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Mike Stickler Clears Air on Collecting Alimony from Ex Wife Kat Stickler

“This is mutually beneficial for tax purposes,” Mike said.



Mike Stickler Clears Air on Collecting Alimony from Ex Wife Kat Stickler
Mike Stickler Clears Air on Collecting Alimony from Ex Wife Kat Stickler

Michael Stickler, aka Mike Stickler, has finally addressed why he took alimony from his ex-wife Kat Stickler.

On Wednesday, August 10, 2022, Mike started NGL’s anonymous Q&A on his Instagram story, where he answered several personal questions. And one Instagram user had asked him why he collected alimony from his ex-wife.

“I guess I’ll clear this up too,” Mike initially wrote. “I collected a SETTLEMENT for an asset that was half mine. It was received in THE FORM of alimony. This is mutually beneficial for tax purposes.”

As he went on, he said, “Unfortunately, narratives can be controlled on social media by leaving certain details out on purpose. i.e., simply labeling what I took as alimony, which is generally viewed negatively.”

Mike’s response to claiming alimony from his ex-wife comes around five months after Kat revealed those details via a TikTok video. In the video posted on March 15, Kat was seen lip-syncing and dancing to a remix version of HANDSOMER (Feat. Ktlyn) by Russ.

Mike Stickler responds to taking alimony from his ex-wife Kat Stickler

Mike Stickler responds to taking alimony from his ex-wife Kat Stickler (Photo: Instagram)

In the overlay text of the video, she had written, “When you just paid your last alimony check…and now you can focus on you and your daughter.”

Later, in her TikTok live stream of March 24, Kat further divulged the details of the alimony. She said, “Yeah, so people were very shocked with the alimony. I mean, I know it’s kind of assumed, well it was assumed that nothing should have been paid.”

“But, yeah. I mean, I’m gonna be…it was just a part of it. I mean, I have child support that I’m going to be paying and I just finished the last payment [of the alimony],” she added.

Mike Stickler on missing fame and sharing daughter MK

As mentioned earlier, Mike answered several more personal questions during his Q&A sessions. One of the first questions he responded to was if he missed being a TikTok star.

In reply, he said, “Not. At. All. ‘Fame’ is something I wish on nobody. Being that it was all pretty quick and accidental, it is what it is. It was fun, but then it wasn’t. Feeling forced to keep up an image is exhausting. I also take full responsibility for portraying a false reality to people.”

Mike Stickler on if he misses TikTok fame

Mike Stickler on if he misses TikTok fame (Photo: Instagram)

“That’s something I began really having a problem with and what drove me to despise it. Idk, I could probably write a book on this answer, but these are my high-level thoughts. Just not for me, and I’m totally happy saying that :),” he added.

Similarly, another question was if he thinks it’s fair to post pictures of his daughter, MK, with his current girlfriend, Tia Borso. “It’s like you want her to be her mom,” the person further said.

Mike started his answer by saying, “You know, I’m going to answer this. And I’ll answer this with a question: Would you prefer Tia to hate MK and push her away, or would you prefer she pour her heart out loving MK?”

“Your thinking, like so many others I see out there is backwards and incredibly immature. I want MK to be LOVED, And she is. By all parties. Tia has taken on a HARD role – not to mention, silly people on the internet like you make it even harder.”

As he continued, Mike said that Borso has been handling the responsibility with so much strength and grace, and he thinks it should be praised. “She loves MK and does more for her than most anyone even knows,” he added.

Moreover, he continued writing, “MK LOVES TT (that’s what she calls her), and Tia LOVES MK. And the goal in any healthy relationship is to one day share a life together, and get married – again, this bond is inevitable.”

“Suggesting MK receive the cold shoulder is plain stupid. I hope more people can begin to think like that instead of casting stones.”

The third question was if it’s hard to share his daughter when another man [Kat’s new boyfriend] is involved. Mike replied, “It’s hard sharing MK, period. I miss her every day she’s not with me.”

Mike Stickler on sharing daughter MK

Mike Stickler on sharing daughter MK (Photo: Instagram)

He continued, “BUT I have seen how wonderful and beautiful the effects of having involved and loving bonus parents are. MK deserves that. I appreciate anyone in her life who cares for her and has her best interest at heart. I pray that whomever becomes her bonus father figure supports, guides, and nurtures her.”

Was cheating a factor in Mike and Kat Stickler’s divorce?

When Mike and Kat separated, it was mentioned that their split was amicable. However, since their divorce, several more details have come out. And one of them is whether or not Mike cheated on Kat.

The cheating allegations against Mike strengthened after Kat posted a TikTok video on March 23, 2022. It was a lip-sync video made using the song ‘Aint s–t’ by Doja Cat. The song was majorly about cheating and a lousy partner.


Not my mom going through my diary the whole video 💀

♬ som original – speedsongswr • Amigos

Along with the song, Kat’s expression when she lip-synced to the lyrics ‘go get a [expletive] job’ led netizens to believe it was a direct shade at Mike. Additionally, several people were claiming that Mike cheated on Kat during her live stream.

And if those claims are to be believed, the TikTok star found out about her now-former husband’s cheating through the Ring app.

Nonetheless, these claims are yet to be confirmed, and considering the former married couple had signed an NDA, it mightn’t be confirmed for a while.

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Perry Mattfeld’s Wedding with Husband Mark Sanchez Was Better Than She Imagined

Perry Mattfeld and Mark Sanchez married in a beautiful ceremony.



Perry Mattfeld And Husband Mark Sanchez Share Wedding Vows

American actress Perry Mattfeld exchanged vows with her beloved partner, Mark Sanchez, in a beautiful destination wedding ceremony held in Mexico.

On May 28, 2023, Mattfeld and Sanchez married inside a historic 16th-century colonial monastery in Oaxaca, Mexico. Sanchez was accompanied to the altar by his mother, while close friends Leslie Powell and Seth Cook performed Elton John’s ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight.’

On the other hand, the actress made a breathtaking entrance in a custom Karen Sabag dress. The beautiful bodice of the dress featured intricate beadwork from Paris, adding a touch of elegance and glamour.

Similarly, she accessorized the dress with diamond drop earrings that Sanchez had given her for their first Christmas as a boyfriend and girlfriend.

As Mattfeld gracefully walked down the aisle, the melodic tones of Rihanna’s ‘Lift Me Up’ filled the air, setting a magical atmosphere for the joyous occasion. Additionally, Sanchez’s son Daniel proudly stood beside them during the wedding, fulfilling the important roles of groomsman and ring bearer.

Perry Mattfeld and Mark Sanchez married in a stunning ceremony.

Perry Mattfeld and Mark Sanchez married in a stunning ceremony. (Source: People)

After the wedding, Sanchez shared his exclusive thoughts with People, revealing the overwhelming emotions that swept over the couple on their memorable day. 

He expressed, “Calling it emotional would be an understatement. It all hit me like a sudden rush, and I couldn’t hold back the tears. They were tears of joy, love, and deep gratitude for having such an incredible life partner by my side.”

Similarly, Mattfeld shared her thoughts about their destination wedding in Mexico. She said, “We are both of Mexican descent and we loved the idea of celebrating there. We visited Oaxaca a few years ago and fell in love, so we knew it was the perfect location for us. We also liked the idea of giving our friends and family a reason to visit Oaxaca!”

The actress also disclosed that they infused the celebration with butterflies as they symbolize a special connection to their departed loved ones.

Moreover, Mattfeld fondly remembered the days leading up to the wedding, which was equally remarkable. On May 26, 2023, they hosted a culturally immersive dinner at Criollo by Chef Luis Arellano, setting the stage for a weekend filled with vibrant experiences.

She also mentioned that during the celebration, their bridesmaids and groomsmen delivered heartfelt toasts and shared cherished stories about Sanchez and her, creating a deeply emotional and memorable experience for the couple.

Perry Mattfeld and Mark Sanchez had a wonderful engagement and bachelorette party 

Just like their enchanting wedding, Mattfeld and Sanchez had a remarkable engagement. On May 9, 2022, Sanchez proposed to the actress at the stunning Belmond Cap Juluca on the picturesque island of Anguilla. 

Following the proposal, Mattfeld excitedly shared with People, “Mark personalized everything. From our initials, he put in my ring, to the songs he picked for our private concert.” 

She added, “He picked the menu for our intimate dinner, paired with my favorite wine, and he had my parents appear out of nowhere! I was so surprised and emotional.”

Mark Sanchez proposed to Perry Mattfeld in Anguilla.

Mark Sanchez proposed to Perry Mattfeld in Anguilla. (Source: People )

Besides engagement and wedding, Mattfeld had an unforgettable bachelorette trip on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. During her trip, she was able to indulge in a delightful fusion of her favorite activities, ranging from tranquil beach moments to rejuvenating self-care experiences. 

Rather than emphasizing the notion of it being her “last party at a club” or similar expectations, she relished the opportunity to create cherished memories through intimate and serene moments with her close girlfriends.

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Gabriela Moura Addresses Her Relationship Status Amid Dating Rumors with Josh Richards

Gabriela Moura and Josh Richards have collaborated on several tiktok videos.



Gabriela Moura Addresses Dating Rumors With Josh Richards

Social media personality Gabriela Moura has recently addressed the long-standing rumor regarding her relationship with Josh Richards.

During a recent Q&A session on Instagram, Moura took the opportunity to address her relationship status. One of her followers inquired about her current romantic status, asking, “Are you single/ solteira?” The social media personality candidly replied with a simple and direct response, stating, “Yes/sim.”

Moura’s straightforward response during the Instagram Q&A session effectively dispelled all the speculations and conjectures surrounding her rumored relationship with Richards.

After Moura candidly addressed her relationship status on Instagram, the popular gossip page The Tea Talk wasted no time in sharing the news. They posted a screenshot of Moura’s Q&A session, accompanied by a comment that read, “That was quick! #gabimoura shut down any rumors suggesting she might be in a relationship, following her appearance with #joshrichards at the premiere of #spidermanintothespiderverse!” 

In the aftermath of the news, numerous fans and followers of Moura expressed disbelief at her response. One individual shared their thoughts, stating, “I think they are still in the early stages and not ready to make it official yet.”

Likewise, another person raised the point that the social media personality and Richards live in separate countries, which led them to believe that official confirmation of their relationship might not happen anytime soon.

Additionally, some fans expressed their sincere wishes for a positive and healthy relationship between Moura and Richards, if they were indeed dating. These fans emphasized their desire for Moura to prioritize Richards’ emotional well-being and happiness while hoping she would not cause him any pain or heartbreak.

When did the dating rumor between Gabriela Moura and Josh Richards begin?

Richards and Moura intensified the dating rumors by creating cozy TikTok videos together. On April 21, 2023, Richards posted a TikTok video that caught attention. In the clip, the social media personality started by recording a selfie video, then she handed the camera to Richards, and they shared a heartfelt hug.

Following the video, some were excited about the possibility of Richards and Moura starting a romantic relationship, while others who had previously shipped Richards with his rumored ex-girlfriend, Lewis, were not happy with the new pairing.

One fan wrote, “He did the same trend and everything, nahh bring Mads back.” Another fan commented, “Never saw the duo coming.”

Gabriela Moura and Josh Richards attended the premiere of 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.'

Gabriela Moura and Josh Richards attended the premiere of ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.’ (Source: Instagram)

Regardless of their fans’ opinions, the rumored couple continued to share videos without hesitation. Their public appearances further intensified the dating rumors surrounding them, especially when they attended the premiere of the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Later, The Tea Talk also posted a picture of Moura and Richards together at the premiere. They captioned the image, “#joshrichards and his beautiful date #gabimoura popped up at the #spidermanintothespiderverse movie premiere.”

The post generated an influx of reactions from fans in the comment section. One person commented with a skeptical viewpoint, stating, “This girl just wants his fame. You can see that she is not interested in him. The only thing she wants is fame and attention from people. Ridiculous.”

On the other hand, another fan shared a more lighthearted perspective, commenting, “I feel like Josh pulls out the hand move every time, whether it’s a new girlfriend or not. But love that for him.”

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Bad Bunny Used to Make Mix CDs for His Family and to Please His Father

“…And it was always about pleasing my dad,” Bad Bunny said.



Bad Bunny Used To Make Mix CDs To Please His Father Tito

Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Bad Bunny shared a heartwarming childhood memory about his father and how it influenced his love for music. 

During an interview with People, he reminisced about spending summers in Puerto Rico, specifically in his family’s house on the west side of the island. 

Born Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, he fondly recalled creating mix CDs as a young boy, using them as a way to curate playlists before digital platforms made it easier. 

Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny. (Source: badbunnypr/Instagram)

The ‘Me Porto Bonito’ singer revealed that his motivation behind making these CDs was to please his dad, Tito Martínez. 

“I would buy the CDs and I would create playlists on the CDs and I would collect different types of music. And it was always about pleasing my dad,” the 29-year-old artist said to the outlet.

Alongside songs for himself, he would carefully select tracks for his parents and siblings. The artist explained how these CDs became an integral part of his memories, evoking nostalgia whenever he drives through the same highways in Puerto Rico. 

He said, “I have so many memories through those highways, listening to these CDs and these playlists that I would create. And still, every time I go to the west of Puerto Rico, I get flashbacks from those moments and it feels good.”

Bad Bunny’s parents are proud of him

Bad Bunny was born on March 10, 1994, in Almirante Sur, Puerto Rico, to his father, Tito Martínez or Martínez Ocasio, and his mother, Lysaurie Ocasio.

His father worked as a truck driver, although specific details about his birth and background are currently unknown. 

Bad Bunny’s father is originally from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and did his best to provide for the family, even though they experienced poverty. The family resided in a small house on Almirante Sur in Puerto Rico. 

Despite the challenges they faced, his dad Ocasio, whom Bad Bunny affectionately refers to as “Papi,” is a big music enthusiast. 

The singer’s father would often listen to the radio and took great pleasure in hearing his eldest son’s music. In an interview, he shared that his father turns up the volume and listens to his music with an open heart. 

Similarly, Bad Bunny’s mother is a retired schoolteacher. She had a strong influence on his early exposure to music, frequently playing genres like salsa, merengue, and ballads while he helped her with household chores. 

As a child, Bad Bunny attended church regularly with his devoutly Catholic mother and even sang in the church choir until the age of 13. 

While his mother initially hoped he would become an engineer, she is incredibly proud of her son’s monumental success in the music industry, just like his father.

Bad Bunny has two younger brothers

Bad Bunny has two younger brothers named Bernie and Bysael. He considers them not only family but also close friends via Sportskeeda

Growing up, he described his upbringing as being in a happy home and emphasized that he was not the type of kid who got involved in street activities; instead, he preferred spending time at home with his family. 

Bad Bunny's brother Bernie.

Bad Bunny’s brother Bernie. (Source: Twitter)

Bernie, born in 1997, actively works with his brother, assisting him with tours and managing his professional endeavors. He has made appearances in his brother’s music videos, including a cameo in the video for ‘Yo Visto Así.’

Similarly, Bysael, born in 2001, the youngest of the siblings, recently graduated from the Beltrán Baseball Academy. He has a passion for baseball and is determined to pursue a career in the sport, aspiring to become a professional player. 

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