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Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski Claim They Aren’t Dating Each Other

Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski are rumored to be dating since 2020!



Brent Rivera Claims He Is Not Dating Pierson Wodzynski

Renowned internet personality Brent Rivera and fellow influencer Pierson Wodzynski have been rumored to be dating each other since 2020, a thing that is still claimed by many media outlets. Besides, some have even mentioned them as an official couple.

But that doesn’t seem to be true if we consider what the rumored duo has said. Rivera and Wodzynski first met while filming Date Takeover, a dating show. In one of the episodes, she took part as a participant. 

The idea of the show was that Rivera’s younger sister Lexi would pick who would date him, and Wodzynski ultimately won. Later, she was introduced to his friends. At the time, Rivera was seeing Eva Gutowski.

They eventually developed a close friendship and started to appear in each other’s videos and social media posts. Rivera spent more time with Wodzynski after splitting up with Gutowski, giving supporters the impression that they were dating.

Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski have denied dating each other

On December 24, 2022, Rivera shared a cute TikTok video with Wodzynski using Marshmellow and Anne Marie’s track ‘FRIENDS’ and captioned the post, ‘we’re fwends.’

The “friends” trend is an old one involving two friends who are about to kiss each other but decide against it when the song says, “We’re just friends,” revealing they are just pals.

Similarly, the two hopped on the trend to admit that they might only be friends and that there is no romantic relationship between them. Rivera and Wodzynski were about to kiss, but just when the song went, “We’re just friends,” they didn’t kiss each other and lip-synced the lyrics. 

Further, Rivera jokingly tried to kiss Wodzynski again, but Wodzynski pushed him, saying no. Fans were shocked when TikTok appeared on their for you page. One of the fans noted, “I don’t believe it.” 

However, several of their fans questioned whether the two were simply friends, as one of the comments read, “You guys are definitely a couple.”

Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski stayed at an underwater hotel in Maldives.

Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski stayed at an underwater hotel in the Maldives. (Source: Instagram)

Another fan remarked, “They have to be secretly dating.”

To everyone’s surprise, famous TikTok creator Bryce Hall also reacted to Rivera’s TikTok with Wodzynski. He said, “All this time, I thought you guys were dating.” Hall further added, “Does this mean I can flirt with Pierson,” after a long pause.

More recently, in late February 2023, Wodzynski appeared in The Good Boys Podcast, where she discussed multiple topics, including if Brieson was real — Brieson is a shipping name made by the fans of Rivera and Wodzynski.

Before she divulged the details of her and Rivera’s relationship, she revealed that she is currently single and doesn’t have a boyfriend. She stated, “officially not in a relationship with anyone.” So, the fan query of “Are Pierson and Bryce dating?” goes invalid.

Brent Rivera with his rumored girlfriend Pierson Wodzynski at Disney World

Brent Rivera with his rumored girlfriend Pierson Wodzynski at Disney World (Photo: Instagram)

Wodzynski then mentioned that she and Rivera thought of dating and tried it for a while but never took any big steps as it was too much. She said, “Brent and I tried it, um, for, like, a second, and then it was just too much. Like, he’s too busy. I’m too busy.”

The content creator further explained her statement and said that Rivera films a lot of sensitive content for his self-titled YouTube channel, and if she was dating him, it wouldn’t be okay. 

She also gave an example by referring to Rivera’s video where he went on 100 dates in 24 hours and stressed that if she was actually dating him, she would never let that slide. After that, the podcast co-hosts teased Wodzynski by saying she is obsessive.

In reply, she stated that she isn’t obsessive and further clarified that if she was dating Rivera and he would go on 100 dates and kiss other girls, even though it’s for content, she wasn’t going to let that slide.

Her answer read, “If my boyfriend is kissing other girls, I’m not gonna slide. So, that’s why I’d rather just not date right now. Focus on my own s**t.”

To conclude, it can be said that Rivera and Wodzynski considered dating but ultimately decided not to be involved in a romantic relationship. For now, they still remain friends and can often be seen hanging out.

Brent Rivera’s past relationships

Rivera and Morgan Justus, a social media star, were romantically involved from June until October 2017. Their brief romance was not well reported; therefore, little is known about it. 

They did share photos of one another on social media, including Instagram. As of 2022, Rivera and she stopped communicating and stopped following one another on social media.

Gutowski is another girl Rivera has been linked with. Although they had been reported to be dating since 2017, they only started dating in 2019.

When Gutowski and Rivera worked together to create YouTube videos in 2016, she developed a strong interest in him. He encouraged her by providing her gestures and encouraging words after observing her interest in him. This continued for more than a year.

In February 2018, the couple confessed that their friendship was suffering as a result of Rivera just wanting to lead Gutowski on. They ultimately decided to go their separate ways, and they both made a YouTube video about it. 

After some time had passed, Rivera posted a YouTube video in late 2018 declaring his desire for his now-former girlfriend to return and his willingness to give their relationship another shot. In 2019, the two rekindled their romance.

According to reports, they dated for a brief while in 2019 while filming challenges for YouTube. To fool people into thinking they were back together, they pretended to date for a day and even got married in November 2019 as a joke.

After they split up, Gutowski publicly admitted that her relationship with Rivera was complex in 2020. However, they still keep in touch and follow each other on social media.

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Robert De Niro and Tiffany Chen Shine at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival



Robert De Niro and Tiffany Chen Shine at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival

Robert De Niro and Tiffany Chen made a captivating appearance at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival, capturing the spotlight as they walked the red carpet at the Chanel Tribeca Festival’s Artist Dinner. Held at The Odeon in New York City on Monday, June 10, the event saw the couple in high spirits, holding hands and smiling for the cameras.

The Chanel Tribeca Festival’s Artist Dinner attracted a host of other A-list guests, including Blake Lively, Jessica Capshaw, Chloe Fineman, Mark Ronson, Grace Gummer, David Harbour, and Lily Allen.

As co-founder of the Tribeca Festival, De Niro’s presence was a highlight, especially as the festival gears up for a special convention celebrating his illustrious career.

De Niro Con: Celebrating an Icon’s Career

The 2024 Tribeca Film Festival is not only about showcasing new cinematic talents but also honoring its co-founder, Robert De Niro. The festival, which runs through June 16, will host a special convention titled De Niro Con during its final three days.

This unique event will feature screenings of some of De Niro’s most acclaimed films, including A Bronx Tale, Jackie Brown, The Godfather: Part II, Silver Linings Playbook, Mean Streets, and Analyze This. Additionally, fans can look forward to De Niro-themed activations, celebrating the actor’s extensive and varied career.

Robert De Niro and Tiffany Chen’s Relationship Timeline

Robert De Niro and Tiffany Chen’s love story began in 2015 when they first met. However, it wasn’t until August 2021 that they were publicly recognized as a couple, following a romantic getaway in the south of France. The pair’s relationship has since blossomed, and they welcomed their daughter, Gia Virginia Chen De Niro, on April 6, 2023. Gia, now 14 months old, is De Niro’s seventh child.

Their relationship has seen them through both private moments and public appearances, with De Niro often expressing his joy about being a father again at his age.

In a recent interview on the Today show, De Niro shared his feelings about parenting a young child once more. “I always say it’s pure joy. That’s it,” he stated, reflecting on the experience of raising Gia. Despite acknowledging that his older children might be more critical, De Niro emphasized the unfiltered joy that comes with parenting a baby.

De Niro’s Expanding Family

Robert De Niro’s family has always been a significant part of his life. Alongside Gia, he has six older children from previous relationships. With his first wife, Diahnne Abbott, he has daughter Drena, 52, and son Raphael, 47.

In 1995, he welcomed twin sons Julian and Aaron, 28, with former girlfriend Toukie Smith. De Niro also shares son Elliot, 26, and daughter Helen Grace, 12, with ex-wife Grace Hightower.

The 80-year-old actor has candidly spoken about the differences in parenting across generations. While he treasures the pure joy of raising his youngest daughter, he acknowledges that his older children may offer more critical perspectives on his parenting style. Nonetheless, De Niro continues to embrace fatherhood with enthusiasm and love.

As the Tribeca Film Festival continues, Robert De Niro’s legacy both as a film industry titan and a dedicated father remains firmly in the spotlight, celebrated by fans and peers alike.

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Emmy-Nominated Hair Department Head Rukey Styles’ Work Is Often Influenced By Her Own Experiences

“I started doing my own hair and realized I may have a desire to make people beautiful,” Rukey Styles says.



Rukey Styles' Work Is Often Influenced By Her Own Experiences

In the realm of television and film, where visual storytelling is paramount, the art of hairstyling plays a crucial role in bringing characters to life. Among the celebrated artists in this field is Rukey Styles, an Emmy-nominated Hair Department Head renowned for her innovative and culturally rich contributions.

Rukey’s illustrious career spans an impressive array of projects, from the high-stakes world of Divergent to the gritty realism of Chicago Med, each showcasing her exceptional talent and unique perspective on beauty.

Her most recent work on Disney‘s Saturdays – aired from March 24 to May 12, 2023 – has garnered significant attention, not just for its vibrant portrayal of Afro-American culture but also for its heartfelt depiction of a youth-driven, diverse narrative.

As Rukey continues to shape the landscape of hairstyling in film and television, we had the opportunity to delve into her journey and creative process in an exclusive interview. She shared insights into her early life, revealing how her upbringing influenced her perspective on beauty and hairstyling.

She recounted pivotal moments and influences that led her to the entertainment industry, and detailed her approach to incorporating Afro-American culture into the vibrant, youth-driven world of Disney’s Saturdays. Additionally, she discussed the significance of her Emmy nomination for Outstanding Makeup and Hairstyling and her aspirations for the future.

1. Can you share a bit about your early life and how your upbringing or experiences shaped your perspective on beauty and hairstyling?

Rukey: I grew up in a single-family middle-class home. Because my mother knew that her strength was in teaching children to read and not doing children’s hair, she sent me to the salon regularly. I didn’t appreciate beauty and the efforts that went into it until I saw myself and how I wanted to be seen. After somewhat growing up in my hairstylist’s chair, I started doing my own hair and realized I may have a desire to make people beautiful. Me being around my sister’s boyfriend, who was a hairstylist, created more interest in hair artistry for me.

2. Many individuals find unique paths into the entertainment industry. What were some pivotal moments or influences that led you to pursue a career in hairstyling for film and television?

Rukey: Before starting in the film and TV industry, I had a business where I performed non-surgical hair restoration services. Doing this allowed me to really focus on the little details that people who are not feeling like themself because of their hair loss would pay attention to. This detailing is what influenced them looking natural or like their pre hairloss self. It is because of my wig experience knowledge that led to the opportunity to work in theater, then TV, then FILM.

Work on Disney’s Saturdays:

3. “Saturdays” is garnering attention for its unique portrayal of a diverse cast and its celebration of Afro-American style. How did you approach incorporating Afro-American culture into the hair designs for the characters in the show?

Rukey: Well, this wasn’t hard to do. I was once these characters – young African American adolescent from the southside of Chicago. I saw my childhood in them, I used to go to the skating rink on Saturdays. My mother was a real skater. Like Paris, this was also my experience. It was just a matter of breaking down the characters to see who wears what style. I wanted each girl to have her own look that was unique to her character’s personality, including certain embellishments.

4. The series follows a trio of friends creating an all-girls skate crew. How did you collaborate with the creative team to ensure that the characters’ hairstyles reflected both their individuality and the vibrant, youth-driven theme of the show?

Rukey: Everything starts with the words on the script. After taking notes from the script, I consult with the creators to make sure I see the characters as they wrote them. Then I talk to the actors to collaborate based on the character’s core styling, what my bosses want and learn the actor’s comfort level with the direction, throwing suggestions back and forth sometimes making changes and also creating alongside makeup and wardrobe.

Inspirations Behind Hair Looks:

5. In “Saturdays,” the characters’ hairstyles seem to carry a sense of nostalgia. Can you share some specific inspirations or references that influenced the hair designs, and how you balanced nostalgia with a modern, youth-oriented approach?

Rukey: You learn that there isn’t much new under the sun. Innovation in hairstyling can be combining existing, familiar, elements in new ways to create a new look.

There may be slight iterations that can make it an ode to the former style. Being innovative may mean combing 2 or more familiar components to create a new look overall.

We took the opportunity to style the 3 besties, incorporating throwback elements, such as the 1990s music video style, into the performance scenes, like the cypher scene that was reminiscent of a 1990’s music video in style of filming cinematically, wardrobe, makeup and hair. There was also an opportunity to do “Paris,” played by Danielle Jalade, in a TBoz inspired natural short style with braided sideburns and, “Ari,” played by Peyton Z Basnight, having 2 large ponytails and these and others were opportunities to pay homage to iconic styles of the past.

Emmy Nomination and Award Submissions:

6. Congratulations on your Emmy nomination for Outstanding Makeup and Hairstyling! What does this recognition mean to you, especially considering the impact of your work on “Saturdays” and other projects?

Rukey: Thank you, Arun. We learned about our nomination for the Children and Family Emmys, shortly after I wrapped “Saturdays”. It was great to feel seen as an artist. I remember explaining why I chose certain hair directions such as the father Trey, played by Bryan Clark. His hair changed over the years from a texturizer to natural locs because of the influence of his naturalista wife. I mean how many couples have we seen who were together for years start looking alike?

7. You’ve recently submitted your work on “Saturdays” for the MUAH awards. What aspects of the show’s makeup and hairstyling do you believe stand out and contribute to its potential success in this category?

Rukey: Our hair department did some crazy, fun stuff on “Saturdays”. I hope that our work and approach is noticed as being creative, informative, realistic and appropriately over the top when needed.

8. Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals in the realm of hairstyling for film and television? Are there specific projects or themes you hope to explore in the future?

Rukey: I have been blessed to work on projects that encompass a wide range of hairstyling needs, including period, glam, fantasy, character, contemporary, aging, special effects, and ethnic hairstyling. Any story can require a combination of these styles. I want to work on a project that will give space for styling that is authentic to the storyline and character growth, allowing my team. to bring out the essence of the narrative through hairstyling.

When all things are in alignment, including a great story and a dedicated team of cohesive collaborators, with me as the department head of hair, we can collectively bring out the best in my work and creativity. This effort will ultimately lead to the recognition of our hairstyling skills.

9. Finally, for emerging hairstylists inspired by your journey, do you have any advice or insights you’d like to share about breaking into the industry and thriving in a competitive field?

Rukey: Be well rounded because there’s no productions where all the actors wear the same hairstyle (If so, it’s a comedy) lol. Learn as much as you can about all hair types and textures.

Work in a salon, mess up some stuff so you can learn how to fix it. It’s about knowing what you do so well that you can do it promptly with ease but also can get the same result multiple ways if needed.

The interview was originally held in December 2023.

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Ariana Grande and Social House’s ‘Boyfriend’ Reaches Streaming Milestone on Spotify

It is Grande’s 21st song to reach such a staggering number.



Ariana Grande and Social House's 'Boyfriend' Reaches Streaming Milestone on Spotify

Pop sensation Ariana Grande and rising duo Social House have hit a major milestone with their hit single ‘Boyfriend,’ which has surpassed 800 million streams on Spotify. This achievement marks a significant moment in the careers of both artists.

For Grande, it’s her 21st song to reach such a staggering number, while for Social House, it’s their first time breaking into this exclusive club.

Released in 2019, ‘Boyfriend’ quickly became a fan favorite, blending Grande’s signature powerhouse vocals with Social House’s smooth, laid-back style. The track’s catchy chorus and relatable lyrics about the complexities of modern relationships resonated with listeners worldwide, securing its place on countless playlists.

Grande, known for her impressive vocal range and a string of chart-topping hits, continues to dominate the music scene. With ‘Boyfriend’ joining her list of songs with over 800 million streams, she reaffirms her status as one of the most streamed artists on the platform. Hits like ‘Thank U, Next,’ ‘7 Rings,’ and ‘Side to Side’ already boast massive streaming numbers, and ‘Boyfriend’ solidifies her consistent popularity.

For Social House, comprised of Michael “Mikey” Foster and Charles “Scootie” Anderson, this milestone is a significant breakthrough. The duo, who have collaborated with Grande on several occasions, are quickly becoming names to watch in the music industry.

Their chemistry with Grande has not only brought them into the spotlight but has also showcased their talent to a broader audience.

The success of ‘Boyfriend’ highlights the power of collaboration and the universal appeal of pop music. As it continues to rack up streams, fans can look forward to more exciting projects from both Ariana Grande and Social House.

With this achievement, ‘Boyfriend’ cements its place in pop history, marking another high note in Grande’s illustrious career and a promising milestone for Social House.

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