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Look at Jenny Tolman and Husband Dave Brainard’s Love Story

Everything about Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard’s relationship!



Look at Jenny Tolman and Husband Dave Brainard’s Love Story
Look at Jenny Tolman and Husband Dave Brainard’s Love Story

Jenny Tolman realized she was in love with her now-husband Dave Brainard upon hearing the news of a shocking attack on him.

However, at that time, both of them had just met each other and became good friends. The incident happened in September 2015, when the Grammy-nominated producer and his friend were in the streets of Nashville.

Some unknown people came up, brutally attacked, and left them to die. They were fortunate enough to reach the hospital. But, as People reports, Brainard had multiple facial lacerations, a mouth full of shattered teeth, and a broken jaw.

Soon, the news reached out to Tolman. “When you hear that sort of news about someone, it solidifies everything you feel for that person,” the country music singer recalled when she received the news to People.


“It was a moment of epiphany for me. It was like, ‘Oh my God, I am in love with this person, and someone has hurt him, and I need to be with him.’ That’s when I realized that he wasn’t just a good friend. He was my person.”

Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard met at a writer’s round

Tolman and Brainard’s story started just eight months before Brainard’s shocking incident. They were at Nashville’s Dawg House Saloon in January 2015, where a writer’s round was being held.

The country singer was playing there that night despite not being old enough to be there – she was 19-year-old. Similarly, she had just ended her “extremely abusive and dangerous relationship.”


When Brainard heard Tolman singing, he liked it and told her that he liked her voice and asked if they could write something together. “At first, I thought he was a creeper. I mean, there is a 20-year age gap between us,” she said in the same interview with People.

However, they ultimately met again and started to connect. Tolman stated that everything lined up between them and their conversation, both spiritually and morally. They talked about many things that one doesn’t discuss in a professional relationship.

They also wrote a song together and used to spend the weekends doing things like recording demos for the songs they wrote over the week. But, things changed after the attack on Brainard as the producer also began to have new-developed feelings for Tolman.

Jenny Tolman with her partner Dave Brainard

Jenny Tolman with her partner Dave Brainard (Photo: Instagram)

After the attack, Tolman wrote him two songs — Brainard was still in the hospital. “I remember that he sent me a text message basically saying, ‘This is so beautiful’ and ‘Gosh, you are so beautiful.’ That’s a text I hung onto.”

Finally, on January 16, 2016, they expressed their feelings to each other. The two had gone on dinner on a snowy night in Nashville. After dinner, they changed the plans to go to a bar as Tolman wasn’t 21 yet. So, they decided to go on a drive.

“So, we were driving, and he was like, ‘Please know that this was never my intention, and I don’t know how this happened, but I think I am in love with you,’ and I said, ‘I’m in love with you,’” she recalled that moment.


After expressing their true feelings, they went back to Brainard’s apartment, and since then, they have never left each other’s side and have always been together.

Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard got engaged in 2020

After being together for more than four years, Brainard believed it was time to take his relationship with Tolman to a new level. On October 28, 2020, the couple went on a hike to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

While they were on the edge of Jenny Lake in the Grand Teton National Park, the producer went down on one knee, took out an engagement ring, and proposed to the country singer. She said yes, and they got engaged.


“We came upon this opening right at the base of the Grand Tetons and the edge of Jenny Lake, and it was just so beautiful,” Tolman said.

And as luck had it, a professional photographer was also on a hike. He saw the proposal and started to take pictures of the couple. “It was such a dream,” she said of that moment.

In May 2021, Tolman revealed to People that she and her now-husband were planning a March 2022 wedding at the same place they got engaged, in Jackson Hole. In addition, she said that an album would come in 2022.


“Gratitude is my big thing, and I am so thankful for Dave and the man he is. And while it’s a terrible thing that happened to him, I’m grateful that it was that moment that taught me the lessons I needed to learn,” she added.

Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard’s wedding

Sticking to their plan, they shared the wedding vows on March 19, 2022, in a snowy outdoor wedding in Jackson, Wyoming.

Jenny Tolman and her husband Dave Brainard at their wedding

Jenny Tolman and her husband, Dave Brainard, at their wedding (Photo: Instagram)

“The sun was out, and there were no clouds covering the Tetons. The day before, it snowed in Jackson, so we had a beautiful fresh layer of snow. It was the most perfect weather you could ask for!”


“Perfect is an understatement. From the very first kiss, it was obvious to me that we were inseparable,” Brainard said in an exclusive interview with People after his wedding.

The newly married couple looked absolutely stunning in their wedding dress, and the glorious Teton Range served as the perfect backdrop for the two as they posed for wedding photographs.

Tolman and Brainard are currently enjoying their honeymoon in the lovely places of Costa Rica. We wish the couple nothing but the absolute best in the new stage of their relationship.


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Inside ‘Squid Game’ Actor Oh Yeong Su’s Married Life With Wife And Children

All about Oh Yeong Su’s personal life!



Inside Oh Yeong Su's Married Life With Wife And Children

Oh Yeong Su, a South Korean actor best known for portraying Oh Il-nam in the film Squid Game, has been married to his wife Mo Kang.

Yeong Su married Kang in 1987 when he was 43 years old. Kang’s parents initially opposed their relationship because of their age difference. She was thirteen years younger than the actor. 

Later, after joining the National Theater Company, the actor conceived his mother-in-law and married Kang in a private ceremony.


However, little is known about the couple because they kept their relationship very private. The Squid Game actor also doesn’t have an Instagram account, making it difficult for his fans to learn more about his personal life.

As of this writing, Yeong Su is 78 years old. The actor has been happily married to Kang for over three decades, but their love grows stronger with each passing day. The couple is now growing old together.

How many children do Oh Yeong Su and Mo Kang have?

According to Cover Ghana, Yeong Su and Kang have two children, but their name is not revealed. He has kept his child out of the spotlight, just like his marriage. 


The actor’s children might have grown up and are presently pursuing their careers. Furthermore, it’s claimed that Yeong Su’s daughter oversees his acting career.

Oh Yeong Su’s dating history 

Yeong Su undoubtedly dated many women when he was younger. However, before meeting the love of his life, he had never been in a serious relationship with anyone. The actor was once a playboy.

In 2017, the Squid Game star was allegedly arrested for inappropriately touching a woman. He was then released without charge. In December 2021, the alleged victim again filed a complaint against Oh Yeong Su. According to Yonhap, authorities closed the case in April 2022 but reopened it at the victim’s request.


Later, Yeong Su reportedly denied the allegation. In a statement shared with Korean broadcaster JTBC, the actor said, “I just held her hand to guide the way around the lake. I apologized because they said she wouldn’t make a fuss about it, but it doesn’t mean that I admit the charges.” 

Oh Yeong Su’s acting career 

Yeong Su began his career in 1967 as a member of the Gwangjang theater troupe. In 1968, he made his stage debut with the play Naj Gong-won Sancheg’. He then worked for Seongjwa and Yeo-in theater companies.

His other theater credits include Geu Yeoja Salamjabne, Baeg-yangseom-ui Yogmang, La Mandragola, Fathers and Sons, and many more. By 2013, he had appeared in more than 200 theater productions.

Oh Yeong Su has been in the entertainment industry for over five decades.

Oh Yeong Su has been in the entertainment industry for over five decades. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, Yeong Su appeared as a Temple Matser in the 2002 South Korean film A Little Monk. Following the year, the actor makes his debut as Noseu-nim in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. His performance in the film was widely praised.

In 2021, Yeong Su made his international debut in the Netflix survival drama series Squid Game. The series was a global smash, becoming Netflix’s most-watched series upon its debut. The series is also the first South Korean drama to top Netflix’s top ten weekly most-watched TV shows.

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How Did Sssniperwolf Meet Her BF Evan Sausage?

Everything about Sssniperwolf and Evan Sausage’s relationship.



How Did Sssniperwolf Meet Her Bf Evan Sausage?

English-American YouTuber, Sssniperwolf and Evan Sausage were a cute couple who showed up in videos on each other’s channels.

Sssniperwolf frequently posted videos with Sausage on her YouTube channel, including pranks, Q/A, and many more. The audience saw them as an ideal couple who supported and cared for each other.

Similarly, after seeing them together in several videos, Sssniperwolf’s fans were curious about her and Sausage’s love story.


How did Sssniperwolf meet Evan Sausage?

On November 3, 2015, Sssniperwolf posted a video titled “How I Met My Boyfriend,” describing how she and Sausage first met.

The relationship between the two started when Sausage sent a message to Sssniperwolf on her YouTube account saying, “I would drag my balls through a field of broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie.”

She thought the message was hilarious and chose to respond. This was the icebreaker, and they started talking and sharing pictures of themselves. Eventually, the YouTuber gave Sausage her phone number. They would talk for hours, sometimes up to eight hours.

Sssniperwolf and Evan Sausage's first date selfie.

Sssniperwolf and Evan Sausage’s first date selfie. (Source: Instagram)

After getting to know each other, the two decided to meet. Sausage and Sssniperwolf had never been in a serious relationship before, and this was their first, so they were extra careful. According to SSSniperwolf, Sausage ran away from her in the airport during their first meeting because he had never had a girlfriend and was nervous.

The duo eventually began dating and moved in together. She and her bf paid $2.9 million for a 5,000-square-foot three-bedroom home in McDonald Highlands in Las Vegas.

Moreover, the pair shared several videos, including one on March 2, 2019, titled “I WANT A BABY PRANK ON BOYFRIEND.” The YouTuber pranked her boyfriend by texting him that she wanted a baby, and Sausage’s reaction was priceless. As of this writing, the video has 10 million views and 265k likes.


SSSniperwolf and Evan Sausage’s break-up rumors 

SSSniperWolf mentioned that she had some anger issues, which had an impact on their relationship, especially in the beginning. She and Sausage fought in August 2016, after which Sausage changed his wallpaper from the Youtuber’s image to a random girl. This made SSSniperwolf mad, and started to scream.

Following the fight, the neighbors became irritated and called the police, who arrested them. SSSniperWolf explained the situation in one of her videos, saying, “I wasn’t even screaming for help or anything.”

She added, “I was just screaming like, ‘I hate you,’ it’s just really stupid, and I come back inside, and I start screaming again. I guess the neighbors heard. I don’t know which neighbor, but somebody called the cops on us.”


Later, in September 2016, things between the two deteriorated again when SSSniperWolf revealed in her video that she and Sausage had stopped dating but still lived in the same house as roommates.

The breakups and parch-ups between the two continued over time. The duo then began to maintain their privacy, so the details of their relationship gradually faded away. SSSniperWolf and Sausage also sold their Las Vegad home in February 2022, which sparked the rumor about their break up. However, it is unknown whether or not they split up.

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Inside Rebecca Zamolo and Husband Matt Slays’ Married Life

“Zadie is our world and a dream come true,” said Rebecca Zamalo.



Inside Rebecca Zamolo And Husband Matt Slays’ Married Life

Rebecca Zamolo is a popular YouTuber, author, and social media influencer who has been in the public eye for several years. She is known for her entertaining content, including vlogs, challenges, and pranks.

However, her personal life has also been a topic of interest for many of her fans. In particular, her relationship with her husband, Matt Slays, and their journey to starting a family has garnered a lot of attention.

Zamobo and Slays got married in 2014 after years of dating. Since then, the couple has been very open about their desire to have children. However, their journey has been anything but easy.


Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays struggled to be parents

Zamolo had her colon removed at 29, which made it harder for her to have kids. Still, the couple didn’t give up.

“Matt and I have always wanted to have a family. That’s been a dream of ours forever,” she said in one of her YouTube videos on Feb 13, 2021, adding that they had begun IVF treatments a year ago.

The process turned out to be more demanding than she anticipated, involving daily shots and multiple egg retrievals. Unfortunately, they faced two setbacks, a chemical pregnancy, and a miscarriage at nine weeks, leaving Zamolo devastated.


On February 14, 2021, the Youtuber shared the heartbreaking news on her Instagram. She wrote, “We are devastated. Today was supposed to be the day we announced we were officially pregnant, but we unexpectedly had a miscarriage.”

Zamolo also expressed how she had a difficult year trying to keep a secret about their struggles with IVF. Despite advice to not share until it was a safe time, she felt alone and unsupported when things went wrong.

She experienced multiple treatments, surgeries, and setbacks, including a pregnancy loss at nine weeks. Despite this, Zamolo is determined to share their journey and promises to have a happy ending.


Further, after her miscarriage, she underwent surgery to remove polyps from previous D&C scar tissue, she remained optimistic that their third IVF attempt would be successful.

After her second miscarriage and third, it was like she was starting “back at zero,” as she said to People magazine.

She also said she would continue sharing their story because she needs support. Zamolo also has been sharing her pregnancy journey with her Youtube family of over 13.8M subscribers.


Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays welcomed finally welcomed a child

After a long struggle, Zamolo and Slays finally welcomed their first child, a daughter, Zadie Hope Zamolo, on February 23, 2022. Baby Zadie weighed 6 lbs., 11 oz. and measured 20 inches at birth.

When asked how she came up with her daughter’s name, Rebecca Zamolo said, “I love the letter Z and the name Sadie, so combining the two just made sense.”

The couple who wrote the book The Game Master: Mansion Mystery told People, “We finally have our rainbow baby, and we could not be happier! It has been a long journey and we are so thankful for our family, friends, fans and doctors for their love and support along the way.”


“Being a mother has always been a dream for me. Zadie is our world and a dream come true,” added Zamalo.

Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays with their baby girl, Zadie

Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays with their baby girl, Zadie (Image source: Instagram)

The couple also shared the happy news on YouTube with a birth video. Also, her Instagram profile is flooded with her daughter’s pictures.

The couple recently celebrated Zadie’s one-year birthday. Zamolo took a moment to post photos wishing her daughter a birthday on February 26 on Instagram.


She wrote a caption, “And just like that Zadie is ONE. Happy birthday to my sweet, silly, energetic little girl. Your mommy and daddy love you so much!”

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