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Torrey DeVitto Shares Her Emotional Story of Having an Abortion at 21

Know Torrey DeVitto’s emotional story!



Torrey DeVitto Shares Her Emotional Story of Having an Abortion at 21
Torrey DeVitto Shares Her Emotional Story of Having an Abortion at 21

Torrey DeVitto has publicly come out with her abortion story amid a leaked draft opinion last week, which implied that the Supreme Court would vote to reverse Roe v. Wade as well as the right to abortion.

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, the Chicago Med alum spoke freely with People Magazine about what she went through when she found out that she was pregnant in 2001, at the age of 21 — she had just started acting at the time.

She mentioned that she was sitting in her bedroom with her former boyfriend at the time, and both of them were pretty dumbfounded and shocked after learning about her pregnancy. “I think the two of us just didn’t know what to do, and I remember feeling like really dizzy.”

“I was in this surreal moment, and I was like, how did this happen? What do I do?” DeVitto added. As she continued, she said that her acting career had just started, and though she was making a bit of money, not much would be left after taxes, agent fees, and manager fees.

Neither the American actress nor her ex-boyfriend was in the right place, mainly financially, where they could raise a child. “I didn’t have the funds to do this. I was living in a house in Los Angeles with three other roommates and very scared, very confused, and so I made the decision that was best for me. And he made that decision as well.”

DeVitto, who is presently dating Chicago Cubs manager David Ross, then stated that the decision to have an abortion was the healthiest and smartest choice for her and her then-boyfriend.

Torrey DeVitto with her current boyfriend, David Ross

Torrey DeVitto with her current boyfriend, David Ross (Photo: Instagram)

“I’m so grateful that I was able to make that choice about me, about my own body. I can’t imagine if the right to choose over my own body was illegal. It’s just something that’s so unfathomable.”

Additionally, the actress was lucky enough to have all the support she needed from her family. To have an abortion, she booked a flight to Michigan, where her mother was living. She had a safe abortion, recuperated for a while, and returned to Los Angeles to jump “right back into work.”

When she got back to Los Angeles, she opened up about her abortion among a few of her close friends but decided not to go public in fear of stigma, making it very hard for her to reconcile.

DeVitto told People, “I wanted to be open, but I was scared that I would be alienated or judged. I just went right back to filming and never really processed it because I think it felt so taboo. I didn’t give myself the grace or the self-love to really process it.”

However, now that it has been 15 years since she had her abortion, she has completely processed her decision not to have a baby at the time and “reclaimed” it. She said, “Now that I’m older and more aware of the world and don’t really give a s— what people think anymore….”

She continued, “…especially the opposite sex trying to control my rights, I’ve really taken ownership and feel like this is my story. And if you don’t like it, you can see yourself out the door because it just doesn’t matter to me anymore. I know in my heart of hearts I made the best decision.”

DeVitto also talked about her decision to talk about her abortion now. She told People that now was a perfect time to talk about it publicly after she heard and saw a draft opinion leaked last week, which hinted that the Supreme Court might vote to overturn Roe v. Wade and the right to abortion.

She said, “I was incensed when I saw the leak come out and I actually was really, really emotional about it. I kind of always brushed [my experience] to the back of my head, but I started reliving my story and how different my life would be now.”

“How angry and emotional I would’ve felt had I not been able to have the right to choose over my own body.” DeVitto then added that she hopes her story might “help be a part of normalizing” abortions and “normalizing doing what’s best for you.”

She hopes that her story will make other girls or women who have also gone through the same thing feel like they don’t have to be ashamed of their choices. And that the women reading her story know that they don’t have to be sorry for choosing abortion and their intention was best for their bodies.

As DeVitto started to tear up, she told the magazine that sharing this story made her emotional because she had felt ashamed of the “stigma that people put on abortions” for a very long time.

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Meet Ana de Armas’ Supportive Parents — Details on Her Parents and Career

Ana de Armas’ parents supported her life choices.



Meet Ana de Armas’ Supportive Parents — Details on Her Parents and Career

Ana de Armas, a famous Cuban and Spanish actress, was born to her parents, Ramón de Armas and Ana Caso, on April 30, 1988. She was raised in the small town of Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba.

Her father, Ramón, held various roles, ranging from a bank manager and teacher to a school principal and deputy mayor of a town. He studied philosophy at a Soviet university.

Meanwhile, her mother, Ana, contributed to the workforce in the human resources section of the Ministry of Education.

Ana de Armas at Louis Vuitton‘s new high jewelry collection party.

Ana de Armas at Louis Vuitton‘s new high jewelry collection party. (Source: Instagram

The 35-year-old has an older brother named Javier, who is a New York-based photographer. In 2020, he faced scrutiny from Cuban authorities due to his critical stance on Decree 349 and his associations with artists under government surveillance.

Despite the challenges of growing up in Cuba, marked by food rationing, fuel shortages, and electricity blackouts, she fondly recalled her early life as happy.

During her childhood and adolescence, she had no internet access, limiting her exposure to popular culture beyond the borders of Cuba. She was allowed to watch only “20 minutes of cartoons on Saturday and the Sunday movie matinee.”

In a household without a video or DVD player, she used to watch Hollywood movies in her neighbor’s apartment. Her passion for acting was nurtured through the memorization and practice of monologues in front of a mirror, and decided to pursue a career as an actress at the age of 12.

Ana de Armas’ parents supported her decision to leave her homeland to pursue acting

Ana’s journey to pursue her acting dreams involved a bold decision to leave her homeland, a move supported by her parents. 

The actress, during her studies at the National Theater School of Cuba, took a significant risk by dropping out on the brink of graduation. At the age of 18, she made the audacious choice to move to Madrid, Spain, leaving before she could present her final thesis. 

Reflecting on her decision, she expressed the belief that the relatively small film industry in Cuba wouldn’t provide the opportunities she sought, given its underdevelopment and the absence of film agencies crucial for aspiring actors. 

Drawing inspiration from the success of stars like Andy Garcia, who ventured from Havana to Hollywood, Ana decided to take her chances on a larger stage.

Ana had €200 from her last film in Cuba; she embarked on a journey to Europe, assuring her parents that she would return when her funds ran out. Within a week, her fund ran out, but she was supported by friends of friends in Spain. 

Despite the challenges, she realized the risk involved in her pursuit of a career in acting and expressed gratitude for her parents’ support in her decisions. She recalled informing her parents about her relocation, appreciating the unconditional support they provided.

Ana de Armas’ early career in Spanish Cinema

In 2006, in her native Cuba, Ana landed a leading role in Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón’s romantic drama, Una rosa de Francia. The suggestion to cast her came from Cuban actor Jorge Perugorría, who, having met her at a birthday party with his daughters, recommended her to the director. 

Aragón visited her, 16 at the time, at drama school and, interrupting her audition, informed her that the role was hers. She traveled to Spain for a promotional tour of the film, where she met Juan Lanja, who later became her Spanish agent. 

Afterward, she starred in the 2007 movie El edén perdido and took on a supporting role in Fernando Pérez’s Madrigal, which was filmed at night without the permission of her drama school tutors.

Ana de Armas.

Ana de Armas. (Source: Instagram

At the age of 18, the actress moved to Madrid. Within two weeks of her arrival, she met casting director Luis San Narciso, who had noticed her in Una rosa de Francia

Two months later, he cast her as Carolina in the drama El Internado, a role she played for six seasons from 2007 to 2010, garnering her critical acclaim in Spain. 

During a break from filming, she also starred in the successful coming-of-age comedy Mentiras y Gordas. Despite the show’s popularity, she felt typecast and primarily received job offers as a youngster. As a result, she requested to be written out of the show in its second-to-last season.

After spending a few months in New York City to learn English, Ana returned to Spain at the persuasion of others to star in seventeen episodes of the historical drama Hispania

She then took on roles in Antonio Trashorras’s horror films El callejón in 2011 and Anabel in 2015), as well as the drama Por un puñado de besos in 2014. 

Ana de Armas’ transition to Hollywood

Ana first arrived in Los Angeles in 2014, and she faced the daunting task of rebuilding her career from scratch. With limited English proficiency, her early auditions were marked by the challenge of not fully comprehending the lines she delivered. 

As a result, she spent four months in full-time education to master the language, determined not to be pigeonholed into roles specifically tailored for Latina actresses.

Overcoming language barriers, her Hollywood debut came in Eli Roth’s erotic thriller Knock Knock in 2015, where she starred alongside Keanu Reeves. However, the film received mixed reviews, with some critics finding her “unconvincing” in her role. 

Despite this, Reeves personally invited her to join him in the Spanish-language thriller Daughter of God. Unfortunately, the film faced extensive editing and was released as Exposed in 2016, leaving her initial starring role diminished.

In 2016, in Todd Phillips’s War Dogs, she portrayed the wife of an arms dealer opposite Miles Teller. The same year she took on the part of the wife of Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán in the biopic Hands of Stone.

The turning point in Ana’s Hollywood journey came in 2017 with Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049, where she had a supporting role as Joi, the holographic AI girlfriend of Ryan Gosling’s character. 

Her career continued to reach new heights with a supporting role in the 2019 movie Knives Out. Her performance in the movie was marked a breakthrough moment, earning her a Golden Globe nomination.

In 2022, she appeared in the Netflix biopic Blonde, portraying Marilyn Monroe, which earned her critical acclaim and award nominations.

Looking ahead, she continues to expand her repertoire with projects like the action comedy film Ghosted and the lead role in the John Wick franchise spin-off, Ballerina.

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Ana De Armas Went Viral for Her No Makeup Look

She is beautiful either way!




Ana De Armas Went Viral for Her No Makeup Look

Many celebrities do not shy away from showing their face without makeup when they are not on a schedule. 

One such celebrity is Ana de Armas. The actress often flaunts her no makeup look on Instagram as well as when running errands.

She once went viral for walking around without makeup. She attracted both sexist comments as well as supportive ones, but de Armas is not bothered by such remarks.

She continues to flaunt her no makeup look, looking beautiful as ever.

Ana de Armas without makeup went viral 

De Armas was photographed in public in July 2023 wearing a black dress and no makeup by the paparazzi. Many people ridiculed the actress on social media after the photo went viral, calling her a catfish who only looks fantastic with makeup and special effects. 

During the time, she had bleached her eyebrows, which gave her a different look since she had dark hair. As a result, she attracted a lot of sexist remarks with people calling her ugly. 

However, de Armas’s fans quickly shut the misogynistic trolls down.  They expressed how depressing it is to see that, in 2023, people are still criticizing celebrities for being authentic. 

They complained about how these trolls frequently created false profiles in order to spread abusive remarks and provide their unwanted opinions on topics in which they have no business becoming involved.

A person wrote, “yall see one unflattering photo and it changes ur entire world view go outside and talk to a woman pls,” while another added, “It’s just a bad picture you can still tell she is pretty, you probably don’t look anything like that in your worse day.”

Some netizens even commented on how flattering her dress and hair were on her despite her being without makeup. “She looks good. I like her hair & that dress looks amazing on her. I wish we had more angles cuz I wanna see the back of that dress. I just know it’s 🔥,” a person commented.

All in all, fans and followers of de Armas were supportive of her no makeup look. 

It looks like the Knives Out actress is also proud of how she looks without makeup. She often posts pictures of her bare face on Instagram, flaunting her no makeup look.

There as well, people can’t help but gush about her beauty and how attractive she is. 

Rumors of plastic surgery 

De Armas has been a victim of various plastic surgery rumors. Many believe that she has undergone various procedures to date. 

There have been multiple rumors of her getting a rhinoplasty, jaw and chin implants, lip fillers, endoscopic brow lift, as well as liposuction. Netizens also believed that the actress had cosmetic work done on her teeth.

Ana De Armas has been accused of getting plastic surgery.

Ana De Armas has been accused of getting plastic surgery. (Source: Facebook)

Many others on social media shared these theories by contrasting de Armas’s photos from before and after. However, the actress has never admitted to getting plastic surgeries.

Therefore, it seems like the buzz is merely rumors and is baseless. That being said, one of the features that grabs netizens’ attraction about de Armas is her eyes.

Many have questioned her about her eye color since it seems to be changing in various photos. This is because she has central heterochromia. 

Her eye color is completely natural —  they are green on the outside, but they are brown in the middle. Her irises also have tiny, dark-brown dots on them.

So, because of her eye color, de Armas’s eyes seem to be changing in various photos. 

Ana de Armas’s weight loss

De Armas has a very toned body and it is evident that she went through significant weight loss to get the body she has now.

She constantly maintains her weight loss and has different ways for her to do so. For instance, she does intense workouts for her movie roles but she makes time for Pilates when she has to squeeze in a workout routine in between her schedules.

She told Vogue USA, “I’ve been going to this beautiful pilates studio very close to my hotel [and it’s] keeping me sane.” She also revealed that she meditates and enjoys doing so.

She said, “I like it very much. When you start doing it and you’re consistent with it, you realize how much it helps with all the things that come up for you.”

“It’s been a very intense year for everybody and I thought that it was important to figure out a way in which I could create space to take time for myself to think, meditate, feel good and healthy,” she added.

One of the reasons why de Armas is toned and fit is because she enjoys working out. She talked about it with People (via Show News) where she claimed that she keeps herself motivated by changing up her workouts.

She said, “Exercise makes me happy, but it has to be fun. I do something different every day – one day boxing, the next spinning or weight training – to not get bored.”

Talking about boxing, it is the No Time To Die star’s favorite workout. She told Who What Wear how it released all her energy and it was not boring.

“It releases all of this energy and there is nothing boring about it,” she gushed. “You don’t have to do the same thing every day because you don’t feel the same day every day, you know? I get a lot of joy from it, and it’s a great workout, trust me!”

De Armas also knows how to take care of her body after serious workouts. For instance, she takes a bath every day and has made it a part of her daily routine.

She uses salt, soap, and a bath bomb every day. Even if she has a busy schedule, she makes sure to take a bath for atleast 15 to 20 minutes.

She told Glamour that she did not want to skip it. She noted, “I don’t want to skip it. It’s become such an important part of my routine before going to bed. And no phones in the bath!”

She also takes care of her body with the help of Theragun massage. She told Vogue, “I hold all of my tension in my shoulders and my legs, and this device is incredible. It’s a good complement to Epsom salts and arnica cream as it helps the muscles to relax.”

De Armas is not that focused on diet but knows how to take care of her body and maintain it. 

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Facts About Shailene Woodley — Weight, Height, Tattoos, and More

All about Shailene Woodley!




Facts About Shailene Woodley — Weight, Height, Tattoos, and More

American actress Shailene Woodley began modeling and acting professionally in little television parts at the age of 5. 

Her breakthrough performance was in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, where she starred as Amy Juergens. After that, she starred in two more films, The Descendants and The Spectacular Now

However, Woodley became more well-known for her leading parts in the science fiction series The Divergent Series as Beatrice Prior and as a young cancer patient in the romantic drama The Fault in Our Stars

Similarly, she portrayed a survivor of a sexual assault in the HBO drama series Big Little Lies, for which she received nominations for the Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. Since then, she has featured in Adrift and The Last Letter from Your Lover and appeared in supporting parts in the films Snowden and The Mauritanian.

All in all, Woodley has gathered a massive fanbase throughout the years who want to know everything about her, from her height and weight to if she has any lookalike. 

Here is all we know about the actress.

How tall is Shailene Woodley?

Woodley has a very toned figure, and she looks like she stands tall as well. As a result, netizens have often questioned, ‘How tall is Shailene Woodley?’

It is reported that Woodley’s height-to-weight ratio is ideal for the kinds of parts she likes to play in movies. Her height is five feet eight inches, or 173 cm (1.73 m) tall.

Talking about her weight, it is barely sixty kilograms or 123 pounds. Over the years, her overall physical attributes have enabled her to land a number of amazing roles in cinema. 

As a result, her remarkable good looks and enchanting demeanor have always helped her advance in the Hollywood business.

Does Shailene Woodley have cancer?

Woodley underwent a significant weight loss for her movie Adrift back in 2018. She revealed that her extreme weight loss transformation was because of having just 350 calories a day.

She skipped dinner and limited her food intake to lose weight. She said, “I can’t sleep when I’m hungry, so I would have a glass of wine to basically pass the [expletive] out. For the last two weeks, I had a can of salmon, some steamed broccoli, and two egg yolks every day.”

She revealed that she was miserable but thankful that she did not have to undergo weight loss alone. She said, “I don’t know that I could do it without Sam [Claflin]. We both really were there for one another in our moments of extreme exhaustion and hunger.”

Because of the weight loss, her eyes were sunken in, it looked like she had hair loss as well, and she looked pale and sickly. As a result, many thought that she had cancer. 

Moreover, her role in The Fault in Our Stars, where she played a teenage girl with cancer and short hairs, helped people speculate that she had cancer. However, that is not the case.

She does not have cancer but has health struggles. In an April 2020 interview with The New York Times [via Distractify], Woodley disclosed that she was very sick in her early 20s.

She said, “I haven’t spoken much about this yet publicly, and I will one day, but I was very, very sick in my early 20s. While I was doing the Divergent movies and working hard, I also was struggling with a deeply personal, very scary physical situation.”

The actress shared further details about how her health fight is finally coming to an end. She felt isolated and alone as a result of it.

“I’m on the tail end of it, which is very exciting, but it’s an interesting thing, going through something so physically dominating while also having so many people pay attention to the choices you make, the things you say, what you do, what you look like. It spun me out for a while,” she admitted.

Woodley hinted that others couldn’t tell she was in pain since her illness wasn’t evident on the outside, which contributed to her struggle. “Unless someone can see that you have a broken arm or a broken leg, it’s really difficult for people to relate to the pain that you’re experiencing when it’s a silent, quiet, and invisible pain,” she stated.

She disconnected herself from the internet because the more attention she paid to the internet, the more it took time for her to heal. 

“The more I paid attention to the noise that was surrounding me, the longer it was taking my body and my mind to heal because I wasn’t focused on myself. I was focused on an image of myself via the lens of everyone around us,” she explained.

Thankfully, she was able to fight her own uphill struggle and appears to be doing better now that she was able to put the internet aside and concentrate on her recovery process.

Shailene Woodley’s smoking

Woodley does not smoke. However, she had to take up smoking for her roles in White Bird in A Blizzard and Big Little Lies.

Shailene Woodley smoking.

Shailene Woodley smoking. (Source: Instagram)

In 2014, Mark ­Indelicato mentioned how Woodley was not a fan of his smoking. He said, “I smoke cigarettes, and she’s obviously not a big fan. But she gave me this jar of tobacco that’s all natural.”

Shailene Woodley’s look alike

Woodley does have a look-alike and it is none other than Grace Van Patten. 

The doppelgänger remarks between Van Patten and Woodley started when the former played Zoe Marconi in Nine Perfect Strangers. As the program went on, viewers began to comment on how much Van Patten’s appearance and demeanor reminded them of Woodley. 

There is no biological explanation for the duo’s resemblance, despite the possibility that some admirers believed them to be related. The stars don’t appear to have met, and Van Patten and Woodley are unrelated. 

Van Patten did, however, acknowledge that people believe Woodley and her are twins and that she accepts the remarks in stride. “I’ve gotten it a bunch, and I love that,” she said of her being Woodley’s look alike. “She’s an amazing actress and beautiful, so I will take it.”

Shailene Woodley’s tattoo

Woodley does not have a tattoo. However, she sported one for the Divergent series.

Her most prominent tattoo in the series was three birds near her collarbone, which represented three members of Tris’s family. Her other tattoo was the Abnegation tattoo on her right shoulder.

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