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Lana Rhoades Opens up about Baby’s Real Name, Baby Pictures, and Postpartum Experiences



Lana Rhoades Opens up about Baby’s Real Name, Baby Pictures, and Postpartum Experiences
Lana Rhoades Opens up about Baby’s Real Name, Baby Pictures, and Postpartum Experiences

Photo: Lana Rhoades’ Instagram

Lana Rhoades has been relishing some of the best days of her life as a mother. The American model gave birth to her first and only son on Friday, January 7, 2022.

Following her baby’s birth, she initially took some rest for a few days. After that, she started flaunting numerous baby pictures via her Instagram handle.

Lana Rhoades’ baby’s pictures on Instagram

Rhoades first announced the arrival of her baby boy on January 9, 2022, when she shared a picture of her holding her baby on her chest via an Instagram story.


Two days later, on January 11, she shared a picture of herself standing outside of her car. The doors of her car were open, and a baby car seat cart was seen in the vehicle’s back seat.

She first posted a picture of her newborn on January 13, when she officially announced the birth of her child. She had shared three photos, and the first one showed the date of birth – January 7 – and her son’s weight – he weighed 7 lb and 3 oz. The time of delivery was around 7 pm.

Lana Rhoades' baby picture shared on her IG.

Lana Rhoades’ baby picture shared on her Instagram.

The second picture showed her son lying on a soft foam seat inside his baby crib. In the caption, Rhoades mentioned that since she gave birth to her son, every day feels like Christmas morning. “I am loving every second of being a mom and feel so blessed!” she added.


Later, on Thursday, January 20, she posted a short clip of her dancing to Lil Wayne’s Mrs. Officer while holding her kid in her arms. In the end, she gave him a little kiss on his cheeks.

Lana Rhoades’ baby name and nationality

Rhoades initially introduced her baby boy as “Milo” only, without revealing his middle or last name.

However, in an Instagram Q&A on January 19, 2022, one fan asked her son’s middle name. In reply, she finally revealed her son’s middle name too. That said, her baby name or kid name is Milo Halston.


Lana Rhoades reveals her son’s middle name (Photo: Instagram/lanaplusmilo)

In addition, another fan asked for her son’s nationality in the next slide. Rhoades again didn’t hesitate to answer the question and wrote that he is of mixed nationality.

Milo Halston’s birth process

In the above-mentioned Instagram Q&A, one fan asked Rhoades what Milo’s birthing process was and praised her as “queen.”

Answering that question, she first mentioned that the birthing process was insane, she was induced, and the whole process took 20 hours. “I went about 19 of those hours with no pain intervention and then had epidural after my water broke from the Pitocin,” she added.


As she continued, she disclosed that when it was time to push, Milo wouldn’t come out, and “his heart rate kept dropping because his cord was wrapped around his neck.” At last, the doctors had to cut her open with scissors and use a vacuum of Milo’s head to take him out.

Lana Rhoades reveals her son’s birthing process (Photo: Instagram/lanaplusmilo)

In the end, Rhoades mentioned that her son was healthy and amazing after he came out.

Netizens have made memes on Lana Rhoades’ kid

After the birth of Rhoades’ kid, people were wondering who was the father of Milo. However, that question remains unanswered as Rhoades is persistent in keeping that detail hidden away from the outside world.


However, her decision not to reveal her baby father has led people to make wild guesses and start making memes which now have been termed “Lana Rhoades kid meme.” As for the main reason behind the memes, Rhoades is a former adult star who has been with many men.

Know Your Meme also defines “Lana Rhoades kid meme” as “Due to her past history of adult entertainment… a viral discussion about her pregnancy and baby resulted in many memes referencing her throughout 2021 and 2022.”

A new picture of Lana Rhoades' baby, Milo Halston

A new picture of Lana Rhoades’ baby, Milo Halston (Photo: Instagram)

Speaking of the memes, one of the memes was made from the book Where’s Wally? where the meme creator had written, “Lana Rhoades’s kid looking for his real father.”


Memes like these have gone viral over social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. And that might be one of the big reasons why Rhoades decided to maintain privacy over her baby.

Rhoades, who previously openly flaunted her baby’s pictures and shared details about her pregnancy process, has now deleted all the posts related to her child and pregnancy. She had also created a public Instagram handle named @lanaplusmilo, but she has now turned it into a private account.

Lana Rhoades talks about postpartum and weight loss

For a model like Rhoades, fitness and shape are essential. So, eight days after childbirth, she started doing small workouts to lose weight and get back in shape.


Her postpartum journey was also shared via her Instagram handle. On January 11, 2022, she shared a picture of herself in which she showed her stomach. “four days postpartum,” she wrote in the caption.

On January 17, she took to her other Instagram handle’s story and asked her followers to ask some questions related to her postpartum and other things. For example, one had asked her about her workout routine, to which she replied that she only started working out eight days postpartum.

Additionally, she wrote, “I am doing 1 hour 8% incline 3.5 speed on treadmill 2x a day burning 1000 calories.”


Similarly, another fan had asked her if she was happy with her postpartum body compared to before pregnancy. In reply, she wrote that she weighed 164 lbs when she went to the hospital for her childbirth.

Following her birth, she lost 15 lbs and has lost 1.5 lbs per day postpartum. She further added that she weighs 136 lbs and has to lose 15 lbs more to regain her “pre-baby” weight.

In the following few stories, she shared some of the food routines she has been following postpartum, such as breakfast, sugar-free latte, snacks, and dessert.


As for what she is feeding her child, she has shared that she uses donor milk for daytime feeding as she cannot breastfeed yet. For nighttime feeding, she uses HiPP’s organic formula from Europe.

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3 Ways Online Slots Are Easy to Get Into

Need some time to kill? Online slots are only a few clicks away.



3 Ways Online Slots Are Easy to Get Into

Online casinos are, as you might expect, digitized versions of the once exclusively physical casino experience. Being able to access these venues through platforms such as the smartphone, which many people carry with them wherever they go, has helped to make casino games more popular and accessible.

One example of that is online slots, which is something that you’re likely familiar with through seeing slot games represented in real life or through media elsewhere.

However, the core game is as popular as it is for a reason – it’s incredibly easy to pick up and play. Whether you have an interest in playing this classic game yourself or not, knowing what’s made online slots so enduring can help you to understand the wider entertainment and gaming landscape in greater depth.


The Gameplay Loop

As with any game that goes on to secure a massive amount of popularity, part of the reason that slots work so well is simply that people find them fun. Now, what that means here might be slightly different than another enduring classic, like chess, for example.

With chess, the amount of room for strategy and variety within any given game opens it up to creativity and experimentation. 

With online slots, the gameplay loop is tightly designed to trigger specific reactions in the brain that make you want to keep playing, and its fast-paced nature helps exacerbate this further.


Looking into how to play slots online can showcase the simple yet fascinating way in which this entertaining gameplay works, but it’s important to be aware of the potentially addictive properties that these games can possess. That’s why it’s always crucial to play slots (and any gambling game, for that matter) responsibly, playing with and sticking to a set budget that you can afford and giving yourself regular breaks.

The Convenience

When you add in the fact that online slots are accessible through platforms like your smartphone, which you may well take with you wherever you go, the popularity becomes explainable through the sheer convenience of these games. Need some time to kill? Online slots are only a few clicks away. 

This is true of other mobile games as well, but the familiarity that many people have with slot games and the simplicity of their design can do a lot to remove the hurdles that might otherwise be in the way.


Even those who have never played slots in their life will likely have a pretty good idea of what to do if the game was placed in front of them, and that can be a big draw to new players. 

The Variety

When it comes to online slots in particular, however, they have an advantage that isn’t even shared with a majority of the game’s cousins in the online casino sphere. Online slots have a huge number of varieties in terms of genres, themes, and playstyles available, meaning that you can ultimately customize your experience to suit you as much as possible. 

The number of reels, the visuals, the amount of narrative content, the bonuses, the mini-games, and the themes are all variables you can ultimately control to some extent – and that makes the game versatile and exciting, even for seasoned players who think they’ve mastered every slot game on the planet.


Having this amount of control over your gaming experience is somewhat novel, and while the core of slots is ultimately straightforward, and there is an argument to be made as to whether that might be for the betterment of the game, the degree to which that is true rests with you when you have as many options as this.

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How Important Are Casino Reviews?

When reading casino reviews, don’t just quickly skim over them.



Reading casino reviews is an essential step that every casino player should go through. This is true whether you’re planning to play in a land-based casino or an online one.

To learn more about the importance of casino reviews, read ahead.

Important note: To play in any casino, you must be above the legal gambling age in your country or state. For instance, in the UK, the legal gambling age is 18. In most US states, the legal age varies between 18 and 21. 


Where Can You Find Casino Reviews?

Across the internet, there are countless casino reviews that you can read for both land-based casinos and online casinos. However, to save yourself a major headache, you can read comprehensive reviews of the top UK casinos in a single place. This way, you don’t have to hop from website to website to read all of the player testimonials.

Instead, many of the best UK casinos are all reviewed right in front of you, making the whole process a breeze.

Of course, this is just an example for players in the UK – there are review sites that offer the same service for players in many other countries, too. 


What to Look for In Casino Reviews: An In-Depth Breakdown

When reading casino reviews, don’t just quickly skim over them. If you do this, you could miss out on some potentially important details. Here’s what you need to look out for: 

Star Ratings

Firstly, look for the star ratings. Most casinos are rated out of 5 stars. In some cases, they will be rated out of 10 stars. If a specific casino has a solid ranking (anywhere from 3 to 5 stars if the max rating goes up to 5), then you know it can be trusted. The players’ reviews are letting you know this for a fact. 

However, if a casino has an extremely poor rating (such as 1 or 2 stars), then it’s highly recommended that you avoid it. When a casino has a low rating, it’s not by coincidence – it’s for a reason. This could be anything, such as poor-quality games (for online casinos) or rude door attendants (for land-based casinos). Usually, the problem will be discussed in the actual review. 



Casino reviews will typically talk about the different types of bonuses available to players. For example, you might find that one particular online casino offers ‘free spins’ on the slot machines to its players every weekend. The key is to read the details so that you can discover which potential bonuses are on offer for the casino in question. 


When it comes to land-based casinos rather than online ones, you need to know how good the actual facilities inside the building are. Luckily, reviews can help to shed light on this. If the tables and machines are dirty and rundown, then you’ll know to avoid that specific casino in the future.

Dealer Professionalism

Next, read casino reviews to find out how professional the casino dealers are. Ideally, you’ll want to visit a casino with professional and helpful dealers who treat all customers equally. This is important whether you’re looking for a suitable land-based casino or a live online casino. When the dealers are professional, you’ll usually have a great time at the tables. 


Game Variety

Last but not least, you need to find out what the game variety is like from reviews. If a casino only has a handful of games to choose from, you’ll get bored pretty quickly. On the other hand, if there are countless different games to choose from, you’ll experience non-stop entertainment.

As soon as you’re done at the slot machines, you’ll be able to progress to the blackjack and other card tables – you get the idea. Game variety is key, whether you’re a casino beginner or a seasoned pro.

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How Did Scar Girl Get Her Scar? TikTok Star Annie Bonelli Speaks Out

Scar Girl explained her scar.




How Did Scar Girl Get Her Scar? TikTok Star Annie Bonelli Speaks Out

Annie Bonelli has gotten traction on social media, especially TikTok, because of the massive scar on her cheek.

In fact, she went viral because of the scar to the point that people recognized her by her new name —  Scar Girl. She had that scar since March 2020, when she was 15.

She was a junior in high school back then. Since Bonelli went viral on TikTok, many have asked her about the scar origin.


They are curious about how she got the scar, but Bonelli has not yet revealed it. She has avoided saying its reason, claiming it is personal.

This soon led to the speculation that the scar was fake. The TikToker has tried to prove her wound is real many times, but all in vain.

She recently went to the BFFs podcast, where she addressed her scar.


How did Scar Girl get her scar?

On the 114th episode of the BFFs podcast, podcast host Dave Portnoy asked Bonelli about her scar and how she got it. However, Bonelli did not reveal the reason there.

Portnoy asked why she was hesitant to talk about the scar origin. Bonelli insisted that the scar was real, but she did not want to reveal its reason.

She confessed that she got it from something personal and did not wish to share it online. She noted that social media did not need to know everything about her, and it included the scar origin.


She noted that initially, her original scar was smaller but did not heal properly. But she used specific treatments that caused the chemical burn, making her scar look the way it is today.

Bonelli then pointed out that she had discussed the scar on her TikTok. In a video posted on January 11, 2023, on @wtmab, she took some wipes and wiped the scar to prove that it was not fake.

She then took a q-tip dipped in micellar water and wiped the scar to show it was not made but real. She penned a lengthy caption for the video, revealing that she got the scar in March 2020.


She was injured back then, and she realized that it would be a permanent mark on her face. Initially, she covered it because she was insecure about it.

But later, she started showing it off and embracing it. She tried various measures to get rid of it, like a topical medication.

Scar Girl explained the scar origin on her TikTok.

Scar Girl explained the scar origin on her TikTok. (Source: TikTok)

She applied it sloppily, and unfortunately, it made the scar worse. She had to let the wound heal before trying other medications or treatments.


She started treatment in August, which she claimed was invasive and hurtful. This made her scar look “gross,” had “risen,” and “scabbed over.”

She noted that all her scars healed brown and would probably improve with time. She ended her captions by noting how her account is for positivity and to remind people to love themselves. 

People’s reaction to the scar

There is a lot of debate about Bonelli’s scar and if it is fake or real. As said before, Bonelli has tried to defend herself and convince her followers that it is real.


However, many are skeptical about it. Some have compared the before and after of the scar, claiming that its shape and size have changed over time.

Similarly, some have pointed out that the scar looked as if it was drawn on. This has even attracted the attention of Deuxmoi, an Instagram gossip page.

Deuxmoi addressed the controversies behind Scar Girl's scar.

Deuxmoi addressed the controversies behind Scar Girl’s scar. (Source: DeuxMoi’s IG Stories)

They were recently asked about their opinion, to which Deuxmoi said they were skeptical. They noted why anyone would lie about their scar, but they found it weird that Bonelli refused to explain it.


Regardless of all the controversies, Bonelli does not care about it anymore. She recently talked with NBC News about her scar and people’s reaction. 

She said, “I feel like on social media people get so comfortable, especially with influencers in general, to make comments on things because they don’t always view them as real people. Like, I’m a real person.”

“I’m continuing to live my life, especially in spite of the hate,” she explained. “There’s people that are always going to say something, and I shouldn’t let that faze me.”

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