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Sedona Prince Responds to Ex Girlfriend Rylee LeGlue’s Cheating Claims

“We had moved past it,” said Sedona Prince.



Sedona Prince Responds to Ex Girlfriend Rylee LeGlue’s Cheating Claims
Sedona Prince Responds to Ex Girlfriend Rylee LeGlue’s Cheating Claims

It has been a couple of weeks since Sedona Prince and Rylee LeGlue officially parted ways, saying it was a mutual and healthy decision.

However, it now seems like their breakup wasn’t so mutual and healthy, as LeGlue has accused Prince of cheating twice. When she did so, the internet started asking questions and filled Prince’s social media comment section.

Due to all the pressure, Prince decided to respond to the allegations through a since-deleted TikTok video. On August 15, 2022, the basketball player posted 2 minutes and 38 seconds long clip in which she was first seen kissing her dog.

Prince then began talking, “Alright! This is getting out of hands, so I’m gonna address it, I really didn’t want to but it’s my fault. I posted a Snapchat last night, angry, and I shouldn’t have. That was stupid and dramatic.”

“But in doing so, Rylee commented and it opened the flood’s gates. And there is no context, you guys have no idea of anything. So, let me, atleast give you some piece of mind.”

After saying that, Prince asked her followers to ignore her “puffy eyes,” as she had been crying for the last few days. She continued, “Yes, I cheated [on Rylee]. I cheated one time, and it was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life. There is no excuse for cheating.”

“So, I’m not gonna give you one. It was messed up and I was sick in the head. Rylee and I healed and a few months later, we were on a break. And during that break, I got on with someone at a party and a bunch of student saw and that’s when all the cheating rumors started.”

As Prince went on, she again said that it was a messed up thing to get together with another person even though it wasn’t necessarily cheating as she and LeGlue weren’t together. “And I deeply, deeply, deeply regret it to this day,” she added.

“We should have broken up [after the said cheating]? Absolutely. But we didn’t. We stayed together, we wanted to heal, and in doing so, we became super healthy, happy, and we had moved past it.”

“And then, on my birthday, I figured out that Rylee had been cheating on me with someone she had been friends with since the beginning of our relationship. It broke me in half, I lost myself for a really long time, but I forgave her since she forgave me.”

“And I moved past it, I never brought it up, and we moved in together, and that was it. Our love was beautiful, but when we say it was a mutual break up, it doesn’t technically have to be a healthy and mutual break up. It can be mutually agreeing that we’re not good for each other at all.”

As Prince reached the end of her video, she talked about why she posted the Snapchat story, which led to all these revelations. She said, “I posted that Snapchat last night because I am so heartbroken that Rylee has become friends again with the person she cheated on me.”

“And I don’t know if they are pursue something but that really makes me sad. To me, it just shows that she had no remorse for what she did and she doesn’t feel really bad. But it’s her life, her journey, and I wish her nothing but the best.”

Sedona Prince with her now-former girlfriend Rylee LeGlue

Sedona Prince with her now-former girlfriend Rylee LeGlue (Photo: Instagram)

“So I posted that [Snapchat], and I shouldn’t have, and I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cause drama. But I’m just so sad how she [Rylee] has taken this break up, and I just want this to be over.”

In the end, she asked her followers not to send hate to LeGlue and then said, “here is the information you guys [expletive] wanted. I didn’t want to do this, but I started it, and now I’m gonna end it. So, that’s it. We will go on our separate ways and probably never talk again.”

The Snapchat story mentioned above was posted by Prince. The story was a picture of herself with a text that read, “Can my soulmate pls come into my life bc I’m tired of wasting time, money, energy, and love on women who traumatize me.”

Prince immediately deleted the Instagram story, but some onlookers took a screenshot, and the photo went viral. Additionally, Prince had shared a lip sync TikTok video in which she claimed LeGlue already has a new partner — the video has already been deleted.

After these events, people started asking LeGlue what was happening, and she responded by replying to a fan’s comment. LeGlue’s reply was short yet strong as she wrote, “She [Prince] cheated on me twice.”

Since these revelations have come out, fans of both Prince and LeGlue are more confused and wondering if cheating was the main reason behind the lesbian couple’s breakup.

Prince and LeGlue were a well-known couple on TikTok as they often posted videos alongside each other. They officially began dating on March 10, 2021, and ended their relationship on July 31, 2022, saying it was a mutual decision.

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TikTok Star Briblixks and Boyfriend K2RaW Are Pregnant with First Child

The couple recently held a gender reveal party!




TikTok Star Briblixks And Her Boyfriend K2RaW Are Pregnant

TikTok star Briblixks is expecting her first child with her YouTuber boyfriend, K2RaW.

Moreover, on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, the couple hosted a gender reveal party and learned whether they were having a baby girl or a baby boy. And for those wondering about the gender of their unborn baby, the duo will have a baby girl.

Briblixks first hinted at her pregnancy on May 10, 2023, when she shared a series of pictures of herself in Manhattan. In those pictures, she was donning a blue-colored outfit, and her waistline was clearly visible.

And when fans saw Briblixks’ waistline, they realized she was pregnant. One fan wrote, “Peep the baby bump,” with another one adding, “Bri are you pregnant???”

While the fan queries remained unanswered for many days, they were ultimately confirmed when the TikTok star and her partner hosted a gender reveal party on May 31. That day, Briblixks first made a joint Instagram post alongside Mia Lauture.

The post was a video that showed a finished look at Briblixks’ nails which Lauture did for the special occasion of Briblixks’ gender reveal party. Lauture captioned the post, “Gender reveal nails for my brand ambassador.”

Likewise, another Instagram post showed make-up artist Jaylyne Rose doing make-up for the TikTok star. And the last post on her Instagram handle was a video from the couple’s gender reveal party.

Speaking of their gender reveal party, hundreds of guests were in attendance for the special day, including Briblixks’ two favorite cousins. And at the gender reveal party, the guests initially made their guesses before it was revealed that the couple was having a girl.

Briblixks also shared many videos on her TikTok handle. In one of her many TikTok videos, she revealed that she was 20 weeks pregnant. And the comment section was also filled with congratulatory comments from their friends and well-wishers.

Briblixks hinting she is pregnant by showing her growing baby bump

Briblixks hinting she is pregnant by showing her growing baby bump (Photo: Instagram)

On Thursday, June 1, 2023, Briblixks posted a video on her self-titled YouTube channel which showed her and her boyfriend going for an ultrasound for the first time since they revealed they were pregnant. The video’s title was ‘My First Ultrasound Since The Big Reveal.’

As of this writing, these are the only updates the love partners have given about their pregnancy. But rest assured, fans will get more details about their unborn baby. For now, their baby’s due date is yet to be revealed.

Briblixks and K2RaW reportedly began dating around a year ago, in 2022. However, it’s unknown when they first met each other and when they decided to leap into their relationship. That said, not much details are known about their relationship.

Who is Briblixks?

As mentioned above, Briblixks is a TikTok star who came into the limelight for her trending dance and lip-synced content. Currently, she has more than 6.8 million followers on her self-titled TikTok handle.

Born in 2004, the influencer was primarily raised in the boroughs of The Bronx, New York City. She celebrates her birthday every year on March 14. She is currently 19 years of age, and her zodiac sign is Pisces.

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Singer Sia Reveals Her Autism Diagnosis Two Years after Controversial Film ‘Music’

Sia has been diagnosed with autism spectrum.




Sia Reveals She Is Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sia recently revealed that she is on the autism spectrum.

According to CDC, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, is a developmental impairment caused by brain differences. ASD patients frequently struggle with social communication and engagement, as well as confined or repetitive habits or hobbies. 

Sia revealed the news to her fans and follower during Rob Has a Podcast (via People). She said, “I’m on the spectrum, and I’m in recovery and whatever — there’s a lot of things.”

Here is everything we know about it.

Sia on her autism spectrum disorder

This is the first time the singer opened up about her disorder. She revealed that after the diagnosis, she felt like like herself.

She said, “For 45 years, I was like … ‘I’ve got to go put my human suit on.’ And only in the last two years have I become fully, fully myself.”

After Sia revealed her autism spectrum, she talked about how she had been feeling for the past couple of years. She said, “Nobody can ever know and love you when you’re filled with secrets and … living in shame.”

She talked about feeling seen for the first time in her life and feeling like a human.

“And when we finally sit in a room full of strangers and tell them our deepest, darkest, most shameful secrets, and everybody laughs along with us, and we don’t feel like pieces of trash for the first time in our lives, and we feel seen for the first time in our lives for who we actually are, and then we can start going out into the world and just operating as humans and human beings with hearts and not pretending to be anything,” she said.

Sia revealed her autism spectrum two years after she faced backlash for her movie, Music. She had cast her frequent collaborator, Maddie Ziegler, in the movie, who portrays a character on the autism spectrum.

Music, written and directed by Sia, was about a teenager with autism, but disability rights campaigners chastised her for casting Ziegler, who was not on the autistic spectrum. The singer initially defended herself and her choice to cast Ziegler.

She claimed that it was difficult to work with someone on the autism spectrum, and Ziegler was someone who could bring her vision to light. But her defending Music was faced with more criticism and backlash.

In the end, Sia apologized and said she would cut the scenes that depict people with autism spectrum in a negative light. She said, “I’m sorry. I plan to remove the restraint scenes from all future printings. I listened to the wrong people and that is my responsibility, my research was clearly not thorough enough, not wide enough.”

Following the major backlash, Sia was suicidal and had to check into rehab after she relapsed. Thankfully, she had Kathy Griffin, who helped her through it. 

Now, Sia is happy, and after she has found that she is on the autism spectrum, she has been working towards recovery —  making herself better mentally and physically.  

Netizens’ reaction to Sia’s autism spectrum disorder

Many netizens were sympathetic towards Sia after she opened up about having autism. They wished her the best and asked her to be strong for herself and her family. 

Netizens’ reaction to Sia being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Netizens’ reaction to Sia being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. (Source: Reddit)

However, many brought up the topic of Music and how Sia’s actions back then were not excusable. Some people pointed out that the singer being autistic would excuse her for Music.

They noted that whatever Sia did for Music was still back, and just because she identified or had autism spectrum did not mean that she was a good advocate for it.

As a result, people were sympathetic to her but did not excuse her and her explanation behind Music.

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‘Cheer’ Star Morgan Simianer Weds Stone Burleson in a Lavish Texas Wedding

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Burleson!




Morgan Simianer Weds Stone Burleson In Lavish Texas Wedding

Stone Burleson has upgraded his title from boyfriend to husband! 

With a lavish wedding ceremony, Morgan Simianer finally tied the knot with her partner on May 28, 2023. Simianer had been updating her fans and followers on every detail about her wedding since she got engaged a year ago.

Simianer shared her wedding with People, who clicked exclusive pictures for them, took their interview about their relationship, and shared their love story with the world.

Here is all we know about it.

Morgan Simianer’s wedding ceremony with her husband

Before her wedding, Simianer shared the journey with her fans and followers on Instagram. For instance, she shared her journey of selecting her wedding dress on social media.

She went to Bridal Boutique: Bridal Salon in Lewisville, Texas. She tried a couple of dresses but ultimately chose a sleek long-sleeved lace gown with pearl and beading detail.

She paired them with a long white veil that matched the detailing on her gown. Talking about her wedding dress to People, she said, “I went in and I was like, ‘I want to try every single style on.’ And I ended up going with something that was completely different from my vision board. I literally put it on and I was like, Oh my gosh, I love this dress.”

Her husband, on the other hand, wore a simple black tuxedo with a white shirt and black tie. Simianer had a timeless Texas wedding at The Olana, a mansion estate that pays homage to the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte in Paris.

Simianer said of her wedding venue, “It’s like a castle. Since the moment I saw it, it was engraved in my mind. When you get the butterfly feeling of it’s meant to be. I was like, ‘Yes, this is it.’”

Many people came to the wedding, from both the groom’s and bride’s sides. There were 275 guests who attended, and it included Simianer’s cast and crew from her Netflix docuseries, Cheer.

Morgan Simianer got married to her husband, Stone Burleson, in May 2023.

Morgan Simianer got married to her husband, Stone Burleson, in May 2023. (Source: Instagram)

“I feel like it’s a whole family reunion with all of us. There’ll be people from the Netflix docuseries, the producer of Cheer. People that went on tour with me for Cheer Live. We have just so many people,” she shared.

Simianer walked down the aisle with her grandfather to Christina Perry’s ‘A Thousand Years.’ She then exchanged the vows and rings with her boyfriend.

The couple’s ring was from Kay Jewelers, and Simianer’s ring was a custom-designed gold and diamond sparkler. On the other hand, Burleson selected a Neil Lane yellow gold diamond band.

Before the couple had their wedding ceremony, the two had their civil marriage. They got their certificates from Rockwall County Court House on April 13, 2023 — a month and a half before her Christian wedding to her partner.

Morgan Simianer’s dating history with Stone Burleson 

Simianer had been dating her boyfriend since early 2021. Details about their dating life are not known, but the pair made their relationship Instagram official on March 29, 2021, after attending a friend’s wedding.

After dating for a little over a year, Burleson proposed to his partner on the rooftop of HALL Arts Hotel in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday, March 26, 2022.

According to People, he proposed with a two and 3/4-carat Neil Lane marquise diamond ring set in a halo of diamonds on an 18-carat yellow gold band. Burleson planned his engagement to surprise his partner.

He planned a phony interview and photoshoot with her old coach, Monica Aldama, but when Simianer came, she was welcomed by her fiancé, who then dropped down on one knee.

Burleson told People, “After our first date, I knew I wanted to be with Morgan for the rest of my life, and this weekend, I asked her to be my forever, she blessed me by saying yes.”

It took the couple a little over a year to get married after getting engaged. But throughout that time, they prepared for their wedding and had a massive Bachelorette Party in Mexico.

The bride-to-be and her friends traveled to Mexico’s Riviera Maya, staying at The Excellence Resort in Cancun. The “Bach & Boujee” celebration included a yacht trip as well as snorkeling and cheering towers in the ocean.

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