Facts about ‘Moon Knight’ Star Gaspard Ulliel’s Age, Parents, Net Worth, and Height

Facts about ‘Moon Knight’ Star Gaspard Ulliel’s Age, Parents, Net Worth, and Height

Facts about ‘Moon Knight’ Star Gaspard Ulliel’s Age, Parents, Net Worth, and Height

Gaspard Ulliel, an aspiring French actor, known to have the last significant role in Marvel’s production Moon Knight, which is yet to be premiered, had been caught up in a ski accident leading to an unfortunate death on January 19, 2022, at Grenoble, France.

Having first on-screen role at the age of 12 in the TV series Une femme en Blanc in 1997, followed by his other parts in short films such as Alias in 1999, Brotherhood of the Wolf in 2001, Summer Things in 2002, and Strayed in 2003, the actor had himself familiarize with the entertainment industry. 

Ulliel later gained stardom after his role in A Very Long Engagement in 2004, which marked his nomination at the Cesar Awards (equivalent to Oscars in France) for Most Promising Male Newcomer, along with his nomination in 2003 and 2005, too. He proclaimed the award in the latter one.

How Old Was Gaspard Ulliel?

Ulliel had just touched the age of 37 in 2022, with his birth date being November 25, 1984. He was born in a suburb in Paris, namely Neuilly-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine, with Sagittarius as his zodiac sign.

According to IMDb, the rising star had finished schooling at The lycee (French high school) and majored in cinema at the University of Saint-Denis before setting off towards his acting career, which had already seen a flame of hope at the age of 12.

Who Are Gaspard Ulliel’s Parents?

Ulliel was the only child of Christine Ulliel, a runaway show producer, and Serge Ulliel, a fashion designer.

Being born to parents already familiar with the industry, Ulliel had it easier to understand the cinematic world but not so easy to enter the industry with a pace. 

In a personal quote, quoted by IMDb, Ulliel stated that his progression was a bit slow but regular as his words followed:

“At first, I had some small parts in TV movies – in fact, my parents didn’t want me to miss school, so I was working just once or twice a year. And I had a really regular progression- and this is really pleasant….”

Along with his words was his happiness, as it seemed that Ulliel loved his way of entry in the industry, starting with the basic level and staying lucid without getting carried away by the flow.

The significant trademark for the actor was his scar that touched his cheek at the age of 6 while trying to ride over a Doberman, but that never became an issue for the actor’s talent.

What Was Gaspard Ulliel’s Height?

The two times Cesar award winner, Ulliel, had a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77m), which is considered an average height for an actor-model in Hollywood.

The actor had mesmerizing, natural blue eyes and brown hair since birth which took a twist and turn with every role he took over. He reportedly weighed around 75kg or 166 lbs. 

Gaspard Ulliel’s Net Worth till Date

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the French actor and model had a healthy net worth of $8 million, thanks to his hard work and passion for his career.

Being a French actor, Ulliel took off his acting career from French series and movies.

Ulliel had his first major English language film in 2007, starring as Hannibal Lector in Hannibal Rising, which can be listed as one of his major films in his acting career, especially to American audiences. 

From being the face of the Chanel fragrance Bleu de Chanel to fashion mogul Yves Saint Laurent in the biopic Saint Laurent, Ulliel has marked his stardom in all industry-leading towards his millionaire profile.

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