Inside ‘Reacher’ Actor Alan Ritchson and His Wife Catherine Ritchson’s Married Life

Inside ‘Reacher’ Actor Alan Ritchson and His Wife Catherine Ritchson’s Married Life

Inside ‘Reacher’ Actor Alan Ritchson and His Wife Catherine Ritchson’s Married Life

Alan Ritchson is currently in the spotlight for his portrayal of Jack Reacher in the show Reacher. In addition, he has gained fame for his role of Bruce in Fired Up!, Arthur Curry / Aquaman in Smallville, and Raphael in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film series.

The actor has built a flourishing career in the entertainment industry, which isn’t the only good thing in his life as he also relishes a blissful marital life. Ritchson has been married to his longtime wife, Catherine Ritchson.

Alan Ritchson and wife Catherine Ritchson’s relationship

As of this writing, Alan and Catherine have been married for more than 15 years. They tied the knots in 2006.

It’s presently unknown when and where the married couple first met and when they began dating each other. But, after some brief time of togetherness, they allegedly decided to take a further step in their relationship.

Alan Ritchson and his wife Catherine Ritchson watching a football game.

Alan Ritchson and his wife Catherine Ritchson watching a football game (Photo: Instagram / alanritchson)

On May 13, 2006, they walked down the aisle and shared the wedding vows. Since then, the duo has always been together, and they have supported each other through thick and thin.

In their marital relationship, there was a time when they “had to wonder how they woud survive till the end of the month,” and there was also a time when “they wondered how things got so good.”

Alan reflected on the same highs and lows, good and difficult times, and many more things in his marital relationship with Catherine during their 15th married anniversary on May 13, 2021.

On that special occasion, he took to his Instagram handle to share some throwback pictures from his married life with the love of his life. Additionally, he wrote a long but heartfelt caption to summarize his marital relationship.

In the end, he concluded by writing, “Happy 15 years @catritchson – I don’t deserve you and the memories we make.”

One of the lines from the long caption was, “Despite the precarious highs and the suffocating lows, they’re still holding hands.” The “suffocating lows” that Alan mentioned might refer to his wife’s battle with sobriety, which Catherine openly talks about.

Despite all that, the couple has managed to overcome all of the struggles, including Catherine’s battle with sobriety [she has been sober since late 2018], and still hold each other’s hands, as Alan said.

As of now, the couple has been living happily. Recently, on February 2, 2022, Catherine accompanied her husband during the premiere of his new Amazon Prime show, Reacher, held in Los Angeles.

Alan Ritchson and Catherine Ritchson at the premiere of Reacher.

Alan Ritchson and Catherine Ritchson at the premiere of Reacher (Photo: Instagram / catritchson)

Before heading into the theater for the screening, Alan delivered a sweet kiss to his wife, and then the duo went on to pose for shutterbugs.

Alan Ritchson and Catherine Ritchson are parents of three

Not only are Alan and Catherine a great husband and wife duo, but they are also amazing parents to their three children [who are all sons] named Calem Ritchson, Edan Ritchson, and Amory Tristan Ritchson.

The couple of nearly 16 years welcomed their first child, Calem, in 2012 – now 9-year-old. Their second son, Edan, is now seven years of age – born in 2014.

Around a year after they welcomed their second child, on December 6, 2015, Catherine gave birth to a third boy, Amory – 6-year-old now.

Alan Ritchson and Catherine Ritchson with their three sons.

Alan Ritchson and Catherine Ritchson with their three sons (Photo: Instagram / catritchson)

The parents of three regularly share pictures alongside their little ones via their respective Instagram handles. For instance, on June 20, 2021, Catherine shared a photo of her partner and kids and wished Alan on Father’s Day.

Who is Alan Ritchson’s wife?

The Grand Forks, North Dakota native actor’s wife, Catherine, is an American producer and writer.

Her IMDb profile has credited her as an executive producer of the 2017 short movie Tree House Time Machine and the writer of the movie Employee 665.

Additionally, as per reports, in June 2004, she joined Comedy Central as a development intern and left the job months later, in August 2004. After that, in September 2005, she joined the University of Florida as its financial teaching assistant.

Upon leaving that job nine months later, she joined International Creative Management as its financial analyst. Catherine currently works at AllyCat Entertainment, a production company founded by her husband.

As for her academics, she is a graduate of the University of Floria — has a bachelor’s degree in finance, science, and Russian.

Besides these, not much is known about her, such as her age and family life, as she prefers to keep those details upto herself only.

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