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Insider Claims Harry Styles Is Dating Model Candice Swanepoel

A source said, “Heard rumors that Candice Swanepoel and Harry Styles are dating.” 



Insider Claims Harry Styles Is Dating Candice Swanepoel

Rumors have been buzzing with speculation about the potential romance between pop star Harry Styles and renowned model Candice Swanepoel. 

It all started when a popular celebrity gossip page Deuxmoi shared a screenshot indicating a possible romantic connection between them. 

Insider claiming Harry Styles is dating Candice Swanepoel.

Insider claiming Harry Styles is dating Candice Swanepoel. (Source: deuxmoi/Instagram)

The screenshot contained a message from April 19, 2023, that read, “Heard rumors that Candice Swanepoel and Harry Styles are dating.” 

And recently, the same insider reached out to Deuxmoi, pointing out the legitimacy of the claim by stating, “Bumping this still legit x.”

As expected, the news spread like wildfire on various platforms, including Reddit, where fans and followers eagerly shared their opinions.

One fan cautiously expressed their thoughts by saying, “I am not saying I believe this, but she is his type.” 

Fans' reaction to the potential romance between Harry Styles and Candice Swanepoel.

Fans’ reaction to the potential romance between Harry Styles and Candice Swanepoel. (Source: Reddit)

Similarly, another fan shared, “She is definitely his type. But I don’t see it happening? Is it bad to say she’s too hot for him?” 

Another commenter jokingly added, “Harry coming in hot for Pete’s position,” referring to the fact that Pete Davidson has a long list of lovers, and now Styles might be entering the picture.

Despite the widespread speculation surrounding the rumored relationship between Styles and Swanepoel, neither party has officially confirmed or denied the news.

A look at Harry Styles’ dating history

In March 2023, Styles was linked to model Emily Ratajkowski after they were spotted kissing in Tokyo, Japan, in pictures obtained by the Daily Mail

An insider told People that the pair had been friends for a while and stated that Ratajkowski was also friendly with Styles’ ex-girlfriend, Olivia Wilde. 

Styles and Wilde confirmed their romance in January 2021 after meeting on the set of the film Don’t Worry Darling. However, on November 18, 2022, sources revealed they were taking a break due to conflicting schedules and priorities. 

An insider disclosed to Entertainment Tonight in December 2022 that Wilde was still pretty hurt by her breakup with the ‘As It Was’ singer. 

Before Wilde, he dated model Camille Rowe, whom he met in 2017 through mutual friend Alexa Chung. The couple was spotted together at various outings and spent time with Styles’ family. 

Sources described the relationship as relaxed and supportive, with Rowe bonding well with Styles’ sister and close friend. However, they broke up in July 2018.

Styles’ dating history also includes his well-known relationship with model Kendall Jenner. Rumors began in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2016 that Khloé Kardashian confirmed they were dating. 

The couple had an on-again, off-again relationship, with their last split occurring in 2016. Styles’ debut album was rumored to have been inspired by Jenner.

Another notable relationship in Styles’ dating history was with singer Taylor Swift. They sparked dating rumors in 2012 after being spotted together multiple times, including on a ski vacation and a Central Park date. However, their romance was short-lived, and they broke up in January 2013.

Before these high-profile relationships, Styles had a brief romance with television presenter Caroline Flack. They met in 2010 during Styles’ time on the UK version of The X Factor, which Flack hosted. 

Although their relationship didn’t last long, Flack mentioned in her autobiography, Storm in a C Cup, that it was evident Styles had feelings for her.

Candice Swanepoel was once married 

Swanepoel was previously married to Hermann Nicoli. Their love story started when they met in Paris when she was 17 years old, and he was 23. 

In August 2015, the duo announced their engagement and eventually had two sons together. Although their marriage ended in November 2018, they remain active co-parents to their children.

Later, Swanepoel was seen looking cozy in Paris with Andres Velencoso, known for being Kylie Minogue’s ex-boyfriend. 

The pair were spotted holding hands at Jardin des Tuileries, suggesting a potential romantic involvement, but neither party confirmed the news. 

In recent months, rumors circulated about her potential romance with rapper Kanye West. Rumors about their relationship surfaced after they were spotted together at an event for West’s Yeezy Gap sunglasses.

Swanepoel shared a photo on Instagram featuring herself and the rapper behind blurred-out glass. Additionally, West reposted the photo, and viewers questioned if something more was going on between them.

However, it was later explained that their connection is primarily for business purposes related to West’s Yeezy line. 

“Anything beyond a working relationship is not true. They are not involved romantically. She’s another one of his muses,” a source told Us Weekly.

According to sources, they collaborate well together and bond over fashion, but any romantic involvement beyond a working relationship is not true. 

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A Glimpse inside Drew Gehling and Wife Julia Mattison’s Wedding

Drew Gehling and Julia Mattison had camp-themed wedding celebration.



A Look At Drew Gehling And Wife Julia Mattison’s Wedding

Drew Gehling and his wife, Julia Mattison, are married!

Gehling and his wife, Mattison, captured the world’s attention when they got married on September 16, 2023, and announced the exciting news via Instagram on September 21, 2023.

Mattison shared several pictures from their wedding day and wrote, “Well I’ll be damned. I got to marry the love of my life @drewgehling at Summer Camp.”

Drew Gehling and his wife Julia Mattison.

Drew Gehling and his wife, Julia Mattison. (Source: Instagram)

Both renowned Broadway stars, the couple decided to celebrate their love in a fun way, drawing inspiration from the 2001 comedy film Wet Hot American Summer, as per People magazine.

They transformed their day into a three-day summer camp-themed celebration at the Cedar Lakes Estate in Hudson Valley, New York.

Among the 140 guests who came to celebrate their love were famous personalities, including Sara Bareilles and her fiancé Joe Tippett and Darren Criss and his wife Mia Swier.

Gehling and Mattison filled the event with various activities, including kayaking, ziplining, and a talent show featuring some of the wedding guests’ best performances.

Mattison said, “I have a lot of nostalgia for summer camp, and felt our wedding would be such a beautiful opportunity to spend a weekend with our family and friends.” 

The celebrations started on a Friday night with a welcome gathering, and attendees were asked to dress up in a fun “Canadian Tuxedo” style. 

The next day, the couple added some excitement by ziplining into the lake before getting ready for their wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, the guests had a time exploring the activities offered at the camp, including kayaking and enjoying leisurely moments by the pool.

Mattison looked stunning in a strapless gown from Oscar De La Renta adorned with flowers that reminded her of the wildflowers of California, which hold a special place in her heart. 

She completed her look with a gold diamond necklace, delicate earrings, and stylish chunky heels. The outdoor ceremony space was beautifully decorated with bouquets that perfectly complemented the theme.

On the other hand, the Waitress actor wore his custom Michael Andrews Bespoke tuxedo that consisted of a white shirt, black bow tie, green velvet blazer, and black tuxedo pants.

Gehling’s 10-year-old daughter, Annie, whom he shares with his ex-wife Sara Jean Ford, did a reading during the ceremony, and their mutual friends Andrew Kober and Sarah Chase officiated the wedding.

Drew Gehling and wife Julia Mattison began dating in 2017

Gehling and his wife, Mattison, first met in the summer of 2017, during the filming of an episode of the web series Turning The Tables, and she admitted she “fell in love immediately.”

Later, after finishing filming, Mattison found out that Gehling texted their mutual friend, Kober and Chase, to ask for her number.

This initial connection was followed by a month of anticipation until the episode finally aired, leading to their first date. 

The NY-based writer also added, “It wasn’t until a month later when the episode came out that we properly connected and went on our first date.”

After dating for several years, the pair took the next step in their journey when they got engaged in January 2022. 

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Aisha Mian Tells All about Her Negative Experience with Chris Brown

A fan said, “y’all calling her a nobody but yet he WAS IN HER DMs.”



Aisha Mian Tells All about Her Negative Experience with Chris Brown

Aisha Mian opened up about her negative experience with the infamous musician Chris Brown in an open interview with Troy Osterberg on September 27, 2023.

She cautiously made a reference to Brown’s continuous attempts to interact with her over the past two years when Osterberg questioned about the most famous person in her DMs.

Osterberg asked, “Who’s the most famous person your DM’s right now,” and Mian refused to say the person’s name on-camera but hinted the person was Brown.

She claimed that the R&B singer had gotten in touch with her again around two weeks ago, which piqued her interest in what would come up during their talk.

Mian chose to engage in the conversation despite his long-standing interest in her. Brown announced they should get together and claimed he was finally in the city. 

Uncertain of his motivations, she gave a neutral response, proposing they meet up for a “chill vibe,” but she clarified that he shouldn’t expect anything more.

Brown’s response to her openness was far from mature; he implied that it was strange of her to bring up such boundaries and even uttered bad words toward her. 

Unimpressed, Main responded that she merely expected him to behave adultably. Brown then attempted to redirect the conversation away from the awkward incident by asking about her favorite movie. 

The singer seemed to be trying to change the subject, but Main opted not to reply. She added that he had messaged her once more, continuing to express interest in a movie night, but she decided to end the conversation there. 

Fans’ reaction to Aisha Mian’s situation

As news of Mian’s situation spread quickly online, admirers from all around the world commented with their viewpoints. Tea pages widely shared the video on social media networks, causing it to spread swiftly.

One fan shared their viewpoint, saying, “even if its just entertaining, its so weird, it being chris brown out of all ppl. i wouldve blocked that dude in a milisecond.” 

Fans’ reaction to Aisha Mian’s situation.

Fans’ reaction to Aisha Mian’s situation. (Source: Instagram)

Another said, “So you’re all blaming her for him being dramatic. It’s not her fault men can’t take no and move on respectfully.” 

The third comment read, “She literally just wanted to know what he would say, she knew she wasn’t interested. y’all calling her a nobody but yet he WAS IN HER DMs.”

Who is Aisha Mian? A look at her

Mian is a well-known social media influencer who is most known for being one-half of the wildly successful twin TikTok duet known as the MianTwins on TikTok. 

Main and her twin sister Azra, who were both born on February 26, 2001, started their journey to fame at a young age. 


Replying to @🇵🇰 wear ur sunscreen everyday!!!!

♬ original sound – Aisha Mian

They made their first move by starting the MianTwins YouTube channel in January 2014, where they share their fashion knowledge, provide outfit suggestions, and discuss beauty regimens. 

The MianTwins attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, but they ultimately decided to leave after only one year. 

Their decision was motivated by a need to fully dedicate themselves to their developing social media professions.

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Jasmine Goode and Girlfriend Melissa Marie Gets New Matching Tattoos – Look At Their Dating Life

Jasmine Goode and her girlfriend Melissa Marie took their relationship to new heights.



Jasmine Goode And Girlfriend Melissa Marie Gets Matching Tattoos

Fans first got to know Jasmine Goode on Season 21 of The Bachelor and Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise

Goode’s quest for love on the show didn’t quite work out as she had potentially planned, but her love life unexpectedly turned off-screen.

It was in the real world that the reality TV star found the love she had been searching for all along with her girlfriend, Melissa Marie.

Jasmine Goode and her girlfriend Melissa Marie get new matching tattoos.

Jasmine Goode and her girlfriend Melissa Marie get new matching tattoos. (Source: Instagram)

Goode and Marie have been together for the past two years, and the pair often share glimpses into their relationship via Instagram.

Recently, the 36-year-old television actress took their commitment to a whole new level by getting matching tattoos with her girlfriend, Marie. 

A few weeks back, she teased fans with a peek of Marie getting a tattoo on her Instagram Story. Another Instagram Story showed the pair showing off their new tattoo while they hid the design. 

However, last week, Goode finally revealed their new tattoo, showing a branch with three leaves tattooed in the same spot on their forearms, writing, “Enjoying the little things in life.”

Jasmine Goode and Melissa Marie have been dating for 2 years

Goode and Marie have been in a relationship for two years, since 2021. Their love story began after Goode’s appearance on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, where she didn’t find love but ultimately found it off-screen with her girlfriend Marie. 

While the details of how they first crossed paths remain unknown to the world, their love has been on full display as they’ve walked several red carpets together as a couple. 

For instance, on December 9, 2021, they walked the red carpet together at Katie Welch and Jordan Kuker’s 8th Annual Winter Wonderland Toys for Tots Charity Event. 

A close look at Jasmine Goode’s girlfriend Melissa Marie

Goode’s girlfriend, Marie, is a private person who prefers to stay away from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry. 

Unlike Goode, Marie doesn’t seem to be associated with reality TV shows or fame, as indicated by her low-profile presence on Instagram. 

Instead, she is an entrepreneur who has a background in athletics, having been an athlete during her college years. 

More on Jasmine Goode

Although some people would consider Goode’s inclusion in the Vanderpump Rules cast to be a coincidence, she has a deeper connection to the show. 

It may not be obvious, but her incorporation into the show is more natural than it seems because she presently works at SUR and has true friendships with some of the cast members. 

The TV star hasn’t just appeared on-screen, but she has also contributed behind the scenes. She received two production credits in 2018—one for the TV show This Is LA and the other for the movie Socio.

Moreover, Goode was a pro dancer. She danced for the New York Jets and the Golden State Warriors. Additionally, she was also a cheerleader.

She was a cheerleader in high school and eventually became the team’s captain. She was even a member of the infamous Dallas Cowboys cheerleading team. 

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