Is Kristin Kreuk Married To A Husband? Look At Her Dating Life

Is Kristin Kreuk Married To A Husband? Look At Her Dating Life

Is Kristin Kreuk Married To A Husband? Look At Her Dating Life

Kristin Kreuk is a talented Canadian actress who recently appeared as Charlie in the Amazon Prime television show Reacher alongside stars like Alan Ritchson, Willa Fitzgerald, Malcolm Goodwin, and others.

In addition, she has gained fame for her performances in several movies and TV shows such as EuroTrip, Edgemont, Partition, Smallville, Vampire, Beauty and the Beast, Burden of Truth, and Ghostwriter.

While the actress’s professional life details remain under broad daylight, the same couldn’t be said of her personal life. Thus, her fans are curious if she is married to someone or dating a boyfriend.

Is Kristin Kreuk married?

Kreuk has kept most of the details of her romantic life upto herself only. That said, there have been no reports of the actress sharing the wedding vows with a husband.

If she isn’t married, does she have a boyfriend with whom she might walk down the aisle someday? That doesn’t seem the case, too, as she is reportedly single and doesn’t have a partner.

However, the reports of her being single come from the viewpoint that she hasn’t been seen going out with a man in public and neither has posted anything with a possible boyfriend on her social media handles.

As mentioned earlier, she is very private about her personal life and doesn’t share many details. Thus, there might also be the possibility of her being married or dating a boyfriend and keeping those details a secret.

However, as that isn’t known, for now, the only plausible conclusion is that she is relishing her singlehood.

Kristin Kreuk’s former relationship with Mark Hildreth

While her relationship status might be single now (or so it seems), she did have a boyfriend in the past.

As per reports, Kreuk was in an on-off relationship with a fellow Canadian actor named Mark Hildreth. They reportedly began dating in early 2014. However, they only dated for around eight months and parted ways due to hectic work schedules.

Kristin Kreuk with her ex-boyfriend Mark Hildreth in downtown Vancouver, Canada.

Kristin Kreuk with her ex-boyfriend Mark Hildreth in downtown Vancouver, Canada (Photo: MARK HILDEVENK/AFP/Getty Images)

After her break up with Hildreth, there were rumors that she was dating her Smallville co-star Jensen Ackles. However, those speculations were never confirmed.

Later, the gossip faded away when Kreuk rekindled her relationship with Hildreth. Then, in 2011, reports emerged that the now-former couple had bought a house together in Los Angeles. Their togetherness seemed strong, and many thought it would last for a long time.

Sadly, after they bought a house, it only took around two years for them to break up. Kreuk and Hildreth reportedly separated sometime before 2013.

Although they have parted ways, several sources/outlets have mentioned that they are still together. But, it’s not true, and those sources/outlets seem unreliable.

Kristin Kreuk’s rumored relationships

As of now, Kreuk has been rumored to be dating a couple of stars, although those aren’t confirmed to date.

When Kreuk was still a part of the show Smallville, she was rumored to be dating another co-star, Tom Welling. However, much to the fans’ disappointment, those rumors were never confirmed.

Similarly, there were rumors that she was dating her Beauty and the Beast show’s co-star, Jay Ryan. In the show, Kreuk played the role of Catherine Chandler, and Ryan played the role of Vincent Keller — and their characters eventually get married.

As a result, fans were curious to know if Kreuk was dating Ryan in real life. There were fan queries such as, “Did Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk date?” “Are Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk married?” “Is Jay Ryan married to Kristin Kreuk?”

However, their relationship and marriage were only limited to on-screen, and they weren’t a thing. Besides, Ryan is happily married to his longtime wife Dianna Fuemana and shares a daughter named Eve with her.

Furthermore, she was recently rumored to be dating Eric Putzer, the writer of the show Burden of Truth, in which Kreuk also starred. As per Meaww, the two have been reported to be in a relationship for the past four years.

Nonetheless, no concrete evidence has been found that might prove that they are together, apart from a couple of pictures that Putzer has shared alongside Kreuk and his friends. Thus, it couldn’t be said that they are dating.

Kristin Kreuk was linked to the NXIVM scandal

In late 2017, the NXIVM scandal was made public, and both Kreuk and her ex-boyfriend Hildreth were linked to it. For those who don’t know, “NXIVM was an alleged self-help organization that turned out to be a sex cult.”

Kreuk and Hildreth were accused of being a part of this “inner circle” as both of them were members of NXIVM. Reports even suggest that Hildreth played a bigger role in NXIVM.

When Kreuk was accused of being a part of the scandal, she took to Twitter to clear things up. She mentioned that she used to be a part of NXIVM but left in 2013.

Additionally, she mentioned that she didn’t witness any “illegal or nefarious activities” while she was a member of NXIVM.

Her statements were later backed by Canadian actress Sarah Edmondson, who played a major role in exposing NXIVM’s activities.

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