Does Mae Martin Have a Partner? Know 'Feel Good' Star's Dating Preferences

Does Mae Martin Have a Partner? Know ‘Feel Good’ Star’s Dating Preferences

Does Mae Martin Have a Partner? Know 'Feel Good' Star's Dating Preferences

Canadian-born comedian Mae Martin is renowned for her Channel 4/Netflix comedy series, Feel Good, which she co-created and stars in. The show centers around the relationship between her character, Mae, and her on-and-off girlfriend, George, played by Charlotte Ritchie.

She has also received a nomination for the BAFTA TV Award for Best Female Comedy Performance for her work on Feel Good.

While Martin explains that the series replicates her love life and the happenings, from about 10 years ago, which she told to The New York Times, her present-day dating status is unclear and constantly gets questioned.

So, who is Martin’s partner [boyfriend or girlfriend] at present? Or is she even dating anyone?

Mae Martin Might Still Be Looking For a Perfect Partner

The comedian, actor, and writer, Martin has stayed mum about her relationship status lately. But she has not been romantically linked or spotted with any potential partner either.

The last time she talked about her dating status was in March 2020, during a conversation with Autostraddle’s Drew Gregory.

When asked if she was dating anyone, she answered that she was single, saying, “I’m single, yeah. So do I go on dating apps and have Skype dates? I don’t really like dating apps. We’ll see what happens.”

She further recalled falling in love “pretty hard” in the past but was not always willing to do the same.

“I know that’s supposed to be a queer trope, but it’s happened to my friends across all demographics,” she added. “I’m a romantic, so I’m all for it. You have to take risks to get the payoff.”

Now, with her relationship status being under wraps, it is pretty safe not to assume anything about it already. But if she is continuously single, since she stated in the interview, she might actually be looking to find a perfect partner.

Her Ideal Type of Partner

The 34-year-old comedian has occasionally opened up about her dating experiences and how she wants her future partner to be like.

Speaking with the Cosmopolitan UK in May 2021, she shared, “I’ve ended up dating a lot of previously heterosexual people who were sort of rethinking things.”

Martin, who goes by both “she/her” and “they/their,” explained that she had “a lot of empathy” for the process of exploring one’s sexuality which can be both – romantic and painful.

She also added that being in a relationship or loving someone should not lead anyone to lose their autonomy. Hence, she expects the next generation, if not at least her future partner, to have slightly different approaches to relationships and fulfill one’s emotional and romantic needs.

In an Instagram post uploaded on April 14, 2021, the comedian further clarified her preferences are bisexual and that she was attracted to people of all genders.

“The way I feel about my gender identity is ongoing and evolving, and it’s personal…I love it when people say ‘they’ and I really don’t mind ‘she’ at ALL, truly,” they wrote. “I’m very bisexual and attracted to people of all genders. I experience gender dysphoria sometimes – not always!”

Martin also shared that she was attracted to funny people with nice hands, smell good, and are kind to people during an interview with BBC in May 2019.

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