Meet ‘Pam & Tommy’ Star Lily James’ Boyfriend Michael Shuman

Meet ‘Pam & Tommy’ Star Lily James’ Boyfriend Michael Shuman

Meet ‘Pam & Tommy’ Star Lily James’ Boyfriend Michael Shuman

Beauty and the Beast actress Lily James is one of the most loved actresses who has worked in more than thirty acting projects. She also has one credit as a producer, and forty-eight self credits, just at the age of 32.

Getting a breakthrough from the Disney fantasy movie Cinderella in 2015, James balanced her career and private life.

She presently has been enjoying dating life with her boyfriend, Michael Shuman, and the couple was recently spotted in West Hollywood, LA, holding each other’s hand.

Lily James’s dating life with her boyfriend

James has been busiest with her loaded schedule with her recent role Pamela Anderson in the TV mini-series Pam & Tommy, which was aired in the first week of February 2022, but nothing can stop the love from taking its role.

James has entered into a dating relationship with musician Michael Shuman, with their first sight together in 2021 while leaving a boutique Suffolk hotel on Valentine’s Weekend.

The Sun mentioned that although they have not made it official, they were spotted together holding hands many times, the starting point being in 2021, and with the recent one being the trip to LA, leaving traces of their relationship.

The couple doesn’t like to publicize their private life as they have not appeared together on social media, but that doesn’t indicate otherwise.

Lily James’s boyfriend Michael Shuman’s bio 

The English actress finally got her hook off the actors and initiated interest toward a rock band bassist and musician, Michael Shuman. 

Born on August 20, 1985, Shuman is best known for being the bassist of the band Queens of the Stone Age since 2007. 

Besides the band, he is also a member of the trio band Mini Mansions since 2009 with his two guys best friends. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. 

Together with his band Queens of the Stone Age, Shuman was nominated seven times for Grammy awards: two times for Best Rock Album in 2013 and 2017.

Lily James’ dating history before her recent one

James’s first relationship, since coming to the spotlight, was with actor Jack Fox back in 2011. But the relationship couldn’t see a happy ending as they broke up with each other on friendly terms as Fox once told the press that he would never have a bad word for James.

Later in 2014, the actress again dated an actor that everyone knows from the Netflix series The Crown, Matt Smith.

Known to have dated for five years from 2014 to 2019, being the longest relationship of James to date, this relationship also could not see the happy days of the duo. 

As per the sources, their relationship hit a rocky patch when they had disagreements about their schedules leading them to be on long distances.

Another one on the list would be James’s rumored boyfriend, actor Dominic West, providing the room for gossip when the pair went to Rome, because of their mutual agent Angharad Woods, to escape the spotlight but ended up being photographed cuddling up.

Being a married man, West later clarified with an awkward photo with his wife outside the family home and issued a statement saying: “Our marriage is strong, and we’re very much still together.” 

So James, now being with a musician might be a new experience, and who knows, this might bring the couples together for eternity.

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