EXCLUSIVE: Mogul Co-Chair Gorav Seth on How His Platform Is Helping People Connect with NFTs and the Future of Digital Market

EXCLUSIVE: Mogul Co-Chair Gorav Seth on How His Platform Is Helping People Connect with NFTs and the Future of Digital Market

EXCLUSIVE: Mogul Co-Chair Gorav Seth on How His Platform Is Helping People Connect with NFTs and the Future of Digital Market

Non-fungible tokens, popularly known as NFTs, have — thanks to their ability to assign value to everything from movies to music to Elephant art — taken the world by storm.

In that race, Mogul Productions, a DeFi and NFT marketplace platform for the film & entertainment industry, has achieved a lot and secured great results over the years, partnering with various producers and animators.

In September 2021, the NFT platform released NFTs and deleted scenes from Reboot Camp. In October, The Legacy Collection: Portraits of Stan Lee was available for auction.

Similarly, in November, Mogul partnered with Chavo Studios, the animators of The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, and other celebrated series, to create the world’s first character-driven NFT series, Mogies.

To discuss all of that, the co-chair of Mogul’s film finance, Gorav Seth, recently spoke with GLAMOUR BUFF. He talked about his experience with Mogul, his thoughts on NFTs, and the future plans he has with his team.

Arun Katuwal: How long have you been working with Mogul Productions?

Gorav Seth: I’ve been working directly with Mogul for over a year but have been familiar with the project since its inception.

AK: Who is associated with the platform as other founders/heads? Or anyone you would love to specifically mention from the company?

GS: Lisa Sun is the founder/head of Mogul.  We also have a great leadership team that has been involved from the start, including Paul Sparkes (co-founder of Difference Capital), David Cormican (award-winning producer), Lyriq Bent award-winning actor), Cindy Cowan (Emmy award-winning producer), etc.

AK: How Mogul Productions is an easy option for people looking to get a film or any other NFTs?


  • It’s a DeFi/NFT platform targeted for the entertainment industry that participants can utilize in conjunction with their existing marketing strategies to build an audience of engaged fans, drive viewership and generate new streams of revenue.
  •  Mogul has a large user base and audience that are very supportive for those who engage in the various social media platforms.
  • Anyone looking to leverage the power of NFTs / DeFi can work with Mogul who can provide bespoke, white glove experience, and navigate the crypto landscape to ensure impactful and effective NFT launches.

AK: What do you think – is the concept of digital collectives is evolving. If yes, how is your production contributing to that progress?

GS: NFTs are the next evolution collectively where individuals can get a digital certificate of authenticity verified by the blockchain for everything from static art to motion video and music.

We are providing artists and creators to utilize our platform and marry conventional forms of their artwork with NFTs and blockchain.

AK: And while your company gives a platform for people to work around NFTs, NFTs is still something new for many people. So would you elaborate on how you describe NFTs in general?

GS: NFTs or non-fungible tokens are nothing more than a digital certificate of authenticity. Specifically, it is a unit of data (any digital content) that is stored on a blockchain, which is a form of a digital ledger. Each NFT represents a real-world object such as music, video, or a piece of art.

AK: Also, what value/gain can a new creator obtain from the NFTs?

GS: The value for a new creator is typically driven by the amount of effort, marketing and engagement with the crypto community.

Similar to building a social media following and audience for a project via Instagram or Facebook, artists must market and engage with their audience.

NFTs are no different and can garner massive community engagement and huge sale prices if done right.

AK: Are there any disadvantages/losses for an original creator after they sell their products’ NFTs?

GS: Not in my opinion.

AK: Now, with experiences of working with teams like “Chavo Studios,” and partnering with various producers and animators to produce NFT series, what things you and your team are looking forward to achieving in the coming days?


  • Mogul, as a DeFi/NFT platform, is moving into the metaverse.
  • We wanted to do something really big that would pay homage to Hollywood and commemorate an iconic event for the industry.
  • As such, we launched the Mogies initiative which is the creation of 1923 unique 3d CGI characters that will be metaverse compatible.
  • 1923 was significant because it was the year the Hollywood sign was created.
  • We are partnering with different metaverses such as Ceek to build unique experiences in films and TV i.e. being able to walk into a studio in the metaverse, sit down in a virtual theatre and watch a film that was created to be viewed in the metaverse.
  • We have a number of exciting partnerships that along this theme that will be announced shortly.

AK: Is there anything you want to tell an aspiring creator who is unsure to partner with Mogul Productions?


  • There are a lot of platforms out there that can help you ‘mint’ or ‘create’ your NFTs – that’s easy.
  • What’s different about Mogul is that we will help creators navigate the space and understand strategies they can take to ensure a successful and optimal outcome for their NFT launch.
  • We are also the defacto place to help filmmakers and creators help fund their projects.

If you have any queries, suggestions, or opportunities, do email us at glamourbuff@gmail.com.

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