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Bryce Hall Disses Tayler Holder’s OnlyFans Amidst Their Beef

Bryce Hall is dragging Tayler Holder once again.



Bryce Hall Disses Tayler Holder’s OnlyFans Amidst Their Beef

Since 2022, Tayler Holder has been in hot waters.

In February 2022, he was accused of sexual assault and grooming minors. Following the allegations, many of Holder’s close friends cut ties with him, including Bryce Hall.

Hall has been calling out Holder most of the time, and the two have a beef going on. In fact, Hall is ready to fight his former friend in the ring and have a boxing match


Hall recently dissed Holder and his OnlyFans (OF) while on a TikTok live with Mads Lewis and Indiana. 

Bryce Hall dissed Tayler Holder’s OnlyFans (OF)

In March 2022, Holder launched his OnlyFans. But before doing so, he teased about it on social media.

His first post on the app was posted in mid-March, but TikToker only began advertising it in late March 2022. The majority of his “exclusive content” is him shirtless and wearing Calvin Klein underwear. 


Initially, Holder’s admirers were happy to see him open an OF. They complimented him on his debut and were eager to view his exclusive material. 

But according to Hall, Holder’s OnlyFans flopped. In TikTok live in February 2023, he dissed his former friend and claimed that Holder “flopped miserably.”

He added that nobody cared about the TikToker anymore, and people were not interested in him. Hall explained that Holder opened an OF because his money flow was inconsistent following the sexual assault allegations, and it was embarrassing that it had not worked. 


Lewis and Indiana laughed at Hall’s comment and agreed that people not being interested in Holder’s OF was embarrassing. 

The beef between Bryce Hall and Tayler Holder

Hall and Holder have been feuding since February 2022, and it doesn’t appear to end anytime soon. The situation began when Holder was accused of sexual assault, prompting a mass unfollow from many influencers, including Hall.

Hall insisted that Holder had done something bad and warned his fans and followers. Unfortunately, he couldn’t say much because he had gotten Holder’s cease and desist letter. 


Regardless, Hall hinted at Holder’s charges and talked about them in a number of appearances and podcasts, making it clear that Holder is an accused predator.

Bryce Hall and Tayler Holder have had beef since 2022.

Bryce Hall and Tayler Holder have had beef since 2022. (Source: Twitter)

While going back and forth, Hall revealed that he was ready to fight Holder inside the ring. This heightened the animosity between the two, prompting Holder to write Hall another cease and desist letter.

Hall issued an open challenge to Holder for a boxing bout through Twitter in July 2022, saying that if the two ever met in the ring, Holder must answer the claims.


He wrote out a few stipulations Holder had to agree to before they could enter the ring. The first was that whoever sold the most tickets received the money earned.

The second requirement was for Holder to publish a public statement explaining why he sent stop and desist letters to all of his friends, and the third was for Holder to respond to the sexual assault charges.

Months after receiving the first stop and desist letter, Hall said Holder sent him another in exchange for a boxing match. “Aw, ‘TaylerHoldsBalls’ sent me another cease and desist. He really doesn’t want something getting out. Hope he doesn’t sue me!” he wrote.


In a following tweet, Hall addressed the issue, claiming that he recognized he was the only thing keeping Holder relevant. He referred to the TikToker as a “rat” and stated that rather than making these matters public, he would handle them personally.

Holder reacted to Hall’s comment in a live TikTok two months later, noting that many people were asking when he would fight. He stated that he was not doing any of this for attention.

He went on to say that everyone who approached him about a boxing match knew where he lived and had his phone number. So, Holder intimated that if they wanted to box, they should come to his house because TikToker had a boxing ring.


In May 2022, Hall told TMZ that he would never be friends with Holder. So it seems like the beef will continue between the two influencers for a long time.

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Who Is the ‘Naughty Nephew’ in ‘The White Lotus’ Season 2?

The second season premiered on October 30, 2022.



Who Is the ‘Naughty Nephew’ in ‘The White Lotus’ Season 2?

The hype behind HBO’s The White Lotus Season 2 has been phenomenal, to say the least. The iconic Jennifer Coolidge earned a well-deserved Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe for reprising her role as inherited billionaire Tanya from Season 1. Coolidge’s hilarious and now viral acceptance speech is one to watch.

With Coolidge now featuring in pretty-much every blockbuster movie released in 2023, the 61-year-old is well on her way to true GOAT status. Her consistently brilliant, comedic character acting is in demand.

Does anybody remember Stifler’s Mom in American Pie?! Case in point. This lady is ready with the gripping dramatic moments and the belly-ache-inducing laughs on command. 


It’s not just Tanya that steals the show in White Lotus Season 2. Local ex-pat and extravagant party boy Quentin, with his wild crew, always close by, are the ones to watch. They love to live on the edge – the kind of mindset that is needed for enticing casino games like online roulette.

As iGaming platforms facilitate online casino games, it is possible to relate to the glamour crowd of White Lotus through thrill-seeking experiences. However, please make sure to always gamble responsibly, as movies can be far from reality. 

To find out how Quentin’s crowd tends to lean more towards Russian Roulette than the latter.


Must Watch Series White Lotus Season 2: Spoiler Alert!

As White Lotus quotes and clips continue to take over social media, a lesser-known character from the tv series had audiences gripped. First introduced as Quentin’s ‘Naughty Nephew.’

Cheeky Essex-chappy Jack is bound to take an interesting gamble along the Italian coast. This geezer-about-town has an uncouth charm that anyone on the lookout for a light-hearted holiday fling could find instantly appealing. Enter Tanya’s impressionable young assistant Portia.

Set in picturesque Taormina on the luxurious coast of Italy, White Lotus Season 2 is a feast for the eyes. The stunning scenery acts as a perfect romantic backdrop for Jack to work his wiles on clueless Portia.


As Jack’s story unfolds, it becomes apparent that this ‘Naughty Nephew’ will be much more than Portia bargained for. Muscular and tattooed with his tipped-back cap, the bad boy heart-throb makes an easy meal of Portia. A mysterious sparkle in Jack’s bold gaze instantly pulls her in hook, line, and sinker. 

As Jack’s dark secrets slowly come to light, a digression must be had. Which talented actor brought this fascinating character to life? Introducing 26-year-old Leo Woodall. Woodall, unlike his character, is softly spoken and sans-tatts in real life.

The actor’s perfect depiction of this increasingly unstable character shines through powerfully on screen.


To get deeper into the role of ladies’ man Jack, Leo claims he watched videos of UK reality star Joey Essex. In interviews, Leo also cites the great chemistry he had with co-star Hayley Lu Richardson (Portia) as a contributor to his success.

In real life, however, the two are just good friends. It was recently revealed that Leo is dating co-star Megan Fahy (who played hotel guest Daphne).

Jack’s Story: The White Lotus Season 2

First appearing in the hotel pool, Jack the lad seems mouthy and keen for Portia’s attention. Luckily Portia, bored by her other romantic prospect, Alby, is looking for a distraction.


Later, Quentin et al invite Tanya to drinks by the pool with Portia in tow. Jack seizes an opportunity to seal the deal with the object of his affection. After a day of sipping champagne with ‘Uncle’ Quentin and his entourage, things get steamy between Portia and Jack at the hotel bar. 

The fun continues as Tanya and Portia are invited to Puglia for a few days to sail to Quentin’s sprawling manor aboard his enviable yacht. Following the recent separation from her husband Gregg, Tanya jumps at a friendly invitation.

At the palatial home, a soiree in Tanya’s honor is suggested. Notably odd for such fledgling friendships. Flattered by any attempt to massage her unstable ego, Tanya is thrilled. 


Portia heads into the local town with Jack. Jack wax’s lyrical about his mindful approach to life. Inspired by his ability to live in the moment, Portia lets her constant worries about the future melt away.

The two leave a restaurant without paying and are chased by the restaurant staff. Portia enjoys the excitement and ignores concerns about Jack’s bad influence.

Tanya’s Demise: The White Lotus Season 2

The day of Tanya’s big party arrives. Jack is keen to take Portia off for another adventure in town. As time presses on, Portia is ready to rejoin the revelers back at Tanya’s party, but jack is reluctant. Jack gets lairy, and football chants echo through quaint Italian back streets. Portia, now concerned, finds a quiet moment to call Tanya and check-in.


Tanya concurs with Portia’s concern admitting that she saw Jack in an uncompromising position with his ‘Uncle’ the night before. 

At the party, a handsome young mafioso is introduced to Tanya by Quentin as a rebound fling to help her forget about her husband Gregg. Later whilst drunk and high she finds a gun in the gangster’s bag but takes it all in good humour.

A framed picture of a young Quentin and a Texan cowboy resembling Tanya’s soon-to-be ex-husband raises alarm bells. 


Jack books an overnight stay for him and Portia in town as a ‘nice surprise’, but Portia’s patience is now wafer thin. Thrown by Tanya’s revelation this budding romance is no more. Jack, in a drunken daze, shares more about his difficult past. The following morning, Portia’s phone has gone missing in the hotel room.

When jack’s back is turned Portia commandeers his phone to contact Tanya. Meanwhile, Tanya discovers she is to be returned to Taormina without Portia and receives a strange and teary au-revoir from one of Quentin’s pals. 

Portia manages to get hold of Tanya, and the two come to terms with the fact their safety is in serious jeopardy. Together they surmise that to escape the marriage with Tanya’s inherited billions, her husband Gregg had called in a hit. Gregg’s old friend Quentin was desperate for financial redemption to fund his endlessly lavish lifestyle.


Utilising his connections in the Sicilian Mafia, he agreed to arrange Tanya’s demise and reap the billion-dollar benefits. 

Tanya, now trapped on a yacht with murderous yuppies realises there’s no escape. 

Jack’s story concludes following a terrifying outburst at Portia’s continual protests. Informing a fragile Portia to keep her mouth shut about events over the past few days. Portia can ask no more questions concerning the whereabouts of Tanya. Less Portia suffers the same fate as her boss.


‘These are powerful people. You don’t wanna mess wiv ‘em,’ it’s a statement that perfectly summarises Jack’s character arc as he speeds away. It seems he has come through much worse than living luxury alongside gangsters and multi-millionaires. A life of criminal activity and prostitution is a small price to pay. 

As startling as Jack’s revelations are to the viewer, the authenticity of Leo Woodall’s portrayal completely submerses you in the world of The White Lotus. To achieve this in just a few key episodes is a hard-won skill for any actor. It will be exciting to see which projects he opts for next.

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Who Are James Daniel Sundquist’s Parents? Behind Hendrix Family

Inside the relationship of Jimmi Hendrix and James Daniel Sundquist.



Who Are James Daniel Sundquist’s Parents? Behind Hendrix Family

James Daniel Sundquist has been making headlines as he claims to be the son of legendary late guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

Sundquist has been embroiled in a legal battle with Hendrix’s estate in an attempt to gain access to it. But who are Sundquist’s parents, and what is the story behind the Hendrix family?

Jimi Hendrix never got married but dated various women

Hendrix had already become a renowned and celebrated guitar player, widely regarded as one of the best in the business by the year 1968, and unfortunately, he took his last breath in 1970.


However, during the peak of his career, Hendrix also enjoyed the company of various women and pursued romantic relationships with them. However, despite these romantic interests, Hendrix never chose to enter into marriage with any of his partners.

Hendrix’s first love interest was Betty Jean Morgan, whom he started dating while still in high school. His love for playing guitar and his love for Morgan developed simultaneously, with Hendrix painting her name on his first-ever electric guitar as a symbol of his affection.

Jimi Hendrix's backstage photo in Copenhagen

Jimi Hendrix’s backstage photo in Copenhagen. (Image Source Jan Persson/Redferns)

Hendrix entered a romantic relationship with Lithofayne “Faye” Pridgeon in 1963, whom he called his original “Foxy Lady.” During this time, he worked as a backup guitarist for renowned musicians such as Ray Charles and Little Richard.


It is widely speculated that their relationship inspired Hendrix’s alluring song ‘Foxy Lady,’ which featured on his experience’s first album, Are You Experienced, in 1967.

In 1966, the guitarist met local DJ Kathy Etchingham, and they quickly started dating each other for two and a half years. Etchingham is thought to have been his greatest source of inspiration for his music like The Wind Cries Mary, 1983… (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) and Gypsy Eyes.

In 1969, Hendrix dated German figure skater Monika Dannemann whom he met in January 1969 in her native Germany after playing a concert there. She was the only one with whom the guitarist had been engaged, and Dannemann was with the guitarist during his last breath.


As per the Daily Express report, she cooked a meal for him at her apartment located in the Samarkand Hotel, then drove him to a friend’s house. After a few hours, she returned to her apartment in the early hours of Sept. 18, 1970.

They conversed for some time, and when she noticed that the musician was unresponsive but still breathing, she called for an ambulance. Jimi was declared dead at 12:45 p.m. at St. Mary Abbot’s Hospital in London.

And there is still a claim of Hendrix having a son and a daughter from different women, which remains unverified despite the possibility of it being true. Sundquist and Tamika are the ones who have been claiming to be heirs of Hendrix so far.


How is James Daniel Sundquist related to Jimi Hendrix?

Rolling Stone reported that Hendrix had met with Sundquist’s mother, Eva, on at least two occasions during his visit to Stockholm, Sweden. Twitter has been circulating several photos that are believed to show Hendrix with Sundquist.

Sundquist had filed a lawsuit against his alleged grandfather James (Al) Hendrix, claiming to be the illegitimate son of the late musician and seeking the right to his estate.

Sundquist maintained that a Swedish court legally recognized him as Hendrix’s son in 1975, despite objections from the alleged grandfather.


Sundquist was seeking a ruling that confirms his entitlement to the estate, as well as an account of profits from Hendrix’s music since his death, along with unspecified damages for fraud and concealment.

Eva Sundquist with her son James Daniel Sundquist

Eva Sundquist with her son James Daniel Sundquist (Image Source: Celebsuburb)

Defendants included Hendrix’s attorney Leo Branton, his estate executors, Kenneth Hagood and Henry Steingarten, and several companies believed to hold the rights to Hendrix’s works.

Sundquist claimed that he was the result of a union between Hendrix and Eva Sundquist on January 9, 1969, at the Carlton Hotel in Stockholm while Hendrix was on tour with his band, the Hendrix Experience. His father, James, declined to comment when an Associated Press reporter contacted him at his Seattle, Washington, home.


Jimi Hendrix alleged daughter had also claimed his father’s estate

Tamika Laurice James was born on February 11th, 1967, to Diane Carpenter, who in 1966 was living with Hendrix in California and then New York.

Following Hendrix’s death in 1970, a claim was made that Tamika, who was believed to be his daughter, should inherit his’s property.

However, as reported by Rolling Stone,  a local judge had ruled that the alleged four-year-old illegitimate daughter at that time could not share in Hendrix’s estate of more than $400,000, which will go entirely to Hendrix’s father.

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Top 5 AI Art Generators for Game Developers

There are several types of AI Art Generators that have eased the creation of games.



Top 5 AI Art Generators for Game Developers

AI Art Generators have been the talk of the town since their emergence on social media. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp, people are sharing their avatars generated by AI Art Generators. Since then, AI Art Generators have got huge popularity among the masses. 

AI has eased many tasks for humans. Gone are the days when people used to go to the artists for their paintings now all such tasks are done by artificial intelligence. AI performs such type of tasks with ease and save a lot of human time and effort. Not only the avatars, but AI Art Generators are also instrumental in the creation of games. 

Well, we have discussed some of the uses of AI art generators, but here a question arises; 


What actually AI Art Generator is? 

An AI Art Generator is a computer-based software program that uses artificial intelligence to create images automatically. There are two forms of AI Art Generator: Text-to-image and image-to-image. The first one creates images based on the text input, commonly called a prompt, given by the user. 

And the former generates the images based on the images uploaded by the user. It actually transforms an existing image into a completely new form. This image-to-image form often uses an optimizing technique called neural style transfer. It was all about the general information about AI Art Generator. Now let’s jump to the topic. 

Best AI Art Generators for Game Developers

There are several types of AI Art Generators that have eased the creation of games. But I have enlisted five of them. Let’s have a look!

  1. DALL-E 2

DALL-E2 is created by a Non-Profit Research Company named Open AI. It has become one of the most prominent AI Art Generator over the past few years. This uses a Text-to-image form, as discussed above a prompt. Game creators give text input to create the images. Like, if you write, “generate an image of two robots fighting in the air” and there you go! DALL-E 2 will generate that image for you. 

When it comes to the paid or free version, well, DALL-E 2 has both versions. You can create images for free but for better images and more options you definitely need a paid version. 

  1. Scenario.GG

If you are looking for an all-in-one game scene creator, this one is for you. Scenario.GG is a powerful AI game asset generator that enables game developers to create high-quality, unique, and style-coherent assets for their games with ease. With just a few prompts, users can bring their creative vision to life and generate assets that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

What sets Scenario.GG apart from other game asset generators is its advanced AI algorithms that are designed to produce assets that are not only visually stunning but also highly functional and optimized for performance. Or if you want, you can also create asset packs for other developers and gamers to use like an online marketplace. You could get more creative and craft up merch to sell for Roblox Robux on the platform… the possibilities are endless.

  1. Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator, developed by Google, is an AI algorithm that uses a CNN (convolutional neural network) to generate dream-like images. It uses an image-to-image form for creating new images based on existing images. It is handy for creating several different game assets, be characters, objects, environments and much more.  

When you sign-up for Deep Dream Generator, you’ll be given 30 free energy points to create images. After that you’ll need a subscription. It is best known for creating fantastic images. So, you can say bye to creating HD backgrounds with intricate detail without putting in much effort.

  1. AI Texture Generator 

Now if you are looking for an AI to create high-quality textures for you, we have got you covered. The AI Texture Generator is a tool that can be very useful for anyone who needs to create textures for their projects quickly and easily. It offers a variety of seamless and repeatable textures that are not commonly found in standard libraries, making it a great resource for game developers, graphic designers, and other creatives.

The product’s price-performance ratio is also noteworthy as it provides a lot of value for its cost. By utilizing the most cutting-edge AI algorithms, it can accelerate the production process significantly, enabling users to create textures much faster than they would by doing it manually. Designers can create new and epic cosmetic products like CSGO skins within minutes.

  1. Runway ML

Another powerful AI Art Generator and video editor, Runway ML uses both types, Text-to-image and Image-to-image generations. You can remove background in videos, images, replace objects in the videos, create text-to-3D textures and much more by using this amazing Runway ML. It is also famous for creating animations, art, and editing videos. 

By using machine learning models, Runway ML allows users to create unique images. Like other AI Art Generators, Runway ML also offers free as well as paid versions.  You can create up to 25 images, and one video for free. But of course, for multiple options and creating unique images, you’ll need a monthly subscription. 


Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence has brought a great revolution in every industry, including the gaming industry. Thanks to AI Art Generators that have given a sigh of relief to the game developers by freeing them from complex tasks. The gaming creation process has become more fun with AI art generators.

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