Are Tyler Hynes’ Weight Loss Rumors True? Facts about His Height and Weight

Are Tyler Hynes’ Weight Loss Rumors True? Facts about His Height and Weight

Are Tyler Hynes’ Weight Loss Rumors True? Facts about His Height and Weight

Photo: Tyler Hynes Instagram

Tyler Hynes is an accomplished Canadian actor who has gained prominence through all of his works in the entertainment industry. He recently starred as Jamie in Hallmark Channel’s An Unexpected Christmas, alongside Bethany Joy Lenz.

Leading upto that Christmas-themed movie, rumors began to emerge that the actor looked skinnier than usual and lost some weight. So, how true are those rumors?

Fans on Twitter Engage on the Rumors

Before the release of Hynes’ latest Hallmark Channel flick, several promotional pictures and clips from the TV movie were released.

Out of all things, people noticed that the actor, standing at the height of 5 feet 9½ inches, seemed to have lost some weight. They immediately took to their respective Twitter handles to showcase their concerns and ask if Hynes was well.

One fan had replied to Hallmark Channel’s tweet and wrote, “I’ve seen my fair share of hallmark movies and love all the actors….wanted to ask if Tyler is ok. He seems to have lost weight…noticeably, at least for me. I hope he is okay, or getting any help he needs….much love.”

“Seems Tyler lost weight, also has a different haircut. Luckily he still has that twinkle of a smile,” another one wrote.

Similarly, one fan kept it simple and asked, “Love him but did he lose weight.”

Did Tyler Hynes Have Weight Loss?

As of this writing, there have been no reports of Hynes – who is reportedly single and doesn’t have a wife – going through a weight loss journey. He also doesn’t have any kind of illness, which might lead to him losing weight if he did, which is not sure.

Going more in-depth into the topic, there doesn’t seem to be much difference in his bodyweight if we compare his recent pictures to the past ones.

If there is anything, he did build up a great physique which is evident from his Instagram post of August 17, 2021, in which he posted a shirtless picture of him, flaunting his well-maintained body shape.

Perhaps, Hynes building up a great physique might have burned his body fat, ultimately resulting in his fans noticing that he might have lost weight. On the other hand, if he has lost weight, it must be for an acting gig as there are no reports of him being ill.

If that’s the case then, he must have followed some kind of diet plan, most probably a Keto diet plan which is most commonly followed by celebrities nowadays.

As of now, the Toronto, Ontario native is yet to address the topic.

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