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EXCLUSIVE: VUELE Co-Founder Cameron Chell Discusses NFTs and the Global NFT Platform’s First Feature Film Grossing Nearly Six Figures



VUELE Co-founder Cameron Chell Discusses NFTs and the Global NFT Platform’s First Feature Film Grossing Nearly Six Figures
VUELE Co-founder Cameron Chell Discusses NFTs and the Global NFT Platform’s First Feature Film Grossing Nearly Six Figures
Photo source: Forbes/Cameron

Cameron Chell is sharing how VUELE has become a top platform for young filmmakers to win NFTs since he introduced it after realizing the growing demand for digital currencies, digital assets, and security tokens.

The co-founder of VUELE tells GLAMOUR BUFF he has “always been passionate about creating companies with purpose and value.” 

With that drive, he initially started CurrencyWorks, an award-winning, full-service blockchain platform provider, followed by the highly-rated NFT platform, VUELE, which he founded together with Rick Dugdale.

Chell and his team are also more than happy for the success of their first film Zero Contact, starring Academy Award-winner Anthony Hopkins, which was an important step towards their goal of developing VUELE into the largest platform.

In a groundbreaking venture, they apparently grossed nearly six figures bringing in $93,435 with the release of 11 total NFT drops of feature film thriller Zero Contact.

In this exclusive interview, the man, who holds great experience and wisdom about the digital platforms and NFTs, shares his journey in the digital world, the impact of NFTs, and VUELE’s first feature film grossing nearly six figures.

With VUELE, many young filmmakers and fans have been able to win NFTs. But how did you first come up with the idea of VUELE? Who is associated with the platform as founders? Or anyone you would love to specifically mention and talk about their role?

Chell: “I have always been passionate about creating companies with purpose and value. With demand growing for digital currencies, digital assets, and security tokens, I started CurrencyWorks, which is an award-winning, full-service blockchain platform provider.

VUELE was created through discussions with Rick Dugdale, President, and CEO of Enderby Entertainment. We both live in Los Angeles and have been talking about the impact of blockchain on the film industry for years.

The more we looked at the distribution of digital content and the use of blockchain in doing it, it became clear that films in Hollywood had all the characteristic traits of collectibles. Diehard fans have proven time and again that they will go to great lengths to acquire exclusive memorabilia connected to their favorite actor, film, and franchise. We see NFTs as a way to help studios keep that spirit alive while forging deeper and more personal relationships with their audiences.

We are beyond thrilled that VUELE’s very first film features such a high-profile star. Zero Contact, starring Academy Award-winner Anthony Hopkins, is a massive endorsement for what we see as the next frontier for Hollywood and how studios will premiere feature-length films and merchandise collectibles surrounding the films produced.

Before Zero Contact, Anthony Hopkins and Rick Dugdale worked together on the 2015 film Blackway. Watching NFTs surge in popularity, the pair decided to break new ground with Zero Contact. Instead of a traditional theatrical release, they chose to make history and have the film premiere exclusively as an NFT on VUELE.”

You are the co-head of VUELE and Executive Chairman of CurrencyWorks. Can you explain your role and responsibility for the platform?

Chell: “The VUELE platform is powered by CurrencyWorks. We are extremely proud of the first 11 Zero Contact NFTs that our team created on VUELE, which grossed more than $90,000.00 USD. The NFTs include the feature-length film that the purchaser can watch on VUELE as well as highly sought-after content such as crypto art and behind-the-scenes footage. CurrencyWorks also receives an ongoing fee every time these NFTs are bought and sold on the secondary market.

CurrencyWorks has been in the digital collectibles space for some time. We recently launched the platform, which is basically NFTs for car collectors. Partnering with WAX and Topps, CurrencyWorks helped create the $100,000 Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 inventory into non-fungible digital collectibles. The first release of the card packs sold out in just over 24 hours.

We are excited to bring our expertise to the film industry to create a unique home for films to thrive. Zero Contact is an important step towards our goal of developing VUELE into the largest platform, marketplace, and community for film NFTs. We are determined to make VUELE a new cornerstone in the film industry ecosystem.”

In this evolving world, digital platforms play huge roles. So do you feel VUELE is changing all the rules of fan engagement in filmmaking? If yes, how?

Chell: “The success and growing popularity of NFTs demonstrate that people are looking for ways to prove ownership over certain digital assets. NFTs are valuable because they are designed to be digitally scarce. Each one has a unique data entry and none are interchangeable.

When a consumer wants something, they have connected with that good or service and assigned it a certain value. We live in a world full of talented and creative people who are building a following based on their works. NFTs give people a chance to support these creators and own pieces that resonate with them. If there is demand for something, then there is a market for it.

That is why CurrencyWorks and Enderby Entertainment joined forces to create VUELE. We are focused on providing filmmakers with an exciting new way to connect with fans and celebrate their work as a community.”

I came to know that VUELE recently grossed nearly six figures bringing in more than $90,000 with the release of 11 total NFT drops of feature film thriller ‘Zero Contact’ starring Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins. How was that experience for you and your team? 

Chell: “We are absolutely thrilled by the successful sale of the first 11 Zero Contact NFTs. The one-of-one Platinum Edition NFT sold for $56,860.00 USD, and the 10 Elite Edition NFTs sold for a total of $36,575.00 USD. CurrencyWorks also receives an ongoing fee every time these NFTs are bought and sold on the secondary market.

This is a significant advancement for film distribution and digital collectibles. Each NFT is designed to uniquely capture this historic moment in film history. We are excited to make more Zero Contact NFTs available on VUELE and add other high-profile films to the platform.”

While VUELE is one of the biggest platforms for NFT distribution and viewing platforms in the global market, the idea of NFTs is still something new for many people. So would you elaborate on how you describe NFTs in general?

Chell: “I think a useful way to help people understand non-fungible tokens or NFTs is by comparing them to traditional DVDs.

Before the advent of streaming, we bought DVDs associated with our favorite actor, film, and franchise. We would get a disc inside a case that would contain the feature film as well as special features. Once you own the DVD, you can enjoy the movie and any exclusive entertainment content whenever you want.

However, if you were to exchange your DVD with a friend’s copy, is one DVD more valuable than the other? The answer is no. They are identical copies of the original movie, which makes them interchangeable or fungible.

The NFTs made by CurrencyWorks on VUELE include the feature film and exclusive entertainment content just like you would get on a traditional DVD. However, unlike a traditional DVD, NFTs are completely digital and designed to not be interchangeable or non-fungible – meaning each copy of the movie is unique and could be more valuable than others.

NFTs are continuing to grow in popularity because they are allowing people to truly own certain digital assets. In a world where images, music, and videos can be downloaded and shared across the internet in seconds, NFTs provide a way to protect assets and ensure they do not lose value. The first 11 Zero Contact NFTs are a good example of this. Unlike traditional theatrical releases where anyone can pay to go see a movie at our local cinema, Zero Contact is only available on VUELE to the 11 people who purchased it.

These people now own a movie starring a major Hollywood star that the rest of the world cannot watch unless they decide to sell or trade their specific NFT on VUELE. If one of the purchasers did decide to part ways with their copy, they will always be remembered as the original owner since NFTs are units of data stored on a digital ledger or blockchain. This is crucial in an increasingly digital world where many assets are easily reproducible. VUELE and other NFT platforms are protecting against piracy by ensuring creators are properly compensated for their work and fans are able to truly own these authentic and personal offerings.”

What value can a new creator obtain from the NFTs?

Chell: “When it comes to the film industry, VUELE is setting a new standard for how filmmakers can celebrate their work with their fans. We are focused on building communities where people genuinely care about the digital collectibles being offered and what they represent.

Powered by CurrencyWorks, VUELE is an all-in-one platform that handles the creation, distribution, viewing and exchange of feature film NFTs. Studios can decide how many NFTs of the film they want to distribute and if they want to package it with highly sought-after content such as crypto art or behind-the-scenes footage. They also have control over the price and the timing of the NFT drops. It is then up to fans and collectors to pay for the digital collectibles, which they can watch, collect, sell or trade on VUELE.

A lot of work goes into each film. VUELE allows studios to celebrate the entire process with their fans rather than just the final product. Each NFT drop helps them better understand the types of offerings their target audience is interested in.”

Are there any disadvantages for an original creator after they sell their products’ NFTs?

Chell: “VUELE allows filmmakers to celebrate their work with their fans and be properly compensated for it. In an increasingly digital world where images, music, and videos can be downloaded and shared across the internet in seconds, creators are turning to NFTs to protect their assets and ensure they do not lose value.

In addition to security, NFTs are incredibly versatile. Studios can debut a film exclusively as an NFT on VUELE like Zero Contact or distribute digital collectibles on the platform alongside a traditional theatrical release.

The successful sale of the first 11 Zero Contact NFTs shows that digital collectibles are an effective marketing tool for the film industry and a significant revenue stream. A number of major studios are closely following the Zero Contact NFT drops – excited for the next round of NFTs CurrencyWorks is making on VUELE.”

Where can we see VUELE in near future? What is the end game for the global NFT platform?

Chell: “The successful sale of the first 11 Zero Contact NFTs was extremely encouraging. We are proud of the digital collectibles CurrencyWorks created on VUELE and excited to make even more Zero Contact NFTs available on the platform soon.

Zero Contact is an important step towards our goal of developing VUELE into the largest platform, marketplace, and community for film NFTs. We are determined to make VUELE a new cornerstone in the film industry ecosystem.”

Is there anything you want to tell an aspiring creator/fan who is thinking about getting their film NFTs from VUELE?

Chell: “VUELE is a place to explore and celebrate our collective love for film. In a world full of talented and creative people, we are focused on creating a unique home for films to thrive.

To the creators, our direct-to-consumer model is laying the groundwork as an additional channel for film fans to engage with stories and actors. We know a lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into each project, and we want to ensure you are able to share it the way you want on the platform. From the amount of NFTs distributed to the price and timing of the drops, you are in control. We are grateful for the opportunity to help you forge a deeper and more personal relationship with your audience.

To the diehard film fans, owning a special copy of a movie or exclusive memorabilia is not a thing of the past. NFTs are creating exciting opportunities to acquire one-of-a-kind items associated with your favorite actor, film, and franchise. Fans of Anthony Hopkins are already experiencing this following the debut of Zero Contact. A limited number of copies of the film will be available during each drop. VUELE offers a chance to truly own a piece of film history.

Since the dawn of cinema, technology has reshaped how movies are made, viewed, and shared. With NFTs changing the world, CurrencyWorks and Enderby Entertainment are honored to be leading the charge in the film industry with VUELE. We hope you will help us usher in a new and expanded frontier for Hollywood.”

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity. If you have any inquiries, email us at

Currently serving as Managing Editor at Glamour Buff and GB ISSUE, Arun specializes in covering stories happening on and off the camera. He began as an entertainment writer in June 2019, and since then, he has gradually established himself in the entertainment industry. Connect with me:


Which Type of Patent Service to Hire – Consider InventHelp?

InventHelp provides patent services and helps inventors bring their products to market.



Which Type of Patent Service to Hire – Consider InventHelp?

To find the best patent services, you should look for a company that has a good track record. This will help you decide whether to hire a patent lawyer or use a service. You should also consider the fee structure of a patent service.

Some companies may charge high fees, and you may have questions about the service’s experience and track record. Some companies provide free consultations to their clients. A free consultation will help you decide which type of patent service to hire.

Success Rate:

During the consultation phase, it’s important to check the firm’s success rate. A good patent attorney should obtain two to four secured or published patents per month. A high success rate means that the firm will likely make your product successful. A low success rate may lead to a product that is not protected and sold. But a high success rate will mean you’re more likely to get your money’s worth.

The success rate is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a patent service. An average patent attorney will obtain two to four published and secured patents each month. While a higher success rate is always better, you should not overlook low-cost services that may be a sign of poor service. However, if you’re not sure, you can always go for a cheaper option. There are many things to consider before hiring a patent service.

Excellent Customer Service:

InventHelp provides patent services and helps inventors bring their products to market. They pair inventors with an attorney and create a database of over 9000 companies so that they can find the most suitable commercialization opportunities.

InventHelp patent services have excellent customer service and offers free consultations for their services. These companies will charge a modest fee for their services, which is more affordable than the fees you’d pay a law firm.

Consider the Cost:

Before choosing a patent attorney, it’s important to consider the costs involved. The cost of a patent lawyer can range from $8K to $15K. Some attorneys charge by the hour, while others charge by the project.

The cost of a patent can range from eight to fifteen thousand dollars. The cost of patent writing varies depending on the complexity of the invention. A skilled attorney will charge you higher fees but the benefit of higher fees is that you will get a better draft in less time.

Long-Term Needs:

When choosing a patent attorney, it’s essential to consider the long-term needs of your business. You should be able to afford the fees over time. Having your attorney file your patent can protect your ideas for decades.

With the InventHelp patent, you can sell your invention internationally and make profits. Investing in a patent attorney will ensure that your company’s ideas are protected. A patent is an essential asset for a company, so make sure it’s in good hands.

Maintain Your Patent:

The cost of a patent attorney will depend on the amount of time it takes to file and maintain your patent. It’s crucial to find the right lawyer to represent your company. If you’re unsure about who to hire, you can also work with an InventHelp attorney.

These services can help you protect your invention in the US and avoid costly mistakes. It’s essential to hire a good patent lawyer to protect your ideas.

The cost of a patent attorney can vary. Some companies charge by the hour, while others bill by the project. You should also inquire about how many patents an attorney has filed in the past. You must choose an attorney who is familiar with the requirements of the USPTO. A lawyer who knows the law will have an edge in your case. This is an investment in your IP assets. A good firm will also have a reputation for excellence.

Consider a Patent Attorney:

In addition to patent attorneys, you should also consider a patent attorney. A patent attorney is an attorney who specializes in this area. He or she will know the legal requirements and rules of the patent process.

They’ll also be knowledgeable about the different types of patents and will be able to give you the right advice. They can also give you information on the success rate of your case. This can help you make the most informed decision for your business.

When choosing a patent attorney, it’s essential to determine whether they are a good fit. The best patent attorneys are often close to their professional communities and can refer other attorneys to you.

For instance, you can ask colleagues for recommendations or ask for referrals. In addition, you can also ask friends and relatives in the legal field about which attorneys they’ve used in the past. You should consider whether they are satisfied with the results or the skill of their work.

Experience Level:

When choosing the best patent services, you should consider the level of experience they have. Larger firms typically secure five to 10 patents every month, while smaller firms may be better suited to those who have no prior knowledge of the patent process.

There are also several different factors to consider in choosing a service. The success rate is a key criterion for determining if a service is right for you. The more successful a company is, the more valuable it will be to your case.

When choosing a patenting provider, be wary of those who advertise themselves as “patent searchers” or “prototype specialists.” These companies are divisions of less ethical corporations.

The local yellow-page listings often don’t distinguish between patent attorneys and brokers. There is a vast difference between these two types of providers and you should always be careful when hiring one.

Proven Track Record:

An InventHelp quality patent service has a proven track record of obtaining patents. During the patenting process, InventHelp will use a variety of tools to make the process easier for you. Additionally, quality service providers will offer one-on-one consultation.

This ensures that your patent application will be unique and well-protected. The most important factor in choosing the best patent services is experience. A successful patent application will be customized to fit your needs and be as unique as possible.

Well-Defined Strategy:

Finding the best patent service is vital when you are starting out. You need to make sure that you have a well-defined strategy for your idea. A good patent attorney should be able to help you understand the laws and regulations that govern your business.

In addition to having the legal help of an expert, a licensed attorney will give you the confidence to proceed. A quality attorney will give you the guidance you need to protect your invention.

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Customer Loyalty: As a Business, Should You Really Bother?

Of course, loyalty schemes actually need to provide something of value to customers in order to make them worth the effort.



Customer Loyalty: As a Business, Should You Really Bother?

An article in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) magazine from 1995 began with a rather bold comment about customer rewards programs, stating that they’re “reviled” in business circles because of their perceived cheapness.

While conceding that they do work to build a relationship between two parties, HBR concluded that mid-90s loyalty schemes were short-term, badly implemented, and ignored the entire purpose of a rewards program, i.e. to keep customers around for longer.

Nearly two decades on, has anything changed?

Starbucks Rewards

It’s fair to say that mega-corporations like Amazon don’t really bother with customer loyalty – and don’t need to. Granted, being able to get Prime with Amazon Video and all sorts of other perks might seem like a great deal, but it’s still part of a service that’s paid for by the customer.

By definition, rewards schemes are designed to do exactly that – re-pay the client or customer for sticking around and making more purchases. A good example is Starbucks Rewards, which gives customers one “star” per dollar spent. These stars can then be redeemed for goods.

In the online world, loyalty schemes can be a bit easier to produce rewards for, as they can be entirely digital. The video game companies Nintendo, Sony, Valve, Microsoft, Google, and Ubisoft all offer virtual incentives for playing or buying games.

In Nintendo’s case, all the player has to do is complete “missions,” such as completing animal requests in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp or clearing chapters in Fire Emblem Heroes. These missions reward completion with points that can be exchanged for physical items, like pin badges, and encourages sustained, long-term engagement with the product.

A similar type of scheme occupies online casino fans too. The industry is well-known for providing regular bonuses to cut through the noise of a crowded marketplace.

The BonusFinder New Zealand website reveals that operators sometimes offer deposit rewards, such as Wildz Casino’s 100% bonus of up to $500.

Regular depositors on the Neon Vegas site also have a chance to claim a prize every time they pay money into their account too. This is usually free turns on slot games.

A Positive Review

The question is, do these schemes – any of them – actually work? For businesses, the answer seems to be a resounding yes. According to digital services company KPMG, of customers that met the definition of “loyal,” 86% would recommend a business to somebody else, 66% would write a positive review, and 46% would show contrition to a company if they somehow made a mistake.

In a related survey from HubSpot, loyal customers are 50% more likely to try a new product or service – and also spend 31% more.

Of course, loyalty schemes actually need to provide something of value to customers in order to make them worth the effort. Starbucks Rewards might be considered a bit too expensive for the more casual coffee drinker, with 25 stars (equal to $25) needed for the most basic return – an added shot of milk, sauce, or espresso.

For the more hardcore fan though, and given how expensive Starbucks drinks can be, 25 stars might seem like nothing at all. So, creating a rewards scheme needs an understanding of customer demographics too.

Overall, while the biggest of companies, with their almost guaranteed customer base, might not bother with loyalty campaigns, they can be a boon for just about everybody else.

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7 Do’s & Don’ts of Picking a Marketing Team for a Student Business

A number one step in marketing team search and hiring is identifying what you are trying to achieve.



7 Do's & Don'ts of Picking a Marketing Team for a Student Business

Starting your business when at college can be stressful. You have to deal with all technical and creative aspects, but it’s not enough to make your business thrive. That’s when you need to start working toward finding a marketing team. Marketing professionals help your ideas to rise and find the right audience.

As you are beginning your search for a marketing team, you need to sort out other priorities. Manage your homework with an essay writing service help, deal with your chores, and get ready for other responsibilities that come with your business management. Once you figure out all the basic steps to kickstart your journey, look out for these essential do’s and don’ts we’ve gathered.

Do’s of finding a perfect marketing team match 

There are golden rules you should adhere to optimize your experience when dealing with marketing and business. Many beginners overlook them or try to achieve everything in one day. Instead, you should focus on factors relevant to your business. Don’t expect to find a perfect team right away, and keep your options open before making the final decision.

Identify your goals

A number one step in marketing team search and hiring is identifying what you are trying to achieve. You need to be extra specific with the requirements and goals. For instance, if you are just starting your e-commerce shop or catering a specific product, there are various areas to focus on. Maybe people struggle to find you or have issues with placing the order. 

Everything depends on your business type, industry, and end goals. This aspect will determine what you are looking for in a marketing team. Many teams can help you reach the right audience in the beginning. In other cases, they can help you increase conversion rates.

Brainstorm different goals you want to achieve and indicate what can be done in the present moment. Then, develop key performance indicators (KPIs) that would serve as a measurement of a marketing team’s success. Don’t try to hire a team that can cover all your needs immediately because it’s a highly unrealistic scenario.

Look for all available companies fitting your requirements

The research process can take a lot of time, but it’s worth it. Do not agree to work with the first company you find and bet on the safe choice. Look for the company credentials and references, what projects they completed, and how they approach their responsibilities. Spend enough time to get acquainted with the methods and services they provide. 

Look for an industry-specific marketing team with experience, open to working with new student businesses. Some agencies will be reluctant to work with you, while others will take you on board immediately. Create a shortlist of those agencies and teams you want to collaborate with. Then, start reviewing them and establishing connections. 

Always ask for a portfolio

You shouldn’t prepare contracts or agreements before you see the team’s projects. After you read more about the company’s approach and ideas, ask for samples. 

It is a big red flag if the marketing agency doesn’t have or declines to provide a portfolio or examples of their work. No matter how recently a team has started, they should have a portfolio or examples of their projects. Not all marketing teams work the same, and the more versatile their portfolio is, the most likely they can adapt to your requirements. 

Review the agency’s marketing strategy

When researching the company, pay close attention to its communication and marketing efforts. Come across their social media and website. Evaluate whether the agency has a consistent style and voice. If a marketing team does a decent job with its brand and image, you can expect the same care for your business. 

Estimate the available budget 

Be realistic about what you can afford and what you would love to afford. Creating a solid budget for your marketing campaign is a must for any business. You should be careful with funds allocation and avoid overspending. Yet, remember that business is business, and the marketing team is not the cheapest solution to find out there.

Don’ts you should avoid at all cost 

Many people learn from their own mistakes. In many cases, your cooperation with a marketing team should go smoothly and without bumps. Yet, it is much better to avoid an unpleasant situation altogether and stay prepared for even the most unlikely scenario. 

Not prepare paperwork

Many people overlook the power of contracts and agreements before signing up for anything. Request a detailed service agreement from the marketing team you want to hire. It is significant to outline every aspect of services you expect to be executed. Even if you had productive discussions and reached some level of understanding, you still need a detailed contract.

A contract is a final document that solidifies everything performed during your cooperation. You should carefully review it before proceeding and negotiate and clarify all details that are unclear. You will save a ton of time and worry whether or not you should expect problems during your cooperation. 

Ignore marketing agency reviews 

Another essential aspect you should avoid is ignoring customer feedback. Of course, agencies can hide comments and never include negative reviews on their page. Yet, you should do an extensive search on TrustPilot and other websites where people can share their experiences freely.  


Finding the right marketing team for your student business is a real quest. We have outlined essential aspects you should focus on when doing your research. A good marketing team will guide you through the process and even offer advice on what can be improved: SEO practices or strengthening your social media presence. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and negotiate services. Be patient and never rush into signing a contract without clear goals.

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