Here Are Facts About Eva Bourne’s Age, Height, Weight Loss, And Boyfriend

Here Are Facts about Eva Bourne’s Age, Height, Weight Loss, and Boyfriend

Here Are Facts About Eva Bourne’s Age, Height, Weight Loss, And Boyfriend

Eva Bourne is a rising Canadian actress best known for her portrayal of Clara ‘Stanton’ Flynn in the Hallmark Channel’s family-drama-romance series When Calls the Heart (2015-21).

In addition, she has also earned praise for her performances in Once Upon a Time (2013-14), Garage Sale Mysteries (2015-19), and Compulsion (2017).

For her role of Ellen in the short movie Compulsion, she even got nominated for an award at the 2019 Vancouver Badass Film Festival.

When Was Eva Bourne Born?

Bourne is one of those celebrities who prefer to keep almost all of her personal details to herself only and not reveal anything about her among the general public.

Because of that, the exact age of the Canadian actress is unknown as of now. Nonetheless, it is reported that she celebrates her birthday on the 16th of November every year.

Other known details regarding her early life are that she was born and raised in the suburbs of East Kootenays of British Columbia, Canada, in a town called Creston. Her parents loved her a lot and supported her creativity.

As for her academics, she completed her high school education and moved to Cranbrook, British Columbia, to study Dental Assisting program. However, she realized that her interest lies elsewhere and dropped out. Finally, she moved to Vancouver to study acting.

How Tall Is Eva Bourne?

The Creston, Canada native, reportedly stands at a towering height of 5 feet 6 inches or 1.71 meters and has a slim build body.

Currently, her exact weight is not disclosed, and it is also not known if she ever went through a weight loss journey. Nonetheless, looking at her pictures on the internet, it can be assumed that she has a fair weight.

Is She Dating a Boyfriend?

The Words and Pictures star’s personal life remains in the dark, as of this writing. It is unknown if Bourne is currently in a relationship and has a boyfriend.

One of the main reasons behind this is the actress’s decision to maintain privacy over her private life. Another reason might be her zero social media presence since almost late 2019 or early 2020.

Previously, Bourne was easily available on two social media platforms: Instagram and Twitter. However, since late 2019 or early 2020, her presence on the above-mentioned social media platforms has completely disappeared. It seems she has deactivated or deleted her accounts.

As a result of all of those factors, it cannot be said, with full confidence, that Eva Bourne is dating someone or is single.

Although the actress’s real-life relationship status is unknown, she has had a couple of romantic relationships in reel life, one of the most famous being the love life shown in Hallmark Channel’s When Calls the Heart.

In the show, her character of Clara is in love with the character Jesse Flynn, portrayed by actor Aren Buchholz. After showing their love story for a couple of seasons, Clara and Jesse’s wedding was finally shown in the 7th season.

During an exclusive interview with ET Online in March 2020, Bourne and Buchholz gave some exclusive insights on the filming of their character’s wedding and how it was taken very seriously by all the cast and crew members of the show.

Furthermore, they were also asked if their characters will welcome babies in the upcoming seasons and how many kids they might welcome. Answering that, Bourne said that their characters might relish the marriage life for some time, but if they will ever have a baby, then it would be a son and a daughter.

However, Buchholz’s answer to that question was quite different as he said that when their characters want to have babies, they would definitely have a minimum of three children.

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