Is Dale Philip Married To A Wife? His Personal Life Discussed

Is Dale Philip Married To A Wife? His Personal Life Discussed

All about Dale Philip’s love life!

Is Dale Philip Married To A Wife? His Personal Life Discussed

Dale Philip, aka Daleroxxu, is a well-known Scottish traveler and vlogger who gained the limelight through his travel videos on his self-titled YouTube channel. He has now gained over 1 million subscribers and 116 million views.

He recently reached the mark of 1 million subscribers and received his Gold Play Button from YouTube. He flaunted a picture with his Gold Play Button on June 18, 2022, and wrote, “Amazing what you can achieve with a $400 camera and a sense of adventure.”

Philip has visited multiple countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, and Turkey. He is currently continuing his journey in Nepal.

With the YouTuber traveling around different places of the world, his fan following is increasing a little day by day. And his followers are eager to learn more about him, especially about his personal life.

Does Dale Philip have a wife?

As of this writing, there have been no reports of Philip having a wife or a girlfriend. The YouTuber hasn’t given any hints of being married to a wife or dating a girlfriend. Thus, it seems like his present relationship status is single.

But, although Philip hasn’t given any sign of having a significant other, he has publicly said he doesn’t want to get married. For instance, on April 7, 2015, he tweeted that he would be traveling to Dublin.

Soon, one of his followers had asked him if he would get married someday. And Philip showed no intention of saying yes as he wrote, “never getting married mate haha.”

Moreover, he has also trolled people who were going to get married. On May 20, 2011, one Twitter user tagged him on Twitter and said he was getting married that August.

He replied, “congrats on being the last guy I know that hasn’t got married or had a chi….. [child] oh…. nevermind. good luck ;).”

However, as these statements from Philip came a long time ago, have things changed? The answer to that question remains unknown and will stay the same until the YouTuber reveals anything about his personal life.

Dale Philip was reportedly dating someone in 2017

Although Philip might have drawn a line for marriage, he hasn’t done the same when it comes to dating someone. How? For one, he has been on several dates and was once in a couple of relationships.

One of his relationships seemingly dates back to 2014. On March 4, 2014, the YouTuber posted a picture of two different cakes on two separate plates. And in the caption, he wrote that the best thing about dating a girl who works in a buffet restaurant is that he could nip in for some free cakes.

However, that relationship doesn’t seem to have worked out, as there were no follow-ups after that one Twitter post. Likewise, Philip’s other relationship dates back to 2017, and it has been reported that he was dating a Scottish girl named Loony.

But as per his Twitter post on December 25, 2017, they broke up the same day — on the morning of Christmas. In his tweet’s caption, he had written, “Eating Xmas dinner alone because I broke up with my nightmare of a girlfriend this morning.”

“I’ll just sit here and enjoy my Phad Thai and my freedom,” he added. The hashtags he added afterward revealed that the former couple was in Ko Lanta Yai, an island in Thailand at the time.

Dale Philip loves Asian girls and foods

One known thing about Philip is that he loves Asian girls and Asian foods. The YouTuber has even expressed his love for the two multiple times through his social media handles.

For instance, on March 2, 2014, he tweeted that he had arranged a breakfast date with a Korean girl he met on Tinder. Later that day, he posted a picture with a girl and wrote, “Visit Ireland. Date cute Asian girl.”

Dale Philip on a date with an Asian girl in Ireland

Dale Philip on a date with an Asian girl in Ireland (Photo: Twitter)

Likewise, on June 24, 2014, he posted a collage picture of having food with an Asian girl. “I love Asian girls. I love Asian food. I love Asia,” he captioned his post.

Similarly, when he visited Osaka, Japan, in early November 2016, he befriended a Japanese poker player named Asako. He had posted multiple pictures with her as they played poker and had fun — Philip is a former poker player.

Later, in late November 2016, he traveled from Japan to Milan, Italy, where he became friends with a Chinese girl. He shared a picture with the girl and her friend and wrote, “Making friends in Milan. Nothing cuter than a Chinese girl with an Italian accent.”

Going by all of that, it is undoubtedly proven that Philip has a special place in his heart for Asian girls and Asian foods. And while we are not sure about the girls, he might have explored some fantastic Asian foods during his recent visit to India and his current visit to Nepal.

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