Victoria Beckham’s Tattoo Removal Doesn’t Mean Split with David Beckham

Victoria Beckham’s Tattoo Removal Doesn’t Mean Split with David Beckham

Fans were concerned about Victoria Beckham and David Beckham’s marital status when Victoria Beckham removed the wrist tattoo of her husband’s initials.

Victoria Beckham’s Tattoo Removal Doesn’t Mean Split with David Beckham

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After Victoria Beckham removed her wrist tattoo of her husband’s initials, fans were worried about her and David Beckham’s marriage status.

Only a few weeks after Sylvester Stallone covered over his wife’s tattoo, causing her to later sue for divorce and then withdraw it, Victoria seemed to exhibit the same bothersome behavior with her ink tribute.

To commemorate the couple’s tenth wedding anniversary, Victoria, 48, received the tattoo on her wrist in 2009. 

On September 25, 2022, the fashion designer shared a beauty tutorial on Instagram, but the only thing anyone could see was her inkless wrists. When she posted the video on Instagram, fans noticed the tattoos on her wrist appeared to be nearly gone.

Victoria Beckham’s tattoo removal sparks marriage concerns

After viewers pointed out her bare wrist in a recent video, Victoria appears to have had her tattoo honoring her husband David removed. She got the cursive ‘DB’ tattoo on her wrist in 2009 to mark the couple’s tenth wedding anniversary.

According to the footage, the tattoo appeared to be in the process of being removed, and there are still bits of it visible. Likewise, the tattoo VIII-V-MMVI that she got on her right wrist to represent May 8, 2006, the day they exchanged their second “I do,” is also no longer there.

Now that the ex-Spice Girls had the tattoo marking the date of their vow renewal and the initial of her husband removed, Victoria and David’s marriage has been the subject of breakup rumors due to the removal of the tattoo for the past few weeks.

Nonetheless, the truth is that Victoria is still flaunting a wedding ring on her ring finger, and she and David were spotted holding hands in public last week.

Victoria Beckham with her husband David Beckham.

Victoria Beckham with her husband David Beckham. (Source: victoriabeckham/Instagram)

A source close to the couple told TMZ that there are no marital problems between the two, and Victoria just had a number of tattoos erased off her body.

She reportedly underwent laser treatment because she didn’t think her tattoos accurately depicted a successful businesswoman.

According to many UK tabloids, including The Mirror, the fashion designer is purportedly erasing all her personal tattoos to match her more minimalistic aesthetic.

In July, Victoria and David toasted their 23rd wedding anniversary. The former Spice Girl paid a heartfelt homage on their special day to her hubby.

She uploaded a cute picture with her husband and cited, “They say he isn’t funny, they say I never smile, they said it wouldn’t last. Today we celebrate 23 years being married.”  

Fans’ reaction to Victoria Beckham’s tattoo removal

Many fans were worried for Victoria and David, speculating that their marriage had come to an end after witnessing the tattoos she did to honor their relationship has gone.

One of the fans tweeted, “Could Victoria Beckham’s tattoo removal be the first sign that her and David’s marriage is on the rocks?” 

Another fan said, “Istg if david and victoria beckham ever split up it’ll be over for my heart.” 

“Could Marriage To David Beckham Be Over?” read the third tweet.

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