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Everything You Need to Know About ‘Moon Knight’ Star May Calamawy



May Calamawy is a talented actress who gained fame for her roles in movies and TV shows such as Djinn, The Long Road Home, FBI, and 1 Out of 30. However, she gained the utmost limelight for her portrayal of Dena Hassan in the Hulu TV show Ramy.

She will soon be seen on the television screens when she appears in the Disney+ show, Moon Knight. In the show, she will portray the role of Layla. The show, set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will be released on March 30, 2022.

Read on as we discover everything we know about her, including her Wikipedia, age, family, height, social media, and more!

How old is May Calamawy?

As of this writing, the Calamawy is around 35 years of age. Born in 1986, the actress celebrates her birthday every year on October 28, as per her IMDb profile. Her birth name is May El Calamawy.


Calamawy was born and mostly raised in the suburbs of Bahrain. But, before she turned 12-year-old, she had spent six years of her life between Doha, Qatar, and Houston, Texas. She also lived in Dubai later in her life.

While she was in Bahrain, she completed high school. After that, she shifted to Boston, Massachusetts, as her father wanted her to study industrial design. However, halfway through the year, she enrolled at Emerson College to study acting.

After applying there, she told her parents, “If I get in, I’m going.” Fortunately, she was accepted to join Emerson College and now has a B.A. in theatre studies. Additionally, she studied at the New York City-based William Esper Studio.


May Calamawy was born to Egyptian-Palestinian parents

Calamawy is yet to share the name of her parents. But, besides that, she has pretty much disclosed several details about her parents.

May Calamawy during a photo shoot.

May Calamawy during a photo shoot. (Source: Variety)

The actress was born to an Egyptian father who works as a banker and a Palestinian mother from Jordan. Apart from her parents, she has a brother whose name isn’t disclosed.

Calamawy’s parents didn’t raise her in the traditional Arab upbringing but were conservative about many things, such as how she dressed and what time she had to be home.


Additionally, though they weren’t always supportive of her acting dreams, they eventually gave their support. During her November 2020 interview with Harpers Bazaar Arabia, she talked about her father’s support and said:

“I’ll always be grateful for the faith and trust he’s [her father] had in my choices. It’s the biggest gift I could get from anyone. All I pray is that we all learn to be that support for our kids. As parents, you don’t realise how much it can really help a child find their potential – even if it doesn’t make sense to you.”

As for her mother, she is no longer alive. During her interview with Glamour Magazine, she said that her mother had “stage 4 lung cancer and was undergoing a very aggressive form of chemotherapy” in 2010.

May Calamawy during the premiere of 'The Long Road Home'

May Calamawy during the premiere of ‘The Long Road Home’ (Photo: IMDb)

She mentioned that her mother was her best friend, therapist, and confidant, and she didn’t have the tools to cope with her deterioration. Despite all the treatment, her mother couldn’t be saved, and she died in the same year.

May Calamawy thought of marrying after her mother’s demise

Calamawy’s present relationship status remains unknown as she lives a private life. As a result, it’s not known if she is married to a husband or dating a boyfriend. She might also be single.

Although she might be single now, she did have the idea of settling down with a significant other after her mother’s death.


Starting the story from the start, Calamawy was primarily raised in the Middle East. Due to that, there was some sort of pressure of getting married and having a family on her, as she mentioned in her interview with Glamour Magazine.

May Calamawy in the Hulu show 'Ramy'

May Calamawy in the Hulu show ‘Ramy’ (Photo: Mille World)

Later, in her interview with Harpers Bazaar Arabia, she stated that when she was 27 and about to leave Dubai to study acting, her father and brother were worried about her. They said to her, “Why? You’re at an age when all your friends are getting married….”

Calamawy then recalled that following her mother’s demise, she did try to settle down. She said, “After my mum passed away, I tried to do the ‘right’ thing, find the ‘right’ man and start a family… but I just felt dead inside. I didn’t feel like myself.”


“And I was asking, ‘What is that? I’m just not listening to my true calling,’” she added.

Although the thought of getting married had occurred to her, she realized that it wasn’t the true calling for her at that time. So she put that topic aside and began focusing on her career.

And for those who might wonder who was she going to marry and whether she had a partner or not, the actress didn’t mention anything about that. It’s possible that she was likely to do an arranged marriage, common in the Middle East and Asia.


May Calamawy has an average height and weight

Calamawy’s exact height presently remains unknown as there are different data about it. Her IMDb profile suggests that she is 5 feet 6½ inches (1.69 meters) tall, whereas some other outlets have mentioned that her height is 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters).

Nonetheless, considering those figures, it could be said that she has an average height. As for her weight, the actress likes to keep herself fit and maintain her weight. Reports suggest that she weighs around 55 kg (121 lbs).

Furthermore, her body measurements are 34-28-36 inches. Her eyes color is brown, and her hair color is black.


May Calamawy is inactive on Instagram and Twitter

As mentioned earlier, Calamawy lives a private life away from the limelight. Due to the same reason, she isn’t much active on the two social media platforms she is in — Instagram and Twitter.

The actress started using Instagram in November 2016 under the username @calamawy. Fast forward to the present time, she only has three posts on the photo-sharing platform. As for her followers, she has over 26,000 followers.

Speaking of her Twitter handle, she joined the platform in September 2009. However, she isn’t active on Twitter and has only made 26 tweets. She has exactly 1,724 followers on Twitter as of this writing.


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Does HoYeon Jung Have Any Siblings? Learn about Her Family

HoYeon Jung doesn’t share much about her family and keeps it private.



Does Hoyeon Jung Have Any Siblings? Learn About Her Family

Jung HoYeon, also known as HoYeon Jung, is a renowned South Korean model and actress. She has two siblings, one younger sister and one older sister. 

HoYeon and her two siblings were born in Myeonmok-dong, Seoul, South Korea. She was born on June 23, 1994. Her parents are involved in the restaurant business. She completed her studies at Dongduk Women’s University College of Performing Arts, where she specialized in modeling. 

There is not much information available about her parents or siblings online. Her older sister is named Jung Ji-Yeon. On occasions such as Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, HoYeon has shared posts on her Instagram featuring her parents to celebrate them. 


In 2018, she posted a series of family photos and expressed feelings about missing her family on Father’s Day. Other than that, she is very private about her family and has not disclosed much information. 

HeYeon Jung was one of Korea’s top model 

She started her modeling career in 2010 as a freelance model and appeared in Seoul Fashion Week shows for two years. In 2013, she participated in the fourth season of Korea’s Next Top Model and was the runner-up. 

She started taking modeling classes when she was 15 years old and began working as a freelance model at the age of 16 in 2010. She walked in shows for Seoul Fashion Week for two years without an agency. 


In 2011, she auditioned for the second season of Korea’s Next Top Model while still freelancing but withdrew after making it to the top 30. In 2012, she signed with ESteem Models and then competed on the fourth season of Korea’s Next Top Model in 2013. 

After being eliminated in the third episode and later returning in the fifth episode, she finished as a runner-up. In 2014, she appeared in the music video for Kim Yeon-woo’s song ‘Move.’ 

HoYeon’s vibrant red hair became her signature look after she made her international runway debut during New York Fashion Week. She walked exclusively for Louis Vuitton in 2016 and was appointed global ambassador for the brand in 2021.


HoYeon Jung made her acting debut in 2021 

The model decided to pursue acting as a career due to the short lifespan of modeling careers, which she felt affected her work in modeling. 

While modeling overseas, she returned to South Korea during holidays to take acting lessons and spent three months improving her acting skills. She also worked on improving her English to aid her in learning acting. 

In 2021, HoYeon made her acting debut in the Netflix series Squid Game as Kang Sae-byeok, which propelled her to international stardom and earned her critical acclaim as the show’s breakout star.


She played the role of Kang Sae-byeok, a North Korean defector and pickpocket who needs money to support her younger brother and locate her mother in North Korea. 

For her performance in the series, she won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series and received a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Keep reading Glamour Buff for more exciting stories! 

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Who Are Vanna White’s Husband and Children? Everything We Know

Inside Vanna White Husband and Children



Who are Vanna White Husband and Children?

Vanna White is widely recognized for co-hosting the popular game show Wheel of Fortune, which she has been a part of since 1982. However, her marital relationship has not been as enduring as her career, as she separated from her husband after twelve years of marriage.

White worked as a professional model and actress. She made her first television appearance in 1980 in an episode of the show The Price is Right.

She also appeared in several television shows and movies, including The King of Queens, Full House, and Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult.


White has been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has won several awards for her work on Wheel of Fortune, including a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host.

She is also involved in various charitable causes, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the American Cancer Society.

This article will focus on Vanna White’s personal life, particularly her marital status, husband, and children.


Vanna White has a turbulent married relationship

White was engaged twice, married, and divorced once throughout her life, and now she is in a committed relationship with her boyfriend.

She was engaged to One Life to Live actor John Gibson, who unfortunately passed away in a plane crash in 1986. Then she married a restaurant owner, George Santo Pietro, in 1990.

White and Pietro had two children together, and it was also revealed on Wheel of Fortune that she went through a miscarriage in 1992. The couple eventually got divorced in 2002.


After her divorce from Pietro, White shared on her show, Wheel of Fortune, that she was engaged to California-based businessman Michael Kaye. Sadly, the engagement did not progress, and after a few years, White ended the relationship.

In 2012, White began a committed relationship with John Donaldson, although they have not yet married. White describes their relationship as feeling like a marriage.

Vanna White with her boyfriend John Donaldson and her children, Nikko and Gigi

Vanna White with her boyfriend, John Donaldson, and her children, Nikko and Gigi (Image Source: Instagram)

In an interview with Closer Weekly in 2019, she said, “We’ve been together for eight years and it seems to be working so we’re both happy, so in my eyes, I feel — in both of our eyes — we feel married. So I don’t think you necessarily have to have a piece of paper unless you want to.”


“We’re faced with a lot of positives and negatives, and we have to accept them and do whatever we can to get through it. It’s like if you break an arm — it takes time, but it does heal. Life is not perfect — just try to make the best of it. Be strong, be kind to people, and be happy,” White added.

Vanna White is a mother of two lovely children

From her marriage to restaurant owner Pietro, White has two grown-up children: a daughter named Giovana Santo Pietro(Gigi) and a son named Nicholas Santo Pietro(Nikko).

On August 11, 2022, the 65 years old wished her children on national son and daughter day on Instagram, praising them as “The joys of my life.”


White’s first child, Nikko, was born on June 10, 1994. Although it is reported that he graduated from Oregon State University, he also attended The University of Arizona at some point. While Nikko’s current profession is unclear, he has shared on his Instagram that he enjoys traveling, spending time with friends, and indulging in delicious food.

According to the Daily Mail, Nikko was previously in a romantic gay relationship with Liberian monk Jaycee Akinsanya. “Jaycee and I have a special relationship,” Nikko said in 2013. “It’s the closest I’ve ever been with anyone.” While it is uncertain whether the two are still together, Nikko’s Facebook page features numerous photos of the couple.

Nilkko’s younger sister Gigi was born on July 2, 1997. Along with her older brother, Gigi often visited their mother on the set of Wheel of Fortune,


Gigi is now a skilled young woman who graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her Instagram profile reveals that she is currently an apprentice at a tattoo studio. Aside from tattooing, Gigi is also interested in art, photography, and drawing.

White appears to be content in the company of her boyfriend, Donaldson, as well as her son and daughter.

On December 23, 2022, Whites shared the family photo along with her boyfriend and her children with the caption, “Happy Holidays from my family to yours!”

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All about Florence Pugh’s Piercings and Tattoos

Florence Pugh is obsessed with tattoos and piercings.



All About Florence Pugh’s Piercings And Tattoos

English actress Florence Pugh is fond of getting piercings and tattoos throughout her body. 

Leading lady Pugh has a knack for selecting the ideal earring collection. She recently displayed her impressive jewelry skills on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival by tying a celestial cluster piece and a dainty lightning bolt to the silver flecks on her stunning gown.

In addition to a great earring collection, she has perfect piercings all over her body, including her ears, septum, and many more.


Florence Pugh passed out during her septum piercing

Pugh had a new septum piercing, and things did not go as planned. The actress revealed that she fainted while getting her septum pierced on Instagram. 

Pugh showcased the new nose piercing in three selfies in an Instagram carousel on December 5, 2021. The first and second photos show her with a tiny new silver ring through her septum and a lollipop in her mouth, which she said was given to her by fellow actor Zoe Lister-Jones in the caption. The third image shows her making a peace sign with the needle piercing her septum cartilage.

She wrote in the caption, “When you wanna be a cool grown-up and get a cool new piercing and you instantly fail, go green and then faint.” According to Pugh, her friend Zoe Lister-Jones was there for her with a lollipop to cheer her up. Later, the actress quickly recovered, flaunting a new nose piercing and a cute diamond-encrusted segment clicker ring.


Even though the piercing procedure wasn’t exactly ideal, Pugh looks amazing in her new jewelry. The septum ring was visible when she walked the red carpet in Valentino for the Don’t Look Up premiere.

The meanings behind Florence Pugh’s tattoos

Pugh is obsessed with tattoos, just like she is with piercings. Her collection of tattoos is expanding quickly. In 2019, she got her first tattoo, and she hasn’t stopped since. Pugh has got a total of four known tattoos over three years.

Florence Pugh got her first tattoo in 2019.

Florence Pugh got her first tattoo in 2019. (Source: Instagram)

The actress got her first tiny tattoo, a worker bee on her inner left wrist. Previously, in an interview with Elle UK, she stated, “If I ever talked about getting a tattoo, it was that I was going to get a snail.” However, when it came time to get the ink, she chose a bee instead. 


A folk horror film about a violent cult, Midsommar was one of the films that propelled Pugh to stardom. The cult dances around a maypole in the film, which is a large pole shaped like a cross, and it became one of the film’s defining images. In 2020, fans noticed an etch of the same image tattooed on her left wrist.

Similarly, the actress got a fine-line tattoo of two arrows pointing toward a deer. In some cultures, a deer is a spiritual symbol, but she has not revealed why she got that tattoo.

Furthermore, Pugh got a lit matchstick tattoo with the word spelled below it right above her bee tattoo, but she hasn’t revealed the meaning behind the design.

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