Exclusive: Candid Conversation About NFTs, MusicFX, And a Parker McCollum Launch With Cameron Chell

Exclusive: Candid Conversation About NFTs, MusicFX, And a Parker McCollum Launch With Cameron Chell

Exclusive: Candid Conversation About NFTs, MusicFX, And a Parker McCollum Launch With Cameron Chell

In the digital industry, there are only a few like Cameron Chell, who is quick to learn and even quicker to implement learnings into a concrete plan.

I first spoke to him last month to discuss his NFT platform Vuele’s first feature film grossing nearly six figures. Afterward, he went on to launch Motoclub Digital, a premier space for car enthusiasts and fans of automotive memorabilia.

Meanwhile, Chell has been serving as the founder of Currency Works and CEO of Draganfly Innovations Inc. for some years.

Is he stopping? No, he is not.

He is now the co-head of MusicFX, the latest NFT platform from CurrencyWorks, and set to make history along with country singer-songwriter, Parker McCollum, with the release of the latter’s 2022 Fan Club NFT on the new NFT platform.

Parker is the singer-songwriter behind the platinum-selling single ‘Pretty Heart,’ and has just released his latest music video, ‘Falling Apart,’ from his acclaimed hit debut album Gold Chain Cowboy.

To talk further about his latest work with Parker and the vision behind launching MusicFX, I again had a candid conversation with Chell, and he had some great information to share.

Arun Katuwal: This is our second conversation in the last month. So, let’s start with a hello! How are you doing these days?

Cameron Chell: Hey Arun, great to speak with you again. Thank you so much for your interest in what we are doing. I am doing great.  Super excited about what MusicFX is going to do in the NFT space. 

AK: After successful NFT endeavors in the film industry, you seem to be eying the music industry. Can you tell us how your new music NFT platform MusicFX works?

CC: Expanding our interests within the entertainment world has always been very much part of our long-term strategy for how we grow the CurrencyWorks client base, and the music and film industries are very closely connected, so music NFTs are a natural progression for us.

AK: So when did you start MusicFX?

CC: Music has been on our radar when we first began plotting out our strategy of tapping into consumer markets with NFT products. We launched the MusicFX platform on December 7. MusicFX will set the stage for new innovations for artists and fan engagement.

The platform allows fans to become truly invested in their favorite bands and artists; while giving artists the ability to build a new type of relationship with their fans – one where they can feel completely connected. This groundbreaking approach has been made possible through a partnership created by CurrencyWorks Inc. and Crown & Ace Inc. (“Crown & Ace”) – two established leaders in their respective markets.

AK: Now, you, as the co-head of MusicFX and Executive Chairman of CurrencyWorks, are working closely with country singer/songwriter, Parker McCollum, for his 2022 Fan Club NFT. Tell us about this collaboration.

CC: I’m super excited to be working with Parker! He’s one of country music’s biggest rising stars, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t reach the heights of legends like Garth Brooks, or George Strait. His team has been awesome to work with, and Parker has had considerable input into how his NFTs look, and most importantly the content within them.

Partnering with Parker is a massive endorsement of how we are trying to revolutionize the music industry. The NFTs offered on MusicFX allow artists to build an entirely new type of relationship with their fans – one where they can feel completely connected.

AK: What to expect from MusicFX and Parker McCollum’s collaboration?

CC: That’s a great question, but I don’t want to spoil things for Parker’s fans. Parker is driving the vision for his NFT fan club. He loves his fans and wants to create something that would enable them to get closer to him and his music. Parker often says, without his fans he would not be where he is today. MusicFX is really going to allow him and his fans to support one another as he continues this incredible journey.

AK: Cut to the chase – How is MusicFX looking to provide music fans and collectors with the ultimate consumer-focused NFT collectible experience?

CC: MusicFX will be delivering far more than a collectible experience, and this is key to what we offer and our message to artists and fans alike. MusicFX is about creating engagement, building on the bonds of the artist/fan relationship, and taking it to a new level. With Parker’s NFT, the Gold Chain Cowboy Club Black Card, you’re picking up a 12-month membership to an exclusive community that rewards your support with truly ‘money can’t buy’ experiences.

At MusicFX the NFT is a mechanism we use to deliver these experiences and build relationships… some people may treat these as collectibles, but MusicFX is about much more than that.

AK: Any special offer for people looking to register at MusicFX?

CC: As part of the partnership with Parker, the first 1,000 fans that register their interest in the Gold Chain Cowboy Club will receive priority access to the Black Card NFT, which will be presented as a signed edition. Everyone who purchases membership will be entered into Parker’s Golden Ticket Sweepstakes, where Parker has personally chosen some very special prizes to reward his fans. Fans can find more info here.

AK: Also, what do you think – how can a platform like yours bring a positive change in the music industry?

CC: Simple. Community. We’re building a community around each artist, bringing engagement that you cannot get through social media alone. The artist gets the support they need to get closer to their fan base, and in return, the fans receive an experience that further cement that supports.

It would be very easy to follow the path laid by others, but it’s quite disingenuous to many fans as NFT collectors, who have no vested interest in the musician, who are buying those NFTs, either treating them as an investment or trying to flip them to make a quick buck out of the genuine fans. MusicFX is for the fans and the artist, who has control over how to reward that relationship.

AK: Is it also hard to set up a big platform like MusicFX during these testing times?

CC: Our focus has always been on the customer and the value our team brings to the project. We are lucky to have a passionate, dedicated team.  Our team has always worked remotely, and while it is always good to be able to meet clients face-to-face, we have been able to work with our team and customers remotely.

AK: Last one – predict how big NFT platforms are going to be in the next five years?

CC: At the start of the year the market was worth a few hundred million. Going into 2022 we’re looking at billions of dollars; and it’s the consumer side that’s really expanding. Understanding of this digital technology is growing so rapidly that it won’t be the sole domain of fintech investors, everyone is going to want a piece of the action.

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