Is NBC’s Reporter Ben Collins Married? Possibility of Wife, Girlfriend, and Dating Life Discussed

Is NBC’s Reporter Ben Collins Married? Possibility of Wife, Girlfriend, and Dating Life Discussed

All about Ben Collins’ love life!

Is NBC’s Reporter Ben Collins Married? Possibility of Wife, Girlfriend, and Dating Life Discussed

The well-known American journalist Ben Collins is a senior NBC News reporter focusing on disinformation and extremist news at the website Dystopia Beat. Over the years, Collins has worked as a reporter and journalist for several renowned news and media organizations.

His career is well known, but he has kept his personal life private. As a result, many are curious about his love life, including information about his wife and married life.

Here is everything we know about Collins’ personal life.

Is Ben Collins married?

As said before, Collins prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. He is renowned for being a secretive individual who avoids discussing his personal life publicly or on social media. 

Several websites have mentioned that Collins is married, whereas several have noted that he is single. Therefore, it is unknown if he is married or has a wife. 

To date, the journalist has not mentioned anything about getting married or having a wife. So, it is safe to assume that Collins is a bachelor. 

However, it is possible that he is keeping his marriage and spouse a secret and away from the limelight. So, unless Collins mentions anything himself, everything is mere presumption. 

That being said, Collins was once linked to his co-worker. Many believe that his girlfriend is fellow NBC senior reporter Brandy Zadrozny. 

Ben Collins with his co-worker, Brandy Zadrozny.

Ben Collins with his co-worker, Brandy Zadrozny. (Source: Twitter)

The pair often work together and discuss conspiracy theories and disinformation. Some of their work includes the antivaccine movements, social media’s response to Russian disinformation, the assault on the Capitol, and the role of the QAnon movement. 

However, it seems the pair only have a professional relationship and are not dating or married. Moreover, Zadrozny shares three children with her partner. 

Besides this, there is no information about Collins and his personal life.

Ben Collins’ bio

Collins was born in Byfield, Massachusetts, but he hasn’t revealed his birth month or year. He is currently thought to be in his mid-40s. 

He has not revealed the identities of his parents or any family members. Therefore, nothing is known about his upbringing. 

The reporter is said to have graduated from a nearby high school in his hometown. Similarly, he is reported to have earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Emerson College as part of his post-secondary education.

Collins began his journalism career in 2007 when he began working as a writer and online columnist for SLAM magazine. He held the position for more than five years and also worked as a columnist for in 2009. 

He then served as an editor at HULU in 2011, working on editorials, blogs, trending news, and viral content for the website. After a few years, he continued as an editor at Esquire magazine but quit after a year to become an editor at the Daily Beast.

Then, after working for the Daily Beast for over three years, Collins joined NBC News as a reporter in 2018. He began covering radical news, outdated fiction, and misinformation for the network. 

Collins has worked with well-known news organizations and media outlets as a writer and journalist, including BBC, BBC Sport, Medium, MSN, MSN Canada, The Sun, and The Washington Post. It is reported that his average income has been above $50,000, and as of 2022, his net worth is predicted to be about $1.5 million.

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