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Is AJ Michalka Married? Her Boyfriend Played a Secret Role in ‘The Social Network’

Everything to know about AJ Michalka’s personal life!



Is AJ Michalka Married? Her Boyfriend Played a Secret Role in ‘The Social Network’
Is AJ Michalka Married? Her Boyfriend Played a Secret Role in ‘The Social Network’

AJ Michalka, whose birth name is Amanda Joy Michalka, was once every child’s dream girl, with her being featured in numerous major Disney Channel projects. The American actress later made it big through her performances in other movies and TV shows.

Some of them were The Guardian, Oliver Beene, Secretariat, Super 8, Apple of My Eye, Schooled, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Ray Donovan: The Movie, The Goldbergs, and The Good Doctor.

In addition, Michalka is a talented singer and one-half of the renowned musical duo Aly & AJ — Aly is her older sister. The sister duo has released multiple albums – Into the Rush in particular – which have garnered them worldwide fame.

With such a busy and flourishing career, some might think that AJ might not have some free time to focus on her personal life. If that’s the case, you are wrong, as the musician has had a fair share of relationships to this date.

Is AJ Michalka married?

AJ, in particular, is yet to share the wedding vows and settle down with a husband. But, her older sister, Aly, has already been married for over six years with her husband Stephen Ringer – they started dating in 2013 and got married on June 6, 2015.

AJ Michalka with her older sister Aly Michalka

AJ Michalka with her older sister Aly Michalka (Photo: Instagram)

Coming back to AJ, while she might not be married to a husband, she does have a supportive boyfriend. She has been in a romantic relationship with Josh Pence for more than four years, as of this writing.

Michalka and Pence officially began dating on August 8, 2017. It’s believed that the present couple first met each other during the filming of Take Me – AJ and Aly’s music video – and began dating later.

There is only a difference of a little over a month between the couple’s dating initiation and the music video’s release, which was on September 14, 2017.

Since the two began dating, they have always been together and accompanied each other at several events. Michalka’s Instagram handle also hints that she loves to travel worldwide, explore the wilderness, and do many more things with her boyfriend.

Nonetheless, she only makes occasional posts related to her love life and tends to maintain some privacy. One of her recent posts featuring her partner was on the occasion of their fourth dating anniversary, on August 8, 2021.

She had taken to her Instagram handle to share a single picture of her boyfriend. “Happy 4 years baby. 8.8 (I love you. Your [sic] my Carmel by the Sea),” Michalka captioned her post.

Sometime later, Pence went down in the comment section to pour his love for his girlfriend. He wrote, “and date night? Thanks for the front row tix to your brilliant song & dance rendition of Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” in nothing but a pair of hightops the other night. I’m a lucky man and you’re a wild woman. Ok bye.”

AJ Michalka with her boyfriend Josh Pence

AJ Michalka with her boyfriend Josh Pence (Photo: Instagram)

The anniversary post had also received a heartwarming response from the couple’s friends and well-wishers. As of now, it’s reported that Michalka and Pence have been living together for a few years.

Who is AJ Michalka’s boyfriend?

Like herself, Michalka’s present boyfriend is a fellow actor from Santa Monica, California. Pence has appeared in several renowned movies and TV shows which has helped him make a name for himself.

His first big role came in 2010 when he appeared in David Fincher’s The Social Network – starring Andrew Garfield, Jesse Eisenberg, and Justin Timberlake. In it, he played the secret role of Tyler Winklevoss.

As to why it was a secret role, in the movie, the character of Tyler Winklevoss was the twin brother of Cameron Winklevoss – played by actor Armie Hammer. And to make the two characters twins, the filmmakers used Hammer’s face over Pence’s face through visual effects and motion capture.

Nonetheless, Pence was ever-present during the filming of the three Academy Award-winning movie.

Apart from The Social Network, he has appeared in Parks and Recreation, The Dark Knight Rises, Gangster Squad, The Algerian, Revenge, La La Land, The Man in the High Castle, Hosea, and Good Trouble.

Born on June 8, 1982, as Joshua Charles Pence, he was raised in Santa Monica, California. His father is a real estate agent named Charles Pence, and his mother is an elementary school teacher named Linda. He has a younger brother named Jason.

Josh Pence with his father and brother

Josh Pence with his father and brother (Photo: Instagram)

The 6 feet 3 inches tall actor first attended Santa Monica High School and later enrolled at Dartmouth College. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 2004 and subsequently moved to New York City.

AJ Michalka’s dating history

Michalka’s first known relationship was with the American singer-songwriter Joe Jonas, her Disney Channel colleague at that time. It’s reported that they were dating in 2005, and their togetherness lasted for about a year.

While they were dating, Jonas became Michalka’s first kiss. Talking about that to BuzzFeed in 2016, she said, “It happened at a bowling alley in middle America on tour in like, Michigan. [The Jonas Brothers] opened for us when we were all like, 15, and so we started dating and we were together for a year.”

Following her relationship with Jonas, she was seemingly linked to Ryan Sheckler, a well-known skateboarder – in 2008. They often hung out multiple times but never confirmed or denied the dating rumors.

All of that was happening at one moment, and it completely stopped as Michalka started dating Bennet Heimple, who looked like Sheckler. While they were together, there came numerous PDA-filled pictures of the duo.

A couple of months later, Michalka and Heimple broke up. After that, she was in a relationship with actor Hunter Parish. Their relationship seemed quite strong as they also appeared together at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards.

But, the togetherness eventually ended around a year later. Michalka was then in a brief relationship with Ryan Blair and Harrison Mead. Then, in late 2013, she began dating Keenan Tracey after meeting each other on the sets of the Canadian crime series Motive.

Their relationship looked very serious as the musician had told all of her friends about Tracey. Besides, she even used to fly out to Vancouver whenever possible to meet her then-boyfriend – Michalka lived in Los Angeles, and Tracey resided in Vancouver.

Additionally, she even invited Tracey to her older sister’s wedding held in Italy. All of that hinted they would be together for a long haul. However, all of that was shattered when Tracey was seen alongside his female co-star Priscilla Quintana.

It led to the end of their relationship. However, it now seems like the former loves are on good terms. And following her split with Tracey, Michalka took a break from dating and focused more on her career until she found her present boyfriend, Josh Pence.

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Devyn Kim Is in a Content Relationship with Her Partner Blake Pruitt – Know Her Biography

Devyn Kim adeptly balanced her athletic career and education.



Explore Devyn Kim’s Relationship With Partner Blake Pruitt

American athlete Devyn Kim has been in a joyous and enduring relationship with her boyfriend, Blake Pruitt, for around two years. 

Kim and Pruitt started dating in 2021, but she has chosen not to reveal how they initially met. She first featured her boyfriend on her Instagram on December 20, 2021, by posting a picture of them from the concert.

Since then, the duo has regularly posted pictures of them together on their respective social media account. For instance, on October 26, 2022, the athlete shared the picture of them surrounded by pumpkins and captioned, “Just because I miss you and love you,” and tagged Pruitt.

Following the post, many of her fans and followers expressed their admiration for the couple. One person commented, “You’re so FREAKIN CUTE,” while another wrote, “SO PRETTYY.”

Likewise, on November 28, 2022, Kim posted a heartwarming video where she and her boyfriend were embracing each other. Along with the post, she wrote, “I love this crazy life we get to live together,” with a heart emoji. 

On the other hand, Pruitt has also shared many images featuring the athlete, expressing his pride and admiration for her. 

On August 13, 2022, he posted a picture with Kim from the Weightlifting stadium. In the caption of the post, Pruitt expressed his immense pride to see his girl’s achievements. 

He further stated that being able to watch his girlfriend compete was an incredible experience, but what truly amazed him was witnessing her unwavering dedication and hard work in the sport. 

He concluded the caption by stating, “Not only are you an amazing athlete but an amazing girlfriend and friend. Can’t wait to see what next year holds for you. Thank you for letting me share this experience with you, I love you so much,” with red heart emoji. 

Similarly, on August 8, 2023, Pruitt uploaded the picture with the athlete holding the trophy and wrote, “One word for this girl Amazed!!”

He went on to say that Kim not only showed her greatness but also showed her grit and resiliency throughout the entire season. He also expressed his gratitude for sharing these experiences with her and eagerly anticipated what the next year had in store for her.

Despite being in a content relationship for many years, the couple has not revealed any plan of getting married and becoming husband and wife.

Along with the glimpses into her relationship with her boyfriend, her fans and followers were also curious to know more details about her biography.

Devyn Kim is in her early twenties 

Kim has not revealed her exact date of birth, but according to Fantasy Fitness, she is 22 years old as of 2023.

Likewise, the athlete appeared to celebrate her birthday on March 23, as on that date in 2022, she posted a picture of her holding the 21-number ballon and expressed her gratitude to everyone who wished her a happy birthday. 

She ended the post by stating, “Here’s to embracing the future with lots of learning, growth, and making unforgettable memories!”

Devyn Kim appears to have a close bond with her parents 

Devyn was born to her mother, Kerri Kim, and father, Wayne Kim. She seems to have a great relationship with her parents, as evidenced by her social media posts. 

On May 12, 2019, the athlete posted a series of pictures with her mother and wished her Happy Mother’s Day. She also thanked her mother for supporting her in every situation and felt blessed to have her in her life.

Devyn Kim shares a strong bond with her family.

Devyn Kim shares a strong bond with her family. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, on June 17, 2019, Devyn posted the pictures with her father and captioned, “Happy Father’s Day to my #1 fan!! Thank you for always being there for me no matter how much I aggravate you. You’ve always been there to support me and help me!” 

Moreover, the athlete is not the single child of her parents; she has a brother named Derek Kim, who serves as an Emergency medical technician. 

Devyn Kim’s height and weight 

Devyn stands at approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 64 kilograms. Being an athlete, she maintains her physique through regular exercise and a healthy diet. 

She has also regularly showcased her fitness journey on her social media. For instance, on December 28, 2022, Devyn posted a video showcasing her workout routine, which included activities like the treadmill, weight lifting, planks, and more.

Similarly, the athlete follows a specific diet plan. One of the diet plans she has shared with her fans is Paleo Power Meals, which has made it easier for her to prepare fresh and healthy meals.

Devyn Kim has an impressive net worth 

Devyn has chosen not to disclose her exact net worth, but it appears to be in the millions. She began her CrossFit journey at the young age of eight in 2011. As of now, she has competed at the CrossFit Games 5 times. 

As she began his athletic at a very young age, she had to balance her career and education simultaneously. During an interview with Morning Chalk Up, she shared her experience as a student-athlete. 

Devyn recalled her last years of high school when she began to feel overwhelmed because she couldn’t give 100 percent to both her training and her studies. 

However, later, she discovered a tactic for balancing her life – when feeling overwhelmed, she would take a deep breath and simply ‘show up.'” The athlete also revealed that she has a great team behind her who are constantly there to support her. 

Devyn Kim skillfully balanced her education and athletic career.

Devyn Kim skillfully balanced her education and athletic career. (Source: Instagram)

She stated, “My teammates and coaches are extremely supportive when it comes to my school and work commitments. They understand that I have a lot of other responsibilities going on besides training. They help move training schedules around and the coaches hold me accountable.”

Moreover, Devyn revealed her plan to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. She also expressed her desire to work in sports performance and injury rehabilitation, a path she believes will synergize effectively with her athletic career.

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Joel Fry Remains Mum About Being Married to a Wife or Dating a Girlfriend

Joel Fry is a private individual when it comes to his personal life.



Joel Fry Remains Silent About Having A Wife Or A Girlfriend

British actor Joel Fry has been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade, yet during those years, he has kept his personal life out of the spotlight. 

As of now, Fry seems to be single, and there is no record of him ever being married. He also does not appear to be active on any of the social media platforms, which has made it challenging for his fans to gain insights into his personal life.

Likewise, the actor has intentionally chosen not to share his dating life in any of the interviews as well as public appearances. 

Even though Fry has not made any public statement about his dating status, it is possible that he is keeping his girlfriend’s identity private to shield her from online scrutiny and potentially harsh comments.

However, it is essential to note that this is purely speculative and cannot be confirmed unless the actor confirms it himself. 

Joel Fry’s dating history 

Like Fry’s current relationship status, he has successfully kept his dating history private. According to WhosDatedWho, there is no record of his past relationships. 

Moreover, the actor has debuted in several romantic movies like Rocky in Yesterday, Bryan in Love, Wedding, Repeat, and many more. But he has not been romantically linked with any of his co-stars. 

Joel Fry was rumored to have dated his 'Game of Thrones' co-star Emilia Clarke.

Joel Fry was rumored to have dated his ‘Game of Thrones’ co-star Emilia Clarke. (Source: Ebay)

Nevertheless, fans of Fry started to ship him with Emilia Clarke after they shared the screen on Game of Thrones. Despite many dating rumors, both actors have chosen to remain tight-lipped about the nature of their relationship. 

Joel Fry remains mum about his parents

Fry was born on May 20, 1985, making him 38 years old as of 2023. His parents were originally from London, England, but have chosen not to disclose their identities. 

The actor has a mixed ethnicity, including African-American and English heritage. This diverse background contributes to broadening his perspective and enriching his understanding of various cultures.

Regarding the actor’s educational background, he attended BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in Croydon, England. Later, he pursued further studies at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, England, and graduated in 2005 with a BA in acting. 

Soon after Fry completed his education, he wasted no time and went on to debut the role of  Lu’kibu in the film 10,000 BC.

Joel Fry has amassed an impressive net worth throughout his decade-long career

According to various online sources, Fry has an estimated net worth of $10 million. However, this figure is based on estimations, and the actor himself has not personally disclosed his net worth. 

He has primarily accumulated this impressive fortune through his successful career as an actor. His journey began in 2006 with a role as Darrel Cunningham in an episode of the TV series The Bill

Following his appearance in the series, he landed the main role of Swing in the short-lived series Massive in 2008. In the same years, he was also cast in the movie 10,000 BC

Since then, he has built an extensive filmography, with notable roles in films like Tamara Drewe, Benjamin, Yesterday, Cruella, and many more. Likewise, some of his television credits include White Van Man, Trollied, Plebs, Ordinary Lies, and Drunk History, among others.

Beyond his film career, Fry is also a musician. In 2012, he released an EP with his rock/reggae band, Animal Circus. Moreover, he showcased his musical talents on the 2022 ‘Our Flag Means Death’ soundtrack, where he contributed to two songs while performing as his character, Frenchie.

As of now, Fry continues to be actively involved in his acting career, consistently taking on new projects and film roles. Given his ongoing success, it is highly likely that his net worth will see further growth shortly.

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‘Midnight Mass’ Star Annarah Cymone Is Dating Boyfriend Louis Oliver

And they are still going strong!




Annarah Cymone And Boyfriend Louis Oliver Dating Since 2020

Annarah Cymone and her boyfriend, Louis Oliver, have been happily dating since at least 2020.

The duo often share their love for each other on social media but have not talked about their relationship history. They have not revealed when they started dating or even when they met.

However, since both of them were Midnight Mass cast, it looks like their love story started with the help of the Netflix show. 

Annarah Cymone and her boyfriend

As said before, it looks like Cymore started dating her boyfriend in 2020. 

Oliver first posted a photo of Cymone in November 2021 when they were cycling with their fellow Midnight Mass cast member, Igby Rigney. The same October, they celebrated Halloween together.

Since then, the duo have been more open about posting each other on their social media. They show support to one another on Instagram, commenting on the posts and cheering each other up.

For instance, Oliver is also a musician and often posts videos of him singing. Cymone makes sure that she comments on every one of his posts, gushing about him.

Recently, Oliver uploaded a video of him singing, to which Cymone wrote, “Angel baby you don’t have to be cryptic with your beautiful vocal chords… just say u miss me, pretty boy.”

Annarah Cymone and her boyfriend, Louis Oliver.

Annarah Cymone and her boyfriend, Louis Oliver. (Source: Instagram)

She also goes to his live gigs, wearing his merch, to cheer for him. Cymone is more open about their dating life than her boyfriend. 

She often posts his photos and mentions him in her captions. On February 14, 2023, she uploaded a selfie with the caption, “Bf says I’m stunning, I win.” Oliver commented, “Yes you are!”

Cymone, at times, posts random photos and videos of her partner. Sometimes, it is a portrait of Oliver, photos of him playing with his cats, or sometimes, it is a random shot, like him holding her shoes.

Recently, she shared a photo of her boyfriend and called him an angel. Looking at their social media, it looks like Cymone and Oliver are happily dating and are glad to be with each other.

Their bio

Cymone is an up-and-coming American actress who appeared in Mike Flanagan’s The Midnight Club (2022) and Midnight Mass (2021). She made her acting debut with the 2021 movie, Caged.

Born on July 11, 2000, in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cymone wanted to become an actress since she was a child. She began working in the theater after graduating high school before making her on-screen debut as Ashley in Michael Anthony Walker’s drama film, Caged

However, her breakthrough role was as Leeza Scarborough in the Netflix original horror thriller Midnight Mass

Her boyfriend, on the other hand, started his career in the entertainment industry quite before. Oliver is the son of television writer, producer, and scriptwriter Steven Moffat and producer Sue Vertue.

Moffat is best known as the showrunner, writer, and executive producer of the science fiction television series Doctor Who, as well as the modern criminal drama television series Sherlock. Oliver started his journey in the entertainment industry through his father’s show, Sherlock.

He played the role of young Sherlock Holmes in the last episode of Season 3, ‘His Last Vow.’ He portrayed Ooker in Midnight Mass and Ben in Inside Man.

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