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London Bridge Is Down — Queen Elizabeth II Dead at 96

The London Bridge is down.



London Bridge Is Down — Queen Elizabeth II Dead at 96?
London Bridge Is Down — Queen Elizabeth II Dead at 96?

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The London Bridge is down.

Queen Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom monarch and 14 other sovereign countries, is dead at 96. She died peacefully while surrounded by her family. “The Queen has died, very sadly. She died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon,” officials said.

Her cause of death was presumably due to aging and complicated health issues.

Now, after her death, her son Prince Charles immediately became King. According to CNN, the Royal family referred to Charles as King in announcing the death of Queen Elizabeth.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reacted to the news that Queen Elizabeth II had died at 96, saying that “our hearts and our thoughts” go to the family and the people of the United Kingdom.

“Our hearts and our thoughts go to the family members of the Queen, goes to the people of United Kingdom. I don’t want to get ahead of what the President is going to say,” Jean-Pierre said at the end of the White House press briefing, reacting live to the news of the Queen’s passing.

Concerns about her health and death rumors began after Buckingham Palace, on September 8, 2022, revealed that Queen Elizabeth II was being monitored by medics — who were concerned about her health. It was reported that she was comfortable and will continue at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where she has spent the summer.

The successor to the throne, now-King Prince Charles, was at Balmoral Castle with the Queen and his wife, Camilla, and sister, Princess Anne. Soon after the news about the Queen being treated was released, Charles’ oldest son, Prince William, was on his way to Balmoral, as were his brother, Prince Harry, his wife, Meghan, Prince Andrew, and the Earl and Countess of Wessex.

The statement regarding the Queen’s health came a day after the 96-year-old Queen was urged to rest and postponed a meeting of her Privy Council. At Wednesday’s meeting, the Privy Council, a group of the monarch’s top advisors, was scheduled to swear in Truss and her new Cabinet colleagues officially. 

On September 8, every top official in the government and the BBC were being closely monitored. Huw Edwards, a BBC news presenter, went on air wearing a black tie before it was announced that the Queen was dead.

This is a canary in the mine for people who are aware of the arrangements for the death of a king. Similarly, BBC’s website was changed to black, and all BBC One programming was canceled till 6 p.m.

What will happen now?

The plan for what will happen in the United Kingdom on and immediately after Queen Elizabeth II’s death is known as Operation London Bridge, also known by its code phrase London Bridge Is Down. 

This includes the announcement of her death, the period of official mourning, and the details of her state funeral. Some crucial choices about the plan have been made by the Queen herself, while others will have to be made by her successor, Charles, Prince of Wales, following her death. 

When Queen dies, her private secretary will be the first official to deliver the news. Their first step will be to contact the prime minister, where civil servants will use secure telephone lines to convey the code phrase “London Bridge is down” to the prime minister. 

Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96.

Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96. (Source: Twitter)

The private secretary will also inform the cabinet secretary and the Privy Council Office. The cabinet secretary will then tell ministers and senior civil servants. 

The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office’s Global Response Centre, based in a secret location in London, will communicate the news to the governments of the 14 other countries where Elizabeth II reigned and the governments of the other Commonwealth of Nations.

An announcement would inform the media to PA Media and the BBC via the Radio Alert Transmission System (RATS). Similarly, the commercial radio on the Independent Radio News will also be informed via a network of blue “obit lights” alerting presenters to play “inoffensive music” and prepare for a news flash.

At the same time, BBC Two would suspend scheduled programming and switch to BBC One’s broadcast of the announcement. It is reported that The Times has 11 days of planned coverage, while ITN and Sky News have long practiced her death under the name “Mrs Robinson.”

A footman would attach a dark-edged notification to Buckingham Palace’s gates. At the same time, the palace website would display the same notice.

The Parliament of the United Kingdom, as well as the parliaments of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland would meet as soon as possible or be recalled if they are not currently sitting. The Prime Minister would address the House of Commons. 

The new monarch, Prince Charles, will meet with the prime minister and then deliver a speech to the nation at 6 p.m., the evening following the Queen’s death. 

Whitehall and local government buildings will fly flags at half-mast, and books of condolence may be opened; ceremonial ornaments, such as ceremonial maces or council chains, are to be placed in black purses.

Similarly, Gun salutes will take place at saluting stations. Depending on where Elizabeth II died, different preparations for conveying her coffin are planned, including those for Windsor Castle and Scotland. 

The plan known as Operation Unicorn will happen since the Queen died in Scotland. Once the death is made public, Holyrood Palace, St Giles’ Cathedral, and the Scottish Parliament will be the focal points of gatherings, with a public condolence book put up at the latter.

Parliamentary activities will be halted immediately for at least six days to enable officials to prepare for the burial. Within 72 hours after reconvening, the parliament will draft a motion of condolence.

The Queen’s coffin will be laid to rest at Holyrood Palace, followed by a reception ceremony at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh. Following that, the coffin would be brought to Waverley station and, if feasible, conveyed by the Royal Train to London. 

If not, the coffin would be flown to London and met by the prime minister and cabinet members.

If she had died at Windsor Castle or Sandringham House, the coffin would be transported by Royal Train to London’s St Pancras railway station. There, the prime minister and cabinet ministers will be waiting.

If she had died overseas, the coffin would be transported by No. 32 (The Royal) Squadron to RAF Northolt and then by hearse to Buckingham Palace. 

In all situations, the casket would be carried to Buckingham Palace’s Throne Room. It would be brought to Westminster Hall five days following the Queen’s death and lay in state for three days after service.

A state funeral led by the Archbishop of Canterbury would be held at Westminster Abbey ten days after the Queen’s death. Her body would then be buried in a prepared tomb at King George VI Memorial Chapel in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, alongside Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, whose coffin will be moved from the Royal Vault. 

Before the burial, a committal ceremony would be performed at St George’s Chapel. As the Queen and the Prime Minister agreed, the day of the funeral would be proclaimed a day of national mourning, although no bank holiday would be given.

At noon, there will be a two-minute silence throughout the United Kingdom, and processions will assemble in London and Windsor.

The plans for the Queen’s death and funeral run concurrently with Operation Spring Tide, the plan for the Prince of Wales’ accession to the throne. The day after the Queen’s death, the Accession Council would meet at St James’s Palace to proclaim the new monarch.

Parliament would meet that evening to swear allegiance to the new monarch and express condolences for the Queen’s death. The majority of legislative activity would be halted for ten days. 

The new monarch, King Charles, will welcome the prime minister and cabinet for an audience at 3:30 p.m. Proclamations of the new monarch will be made by the Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish governments two days following the Queen’s death. 

King Charles would receive the motion of condolence in Westminster Hall in the morning on the third day after the Queen’s death before departing on a tour of the United Kingdom. Similarly, the new king would visit the Scottish parliament and attend a liturgy at Edinburgh’s St Giles’ Cathedral. 

He would also go to Northern Ireland the next day when they would receive a motion of condolence at Hillsborough Castle and attend a liturgy at St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast. 

Then, he would visit Wales seven days following the Queen’s death, receiving a vote of condolence from the Welsh parliament and attending liturgy at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff.

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Kaylee Bryant Reveals Her Real Name, Says She Regretted Changing It

Kaylee Bryant now proudly embraces her identity.



Kaylee Bryant Reveals Her Real Name, Says She Regretted Changing It

American actress Kaylee Bryant recently surprised her fans and followers by sharing interesting details about her name.

On November 30, 2023, Bryant shared a revealing post featuring herself in a white t-shirt and blue jeans, where she disclosed a surprising revelation about her actual last name.

In the caption, the actress unveiled that her actual last name isn’t Bryant. She explained that when she was 11 years old, she was advised that having the last name Kaneshiro would hinder her prospects as an actor.

In response, she quickly jotted down a random name on a napkin, ultimately choosing Bryant as her new last name. Reflecting on this decision, she expressed regret, acknowledging that she failed to grasp the significance of erasing a substantial part of her identity at such a young age.

Now, with a newfound understanding, the actress declared that there is no better time than the present to reintroduce herself authentically.

Revealing her true last name as Kaylee Kaneshiro (pronounced kah-neh-she-row), she concluded the post by embracing her real name and expressing love for the identity she had temporarily set aside.

In response to Kaneshiro’s post, a heartfelt comment surfaced, with one person expressing, “Your real name is beautiful; thank you for sharing your story with the world. We love you and your name.”

Likewise, another individual chimed in, saying, “I’ve always loved your real last name, and it’s even more admirable that you’re standing true to it!! Starting tomorrow, I’ll be calling you Kaylee Kaneshiro.”

Among these comments, a few individuals expressed curiosity about Kaylee’s ethnicity. One person congratulated her and posed a question, saying, “Do you have Japanese roots? According to Google, your original last name is a word in Japanese.”

Explore Kaylee Kaneshiro’s ethnicity

Kaneshiro is of Japanese ethnicity, with a hint of German, Irish, English, and Danish. During her appearance in a Josie-centric episode, she opened up about her heritage. She revealed her fluent proficiency in the Japanese language, developed over years of speaking it.

Similarly, with her grandfather being Okinawan, she has been immersed in Japanese culture throughout her life.

Engaging with Soji Arai, a fellow actor from Japan, during the episode, Kaneshiro expressed the joy of reconnecting with her roots and reviving her conversational skills in Japanese that had somewhat diminished over time.

Kaylee Kaneshiro identifies with Japanese ethnicity.

Kaylee Kaneshiro identifies with Japanese ethnicity. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the actress shared her genuine interest in observing people’s reactions when she speaks Japanese. Emphasizing her authentic intentions, she clarified that she is not aiming to symbolize any particular identity or movement. Instead, her focus is on fostering a connection with viewers.

For her, the ultimate satisfaction comes when a mixed-race girl watches her on screen, resonates with her portrayal, and feels a sense of comfort in their own identity.

Brief on Kaylee Kaneshiro’s early life

Kaneshiro was born in Orange County, California. In terms of her education, she embarked on homeschooling at the age of 12, a decision made to accelerate and customize her learning experience.

Remarkably, by the time she reached fifteen, she had already transitioned to junior high as a sophomore. Although details about the university from which she graduated remain undisclosed, it is reported that she completed her graduation.

Post her formal education, the actress significantly increased her involvement in the entertainment industry. This progression marked a pivotal moment in her career as she transitioned from her academic pursuits to actively pursuing opportunities in the world of entertainment.

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Mads Lewis and Tana Mongeau Squash Old Beef and Become Friends

Beef? Squashed.




Mads Lewis and Tana Mongeau Squash Old Beef and Become Friends

Mads Lewis and Tana Mongeau have squashed their beef!

The two had a lot of drama going on between them, but now, it looks like they are friends. They initially started keeping their history behind when Lewis was spotted at Mongeau’s Halloween Party.

Since then, fans and followers of the two had been wondering if they had squashed their beef and become friends. However, neither of them had confirmed it.


@Tana Mongeau hey tana im sorry lol

♬ original sound – Madison

But now, both of them seemingly told their fans and followers that they are back to being friends via TikTok. On November 30, 2023, both took to the platform to upload a video of each other.

Mongeau posted a TikTok of them looking at each other awkwardly with the caption, “When we finally squashed the beef and realized we are alike…” Lewis, on the other hand, made a video of the two saying they hate each other but confessing that they don’t at each other’s faces.

Fans and followers of the duo are happy that their idols are back to being friends. A person wrote on Instagram, “Make love, not war or whatever that saying is.”

Mads Lewis and Tana Mongeau have squashed their beef and are friends

Mads Lewis and Tana Mongeau have squashed their beef and are friends. (Source: TikTok)

Fans of Lewis lauded her for being the bigger person and squashing the beef with Mongeau. One of them wrote, “Mads forgives everyone. She’s such a better person bcs the things that they’ve done to her is.”

Likewise, another commented, “Whether y’all like it or not mads is mature enough to forgive garbage [expletive] people have done to her and actually fix/mend her relationships. She did the same with Nessa [Barrett] and other people who did her dirty.”

Similarly, another person penned, “Mads is being a bigger person and not having any animosity with ppl. Squashing beef and not wanting to have problems with ppl isn’t fake. it’s called maturity. I believe she shouldn’t be friends with someone of these ppl but it’s her decision at the end of the day.” 

Although the brunt of Lewis and Mongeau’s feud intensified in the summer of 2023, it began with a tweet Lewis sent following the death of influencer Cooper Noriega. Because Lewis and Noriega had supposedly been closest friends, his followers created a memorial video at the time, set to music by Jaden Hossler, Lewis’s ex-boyfriend. 

However, Lewis took advantage of the situation to disparage Hossler and Noriega’s fans rather than trying to diffuse the tension at a trying moment.

She tweeted, “Y’all know nothing! Please stop using Jaden’s music over edits of Cooper it’s disrespectful. You’re a hypocrite, Jaden, a [expletive] hypocrite,” according to  The original TikTokroom.

Mongeau naturally started the fight when she retweeted Mads and made fun of the mourning influencer by asking, “? who tweets this.”

Lewis and Mongeau also often talk to the BFFs Podcast, where most controversy between the influencers tends to start. After bringing up Mongeau’s Coachella ensemble, Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards inquired about Lewis’ opinion. 

They joked about how she “hates everything,” but she promptly shot it down. Mads said, “I don’t hate everything and I don’t have beef with Tana.” “She just switches up on people so fast. You know what I’m saying? I was really good friends with her, actually,” she added.

Many fans who rushed to the comments section to express their thoughts about Mongeau and Lewis agreed that the former had a reputation for switching up. 

Then, Mongeau decided to defend herself on CANCELLED, her podcast. She claimed that the two met on social media and exchanged a couple of story replies.

Then, they had one phone call where Mongeau was drunk. During that call, Lewis explained about Hossler, who used to be her ex, dating his new girlfriend at the time, Nessa Barrett.

Mongeau said, “We never hung out when the sun is out, we’ve never hung out alone, I couldn’t tell you anything about her. Respectfully, Mads, you don’t know me well enough to know what me switching up would look like.”

Lewis then posted on her TikTok a snapshot of a string of texts between them, in which it appears they are close friends. Tana also texted, “U KNOW I GOT YOU FOR LIFE,” something that most acquaintances wouldn’t say to one another during the conversation. 

Additionally, they mentioned several phones, suggesting they each had various phone numbers. Mongeau then went on the BFFs podcast to claim they were not as good of a friend as Lewis said.

She claimed they had hung out two times and met each other six times. Regardless, she indicated that she had no bad blood against the influencer.

Now that the two have squashed their beef, it looks like they can be genuine and close friends moving forward. 

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TikTok Star Gabby Morrison Gets Engaged to Boyfriend Luke Joseph

Congrats to the couple!




TikTok Star Gabby Morrison Gets Engaged to Boyfriend Luke Joseph

Gabby Morrison is getting married soon!

She announced her engagement to her boyfriend Luke Joseph on Instagram on November 29, 2023. She uploaded a series of photos of Joseph proposing to her and also posted a picture of her engagement ring with the caption, “I’m a fiancée.”

The comment section of her post was filled with congratulatory messages, wishing her the best for her upcoming future. Joseph also posted a video showing his plans before she asked Morrison to be his wife.

He posted a countdown video from 24 hours before getting engaged. He showed the process which included getting Morrison’s nails done, celebrating their anniversary on a yacht, and then to the beach where he had planned their engagement.

He had prepared a heart-shaped structure made with roses at the beach with a sign that said, “Will you marry me?” The pathway to the heart was bordered with candles and red roses, adorned with rose petals.

He also had miniature fireworks on the side, while the bottom of the heart was decorated with pictures of the couple. Along with their Instagram posts, Morrison uploaded a video titled ‘I SAID YES!!! // FULL ENGAGEMENT VIDEO’ on her YouTube Channel, where she reacted to her getting engaged to her boyfriend.

Gabby Morrison got engaged to her boyfriend, Luke Joseph.

Gabby Morrison got engaged to her boyfriend, Luke Joseph. (Source: Instagram)

She admitted that she had a gut feeling Joseph was about to propose to her when they took a small boat to the restaurant where they were going to have their engagement dinner.

On the way, Joseph showed her a video he had made for their anniversary. The video was made on Minecraft, where he detailed their entire relationship.

He said how he met the love of his life on Minecraft eight years ago and shared snippets of their friends and family wishing them the best. Morrison got emotional seeing the video.

The two then made their way to the restaurant, or so Morrison thought so. As soon as they stepped out of the boat, she saw the setup and realized that her hunch was correct —  she was getting engaged.

She then saw her parents and got emotional. Joseph gave her a small speech about how much he loved her and was happy to be her boyfriend. 

He called her his “favorite person ever” and admitted how much he loved her family as well. As a result, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Morrison said yes, and the two hugged, hopeful for their future. Joseph shared his experience of proposing to his partner and said that Morrison made a face that he had never seen before.

She looked very happy but wanted to cry and “burst out in tears.” Morrison said that she had never felt the way she felt while getting engaged. 

She was overwhelmingly happy so she was struggling to show her correct emotions. She thanked her partner and claimed that she had always wanted to have her engagement at a beach.

So when Joseph did that for her, she was very, very happy. Joseph admitted that the plan for engagement changed four times with two different venues.

The duo admitted that they had not comprehended them getting engaged properly since they went to Thanksgiving dinner right afterward, and the next day, they went on a cruise. 

They revealed that they were going to Disney the next day and then would have an engagement party. They promised that they would make a new video sitting down and detailing their wedding plans.

The pair started dating in November 2021. However, they went Instagram official with their relationship only in April 2022. 

Initially, they were in a long-distance relationship. But later, Joseph came to America from the UK for her. 

Since then, they have featured each other on their social media, including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. They have also traveled to various countries together.

All in all, it looks like the couple are happy and can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together.

Before Joseph, Morrison was in a relationship with Andre Swilley. They were in a serious relationship and were even living together in L.A.

But after dating for two years, the duo parted ways. Morrison said in a YouTube video that they broke up because she completely lost herself in the relationship.

They were constantly bickering, and the influencer was not happy at all. In the end, they parted ways, and Morrison started dating her current boyfriend, Joseph.

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