Icy Wyatt Reportedly Helps Nikita Dragun Bail Out of Jail

Icy Wyatt Reportedly Helps Nikita Dragun Bail Out of Jail

Icy Wyatt claimed that he had paid her bond and got her out of the prison.

Icy Wyatt Reportedly Helps Nikita Dragun Bail Out of Jail

It’s possible that Nikita Dragun was aided in getting a bailout by TikTok content creator Icy Wyatt. He stated in a series of TikTok videos that he assisted the transgender makeup artist in getting bail.

Wyatt explained how Dragun went through the same thing as he did a few months ago in the first video he made about her condition on November 9.

For those who don’t know, Wyatt was taken into custody a few months back for allegedly assaulting a police officer and another person with a gun.

Wyatt claimed that he did not assault the officer and was “complying with the police and doing whatever they said,” even after the police allegedly “hit [him] to the ground.”

Wyatt inquired whether he should go and rescue Dragun after saying that no one was helping her out and that she was by herself in Miami.

In the second clip, Wyatt claimed to have facetimed Dragun and said she appeared messed up. So he and his friend went to free her from prison.

In the videos that followed, Wyatt said that he had paid her bond and intended to pick her up, but because they weren’t very close, he wasn’t sure whether he should go.

Nikita Dragun's mugshot gone viral after her arrest.

Nikita Dragun’s mugshot gone viral after her arrest. (Source: Instagram)

However, when he went to the jailhouse to wait for Dragun for her release, he noticed that she was first in line. Wyatt observed her crying after she was removed from the line and positioned at the end of the line.

Dragun was released around 2 am on November 9, and her manager informed Wyatt that a car was going to pick her up.

The transgender influencer was arrested Monday night, November 7, 2022, at The Goodtime Hotel on a felony charge of assault against a police officer.

Officers were called in response to a tip that someone was acting boisterously and causing a disturbance at the hotel, per the police report obtained by TMZ.

Police assert that when they arrived, hotel security informed them that the artist had been causing a nuisance and loitering about the pool area naked for a sizable amount of time.

Security allegedly told the police that Dragun intentionally poured water on hotel staff and defied orders to stop provoking the disturbance.

According to her agent and Miami-Dade County court filings, transgender makeup artist and YouTuber, Nikita Dragun was released from detention in Miami on November 9.

The YouTuber’s representative said that she was confined in a male-only area while at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami.

The situation in which Dragun, who is legally a “female,” was kept in a men’s unit in a Florida jail, described as “extremely disturbing and dangerous” by Jack Ketsoyan of Full Scope Public Relations.

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