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Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski Claim They Aren’t Dating Each Other

Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski are rumored to be dating since 2020!



Brent Rivera Claims He Is Not Dating Pierson Wodzynski

Renowned internet personality Brent Rivera and fellow influencer Pierson Wodzynski have been rumored to be dating each other since 2020, a thing that is still claimed by many media outlets. Besides, some have even mentioned them as an official couple.

But that doesn’t seem to be true if we consider what the rumored duo has said. Rivera and Wodzynski first met while filming Date Takeover, a dating show. In one of the episodes, she took part as a participant. 

The idea of the show was that Rivera’s younger sister Lexi would pick who would date him, and Wodzynski ultimately won. Later, she was introduced to his friends. At the time, Rivera was seeing Eva Gutowski.

They eventually developed a close friendship and started to appear in each other’s videos and social media posts. Rivera spent more time with Wodzynski after splitting up with Gutowski, giving supporters the impression that they were dating.

Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski have denied dating each other

On December 24, 2022, Rivera shared a cute TikTok video with Wodzynski using Marshmellow and Anne Marie’s track ‘FRIENDS’ and captioned the post, ‘we’re fwends.’

The “friends” trend is an old one involving two friends who are about to kiss each other but decide against it when the song says, “We’re just friends,” revealing they are just pals.

Similarly, the two hopped on the trend to admit that they might only be friends and that there is no romantic relationship between them. Rivera and Wodzynski were about to kiss, but just when the song went, “We’re just friends,” they didn’t kiss each other and lip-synced the lyrics. 

Further, Rivera jokingly tried to kiss Wodzynski again, but Wodzynski pushed him, saying no. Fans were shocked when TikTok appeared on their for you page. One of the fans noted, “I don’t believe it.” 

However, several of their fans questioned whether the two were simply friends, as one of the comments read, “You guys are definitely a couple.”

Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski stayed at an underwater hotel in Maldives.

Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski stayed at an underwater hotel in the Maldives. (Source: Instagram)

Another fan remarked, “They have to be secretly dating.”

To everyone’s surprise, famous TikTok creator Bryce Hall also reacted to Rivera’s TikTok with Wodzynski. He said, “All this time, I thought you guys were dating.” Hall further added, “Does this mean I can flirt with Pierson,” after a long pause.

More recently, in late February 2023, Wodzynski appeared in The Good Boys Podcast, where she discussed multiple topics, including if Brieson was real — Brieson is a shipping name made by the fans of Rivera and Wodzynski.

Before she divulged the details of her and Rivera’s relationship, she revealed that she is currently single and doesn’t have a boyfriend. She stated, “officially not in a relationship with anyone.” So, the fan query of “Are Pierson and Bryce dating?” goes invalid.

Brent Rivera with his rumored girlfriend Pierson Wodzynski at Disney World

Brent Rivera with his rumored girlfriend Pierson Wodzynski at Disney World (Photo: Instagram)

Wodzynski then mentioned that she and Rivera thought of dating and tried it for a while but never took any big steps as it was too much. She said, “Brent and I tried it, um, for, like, a second, and then it was just too much. Like, he’s too busy. I’m too busy.”

The content creator further explained her statement and said that Rivera films a lot of sensitive content for his self-titled YouTube channel, and if she was dating him, it wouldn’t be okay. 

She also gave an example by referring to Rivera’s video where he went on 100 dates in 24 hours and stressed that if she was actually dating him, she would never let that slide. After that, the podcast co-hosts teased Wodzynski by saying she is obsessive.

In reply, she stated that she isn’t obsessive and further clarified that if she was dating Rivera and he would go on 100 dates and kiss other girls, even though it’s for content, she wasn’t going to let that slide.

Her answer read, “If my boyfriend is kissing other girls, I’m not gonna slide. So, that’s why I’d rather just not date right now. Focus on my own s**t.”

To conclude, it can be said that Rivera and Wodzynski considered dating but ultimately decided not to be involved in a romantic relationship. For now, they still remain friends and can often be seen hanging out.

Brent Rivera’s past relationships

Rivera and Morgan Justus, a social media star, were romantically involved from June until October 2017. Their brief romance was not well reported; therefore, little is known about it. 

They did share photos of one another on social media, including Instagram. As of 2022, Rivera and she stopped communicating and stopped following one another on social media.

Gutowski is another girl Rivera has been linked with. Although they had been reported to be dating since 2017, they only started dating in 2019.

When Gutowski and Rivera worked together to create YouTube videos in 2016, she developed a strong interest in him. He encouraged her by providing her gestures and encouraging words after observing her interest in him. This continued for more than a year.

In February 2018, the couple confessed that their friendship was suffering as a result of Rivera just wanting to lead Gutowski on. They ultimately decided to go their separate ways, and they both made a YouTube video about it. 

After some time had passed, Rivera posted a YouTube video in late 2018 declaring his desire for his now-former girlfriend to return and his willingness to give their relationship another shot. In 2019, the two rekindled their romance.

According to reports, they dated for a brief while in 2019 while filming challenges for YouTube. To fool people into thinking they were back together, they pretended to date for a day and even got married in November 2019 as a joke.

After they split up, Gutowski publicly admitted that her relationship with Rivera was complex in 2020. However, they still keep in touch and follow each other on social media.

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Jeff Garlin Confirms He’s Still Dating Girlfriend Sari Tracht

Jeff Garlin wrote, “This is my partner. Her name is Sari.”



Jeff Garlin Confirms He’s Still Dating Girlfriend Sari Tracht

Jeff Garlin, the renowned actor and comedian, recently took to Instagram to confirm that he is still happily dating his girlfriend, Sari Tracht. 

On December 8, 2023, Garlin shared a heartwarming picture of himself with Tracht on his Instagram account, accompanied by a caption that read, “This is my partner. Her name is Sari. I don’t know how this happened. Life is wonderful.” 

 Jeff Garlin with his girlfriend Sari Tracht. (Source: Instagram)

The post triggered an outpouring of positive reactions from fans, with one exclaiming, “You got yourself a partner!” and another playfully admitting, “I’m naturally jealous… is that weird.” 

This public confirmation came after speculations about Tracht being Garlin’s girlfriend circulated online in May 2021 when the actor initially shared a selfie of the two on Instagram. 

The photo sparked curiosity about the nature of their relationship, and fans speculated on whether their close bond extended beyond friendship. 

He wrote, “I dig this woman. More surprising is that she digs me,” on May 26, 2021, fueling dating rumors, prompting fans to share their well-wishes on the potential romance.

After a few months, on October 19, 2021, they made their first public appearance as a couple at HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 Premiere at the Paramount Theatre. In the picture, Garlin wrapped his arms across Tracht’s shoulders.

Jeff Garlin’s girlfriend Sari Tracht is an editor

Tracht, hailing from Detroit, Michigan, is a highly accomplished editor. She pursued her passion for film and video at Columbia College Chicago. 

Following her graduation, she relocated to Los Angeles in 2005, where she laid the foundation for her editing career under the mentorship of acclaimed filmmaker Sam Raimi.

Over the years, Tracht has exhibited expertise across various domains of the entertainment landscape, including reality television, documentaries, commercials, trailers, promos, digital content, music videos, and, most recently, scripted television. 

Recognized for her technical proficiency, Tracht combines a creative perspective with an exceptional aptitude for sound design and music, distinguishing her as a multifaceted talent in the editing realm.

Her former employer, Kai Hasson, founder of Portal A Interactive, commends her fearless approach, stating, “She pushes the envelope. As her boss, I love that trait about Sari.”

Her impressive portfolio includes significant contributions to notable projects, such as her work on the comedy series Black-ish and Liza on Demand.

Her journey, which began in 2005 as a junior editor, has seen her collaborate with prestigious companies such as E!, Hulu, VICE Media, NBC, FX Networks, and Comedy Central. Currently, Tracht serves as a freelance editor for Above Average.

Jeff Garlin was previously married for two decades

Garlin was previously married for two decades to Marla Beth Cahan. As per The New York Times Magazine, they got married in 1994.

The Curb Your Enthusiasm actor popped the question to Cahan, a casting director, during a Neil Diamond concert. The couple welcomed two sons, James Garlin and Duke Garlin. 

However, in 2018, the couple parted ways after being together for 20 years. Despite the end of their marriage, in an All’s Fair with Laura Wasser podcast, he expressed love and deep care for his ex-wife.

Cahan, apart from being Garlin’s former spouse, also has an impressive career in the entertainment industry. As an accomplished casting director and actress, she has left her mark on various projects, including the 2019 award-winning biopic film Bombshell

Her other contributions include the action-drama film Arlington Road in 1999, the comedic romance of The 40 Year-Old Virgin in 2005, and her most recent endeavor in the comedy movie You People in 2023.

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Dua Lipa and Rosalía Reportedly Collaborating for a New Music

Fans are head over heels after hearing this!




Dua Lipa and Rosalía Reportedly Collaborating for a New Music

A musical collab between Dua Lipa and Rosalía is finally happening; at least, it seems that way.

The English-Albanian singer has been very vocal about the Spanish singer’s talents and has even been spotted fangirling over her on multiple occasions. This has led their fans to want them to do a musical collaboration. And apparently, it’s happening.

On Thursday, December 7, 2023, DeuxMoi – a pseudonymous Instagram account that publishes celebrity gossip – took to their Instagram stories to share a tip they received from an anonymous source.

The subject of the tip mentioned that Lipa and Rosalía were spotted together at the NightBird Recording Studios, a recording studio in West Hollywood, California. “Dua Lipa & Rosalía together at NightBird Recording Studios in Los Angeles (TODAY),” the subject read.

As the anonymous tipster – who has used popbopof2024 as their email – continued, they mentioned that they had seen Lipa arrive at the NightBird Recording Studios with a producer in the morning — probably in the morning of December 6, 2023.

DeuxMoi's tip revealing Dua Lipa and Rosalía's possible collab

DeuxMoi’s tip revealing Dua Lipa and Rosalía’s possible collab (Photo: Instagram)

The source added that just five minutes after Lipa entered the recording studio, Rosalía arrived at the exact location in her Ford F-150 Raptor car. “Possible collaboration? It looks like it is,” the source concluded their tip.

Since DeuxMoi published the anonymous tip on their Instagram stories, it has become a topic of discussion over X [formerly called Twitter], where fans of both musicians have shown excitement over their favorite artists’ possible collab.

For instance, one user posted a video of a woman screaming in excitement and wrote, “DUA LIPA AND ROSALÍA TOGETHER IN A STUDIO IN LOS ANGELES IS GOING TO GIVE ME SOMETHING.”

“Today is a good day to be a girl and gay because it seems like we are singing a song by Rosalía and Dua Lipa,” wrote another fangirl of Lipa and Rosalía.

That said, as of this writing, neither Lipa nor Rosalía or their respective representatives have confirmed this report. DeuxMoi’s tips should often be taken with a grain of salt, as some might be true and others might not. For now, fans of the two stars must wait for an official confirmation.

Nonetheless, the news of Lipa and Rosalía being at the same recording studio with a producer has given hope to many of their fans. As mentioned earlier, fans have been waiting for them to do a collab for a long time.

It all started in 2018 after Rosalía admired Lipa’s works and told E! News that she was always ready to collaborate with Lipa. Speaking with the outlet, she stated, “I’m a huge fan of her work. She knows, she’s a friend of mine.”

“And I would love to make music with her, you know. Now, her schedule is crazy. Mine is crazy too, but I think that for me, she knows that I’m down; you know I would love to (collab),” the Latin Grammy winner added to her statement.

Dua Lipa and Rosalía together at an event

Dua Lipa and Rosalía together at an event (Photo: Twitter)

A year later, Lipa showed her support for Rosalía following her New York City show. In the same year, she sent the Spanish singer a special package to celebrate the release of her new single ‘Break My Heart.’

Lipa has also been spotted vibing to Rosalía’s songs at the latter’s concert at The O2. She later shared some snaps from the concert on Instagram and wrote, “Motomamiiiii Londressssss.” In 2022, she even channeled Rosalía in a complete Motomami look.

With all that said and done, it was only a matter of time before the two friends, who have mutual respect for each other and their works, would do a musical collaboration.

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Daniel Cormier Opens up on the Challenges of Fighting Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier candidly reveals the challenges of fighting Jon Jones.



Daniel Cormier Opens up on the Challenges of Fighting Jon Jones

During an interview with PowerfulJRE on December 7, 2023, Daniel Cormier, former professional MMA, and current commentator for the UFC, revealed insight into the challenges he faced when fighting Jon Jones.

The conversation, which initially veered into a discussion about various topics, eventually focused on Cormier’s experience in the octagon against Jones. 

The former professional MMA reflected on the intense dynamics of their encounters, providing a glimpse into the physical and mental toll of facing a formidable opponent like Jones.

He delved into the intricacies of the fight game, drawing parallels to the primal instincts seen in nature, citing examples like bears asserting dominance. 

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones at the MGM Grand.

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones at the MGM Grand. (Source: Twitter)

Cormier recounted an incident during a press event with Jones at the MGM Grand, where their confrontation escalated, showcasing the alpha-male tendencies of both fighters. 

He said, “When I was in that press fight with Jon Jones, I was still undefeated at the time, and we were at the MGM Grand, and he head-butted me, like put his head on me. So, I push him. He’s an alpha male too. So, the [explicit] attacks me.”

Transitioning to the discussion about the planned fight with Jones that got canceled, Cormier expressed his disappointment. He provided insights into the nature of injuries in the sport, particularly referencing Jones’ unique injury that occurred seemingly in a non-traditional grappling scenario. 

The conversation further revealed Jones’ physical transformation, his weightlifting regimen, and the challenges of maintaining muscle mass while ensuring it remains functional for the demands of professional fighting. 

Cormier touched upon the complexities of dealing with a tall and rangy opponent like Jones, emphasizing his understanding of the fight game and his ability to manipulate positions effectively.

As Cormier vividly recounted his experiences, he shed light on the physical toll of clinching with Jones, a taller opponent, and the nuances of managing distance. 

He detailed the excruciating pain inflicted by body kicks and knees, highlighting the strategic brilliance of Jones in controlling the fight’s pace. 

Complete timeline of Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones

The rivalry between Cormier and Jones occurred at UFC 121 in Anaheim, California, five months before Jones ascended to the UFC light heavyweight championship. 

Cormier, then a heavyweight in Strikeforce, and Jones exchanged words backstage, with Jones playfully expressing his belief that he could take Cormier down. However, this encounter laid the groundwork for a deep-seated animosity between the two fighters.

Their paths diverged for a few years, with Cormier transitioning to the UFC light heavyweight division in 2014 and Jones maintaining his dominance in the weight class. 

As Cormier climbed the ranks, he became a vocal critic of Jones’s behavior outside the cage, accusing him of being fake and a hypocrite. The tension escalated on social media and in interviews, creating a volatile atmosphere that fueled the anticipation for their eventual clash inside the octagon.

The first scheduled encounter at UFC 178 in September 2014 was thwarted by Jones’s leg injury, but the fight was rescheduled for UFC 182 in January 2015. 

Jones secured a unanimous decision victory after a back-and-forth battle. The aftermath was marked by Jones’s public disrespect for Cormier. The rematch, initially slated for UFC 197 in April 2016, was postponed due to Cormier’s foot injury. 

When the rematch finally took place at UFC 214 on July 29, 2017, Jones delivered a third-round knockout, reclaiming the title. However, the joy was short-lived as Jones tested positive for turinabol, leading to the fight being overturned to a no-contest, and Jones was stripped of the title again.

Cormier recovered his title by default and went on to become a two-division champion by defeating Stipe Miocic. He successfully defended his titles in both weight classes before falling short against Miocic at UFC 241 in August 2019 and UFC 252 in August 2020.

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