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Nikita Dragun’s Parents and Siblings Are Supportive of Her

Nikita Dragun is thankful for her family!



Nikita Dragun is loud and proud about herself and her gender. She came out as transgender in 2015 and has been open about her experience ever since.

She has documented her entire journey on her YouTube channel — from the various surgeries she had to go through to her family supporting her. Dragun considered herself very lucky when she came out because her parents and siblings were understanding of her transition.

In her coming out video, she said, “In my culture and in that side of the family, we technically don’t have a really out person who is different or gay or anything in between because it’s not that it’s not accepted, it’s just not really talked about.”

However, when she came out to her parents, they were very understanding and supported their daughter. As a result, Dragun is always gushing about her parents and siblings —  be it on a YouTube video or an Instagram post.

Nikita Dragun’s parents

Dragun’s parents – whose names haven’t been revealed – have often been featured in her content. Arguably, the first time she had a heart-to-heart talk with her mom and dad was in the video titled, ‘Our Daughter is Transgender!’

There, Dragun questioned her parents about instances in her youth when they saw she was a little “different.” Both of her parents stated that Nikita was always fascinated by dolls, cosmetics, and other stereotypically “flamboyant” items as a child. 

Dragun’s teachers also recognized it, but they advised her to repress it rather than embrace it. So, she attempted to conceal her sexuality, but she couldn’t do so for long. 

Her mom recalled having to explain to Dragun as a youngster that she needed to wear boys’ swim trunks to compete on the school swim team rather than the women’s racerback she preferred.

They both agreed that her joining the cheering team as the lone guy on the team was a watershed point in their realization that Dragun would never like typically masculine things.

Her father said, “When I know that you tried out and made it to the cheerleading team. I knew that something wasn’t normal. But I understand that’s what you want, that’s what you like, that’s what you’re good at. And so I am just happy for you being who you are.”

Dragun’s father, reportedly a former Vietnamese army, fully supported her transition, but he was concerned about her health during the operations. He was also concerned about Dragun’s siblings coming to terms with her transition. 

But eventually, Dragun completed her transition and her siblings understood her. Dragun’s mom was concerned about her safety as she changed. She did not want her daughter to be damaged by cultural standards.

Dragun finally finished her change, and her parents’ only hope for her now is happiness.

Her mom said, “I just want you to know that we’ve got your back. We totally support you; we love you, we accept you. Pink, polka dots, stripes, rainbows, or whatever it may be… Be authentic, live your life with honor. Honor to yourself and honor to the family. Be happy.”

Dragun’s father was also concerned for his daughter’s safety, and he jokingly said, “My goal in life is to make sure no one bullies my daughter. And if they do, just remember this face.”

Nikita Dragun’s siblings

Dragun has three siblings — two sisters named Allegrah and Taliah and one brother, Vincarlo. Taliah and Vincarlo have yet to feature in any of Dragun’s videos. 

The YouTuber seldom discusses her connection with her siblings in public, due to which, little information about them is available online. Allegrah, on the other hand, has agreed to appear in a 2014 video called “SISTER MAKEOVER!!! // Nyc Dragun.” 

The siblings begin the 10-minute video with a few recollections from their youth, including some terrible pranks. Although the first minutes of the video are filled with serious roasting, the sisters burst out laughing about halfway through. 

By the end, they are gleefully ridiculing each other, showing no traces of restraint. Dragun once shared a photo with all of her siblings where they recreated childhood photos. At that time, the four siblings got together in Christmas 2019 for the first time in five years.

Dragun wrote, “This Christmas my only wish was for my entire family to be together. It wasn’t easy but we made it happen! life is crazy and a lot changes but family is forever. I’m so blessed to have a loving and supportive family I don’t take it for granted for one second.”

Nikita Dragun with her siblings.

Nikita Dragun with her siblings. (Source: Instagram)

So, despite everything, it looks like Dragun has a good relationship with her siblings.

Nikita Dragun’s ethnicity

Dragun has a mixed-racial heritage. Her mom is Mexican, and her dad is Vietnamese. The influencer has faced a lot of backlash when it comes to her ethnicity.

This is because she has been accused of culturally appropriating other ethnicities. In a since-deleted tweet from October 2020, she asked her followers “what race” she should be that day. This follows previous claims of blackfishing and cultural appropriation.

She immediately faced massive backlash for her tweet. Dragun later responded to the criticism she received for her tweet, expressing that she was weary of having to justify herself in every post because of her mixed ethnicity. 

“I know it’s a joke to comment on my race, but I’m really tired of having to defend myself on every post. ‘She’s Hispanic today’ I’m Hispanic everyday. My mom is Mexican. My dad is Asian. I’m mixed. The end. Bye,” she tweeted.

In a follow-up tweet, she talked about her struggle with ethnicity. She wrote, “Growing up mixed I was never enough or fully accepted. I don’t have to pick a side. I am not incomplete of my races. I do not lack anything. I am proud of ALL of me.”

There have been several instances when Dragun has appropriated other ethnicities. In March 2017, she appeared in advertising photos for Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ Androgyny eyeshadow palette. 

She shared one of the photos from the session on Instagram and was immediately accused of blackfishing since her skin was substantially darker than normal. 

Similarly, she was accused of cultural appropriation after being photographed during New York Fashion Week in September 2019. She was wearing box braids, a typical hairdo for Black women when her ethnicity was half Mexican and half Vietnamese.

After being called out, she posted a photo of herself wearing the braids on Instagram, stating that she picked the haircut to express her love and respect for all the beautiful black women in her life in a lengthy post, rationalizing her decision.

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Who Is India Love Dating Now? Inside the Internet Star’s Relationships

Inside India Love’s love life and dating history.




India Westbrook, best known as India Love, is a popular internet personality who originally rose to prominence on Tumblr. 

She eventually began modeling for several companies and has gained a massive fanbase, with most of them curious about her love life. Her fans and followers have always asked her about her boyfriend or who she is dating now.

In the past, Love has been pretty open about the relationships she has been in. So, is she dating anybody as of February 2024? Here is what we know about her present relationship status!

Is India Love dating now?

As of this writing, it is unknown who Love is dating now. She has been fairly private about her present relationship status at the moment.

It is possible that she is currently single and does not have a boyfriend. But at the same time, she might be dating someone and is keeping her relationship private.

It looks like India Love is not dating now.

It looks like India Love is not dating now. (Source: Instagram)

So, unless Love talks about her relationships or reveals that she has a boyfriend, nothing can be said for sure. The influencer’s last known relationship was with her former boyfriend, pro boxer Devin Haney.

Love revealed that Haney was her then-new boyfriend after he separated from Jania Meshell. The two announced their relationship in the summer of 2021, but there were already rumors of the two dating before that.

The couple quickly became the center of attention among their fans and followers. Netizens admired their connection, and many were amazed by Love’s support for her partner’s boxing profession. 

Similarly, Haney frequently indulged his girlfriend, buying her a 2022 Range Rover. It appeared like Love and her boyfriend were truly in love.

The two seemed even more serious in November 2021 when the Love flaunted her new ‘Devin’ tattoo. She also claimed she had his name tattooed twice more. 

Despite their public display of affection, Love and her boyfriend’s relationship did not work out. They dated till March 2023 and then parted ways.

The Shade Room contacted Love, who informed them of the split. “We are no longer together,” she said. “I wish him well,” she added. Haney did not address the breakup, but he was spotted in Dubai with Leena Sayed.

India Love’s past relationships explored

As mentioned above, Love has been quite open about her former relationships, meaning she has been in a few relationships in the past. Before she began dating Haney, Love and rapper Roddy Ricch ignited dating speculations after she shared a video of their Miami holiday. 

In the video, Love was relaxing by the pool when Ricch casually strolled in front of her. Fans speculated that the two were dating, and at the same time, the duo traveled to Miami for the Super Bowl. 

The rumors spread so quickly that Love felt compelled to explain that she and Rich were not together. In an Instagram comment, Love stated that she and Rich were simply “two friends who enjoy each other’s time.”

That said, Love’s official boyfriend before Haney was Sheck Wes. Their relationship was revealed after followers recognized the same sweatshirt in both of their Instagram posts. 

Soon after the rumors spread, she shared many photos of Wes on her Instagram account, indicating that they were dating. Although Love appeared to be madly in love with Sheck, many fans were concerned since Wes had previously been accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Justine Skye.

However, their relationship did not last long since a couple of months later, Love revealed on Instagram that she was no longer dating Wes.

Love’s relationship with Wes was not the first that made followers concerned for her safety. When she dated Jonnu Smith, people were concerned about Jonnu’s ex-girlfriend’s bizarre activities.

Before dating Love, Smith sustained serious burns on a portion of his body after his pregnant ex-girlfriend hurled boiling water at him. Fans were quickly alarmed, fearing that his ex-girlfriend would harm Love since he was dating her ex-man. 

Fortunately, until Love chose to terminate things with Smith, she was safe from Smith’s ex-girlfriend.

Likewise, Love became embroiled in a family conflict with rapper Rich the Kid and his wife shortly before beginning her relationship with Smith. Kid’s wife, Elle, accused him of infidelity with multiple women, including Love.

Elle used Instagram to share multiple screenshots of Kid’s interaction with his side girls. One of them was a chat with Love, in which she inquired whether he was still married, to which Rich the Kid replied that he was not. Love declined to comment on the accusations.

Love and Lil Yachty had excellent chemistry as lovers in his ‘Forever Young’ music video. In the video, the couple went on an amusement park date and were amorous with one another. 

Fans instantly assumed they were dating, but there was no confirmation regarding their relationship. However, this was not the first time the couple has been speculated to be dating.

In 2016, Yachty engaged in a spat with fellow rapper Soulja Boy, claiming Love was his girl. However, the couple did not specify back then if they were dating or whether it was simply affection between friends.

The influencer once made quite a sensation when she posted a thirst trap to commemorate her 21st birthday. While viewers were enamored with her stunning figure, Rick Ross’ remarks on the post drew some criticism.

Ross posted an eye emoji on the photos, and while there was nothing explicit, people thought it strange and a bit unsettling that Ross attempted to hit on someone who was barely legal.

According to The Jasmine Brand, Ross later denied dating Love, claiming he was just attracted to creativity. Years ago, Love was in a relationship with Cliff Dixon, a former NBA player. 

The pair barely dated and did not post many photos, but fans were persuaded that their love was great and their breakup was amicable. It seemed to ring true as Love grieved the death of her former boyfriend, who was shot at his birthday celebration in 2019. 

Out of all her relationships, fans and followers were concerned about Love’s dating life with rapper The Game. The rapper was much older than Love, who was 18 years old at the time.

Rumors began to circulate after they were caught writing flirtatious comments on one other’s Instagram pictures, and Love even referred to The Game as baby once. 

Feeling frustrated with the allegations, The Game replied on an Instagram post that he and Love were never intimate but also attempted to defend his statements by stating that Love was grown, legal, and more mature than what fans and followers had made of their relationship. 

Moving on, Love briefly dated P Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, in 2014. The young pair was regularly seen on several occasions, and they occasionally shared photos on social media. 

They even spent Christmas together, leading some fans to worry if they were serious about their romance. Unfortunately, Love and Combs ended their romance a few months later, in 2015, but neither of them mentioned the cause of their split.

Likewise, Love dated Ron Robinson in 2010. Their romance lasted four years, which is fairly long compared to Love’s other relationships. 

However, it appeared like their separation was a little sloppy since Robinson was still resentful two years later. He hauled Love’s former boyfriend, The Game, and humiliated her for sleeping with both guys before posting the footage on Snapchat. 

Fans were unimpressed, especially because Love and The Game’s purported romance occurred when India was still 18, and he disputed that they were in a relationship. Despite the public insult, Love chose to remain silent and not respond to Robinson and The Game.

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Is Bianca Censori Pregnant? The Truth Behind Her Pregnancy Rumors

Bianca Censori and Kanye West have been married for over a year.



American architect Bianca Censori and Kanye West married in 2022, and soon afterward, she found herself at the center of widespread rumors speculating about her pregnancy.

The rumor surrounding Censori’s alleged pregnancy gained traction when a TikTok user, Gossipgalnews, shared a video on July 11, 2023, revealing the purported news. In the video, a woman began by stating, “Kanye’s new wife is pregnant, and Kim Kardashian is pissed.”

She continued, “We all know that the Kardashian women have a history of having babies with men, kind of sending them off to die when they are finished with them as sperm donors. So I cannot imagine that the Kardashians are gonna be very pleased that now Kim’s kids are gonna have half-siblings.”

This particular TikTok video has already amassed more than 74,900 likes as of this writing and generated a significant amount of opinions in the comment section.

One commenter expressed, “I’m pretty sure she’s happy not to deal with him anymore,” while another remarked, “People swear they know how people they don’t know personally and don’t talk to feel, lol.”

Amidst these varying perspectives, some individuals remained skeptical about the news of the architect’s pregnancy, with one person stating, “I won’t believe this until TMZ says something about it.” So, what’s the truth? Let’s find out!

Is Bianca Censori pregnant?

Despite swirling rumors surrounding Censori’s speculated pregnancy, the architect has maintained a notable silence on the matter, leaving many skeptics to question the veracity of the gossip.

However, recent revelations have shed light on the situation, confirming that the architect is not pregnant. It has been reported that her husband, West, allegedly points fingers at her for their apparent failure to conceive despite their year-long union.

The rapper has hinted at his aspirations for expanding their family, subtly alluding to this desire in his latest musical offering, ‘Timbo Freestyle,’ which he unveiled during a vibrant gathering in Las Vegas.

Bianca Censori and her husband Kanye West have not yet welcomed any children. (Source: Billboard)

In the captured footage disseminated by Page Six, West can be heard rapping, “You already know I’m impulsive, and another baby is my end goal. Moreover, this isn’t the first time West has voiced his desire for a large family.

During a candid conversation on The Late Late Show With James Corden in 2019, he reiterated his wish for “seven kids,” emphasizing, “The richest thing that you can have is as many children as possible.”

Now that Censori and her husband experienced difficulties in conceiving, their relationship seemed to encounter some turbulence. According to insights from the National Enquirer, West frequently chose to spend his evenings amidst his entourage, leaving his architect wife alone.

Bianca Censori and Kanye West’s relationship timeline

Censori started working with West’s fashion brand, Yeezy, as an architectural designer in November 2020. Their professional relationship eventually turned into a personal one. They were first photographed dining at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills while holding hands in January 2023.

Bianca Censori with her husband Kanye West

Bianca Censori with her husband Kanye West (Photo: Instagram)

The couple was also captured arriving at the ritzy hotel hand in hand. After making several public appearances together, TMZ revealed on January 13, 2023, that the couple had tied the knot in a clandestine ceremony in Beverly Hills, California.

Despite exchanging vows and rings, the outlet reported that no marriage certificate was filed, raising questions about the legality of their marriage.

However, in October 2023, the Daily Mail revealed that West and Censori were indeed legally married. A confidential marriage license disclosed a wedding date of December 20, 2022, in Palo Alto, California.

Following their wedding, the couple embarked on a honeymoon at the luxurious Amangiri resort in Utah, enjoying a secluded retreat together. According to an insider who spoke exclusively to US Weekly, their romance had only flourished since their January nuptials.

The source revealed, “Things couldn’t be better for Kanye and Bianca, and they’re doing amazing. Kanye feels like he finally met someone who truly gets him and loves him for the person he is.”

They continued, “Bianca complements Kanye on so many levels and he loves that they can work and collaborate on projects. He appreciates and respects her opinions, even if they don’t always agree. She keeps him grounded and he’s feeling better than ever.”

Likewise, Censori and West jetted off overseas for a thrilling adventure to Japan at the end of June 2023. During their time abroad, the couple seemingly enjoyed spending time with the architect’s parents.

Following their Asian escapade, the couple embarked on a romantic European getaway in August 2023. While touring Italy, they openly displayed their affection on numerous occasions.

Furthermore, West and Censori were spotted sharing a passionate kiss in the street of Florence, with the latter clad in a revealing see-through thong bodysuit with sheer tights, leaving little to the imagination.

Bianca Censori’s husband Kanye West was previously married to Kim Kardashian

Censori’s now-husband, West, was previously married to Kim Kardashian. They exchanged vows on May 24, 2014, in the presence of 200 guests. During their marriage, they welcomed four children: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

However, in 2020, reports emerged indicating that the couple was deliberately spending time apart to ease tensions in their relationship.

According to The Sun, “Kim and Kanye are arguing and at each other’s throats during this pandemic. Kim is getting stir-crazy, as she’s used to being on the go. It’s also a lot of time alone with the kids for her.”

Eventually, Kardashian took the step of officially filing for divorce from West in February 2021. Later, a source disclosed to People, “They are just not on the same page when it comes to their future as a family.”

All this indicated that Kardashian had come to terms with the decision. Finally, on November 29, 2022, the two finalized their divorce.

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Asian Doll Has a Collection of Tattoos in Tribute to Late Boyfriend King von

Asian Doll and King Von shared a profound and strong connection.



American rapper Asian Doll, also known as Misharron Allen, has been paying tribute to her late boyfriend, King Von, through a collection of tattoos over the past few years.

Since Doll’s ex-boyfriend, Von, was tragically murdered on November 6, 2020, in Atlanta, Georgia, she has made it her mission to honor and preserve his legacy.

Beyond simply sharing stories on her social media accounts, the rapper has actively kept her boyfriend’s memory alive by adorning her body with numerous tattoos in his honor.

As a result, many of her fans have been curious about the extent of her tribute, often asking, “How many tattoos does Asian Doll have of King Von?” and searching “Asian Doll tattoos of Von” and “Asian Doll King Von tattoos.”

So, to address the fans’ question, the rapper has immortalized Von with six tattoos. On November 15, 2020, she revealed a hand tattoo showcasing Von’s face.

This portrait tattoo was meticulously designed by Los Angeles-based tattoo artist SNEAKYGEE. It depicts Von wearing his signature Burberry hat and is prominently showcased on the back of Doll’s hand.

Alongside the video showcasing the new ink, Doll captioned, “You Know How It Goes We Don’t Even Play Like Dat Dayvon.” She also emphasized the tattoo’s significance, declaring, “This The HARDEST Tattoo On My Body,” underscoring the deep emotional attachment and importance of this particular tribute.

Similarly, the rapper tattooed her boyfriend’s rap name on her abdomen. She also shared a touching story about Von, who, whenever he was in jail, would quickly apologize and then ask her affectionately to get his name tattooed on her.

She stated, “Both times Von went to jail, the first thing he would say on the phone is ‘Dam Ma I’m Sorry … but shid you know to go tatt my name.’”

Moreover, in addition to the tattoo on her abdomen, Doll commemorated Von’s rap name initials, DDB, right above her left eyebrow. This decision was not made lightly, as the rapper had previously shared with her fans her intention to honor Von with a tattoo on her face.

She also devoted several months to carefully deliberating on the design that would most accurately represent her love and respect for him. After much consideration, she ultimately decided to have his initials permanently inked above her left eyebrow.

Reflecting on this decision, Doll tweeted, “I just tatted yo name on my face,” accompanied by sad emojis, revealing the emotional weight of her tribute. Her tweet reflected the emotional turmoil she experienced following the loss of her ex-boyfriend.

Despite her efforts to move on, Von remained a significant presence in her thoughts and memories. However, Doll’s grieving process has not been without its challenges, as she has faced numerous criticisms regarding how she chooses to honor the memory of her late partner.

One individual took to Twitter, remarking, “You’re out here embarrassing this man while he’s in his grave, clout chaser,” while another expressed, “Um, no… you’re going to regret that in a couple of years.” Despite these critical perspectives, some fans offer a different viewpoint.

One supporter remarked, “She lost the love of her life and y’all are calling her crazy. Y’all have never experienced the pain of losing someone you thought you would have forever. Stop judging and focus on yourselves, that’s exactly what she’s doing. Let her express herself. Focus on you, that’s it.”

The rapper later responded to the criticism she faced for getting tattoos in memory of her late boyfriend. She tweeted, “My (explicit) gone & y’all in my mentions talking bout sucking (explicit). The internet got some sick (explicit).”

Besides Asian Doll King Von tattoos, the rapper has other tattoos as well. To speak of a number, it’s reported that she has a total of 21 tattoos, including her King Von tattoos. Among the 21 tattoos, she has a star on the back of her hand and a dragon on her shoulder blade.

A look at Asian Doll's dragon tattoo on her shoulder blade

A look at Asian Doll’s dragon tattoo on her shoulder blade (Photo: Instagram)

Some of her other tattoos and their place on her body include a heart on her forearm, a Japanese symbol on her wrist, a mermaid on her upper arm, a butterfly behind her ear, flowers on her elbow, a dollar sign on her forearm, and geisha on her upper arm.

Brief on Asian Doll and King Von’s relationship

Von first laid eyes on Doll during his visit to New York with Lil Durk in 2018, where he was immediately captivated by her striking beauty. Despite his strong attraction, he hesitated to approach her because he felt he lacked the financial means and fame to impress her.

However, upon discovering that his friend also found the rapper appealing, Von summoned the courage to initiate a conversation with her. Over the subsequent weeks, they crossed paths several times in New York, gradually building a connection that grew into a budding romance.

As their relationship progressed, Von found himself growing more comfortable with Doll, allowing him to flirt with her and eventually take their relationship to the next level. They officially began dating, enjoying the excitement and intimacy that comes with a new relationship.

Asian Doll and King Von were in a relationship for approximately two years. (Source: Twitter)

However, after more than a year together, their bond was tested when rumors emerged alleging that Doll had been unfaithful to Von. This led to a period of uncertainty and tension between them, ultimately resulting in their breakup.

In the aftermath of their split, the rapper’s boyfriend took to social media to express his feelings of betrayal, sharing a picture of a girl on his bed along with a caption suggesting that he had been wronged.

Meanwhile, Doll subtly hinted at her suspicions regarding her boyfriend’s fidelity, suggesting that he may have been involved in extramarital affairs. Despite the challenges they faced, there were fleeting moments of hope for reconciliation.

However, their journey together was tragically cut short when Von passed away in November 2020, marking the definitive end of their relationship.

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