Is ‘Hawkeye’ Actor Fra Fee Straight? Inside His Dating Life

Is ‘Hawkeye’ Actor Fra Fee Straight? Inside His Dating Life

Is ‘Hawkeye’ Actor Fra Fee Straight? Inside His Dating Life

Credit: Fra Fee’s Instagram

Francis Martin Fee, shortly known as Fra Fee, is an Irish actor and singer who is currently in the spotlight for his performance in Marvel’s Disney+ show, Hawkeye. In this 6 episode mini-series, he plays the recurring role of Kazi Kazimierczak.

He has also gained fame for his roles in Les Misérables (2012), Monochrome (2016), Animals (2019), Cinderella (2021), and Dalgliesh (2021). In addition, he has acted in several theatres and Broadway productions.

While his professional life needs no introduction, not much is known when it comes to his personal life details. However, upon further digging into his profile, tidbits of information have been found.

Is Fra Fee Straight?

To answer the question of “Is Fra Fee straight?,” no, he is not. Fee is an openly gay actor who also has been a great supporter of pride.

Currently, there is not much information available on how and when the actor came out of the closet as he has always kept a low profile around his personal life.

Nonetheless, in his Twitter post of May 31, 2020, he did publicly acknowledge that he is gay. In his fun tweet, he had written that as a gay man, he is very ashamed to say that the reality TV show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, has been the first he has properly watched from beginning to end.”

“EVERYONE!  it is quite simply ESSENTIAL viewing for ALL – my heart is FULL!” he further added at the end.

Is Fra Fee Dating a Boyfriend?

The present relationship status of the Hawkeye star remains unknown. He rarely shares anything about his romantic life either in the public or through his social media handles.

As a result, it’s difficult to know if he has a partner or not. Additionally, it’s uncertain if he is married to a husband or not, though, it is very much possible that he is not.

Despite his unknown present dating status, Fee, who is 34 years of age, was once linked to a musician named Alex Parker.

On the Tumblr thread of Boys of The Barricade, one fan had asked “is fra fee gay (weird question i know) but I’m really confused cause of all the stuff I’m seeing on tumblr with alex parker!”

In reply to that fan’s query, another had written, “Oh haha, I actually have no idea, sorry! I know he and Alex Parker are dating from what he’s posted on his own twitter. That is the extent of my knowledge.”

The Twitter post in question might be the time when Parker had posted a picture alongside Fee in which he had wrapped his arms around Fee from behind. The post was made on October 21, 2018.

Since then, both of them have had some more interaction on Twitter, some of which date back to April 2020. However, as neither of them has confirmed their togetherness, it couldn’t be said that they are dating each other.

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