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Sarah Talabi Getting Hateful Messages and Death Threats amid Romance Rumors with Timothée Chalamet

Things seem to have gotten out of hand.



Sarah Talabi and Timothée Chalamet
Sarah Talabi and Timothée Chalamet

What started as a dating rumor has turned into something else now!

Model Sarah Talabi has revealed that she has been receiving hateful and threatening messages amid rumors of her “kissing and dancing” with Timothée Chalamet at Coachella 2022.

On Wednesday, April 20, 2022, the influencer exclusively told Page Six about the death threats she has been receiving since the speculations initiated. She said, “I’ve received death threats and hateful messages from Timothée fans.”

“This is not OK, and they need to stop,” Talabi added. She then told the outlet that several angry fans had bombarded her with terrifying direct messages as well as public comments on her Instagram handle.

For instance, in one of her Instagram posts, one angry fan had publicly commented, “Don’t think you can just kiss Timothee and walk away unharmed.”

“Girl, I’m warning you to stay away from Timothee or else,” another wrote while adding a middle-finger emoji.

Additionally, Talabi revealed one of the messages she received on Instagram to Page Six. The direct message read, “girlll you better watch you back now that your [sic] with Timothee 🔪.”

In the same conversation, the Nigerian model also mentioned that she is worried about those who have been sending her hateful messages as “they are battling their own demons.”

Talabi stated that she hopes those people consider therapy and get the help they need. After that, she shifted the topic of the conversation toward her and Chalamet’s dating rumors.

She said she is “not ready to make a statement on her relationship status with Timothée.” So instead, she acted smartly again – like she did previously – and gave a message about climate change.

Her message was, “Please redirect your frustration to the fact that air pollution from fossil fuels cost the world $8 billion every day, not to mention putting human life and planet earth at risk.”

“The earth is in a dire state so comment on, email, and write to our political leaders letting them know that the fossil fuel industry is morally unacceptable, and we will not stay silent while our planet is being destroyed.”

Rumors of Chalamet and Talabi’s romance started after the two were allegedly seen dancing and kissing at Coachella 2022. Talabi had previously confirmed she spent some time with the American actor at the festival by tagging Chalamet on her Instagram stories.

The speculations were further fueled after an eyewitness claimed they saw Chalamet “dancing with and kissing Victoria’s Secret model Sarah Talabi at Coachella.” The witness had shared the message and a picture of the two to gossip site Deuxmoi.

Deuxmoi tipster's claim about Timothée Chalamet kissing Sarah Talabi at Coachella

Deuxmoi tipster’s claim about Timothée Chalamet kissing Sarah Talabi at Coachella (Photo: Instagram)

When the rumors started to gain hype, Talabi decided to address them by giving a statement to Page Six – on April 19. But like said earlier, she did so very cleverly by inserting a message about climate change.

“Everyone is asking me if I was kissing Timothée Chalamet at Coachella, and that is a good question. But a great question would be asking our world leaders why the Earth is now losing 1.2 trillion tons of ice each year….”

“…due to global warming and why climate crisis reform has been completely ineffective. I encourage you to contact your local representatives and ask them that.”

Although Talabi gave a statement, she neither confirmed nor denied her romance with Chalamet. Due to her rather different statement, nothing could be said about their rumored relationship.

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Maddie Lambert-Crowley Gives Birth to Her Second Baby, Son Ryder James

Maddie Lambert-Crowley gave birth to her son on March 28.



Maddie Lambert-Crowley Gives Birth To Her Second Baby, A Son

Maddie Lambert-Crowley, known for sharing pregnancy updates on social media, has given birth to her second child. The social media influencer welcomed a baby boy into the world. 

She was just days away from her due date when her son arrived. This is her second child after having a daughter a few years prior. Today, this article discusses everything there is to know about her newborn baby and her pregnancy.

Maddie Lambert-Crowley gave birth to her second baby

Lambert-Crowley and her husband welcomed their newborn son, Ryder James, into the world on March 28th, 2024. The proud mom took to Instagram to share the exciting news and details about her bundle of joy. 

Little Ryder weighed in at a healthy 7 pounds, 14 ounces and measured 20 inches long. His mom gushed that he was a “beautiful, beautiful boy” as she documented the first precious moments with her infant son. 

Maddie Lambert-Crowley shared pictures of her new born baby on Instagram story

Maddie Lambert-Crowley shared pictures of her new born baby on her Instagram story

In a series of Instagram story posts, she shared glimpses of Ryder’s tiny hands, him wide awake and alert, and the blissful sight of her husband cradling their newborn. 

The overjoyed parents all smiled as they prepared to take their son home, with Lambert-Crowley capturing the momentous occasion of leaving the hospital under a celebratory tent set up by loved ones.

Maddie Lambert Crowley actively documented her pregnancy

Lambert-Crowley was highly excited and eager to document her pregnancy journey leading up to the birth of her son. 

The announcement in July 2023 that she was expecting kicked off her pregnancy content. She posted a photo of the positive pregnancy test, letting everyone know her second child was due in April 2024. 

As the months went on, she continued sharing milestones like her August 2023 sonogram photo, giving followers an early glimpse at the baby. She announced her pregnancy at just 20 years old.

The gender reveal in October 2023 was a celebratory event, with Lambert-Crowley and her husband cutting into a cake that revealed a blue interior — confirming they were having a boy. They excitedly began preparing for their son’s arrival after that.

Her Instagram became a pregnancy diary of sorts, with her documenting everything from her growing baby bump to trying exercises to induce labor as April 2024 approached.

She even shared that they had selected the name Ryder for their son a few months before his birth.

A baby shower followed in February 2024 as the couple got ready to become parents. The very next month, she posted photos cradling her belly, captioning it “So close to meeting you” as she neared her due date. 

Clearly, Lambert-Crowley wanted to share this unique experience with her followers, opening up her life from that first positive test all the way through Ryder’s arrival in late March 2024.

Her frequent, candid pregnancy posts allowed people to join her on the exciting nine-month journey virtually.

Maddie Lambert Crowley experienced violent pregnancy symptoms

Lambert-Crowley experienced some intense and unpleasant pregnancy symptoms in the early stages of her second pregnancy.

One of the most significant issues has been what she described as “violent hunger” — a ravenous, urgent feeling of hunger that comes on suddenly and intensely. She’s also been dealing with very sore and tender breasts, which she refers to as “ouchie boobies.”

Fatigue has predictably set in as well, leaving the 20-year-old mom feeling drained and tired. But the most challenging thing has been her heightened sensitivity to smells and tastes. 

Maddie Lambert-Crowley showing off her baby bump

Maddie Lambert-Crowley showing off her baby bump (Source: Instagram)

She said fishy odors and flavors, which didn’t bother her before, now seem overwhelmingly potent and off-putting. 

She mentioned sadly having to avoid one of her favorite foods, salmon because she can’t stomach the taste or smell of it currently. Certain aromas have even triggered bouts of motion sickness while driving.

Throughout her second pregnancy, she experienced more intense symptoms compared to her first, which she also shared with her followers along with the happy moments.

Meet Maddie Lambert Crowley’s firstborn daughter

Lambert-Crowley became a mother at the incredibly young age of just 14 when she gave birth to her firstborn daughter, Everly Joy Lambert, in January 2018. 

Despite the immense challenges of teen parenthood, Maddie embraced motherhood wholeheartedly with the unwavering support of her mother and family.

Now six years old, Everly has been her constant companion and source of joy through one of life’s most difficult transitions. From the start, the bond between the mother-daughter duo was unbreakable. 

She made the brave decision to raise Everly as a single mom, demonstrating remarkable maturity, courage, and responsibility far beyond her years.

Everly has grown from an infant to a vivacious little girl, and she and she have formed an incredibly close relationship. 

They share an inseparable connection, regularly going on holidays, shopping trips, and dinner outings together, sometimes joined by Maddie’s now-husband Randy. 

Crowley-Lambert beams with pride over her “mature and sassy” daughter, who is now preparing to start school. Despite her youth, she has worked tirelessly to provide Everly with a loving, nurturing environment.

Maddie Lambert Crowley’s relationship with her husband

Lambert-Crowley’s relationship with her husband, Randy Crowley, has been a whirlwind romance that blossomed into a beautiful marriage and growing family. 

Their love story began uniquely – with Randy shooting his shot by proposing to her to be his girlfriend at midnight on May 28, 2021. Though unconventional, she said yes, and they officially began dating.

Over the next two years, their connection only deepened as they navigated life together. Their commitment was solidified when they tied the knot in a dreamy September 2023 wedding ceremony. 

She gushed about the magical day, feeling immense love, happiness, and gratitude to have Randy as her “amazing husband” and to be gaining a new, beautiful family. 

Sharing moments from their nuptials, the beaming bride revealed she “never knew my heart could be this full.” It was clear that Maddie had found her perfect partner, Randy, to walk through life’s journey together.  

Their relationship provided the firm foundation to take on their next big step – parenthood.

Lambert-Crowley has found an incredible partnership rooted in love, trust, and unity with Randy by her side. 

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Romeo Alexander and Fiancee Caroline Sullivan Get Married Days after Announcing Pregnancy

The two had a fantastic wedding.



Romeo Alexander And Fiancee Caroline Sullivan Are Married

Guess who just took the plunge? Former Bachelorette heartthrob Romeo Alexander has officially said ‘I do’ and is flaunting the news all over social media!

He tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend and baby momma, Caroline Sullivan, on March 22. The couple were spotted outside the Manhattan courthouse with perfect wedding attires and faces radiating with joy.

The pair shared this most memorable moment with their fans through social media. They shared a beautiful picture of the couple with the caption, “Mr. and Mrs. Alexander 💐 🎊 🤍.”

In the picture, Alexander is wearing a classic black suit, and Sullivan looks drop-dead gorgeous in her fit-and-flare white minidress and golden heels. Sullivan also had a colorful bouquet and a golden purse in her hand.

The picture was shot in a beautiful background with rose petals on the ground. Furthermore, People magazine also reported their marriage with exclusive photographs and interviews.

Talking with People, Alexander said, “After the ceremony, we took a walk through Little Italy and had a few slices of pizza.” He also shared that they had a small and intimate dinner with immediate family in attendance.

Romeo Alexander

Their wedding dinner happened at a French restaurant overlooking Central Park named Per Se. Alexander also reveals that having an intimate dinner made it a perfect weekend for them, and they also plan to have a bigger wedding next year.

The reactions to Romeo Alexander and Caroline Sullivan’s wedding

The comment section was filled with comments about his Bachelor Nation Family and his loyal fanbase. Bachelor host Jesse Palmer commented, “CONGRATS YOU TWO!!!! 🎉 🥳,” while Elise Mosca commented, “Congratulations!!! 🎊 God bless you two, your love, and your family! ❤️🙏”

Some other Bachelor Nation members, like Jodi Harrison Bauer and Lindsay Liles, also commented on the post. Liles wrote, “I love this so much!,” while Bauer wrote, “Congratulations Romeo!”

 Apart from fellow Bachelor Nation members, many fans also commented on the post. One fan wrote, “Ah-mazing!!! Love love love!,” while another wrote, “Yay! Congrats! So happy for you two!.”

The wedding news came days after the news of their pregnancy

Just days before the couple announced their intimate wedding, they had announced that they were expecting through social media. On March 23, the couple posted a series of pictures with Sullivan showing off her baby bump.

They captioned the series of pictures with “Our love is growing! 🤍🤍🤍 The best is yet to come 😊.” Sullivan looks radiant with the pregnancy glow, and Daddy Alexander could not look happier.

Romeo Alexander

The post was filled with congratulatory comments from his Bachelor Nation members and fans. One fan commented, “Congrats my friend!!! Many blessings on this new adventure. Change the name from doctor_romeo to daddy_romeo now. 😂”

Similarly, another fan wrote, “Congrats!!!! You’ll love dad life – it’s pretty awesome (aside from the lack of sleep 🤪),” while another wrote, “YOU ARE THE MOST GORGEOUS PREGNANT WOMAN EVER OMG.”

The love story of Romeo Alexander and Caroline Sullivan started in Brooklyn

Alexander and Sullivan met in February 2022 at Dumbo House in Brooklyn. As per reports, they met through mutual friends who decided to hang out.

They weren’t able to get a table at Soho House due to the crowd, and that’s when Alexander strikes up a conversation with Sullivan, asking for a restaurant recommendation.

They started chatting then onwards and quickly fell in love with each other. They started dating and also let the world know about it through social media.

The couple went on to post a series of pictures of them together on dates and travels. They later announced their engagement on December 27, 2023.

The next day, Alexander posted beautiful pictures of the couple in Central Park, one included him getting on one knee to propose to his girlfriend. He captioned the post stating “We’re engaged!”

He then posted a series of other posts about the engagement, sharing beautiful pictures with the world and also sharing the memories of the day. On January 17, Montage by Shirley shared a video of them on their engagement day with the caption, “When you thought you just said yes to a walk-through Central Park and fancy dinner plans, only to realize you’re about to say yes to the rest of your lives >>>.”

Romeo Alexander in ‘The Bachelorette’

Alexander was a contestant of The Bachelorette for its 18th season and later appeared in the 8th season of Bachelor in Paradise. He was introduced as a Mathematician who graduated from Harvard and is yet to solve the equation of Romeo + X = True Love.

In the show, he was looking for an adventurous woman who was smart, active, and motivated. He shared that he would love to find a woman who spends the day exploring museums while hitting the dance floor at night.

While he was on the show Bachelor in Paradise, he met co-star Kira Mengitsu, and they dated for a while. The pair started dating in June of 2022 and called things off in December of the same year.

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‘SNL’ Star Heidi Gardner Reveals Separation From Husband Zeb Wells

Know the reason behind it!



SNL Star Heidi Gardner Reveals Split From Husband Zeb Wells

Heidi Gardner, the talented actress and comedian from Saturday Night Live, has recently opened up about her personal life. The 40-year-old star has revealed that she is separating from her husband, Zeb Wells, after years of marriage.

Gardner, who joined the cast of SNL in 2017, has kept her private life relatively low-key until now. This article delves into the details surrounding her split and explores what is known about her relationship with Wells. 

Heidi Gardner revealed she has split with her husband

The comedy world was met with some sad news as Saturday Night Live cast member Gardner recently opened up about the end of her marriage to husband Wells. 

In a candid interview on The Liz Moody Podcast, she addressed the breakup, referring to it as “the end of a relationship” while acknowledging that her former spouse will always hold a place in her life, just in a transformed way.

While she did not disclose the exact timing of the split, she reflected on the separation as a “couple-year period” filled with a whirlwind of emotions – grief, hope, loss, and ultimately growth. 

Heidi Gardner and Zeb Wells

Heidi Gardner and Zeb Wells (Source: Yahoo Finance)

The SNL star admitted that this transitional phase was “very painful and uncomfortable” to navigate. However, she maintained a positive outlook, expressing that she made the most of that challenging time by focusing on self-discovery and personal development. 

Despite the heartbreak, Gardner’s words were laced with respect and well-wishes for her former husband, whom she still holds in high regard. 

As she moves forward, the comedian seems determined to embrace the lessons learned and continue evolving personally and professionally.

Heidi Gardner’s silver lining during a painful period

While going through the anguish of her separation, Gardner uncovered a profound silver lining. The comedian said this “very painful and uncomfortable” phase unexpectedly yielded a “really cool reward.”

She revealed that during those trying times, her female friends and family members rallied around her with unwavering support, demonstrating that romantic partners need not be the sole source of emotional refuge.

The SNL star found that the women closest to her often knew how to love, care for, and uplift her spirit in ways her partner could not. It prompted Gardner to re-evaluate the roles she had assigned to different relationships.

 She understood that placing the burden of being one’s “emotional rock” solely on a romantic partner is an unrealistic expectation. Instead, Gardner learned to embrace the nurturing strengths of her dear friends and invest further in those unbreakable bonds.

The actress’s experiences have also shaped how she supports loved ones facing relationship struggles. 

Gardner strives to create a judgment-free environment where friends can openly express their range of emotions without shame, whether gushing over a partner one day or venting frustrations the next.

How Heidi Gardner and Zeb Wells met 

Gardner’s path to comedic success and meeting her husband Wells was unconventional. After attending several universities without finding her passion, she stumbled upon a knack for hairstyling. 

It prompted her to boldly move to Los Angeles, driven by the notion that pursuing cosmetology in the entertainment capital could open doors to the film industry.

While that specific dream didn’t materialize, Gardner’s relocation to California paved the way for life-changing opportunities. In the City of Angels, she crossed paths with Wells, a writer for the iconic Marvel Comics brand. 

Heidi Gardner for In Style Magazine

Heidi Gardner for InStyle Magazine (Source: Instagram)

Though the details of their initial meeting remain undisclosed, the two kindred Midwestern souls found a connection in their shared experience of navigating the daunting transition to big-city living at a young age.

The couple’s origin story highlights the unpredictable nature of life’s journey and how seemingly random decisions can profoundly impact one’s path. 

What began as Gardner’s quest for a fresh start in hairstyling unexpectedly led her to find her comedic voice and the love of her life in the sprawling City of Angels.

Heidi Gardner’s relationship with Zeb Wells

Gardner and Wells tied the knot in 2010, embarking on a journey as a married couple in their adopted city of Los Angeles.

 Despite her self-professed cynical tendencies, the union appeared wholesome, built on a foundation of shared Midwestern roots and a mutual love for celebrating life’s milestones together.

One such milestone Gardner genuinely enjoyed was her birthday. While she outgrew the desire to throw large parties as she got older, she still looked forward to the intimate traditions of cake, presents, and a special night out with her husband. 

Their dynamics showed Wells as the more romantic, exuberant half of the pair. She lovingly indulged his affinity for the musical Rent by gifting him a themed walking tour for Valentine’s Day one year. 

In their more recent years together, the couple resided in a 14th-floor apartment in the trendy DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn. 

There, surrounded by the energy of New York City, they created a cozy home shared with each other and their trio of beloved cats – Marshall, Cubby Bear, and Tweaky.

Though their romantic relationship ultimately didn’t withstand the test of time, with Gardner revealing their separation in 2023, their years as partners seemed filled with mutual respect, understanding, and an appreciation for one another’s interests. 

Heidi Gardner is also famous in his own right

While Gardner has carved out an impressive comedic career, culminating in her status as a cast member on the iconic Saturday Night Live, she is not the only one in her relationship who has achieved notable success and recognition in the entertainment industry. 

Her former husband boasts an equally impressive repertoire spanning writing, directing, acting, and even voice work. Wells’ expansive IMDb profile shows his multifaceted talents and accomplishments. 

One of his most significant claims to fame is his writing contributions to several critically acclaimed and beloved television shows.

Zeb Wells with his ex-wife Heidi Gardner

Zeb Wells with his ex-wife Heidi Gardner (Source: Daily Mail)

He has lent his creative voice to the quirky and irreverent Robot Chicken, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and the animated superhero series SuperMansion.

He even stepped behind the camera to direct the 2016 short film Shifty, demonstrating his versatility across multiple mediums. However, Wells’ accomplishments are more comprehensive than just the television and film landscapes. 

He has also garnered significant recognition for his work in the prestigious world of Marvel Comics, where he has contributed his writing talents to storylines featuring iconic characters such as Spider-Man, Venom, The Avengers, and Hellions

His narratives have graced the pages of beloved comic book series like The Amazing Spider-Man, leaving an indelible mark on the Marvel universe.

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