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EXCLUSIVE: VUELE Co-Founder Cameron Chell Discusses NFTs and the Global NFT Platform’s First Feature Film Grossing Nearly Six Figures



VUELE Co-founder Cameron Chell Discusses NFTs and the Global NFT Platform’s First Feature Film Grossing Nearly Six Figures
VUELE Co-founder Cameron Chell Discusses NFTs and the Global NFT Platform’s First Feature Film Grossing Nearly Six Figures
Photo source: Forbes/Cameron

Cameron Chell is sharing how VUELE has become a top platform for young filmmakers to win NFTs since he introduced it after realizing the growing demand for digital currencies, digital assets, and security tokens.

The co-founder of VUELE tells GLAMOUR BUFF he has “always been passionate about creating companies with purpose and value.” 

With that drive, he initially started CurrencyWorks, an award-winning, full-service blockchain platform provider, followed by the highly-rated NFT platform, VUELE, which he founded together with Rick Dugdale.

Chell and his team are also more than happy for the success of their first film Zero Contact, starring Academy Award-winner Anthony Hopkins, which was an important step towards their goal of developing VUELE into the largest platform.

In a groundbreaking venture, they apparently grossed nearly six figures bringing in $93,435 with the release of 11 total NFT drops of feature film thriller Zero Contact.

In this exclusive interview, the man, who holds great experience and wisdom about the digital platforms and NFTs, shares his journey in the digital world, the impact of NFTs, and VUELE’s first feature film grossing nearly six figures.

With VUELE, many young filmmakers and fans have been able to win NFTs. But how did you first come up with the idea of VUELE? Who is associated with the platform as founders? Or anyone you would love to specifically mention and talk about their role?

Chell: “I have always been passionate about creating companies with purpose and value. With demand growing for digital currencies, digital assets, and security tokens, I started CurrencyWorks, which is an award-winning, full-service blockchain platform provider.

VUELE was created through discussions with Rick Dugdale, President, and CEO of Enderby Entertainment. We both live in Los Angeles and have been talking about the impact of blockchain on the film industry for years.

The more we looked at the distribution of digital content and the use of blockchain in doing it, it became clear that films in Hollywood had all the characteristic traits of collectibles. Diehard fans have proven time and again that they will go to great lengths to acquire exclusive memorabilia connected to their favorite actor, film, and franchise. We see NFTs as a way to help studios keep that spirit alive while forging deeper and more personal relationships with their audiences.

We are beyond thrilled that VUELE’s very first film features such a high-profile star. Zero Contact, starring Academy Award-winner Anthony Hopkins, is a massive endorsement for what we see as the next frontier for Hollywood and how studios will premiere feature-length films and merchandise collectibles surrounding the films produced.

Before Zero Contact, Anthony Hopkins and Rick Dugdale worked together on the 2015 film Blackway. Watching NFTs surge in popularity, the pair decided to break new ground with Zero Contact. Instead of a traditional theatrical release, they chose to make history and have the film premiere exclusively as an NFT on VUELE.”

You are the co-head of VUELE and Executive Chairman of CurrencyWorks. Can you explain your role and responsibility for the platform?

Chell: “The VUELE platform is powered by CurrencyWorks. We are extremely proud of the first 11 Zero Contact NFTs that our team created on VUELE, which grossed more than $90,000.00 USD. The NFTs include the feature-length film that the purchaser can watch on VUELE as well as highly sought-after content such as crypto art and behind-the-scenes footage. CurrencyWorks also receives an ongoing fee every time these NFTs are bought and sold on the secondary market.

CurrencyWorks has been in the digital collectibles space for some time. We recently launched the platform, which is basically NFTs for car collectors. Partnering with WAX and Topps, CurrencyWorks helped create the $100,000 Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 inventory into non-fungible digital collectibles. The first release of the card packs sold out in just over 24 hours.

We are excited to bring our expertise to the film industry to create a unique home for films to thrive. Zero Contact is an important step towards our goal of developing VUELE into the largest platform, marketplace, and community for film NFTs. We are determined to make VUELE a new cornerstone in the film industry ecosystem.”

In this evolving world, digital platforms play huge roles. So do you feel VUELE is changing all the rules of fan engagement in filmmaking? If yes, how?

Chell: “The success and growing popularity of NFTs demonstrate that people are looking for ways to prove ownership over certain digital assets. NFTs are valuable because they are designed to be digitally scarce. Each one has a unique data entry and none are interchangeable.

When a consumer wants something, they have connected with that good or service and assigned it a certain value. We live in a world full of talented and creative people who are building a following based on their works. NFTs give people a chance to support these creators and own pieces that resonate with them. If there is demand for something, then there is a market for it.

That is why CurrencyWorks and Enderby Entertainment joined forces to create VUELE. We are focused on providing filmmakers with an exciting new way to connect with fans and celebrate their work as a community.”

I came to know that VUELE recently grossed nearly six figures bringing in more than $90,000 with the release of 11 total NFT drops of feature film thriller ‘Zero Contact’ starring Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins. How was that experience for you and your team? 

Chell: “We are absolutely thrilled by the successful sale of the first 11 Zero Contact NFTs. The one-of-one Platinum Edition NFT sold for $56,860.00 USD, and the 10 Elite Edition NFTs sold for a total of $36,575.00 USD. CurrencyWorks also receives an ongoing fee every time these NFTs are bought and sold on the secondary market.

This is a significant advancement for film distribution and digital collectibles. Each NFT is designed to uniquely capture this historic moment in film history. We are excited to make more Zero Contact NFTs available on VUELE and add other high-profile films to the platform.”

While VUELE is one of the biggest platforms for NFT distribution and viewing platforms in the global market, the idea of NFTs is still something new for many people. So would you elaborate on how you describe NFTs in general?

Chell: “I think a useful way to help people understand non-fungible tokens or NFTs is by comparing them to traditional DVDs.

Before the advent of streaming, we bought DVDs associated with our favorite actor, film, and franchise. We would get a disc inside a case that would contain the feature film as well as special features. Once you own the DVD, you can enjoy the movie and any exclusive entertainment content whenever you want.

However, if you were to exchange your DVD with a friend’s copy, is one DVD more valuable than the other? The answer is no. They are identical copies of the original movie, which makes them interchangeable or fungible.

The NFTs made by CurrencyWorks on VUELE include the feature film and exclusive entertainment content just like you would get on a traditional DVD. However, unlike a traditional DVD, NFTs are completely digital and designed to not be interchangeable or non-fungible – meaning each copy of the movie is unique and could be more valuable than others.

NFTs are continuing to grow in popularity because they are allowing people to truly own certain digital assets. In a world where images, music, and videos can be downloaded and shared across the internet in seconds, NFTs provide a way to protect assets and ensure they do not lose value. The first 11 Zero Contact NFTs are a good example of this. Unlike traditional theatrical releases where anyone can pay to go see a movie at our local cinema, Zero Contact is only available on VUELE to the 11 people who purchased it.

These people now own a movie starring a major Hollywood star that the rest of the world cannot watch unless they decide to sell or trade their specific NFT on VUELE. If one of the purchasers did decide to part ways with their copy, they will always be remembered as the original owner since NFTs are units of data stored on a digital ledger or blockchain. This is crucial in an increasingly digital world where many assets are easily reproducible. VUELE and other NFT platforms are protecting against piracy by ensuring creators are properly compensated for their work and fans are able to truly own these authentic and personal offerings.”

What value can a new creator obtain from the NFTs?

Chell: “When it comes to the film industry, VUELE is setting a new standard for how filmmakers can celebrate their work with their fans. We are focused on building communities where people genuinely care about the digital collectibles being offered and what they represent.

Powered by CurrencyWorks, VUELE is an all-in-one platform that handles the creation, distribution, viewing and exchange of feature film NFTs. Studios can decide how many NFTs of the film they want to distribute and if they want to package it with highly sought-after content such as crypto art or behind-the-scenes footage. They also have control over the price and the timing of the NFT drops. It is then up to fans and collectors to pay for the digital collectibles, which they can watch, collect, sell or trade on VUELE.

A lot of work goes into each film. VUELE allows studios to celebrate the entire process with their fans rather than just the final product. Each NFT drop helps them better understand the types of offerings their target audience is interested in.”

Are there any disadvantages for an original creator after they sell their products’ NFTs?

Chell: “VUELE allows filmmakers to celebrate their work with their fans and be properly compensated for it. In an increasingly digital world where images, music, and videos can be downloaded and shared across the internet in seconds, creators are turning to NFTs to protect their assets and ensure they do not lose value.

In addition to security, NFTs are incredibly versatile. Studios can debut a film exclusively as an NFT on VUELE like Zero Contact or distribute digital collectibles on the platform alongside a traditional theatrical release.

The successful sale of the first 11 Zero Contact NFTs shows that digital collectibles are an effective marketing tool for the film industry and a significant revenue stream. A number of major studios are closely following the Zero Contact NFT drops – excited for the next round of NFTs CurrencyWorks is making on VUELE.”

Where can we see VUELE in near future? What is the end game for the global NFT platform?

Chell: “The successful sale of the first 11 Zero Contact NFTs was extremely encouraging. We are proud of the digital collectibles CurrencyWorks created on VUELE and excited to make even more Zero Contact NFTs available on the platform soon.

Zero Contact is an important step towards our goal of developing VUELE into the largest platform, marketplace, and community for film NFTs. We are determined to make VUELE a new cornerstone in the film industry ecosystem.”

Is there anything you want to tell an aspiring creator/fan who is thinking about getting their film NFTs from VUELE?

Chell: “VUELE is a place to explore and celebrate our collective love for film. In a world full of talented and creative people, we are focused on creating a unique home for films to thrive.

To the creators, our direct-to-consumer model is laying the groundwork as an additional channel for film fans to engage with stories and actors. We know a lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into each project, and we want to ensure you are able to share it the way you want on the platform. From the amount of NFTs distributed to the price and timing of the drops, you are in control. We are grateful for the opportunity to help you forge a deeper and more personal relationship with your audience.

To the diehard film fans, owning a special copy of a movie or exclusive memorabilia is not a thing of the past. NFTs are creating exciting opportunities to acquire one-of-a-kind items associated with your favorite actor, film, and franchise. Fans of Anthony Hopkins are already experiencing this following the debut of Zero Contact. A limited number of copies of the film will be available during each drop. VUELE offers a chance to truly own a piece of film history.

Since the dawn of cinema, technology has reshaped how movies are made, viewed, and shared. With NFTs changing the world, CurrencyWorks and Enderby Entertainment are honored to be leading the charge in the film industry with VUELE. We hope you will help us usher in a new and expanded frontier for Hollywood.”

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity. If you have any inquiries, email us at

Currently serving as Managing Editor at Glamour Buff and GB ISSUE, Arun specializes in covering stories happening on and off the camera. He began as an entertainment writer in June 2019, and since then, he has gradually established himself in the entertainment industry. Connect with me:


Nine Amazing Tips to Become a Famous Author in Australia



Nine Amazing Tips to Become a Famous Author in Australia

Long before the British colonization, the brilliancy of Australia’s oral storytelling traditions shined bright. This tradition has faced a lot of change over the decades after waves of immigration and colonization. Now, authors in Australia have a lot more room to experiment.

The people who were already here when the colonizers arrived, and those who came to this land later have formed many perspectives and voices, creating fine examples of Australian writing and great authors.

If you are here, you may be wondering how to join the list of great Australian authors. Read this guide to learn the best tips for achieving your dream.

  1. Define Your Niche

The first and most important thing you must determine as an aspiring writer is your niche. Finding your niche is as simple as figuring out what you love, identifying your strengths, and practicing as much as you can. Every writer has a unique voice and inclination toward one or more genres. 

The best way to define your niche is to read different genres and types of books. In addition, try writing short stories to establish a distinct authorial identity.

When you practice every day and brainstorm regularly, you will find an identity that resonates with your target audience and leads you to become a successful writer in Australia.

  1. Create a Writing Routine

To become a great writer in any part of the world, one thing that you cannot overlook is the importance of practice. No skill can be excelled without creating a writing routine and following it regularly. You must develop a consistent routine that ensures your regular progress.

Remember not to push your limits when creating a writing routine. Do not set unrealistic goals that may burn you out. Consistency must be the most important goal, even if you write just a few paragraphs every day.

  1. Read More 

One thing every great writer can agree to do consistently is to read widely. You may think that reading and writing are different paths but it is just a misconception. In reality, reading and writing are more strongly interlinked than you may think.

Reading regularly can help you significantly improve your writing skills. You must read diverse literature to get inspired and expand your perspectives. Most importantly, reading widely can also help you enrich your writing style to grow as a writer.

When you read work by the best authors in a genre or type of literature, you indirectly learn from the best in the industry. No guide or educational video can match the knowledge that you gain this way.

  1. Seek Feedback

Any author who wants to grow in their niche understands the importance of seeking feedback. Criticism is a part of your professional growth, and you must be open-minded towards accepting it. It can help you refine your writing skills and strive for continuous improvement.  

You must embrace positive and negative criticism with an open mind. Feel free to ask your writing colleagues and mentors for their opinions on your content. 

Every bit of criticism and appreciation can help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses to grow as a famous author in Australia.

  1. Attend Events and Conferences

Several writing events and conferences are held in Australia every year. Each event is an opportunity for aspiring writers to meet established ghostwriters, editors, literary agents, publishers, and other professionals in the field.

You can participate in workshops, seminars, and conferences to meet the best people in the writing industry. In addition, it is also a great opportunity to network with peers and open yourself up to collaboration opportunities in the future.

  1. Establish a Blog

Every beginner author must explore the several benefits of blogging. It is an ideal opportunity for authors to establish their authority, connect with potential readers, and broaden their horizons.

Even if you are not sure how to begin your journey, you can hire a ghostwriter in Australia. They can promote you and your work while staying focused on your niche with expertise. You can also learn the best writing skills and tricks from them to thrive in your own career.

As an author of a novel, it may take you months or even years to know what your audience thinks about your work. However, a blog can instantly connect you with your audience and promote your work effectively.

  1. Stay Up to Date

The Australian economy and the writing industry are ever-evolving. Trends, reader preferences, and book marketing strategies change every day. If you want to succeed as a writer in Australia, you must stay up-to-date with industry trends.

The publishing market can be very competitive. Staying on top of news, trends, and preferences of the readers can play an essential role in helping you succeed as a striving author in the Australian content market.

You can also subscribe to newsletters, attend webinars, and engage in online writing communities to stay updated and become more recognized in your industry.

  1. Build Your Online Presence

In this technology-driven world, a strong online presence is as important as being a brilliant writer. Without one, you cannot expect your talents to be recognized.

Platforms such as author websites, blogging sites, and social media can help you connect with readers, showcase your work, and build a community.

If you are not sure where to begin, you can start by building your author’s website. Since most book lovers buy books online, this platform can facilitate the buying process for them. An author website is essential for connecting readers to booksellers or even your own book-selling section. 

  1. Enter Writing Competitions

As an author trying to find recognition in the competitive Australian market, you cannot let any opportunity of gaining recognition slide by. One of the best ways to become a credible author is by participating in writing competitions held all around Australia.

When you participate in and win these events, you can gain recognition and secure literary awards. In addition to your rewards, you can receive feedback from expert writers and enhance your credibility as an author in the writing industry.

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Four Solutions to Raise Money Without Hassle



Four Solutions to Raise Money Without Hassle

Financial emergencies occur, and we have nothing to do with this fact. Wages can be delayed, people get sick, or we suddenly encounter the breakage of vital appliances. Eventually, we just want to afford more beyond our ordinary financial capabilities.

What should you do if your credit card limit is exhausted and you do not want to disturb close people with money requests? Let’s discuss 4 legal ways to find cash quickly and solve material issues or just pamper yourself.

Get a Payday Loan

Even if your credit score is poor (580 or less), you can apply for a payday depot bad credit loan. Such services allow you to receive online credit without collateral and co-signers. To qualify for such a loan, you must provide the following:

  • Your identity document (driver’s license, ID card, or Social Security number);
  • Proof of employment (optional, depends on a particular lender);
  • Confirmation of Solvency (bank statements that show regular refills or income).

The main advantage of personal loans is that you can compare lenders by qualification requirements, annual percentage rate, and repayment terms. Usually, customers with a low credit score can borrow up to $3,000. 

Sell Something

We are usually surrounded by unneeded stuff that could come in handy for someone else. However, you can make easy and decent money from selling such items:

  • Nearly new, branded clothes that are not in your size and style;
  • Wedding accessories — from basic decor to a bridal gown that can be worth up to $1,000;
  • Books and educational materials that are stored “just in case;”
  • Old PlayStation or Xbox — real treasures for gatherers or avid gamers;
  • Specific apparel (for hiking, ski racing, or climbing equipment).

Sell unused physical items on Craigslist/Poshmark or visit local thrift stores. Alternatively, you can earn by providing your services. Sell your expertise, from tutoring and artistic talent to culinary skills and household proficiency. 

Lease out a Room

If you’re lucky enough to have unused space in your house or apartment, don’t miss a chance to make an extra profit. Advertise on SpareRoom, Airbnb, Roomster, or Kangaroom and get money quickly. There are also several alternatives to choose from:

  • Renting out a parking spot or garage;
  • Leasing non-residential premises (like space for a warehouse);
  • Organizing a special zone for pet care.

For the big house owners, it’s reasonable to consider renting space for special events: weddings, corporate parties, proms, and anniversaries. To succeed in this business, provide additional services like creative decoration or catering. 

Become a Delivery Driver

Do you work a part-time job or have a lot of spare time after studying? You can sign up with delivery apps and earn money without being tied to a strict schedule! Open the application when you have a free hour or two, pick up an order in a restaurant or supermarket, and bring it to a customer’s office/home. One of the most popular services you can join is Uber Eats

Keep in mind that there are many accessible ways to receive money at lightning speed. Don’t panic in uncertainty — make your first step to problem-solving as quickly as possible.

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How to Develop a Good HR Department for Remote Work

Know the ways!



How to Develop a Good HR Department for Remote Work

The shift to remote work has affected many businesses, from small start-ups to big enterprises. That’s why it’s more important than ever for Human Resources (HR) departments to be prepared with the right structure and processes in place. With the global pandemic still ongoing, having a well-rounded HR department is essential for providing effective support and guidance for teams working remotely. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore how to develop an optimal HR department that can create a smooth transition into successful remote work operations. We’ll look at topics such as setting up standard procedures, ensuring adequate employee engagement levels, establishing open communication policies, and more.

Understand the Need for an HR Department in Remote Work Environments

The past year has brought about a major shift in the way we work, with a huge increase in remote work arrangements. And while there are definitely some upsides to working from home, it also presents a few unique challenges. One of these is the need for HR departments to adapt to these new remote work environments. 

With employees working from different locations and time zones, it’s more important than ever for companies to have solid HR policies and procedures in place to ensure their workforce is happy, productive, and engaged. This means focusing on things like remote performance evaluations, establishing communication channels, and providing resources to support employee well-being. 

Establish Rules and Policies to Ensure Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

The traditional workplace is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and working remotely has become a new norm. It has undoubtedly brought several benefits for both employers and employees, including flexibility and increased productivity.

However, with this shift, it is important to establish policies and guidelines to ensure that employees remain satisfied and motivated while working remotely. Such policies should focus on work hours, communication channels, and defining clear expectations to promote productivity. 

Also, consider rewarding your employees to make sure they are even more satisfied. Moreover, when it comes to the benefits of an employee reward program, it can not only boost employee satisfaction but also foster a positive company culture, which is essential for remote teams. A positive company culture leads to better employee retention and increased productivity, even in remote work environments.

Develop Communication Strategies That Support Remote Workers

In an increasingly digital world, remote work is becoming more and more common. And while technology has made it easier than ever to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time, working remotely presents unique communication challenges. How do you maintain the sense of connection and collaboration that arises from working together in the same physical space? 

How do you ensure everyone is on the same page and has the information they need in order to do their job effectively? Developing communication strategies that support remote workers is a must for any organization that wants to succeed in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business landscape. 

Overall, developing an HR department for remote work requires forethought and careful execution. It’s important to understand the need for an HR department, budget for the necessary resources, and establish rules and policies aimed at employee satisfaction and productivity. 

Additionally, a solid communication plan will help ensure that all stakeholders are contributing to the success of the team. By taking these steps when establishing an HR department for remote teams, companies can reduce operational costs and lay the foundation for a successful remote workforce.

Thanks to learning how to develop a good HR department specifically tailored to remote work environments, employers have more options when it comes to their ability to make working remotely easier and more comfortable even in challenging times.

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