Are Neal McDonough and Robert Ri'chard Father and Son? Here's the Truth!

Are Neal McDonough and Robert Ri’chard Father and Son? Here’s the Truth!


Neal McDonough (L) and Robert Ri’chard (R) | Credit: Neal & Robert / Instagram

People have been wondering if actor Neal McDonough is related to the fellow Hollywood actor Robert Ri’chard.

The topic was risen after the public noticed that the two actors have quite similar eyes and their smiles match as well. Additionally, the age gap between the two has given people the hopes that they are in fact related — McDonough is presently 55 years of age and Ri’chard is 38-year-old.

Due to those small details, the topic of them possibly being related has been spreading. Besides, some have even believed that they are father and son due to their uncanny resemblance.

But, are they really blood-related? Is Ri’chard McDonough’s son? If not, then who is Ri’chard’s father? and what about McDonough’s son? Read on to clarify all the confusion!

Robert Ri’chard Is Not Related to Neal McDonough

Despite the same resemblance, the two fellow American actors are actually not blood-related, and thus, are not father and son.

The only thing that the two have in common are those similar eyes and smiles. Other than that, everything is very much different in their lives.

Who Is Neal McDonough’s Biological Son?

The Star Trek actor has been happily married to his longtime wife Ruvé Robertson since 2003. His wife is a South African model whom he met during the filming of his 2001 TV series Band of Brothers, in the United Kingdom.

From his marriage with Robertson, McDonough has altogether five children, namely, Morgan Patrick (b. November 28, 2005), Catherine Maggie (b. May 14, 2007), London Jane (b. January 11, 2010), Clover Elizabeth (b. August 15, 2011), and James Hamilton (b. March 31, 2014).

Robert Ri’Chard’s Father Is Former Basketball Player Jack Ri’Chard

The 5 feet 9½ inches tall actor has kept various details of his family up to himself only and remains discrete about them to this date.

Nonetheless, there are tidbits of information thanks to different outlets. His father’s name is Jack Ri’chard and his mother’s name is Beverly Ri’chard. His father is a former basketball player. Apart from his parents, Ri’chard has only one sibling, a brother named Brandon Ri’chard.

The Lucifer star regards his father as his biggest influence who has guided him to be confident in the decisions he makes. In a since-deleted Father’s Day post, he had mentioned that his father is the “BEST dad ever.”

In addition, he thanked his father for loving him and for “being a strong example of a man of God.” “I confidently stand on the principles you grounded in me, and they affect every decision I make as I go through life,” he further added.

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