Sedona Prince Responds to Ex Girlfriend Rylee LeGlue’s Cheating Claims

Sedona Prince Responds to Ex Girlfriend Rylee LeGlue’s Cheating Claims

“We had moved past it,” said Sedona Prince.

Sedona Prince Responds to Ex Girlfriend Rylee LeGlue’s Cheating Claims

It has been a couple of weeks since Sedona Prince and Rylee LeGlue officially parted ways, saying it was a mutual and healthy decision.

However, it now seems like their breakup wasn’t so mutual and healthy, as LeGlue has accused Prince of cheating twice. When she did so, the internet started asking questions and filled Prince’s social media comment section.

Due to all the pressure, Prince decided to respond to the allegations through a since-deleted TikTok video. On August 15, 2022, the basketball player posted 2 minutes and 38 seconds long clip in which she was first seen kissing her dog.

Prince then began talking, “Alright! This is getting out of hands, so I’m gonna address it, I really didn’t want to but it’s my fault. I posted a Snapchat last night, angry, and I shouldn’t have. That was stupid and dramatic.”

“But in doing so, Rylee commented and it opened the flood’s gates. And there is no context, you guys have no idea of anything. So, let me, atleast give you some piece of mind.”

After saying that, Prince asked her followers to ignore her “puffy eyes,” as she had been crying for the last few days. She continued, “Yes, I cheated [on Rylee]. I cheated one time, and it was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life. There is no excuse for cheating.”

“So, I’m not gonna give you one. It was messed up and I was sick in the head. Rylee and I healed and a few months later, we were on a break. And during that break, I got on with someone at a party and a bunch of student saw and that’s when all the cheating rumors started.”

As Prince went on, she again said that it was a messed up thing to get together with another person even though it wasn’t necessarily cheating as she and LeGlue weren’t together. “And I deeply, deeply, deeply regret it to this day,” she added.

“We should have broken up [after the said cheating]? Absolutely. But we didn’t. We stayed together, we wanted to heal, and in doing so, we became super healthy, happy, and we had moved past it.”

“And then, on my birthday, I figured out that Rylee had been cheating on me with someone she had been friends with since the beginning of our relationship. It broke me in half, I lost myself for a really long time, but I forgave her since she forgave me.”

“And I moved past it, I never brought it up, and we moved in together, and that was it. Our love was beautiful, but when we say it was a mutual break up, it doesn’t technically have to be a healthy and mutual break up. It can be mutually agreeing that we’re not good for each other at all.”

As Prince reached the end of her video, she talked about why she posted the Snapchat story, which led to all these revelations. She said, “I posted that Snapchat last night because I am so heartbroken that Rylee has become friends again with the person she cheated on me.”

“And I don’t know if they are pursue something but that really makes me sad. To me, it just shows that she had no remorse for what she did and she doesn’t feel really bad. But it’s her life, her journey, and I wish her nothing but the best.”

Sedona Prince with her now-former girlfriend Rylee LeGlue

Sedona Prince with her now-former girlfriend Rylee LeGlue (Photo: Instagram)

“So I posted that [Snapchat], and I shouldn’t have, and I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cause drama. But I’m just so sad how she [Rylee] has taken this break up, and I just want this to be over.”

In the end, she asked her followers not to send hate to LeGlue and then said, “here is the information you guys [expletive] wanted. I didn’t want to do this, but I started it, and now I’m gonna end it. So, that’s it. We will go on our separate ways and probably never talk again.”

The Snapchat story mentioned above was posted by Prince. The story was a picture of herself with a text that read, “Can my soulmate pls come into my life bc I’m tired of wasting time, money, energy, and love on women who traumatize me.”

Prince immediately deleted the Instagram story, but some onlookers took a screenshot, and the photo went viral. Additionally, Prince had shared a lip sync TikTok video in which she claimed LeGlue already has a new partner — the video has already been deleted.

After these events, people started asking LeGlue what was happening, and she responded by replying to a fan’s comment. LeGlue’s reply was short yet strong as she wrote, “She [Prince] cheated on me twice.”

Since these revelations have come out, fans of both Prince and LeGlue are more confused and wondering if cheating was the main reason behind the lesbian couple’s breakup.

Prince and LeGlue were a well-known couple on TikTok as they often posted videos alongside each other. They officially began dating on March 10, 2021, and ended their relationship on July 31, 2022, saying it was a mutual decision.

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