast or not. While replying to the same question on her TikTok video, she replied with a simple “no.”

When TikTok Insiders shared the screenshot of the comment section on Instagram, BFFs podcast‘s Instagram handle commented, “She could be talking about any podcast… right?”

Although they could be right, as there was no mention of the BFFs podcast in the comment on Barrett’s TikTok video, fans of the internet star would have to wait until the next episode of the podcast airs.

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