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Tayler Holder’s Mom Wendy Exposing Truth behind Sexual Assault Allegations

Mama holder is defending her son!



Tayler Holder’s Mom Wendy Exposing Truth behind Sexual Assault Allegations

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Tayler Holder’s mother, Wendy (@wendyholder on Instagram), is now coming to his defense and speaking her truth.

In February 2022, Holder received various allegations of sexual assault, misconduct, and molestation. The TikToker has defended himself countless times, but people still believe the accusations.


Moreover, his former close friends don’t have his back. But it seems like Mama Holder is ready to fight with the netizens for the sake of her son.

Recently she took to Instagram comments to answer back to people who accused her son of sexual assault and molestation.

Tayler Holder’s mom defended him

In the comment section, a person named @kirstyhearing wrote how she was ready for everything to be over. She empathized with Holder and penned how he endured a lot at a young age.


She called him genuine and someone who puts others’ reputations over his own. @kirstyhearing believed it was time for Holder to put himself first and protect himself.

She called the rumors unjust and how the truth would prevail in the end. Wendy replied to the comment and agreed with @kirstyhearing.

Tayler Holder's mother, Wendy, defended her son against the sexual assault allegation.

Tayler Holder’s mother, Wendy, defended her son against the sexual assault allegation. (Source: Instagram)

She called her son “too kind” and wished that the TikToker would get mad and let the truth out one day. She said, “they do not deserve his protection,” but did not clarify who “they” were.


@ramasdarwish asked Holder and his mother if they had proof of the TikToker being innocent. The label of being a predator and assaulter does not go away unless refuted with solid evidence.

@ramasdarwish wondered why the mother-son duo had done nothing to protect their reputation and cared about the actual predators. Wendy left a sarcastic comment saying the devil was working overtime on this one.

What happened to Tayler Holder?

Holder has faced several criticisms since February 2022. First, several of his close pals unfollowed him on social media, including Bryce Hall, Charly Jordan, Josh Richards, Olivia Ponton, and Kelianne Stankus.


Some of them implied that they had unfollowed him because he had been accused of sexual assault and misconduct.

However, since Holder sent cease and desist letters to them, the majority of them did not reveal the actual reason for unfollowing. The TikToker also appeared on the BFFs podcast to explain himself, but nothing came of it.

People like Hall and Keemstar have now admitted that the claims were valid, and one of them included sexual assault on a juvenile.


Regardless, Holder kept mute and did his business, dismissing all claims against him. He acted as if nothing happened, launched his OnlyFans, and released his new single, ‘Human’ on April 27, 2022.

However, the specter of his sexual assault charges lingered on. Holder sent a letter to E! Online on April 23, 2022, to his fans, listeners, haters, supporters, and everyone in between.

The letter included his reaction to the allegations, separation, and feelings about being canceled. He noted that his “recently experienced scrapes and bruises” had given him valuable life lessons.


Holder said that the accusations of sexual assault and misconduct were false. He labeled the false rumors as cyberbullying, which led to his cancellation.

His mental health suffered as a result of internet abuse and cyberbullying. Furthermore, they cost him much on a professional level.

He worked hard to avoid and address internet abuse and cyberbullying, but he was unsuccessful. This prompted him to examine himself critically, evaluate his emotions, and combat the negative consequences.


He spent a significant amount of time alone, away from his friends and family. He discovered a fresh viewpoint that gave him the fortitude to deal with his difficulties and loneliness.

Similarly, he learned to be happy and enjoy his life apart from social media. “I have learned how to just step away at times, take those healthy breaths and find my peace first before I choose to react,” he said in his letter.

It enabled him to be creative and return to his “passion of music,” allowing him to express himself healthily. Music evolved as his “personal therapy.” As a result, he wrote a new song called ‘Human.’


On May 12, 2022, the TikToker sat for an exclusive interview with OK! Magazine, where he discussed the controversy that has engulfed him in recent months.

He discussed his single ‘Human,’ saying he recorded it while he was “at the most vulnerable point” in his life. He described the claims as the “lowest” period of his life.

He said that he did not anticipate his 2022 to begin as it did. This included the charges of sexual misbehavior and assault and the turmoil surrounding his relationship and family.


Holder resorted to music to communicate his grief during this time of stress. Based on his recent experiences, he created the two-and-a-half-minute-and-42-second song.

Despite the controversy and charges that have affected his mental health, Holder is in a good place right now. He gradually accepted responsibility for changing his life. 

The TikToker is now at the happiest place he has ever been. He understands that there will always be individuals who like him and others who do not.


So, rather than concentrating on that, he focuses on keeping loyal to himself. His only goal at present is to make music in the hopes of changing people’s lives as he has transformed his own.

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Is Jeffree Star’s Mystery Boyfriend NFL Player Carl Nassib?

Jeffree Star and Carl Nassib are rumored to be dating.



Is Jeffree Star’s Mystery Boyfriend NFL Player Carl Nassib?

American makeup artist and YouTuber Jeffree Star sparked speculation after posting a photo of himself on a private jet with his NFL boyfriend. 

Star has been giving a sneak peek of his NFL boyfriend on social media for some time now. On January 28, 2023, he shared a picture of himself holding hands with a man in Vans sneakers on a private jet with the caption, “Goodbye LA, time to spend time with my #NFL boo in Wyoming.”

Jeffree Star with his NFL boyfriend on a private jet.

Jeffree Star is dating a mystery man. (Source: Twitter)

The post has sparked a frenzy on the internet, with thousands of people attempting to figure out who the mystery man is. From the picture, many people noticed the scar on his hand, which resembled a mole, freckle, or mark from an intravenous drip and could indicate he had recently undergone surgery. 


Similarly, on January 29, 2023, the makeup artist shared another photo of his supposed partner, wearing a Louis Vuitton co-ord with his back to the camera.

Star took the photo in the bathroom mirror while holding what appeared to be a pistol near the sink. He captioned the photo, “His team didn’t make it to the #SuperBowl, but he’s 6’6 and plays perfect in the bedroom.”

One of the fans who was trying to guess the person in the picture said, “He plays in the NFC South, wears red, and is taller than Jeffree, so he must be a member of the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, or Tampa Bay Buccaneers.” On the other hand, many people speculated that it could be Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Carl Nassib.


Is Carl Nassib Jeffree Star’s boyfriend?

Following the photo of Star with his NFL mystery man, many speculated that the mysterious man was none other than American footballer Nassib. One Tiktok user noticed that Nassib had deleted all of his photos with his boyfriend, Dahl. Some even pointed out that the vein in Nassib’s hand matched the one in the airplane photo.


Replying to @kiwannabrown Now I’m hoping it’s #carlnassib so I can stop my mind from 🕵🏻 #jeffreestar #jeffreestarnflboyfriend #jeffreestarboyfriend #detective ♬ original sound – Mariah B

Similarly, one person came up with her explanation in TikTok, saying, “I wonder if Carl and his boyfriend recently broke up, and Star has been posting this to be like cryptic because his boyfriend will recognize the ex and Star will say, Yeah, I got your man.” 

Following the video, one viewer commented, “Mystery man and Carl both have attached earlobes, just sayinn.” While many people assumed Star’s mysterious love interest was Nassib, others do not. “Nah the hair doesn’t match,” one person wrote.


However, Deuxmoi recently debunked the makeup artist and Nassib’s relationship rumors. “Carl Nassib (openly gay nfl player) watching the Philly 49ers playfoff game at down the hatch West Village,” Deuxmoi wrote. According to the post, Nassib was in New York watching a football game, not in Wyoming with Star.

Deuxmoi debunked the rumored romance between Jeffree Star and Carl Nassib.

Deuxmoi debunked the rumored romance between Jeffree Star and Carl Nassib. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Dahl posted the story with the football player on February 1, 2023, and has not deleted the photo with him on his Instagram feed. Dahl has also posted a picture with Nassib and wrote, “Kicking off 2023 with my man and a trip to the playoffs.” Therefore, Nassib and Dahl might still be romantically involved.

However, Nassib has remained silent about the rumors, so it is unclear whether the person in the Star photo is Nassib.

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Erin Moriarty Shares ‘Off-Screen’ Pics From ‘The Boys’ Sets

Erin Moriarty posted the pictures to mark co-star Colby Minifie’s birthday.



Erin Moriarty Shares 'Off-Screen' Pics From 'The Boys' Sets

Marking the birthday of co-star and actress Colby Minifie, The Boys star Erin Moriarty shares multiple pictures with her castmate on her social media.

The actress wrote [on Instagram], “The off-screen genre of The Boys castmates is a collective love story and this weekend the birthday girl, @colby.minifie, was the star. Scene stealer, extraordinary friend, beautiful soul, and one of the most impactful friendships of my life. (And Colby is wearing the best BODYSUIT of all time before instagram deletes this) I LOVE YOU @colby.minifie.”

One of the pictures from Erin Moriarty’s recent Instagram post.

The posted pictures included Moriarty, Minifie, along with Chace Crawford, Tori Binns, Nathan Mitchell, and Claudia Doumit.


Commenting on the post, the birthday girl Minifie wrote, “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HOLY…”

“Instagram freed the nip just in time for @colby.minifie’s birthday suit,” the official handle of The Boys also added.

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Jeffree Star Leaks Saryn Anderson’s DM over NFL Boyfriend Drama

Who is Jeffree Star’s mystery NFL boyfriend?!




Jeffree Star Leaks Saryn Anderson’s DM Over NFL Boyfriend Drama

Jeffree Star has been hinting that he has been dating an NFL star

Star whipped the internet into a frenzy over the weekend after tweeting a photo of himself holding hands with his NFL boyfriend, followed by another picture that teased fans.

This has led many to guess who the mystery man is, and a few names have been thrown into the mix, mainly being that of Henry Anderson. Following that, Henry’s wife, Saryn Anderson, sent a DM to the makeup mogul, who then leaked it on Twitter.


The situation is messy, and here is everything we know about it. 

Jeffree Star’s NFL boyfriend

Star has been teasing about how he has a boyfriend in the NFL for some time now. He has been giving a sneak peek of his beau on social media as well, making people guess who he is. 

The beauty guru tweeted the first photo on January 28, 2023, with the message, “Goodbye LA, time to spend time with my #NFL boo in Wyoming 🏈.”


And web investigators were tripping over themselves to discover who the mysterious American football player was. Everything in the photograph has been studied, from the breadth of his legs to the curvature of his ankles and even the way he ties his shoelaces.

Many others saw what seemed to be a mole, freckle, or mark from an intravenous line on his hand, which they thought may suggest he had recently undergone surgery.

Jeffree Star has been teasing his NFL boyfriend on Twitter.

Jeffree Star has been teasing his NFL boyfriend on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

The internet sleuths even went so far as to identify the plane, its cabin area, and how tall the player would be. Many people claimed to have solved the riddle but refused to provide a straight answer to keep the mystery alive.


On January 29, 2023, Star gave another look at his NFL boyfriend in an Instagram photo that featured his mystery man wearing a Louis Vuitton co-ord with his back to the camera.

Star took the picture in the bathroom mirror while holding what seemed to be a pistol near the sink. “His team didn’t make it to the #SuperBowl but he’s 6’6 and plays perfect in the bedroom,” the caption read.

Jeffree Star leaked Saryn Anderson’s text

As said before, nobody knows who Star’s mystery boyfriend is. However, many are speculating it to be Henry. 


Henry is the defensive end for the Carolina Panthers of the NFL and is 6’6” tall. Similarly, his team did not make it to SuperBowl this year, leading to rumors of him being Star’s mystery beau.

Following the rumors, Henry’s wife since 2019, Saryn, texted Star on Instagram. She replied to his story, saying the public was harassing her because they believed her husband to be Star’s beau.

She also asked him to stop teasing his fans and followers. The beauty mogul uploaded the screenshot of the DM to his Twitter and wrote how the “NFL wives” were coming after him.


He asked them not to be insecure since he did not “mess with married men.” To date, Star has not revealed who his NFL boyfriend is.

Jeffree Star’s dating history

Before Star’s current relationship, he had a couple of partners. His first known relationship was reportedly with Cara Cunningham.

The two allegedly dated from May 2005 to July 2009, but it has not been confirmed. 


Star was linked to Tyler Carter, lead vocalist of the American boy band Issues, in 2015, according to the celebrity rumor website, Who’s Dated Who. Little is known about their purported romance, with rumors claiming it was only a fling. 

Skateboarder Nathan Schwandt is Star’s longest and most public relationship. They dated for five years, from March 2015 to January 2020, after Schwandt snuck into the beauty guru’s Instagram DMs. 

Star frequently uploaded videos of the couple’s lives, which they lived with a family of Pomeranians. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last long.


Star released a 17-minute YouTube video titled ‘We Broke Up’ in January 2020 to announce the couple’s split sadly. The beauty guru listed various reasons for the breakup, including Schwandt’s distaste for the spotlight, losing one of their dogs, and family health issues. 

After a couple of months of break up, Star posted a series of photos with TV personality Jozea Flores, who has appeared on Big Brother and The Challenge.

He explained to followers that neither of them is seeking a serious relationship now but that they are merely “exploring” where the date may go. Neither announced an official relationship, and Star soon began seeing someone else.


Basketball player Andre Marhold became Star’s boyfriend in the summer of 2020. The beauty mogul initially concealed Marhold’s identity by uploading a photo of himself sitting on the lap of a man whose face fans couldn’t see.

However, online detectives took little time to deduce Marhold’s identity based on his unusual arm tattoos. Once their secret was out, Star began posting images of the couple together.

However, their short-lived relationship was filled with drama, with Star accusing his beau of stealing from him. Since then, Star has been teasing that he is dating someone but has not revealed his identity. 

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