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KSI Heads for Swarmz Fight after Denying Jake Paul’s Offer

Jake Paul’s offer was denied after Alex Wassabi pulled out.



KSI Heads for Swarmz Fight after Denying Jake Paul’s Offer
KSI Heads for Swarmz Fight after Denying Jake Paul’s Offer

KSI is a professional boxer who has fought Logan Paul, Jake Paul’s elder brother, in the past. He is preparing for the first fight since he was announced victorious against Logan in a professional rematch in 2019, which took place at Staples Center, Los Angeles.

The upcoming fight is set to take place on August 27 at The O2, London. Originally, KSI was set to clash with Alex Wassabi but Wassabi due to some serious injuries was forced to withdraw. As a result, Jake Paul offered to fight, but KSI denied his offer.

KSI’s real name is Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji — and he is an English YouTuber and rapper. He is also the co-founder and member of the British YouTube group called Sidemen.

KSI’s opponent for August 27 will be Swarmz

KSI vs. Alex Wassabi was scheduled to take place on August 27, 2022. However, due to a major concussion faced by Wassabi, it was announced on August 6 that Swarmz would be KSI’s new opponent.

KSI was then offered a fight by the famous social media personality and boxer, Jake but was immediately denied. KSI tweeted, “The show will go on on August 27th and you or MVP won’t have a thing to do with it. Enjoy your night out buddy @jakepaul.”

Another tweet read, “What you didn’t know is that we actually contracted another fighter in case you guys pulled something like this @jakepaul.”

KSI posing for BRITS 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Soon after the tweet, on August 7, Dramaalert also confirmed that Wassabi’s replacement would be Swarmz. KSI and Swarmz have known each other as they have worked on a song named ‘Houdini’ previously.

The manager said that KSI and Swarmz have some private beef going on which has not been public yet. He explained, “Swarmz decided not to show up to an event he committed to show up to, which was disrespect.”

In addition, he said, “He turned up three hours late and JJ did not like this and Swarmz hates JJ for whatever reason.”

Swarmz’s real name is Brandon Scott, and he is a British singer and rapper as well as a former semi-professional footballer. He has never fought before, so the clash against KSI is the first one.

Fans’ reaction towards KSI vs. Swarmz

Whether a fan of KSI or not, they have shown quite a diverse opinion towards the fight between KSI and Swarmz. Some of the fans are looking forward to the fight while other admirers are not interested.

One of the tweets said, “Ngl KSI vs Swarmz would be more interesting than KSI vs Wassabi. The build-up will be jokes.”

However, the other tweet included, “Ksi vs Jake Paul? Cus please tell me you’re not fighting swarmz.”

The reaction of fans seems to be quite a contrast and contradiction as half of them are sad, and the other half are happy regarding the matchup.

KSI’s reaction to backlash over fight replacement

Fans’ reactions have not been quite positive towards KSI as he chose Swarmz as his opponent. Jake even called him out, saying, “This is officially the biggest duck of all time.”

KSI then reacted by explaining, “Just wanna say that at the end of the day, one of the main goals of this first fight was to get rid of ring rust. I wanted to prove to myself that I’m a better boxer than I’ve portrayed in the past.”

He further added, “If you wanna see, fine. If not, fine. I’m still doing it anyway.”

Nonetheless, it seems like the fight between KSI and Jake Paul might take place in the future. Just a few hours ago, KSI tweeted, “I’m gonna send you a contract. We fight next year. Wembley Stadium. The winner of the fight takes all.”

Furthermore, the rapper added, “100% of the purse will be on the line. Put your money where your mouth is and let’s finally end this. Will you accept?”

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Zachary Levi Slammed for Following Hate Groups and Anti-Trans Twitter Handles

Zachary Levi is embroiled in a slew of controversies.



Zachary Levi Slammed for Following Hate Groups and Anti-Trans Twitter Handles

American actor Zachary Levi faced intense scrutiny and criticism for allegedly following hate groups and anti-trans pages on Twitter.

Initially, the Twitter account @NebsGoodTakes posted a screenshot that showed Levi following the Gays Against Groomer’s account, along with the caption, “Glad Shazam 2 crashed and burned actually.” 

This tweet quickly gained traction, capturing widespread attention and eliciting a response from user @laha_jeet, who commented, “Zachary Levi was exactly what people had believed Chris Pratt to be.”

The comment drew a parallel to Chris Pratt, who has faced extensive criticism over an extended period due to his religious beliefs. This created further discussion and amplified the scrutiny surrounding the actor’s online actions and potential associations.

The backlash Levi received for following the account has left many commenters confused. Responding to this confusion, one individual with the username @SleppyBunStar clarified that the account in question is not only run by individuals who are not gay but are also highly homophobic.

The person further explained that the account blames members of the LGBTQ+ community for pedophilia while engaging in the harassment of innocent individuals, shedding light on the concerning nature of Levi’s association with such a problematic account.

Fans’ reaction to Zachary Levi following Anti-Trans accounts on Twitter

Following the revelation of Levi’s association with the Gays Against Groomer’s account, an individual started a Reddit thread titled “Zachary Levi follows hate groups and anti-trans pages on Twitter.”

Zachary Levi followed anti-trans accounts.

Zachary Levi followed anti-trans accounts. (Source: Reddit)

In response to the Reddit post, several followers of the actor participated in the comment section to express their viewpoints on the matter. 

One individual shared their disappointment, stating, “I used to find him incredibly attractive and charming during his Broadway performances, but it was truly disheartening to discover that he was hateful (explicit). It’s just disgusting.”

Similarly, another commenter remarked, “It’s not surprising at all. This man has repeatedly shown us his true colors, so this revelation is not news, it’s just who he is.” Meanwhile, one social media user expressed their astonishment, stating, “Wow just when I thought he couldn’t get worse!”

Furthermore, one person expressed their satisfaction, stating that he had successfully recognized Levi’s true nature several years ago. He also pointed out that the actor’s associate Adam Baldwin has consistently displayed loud and proud abrasive behavior. 

Zachary Levi’s controversial praise for Jordan Peterson’s transphobic comments

Previously, Levi found himself embroiled in a controversy when he openly acknowledged Peterson during the Podcast with Joe Rogan. 

During the podcast, when Rogan mentioned Peterson’s transphobic views, the UFC commentator misgendered Elliot Page. However, the actor did not correct Rogan and instead praised Peterson, which angered many fans. 

Fans expressed their disappointment with Zachary Levi's stance on Jordan Peterson.

Fans expressed their disappointment with Zachary Levi’s stance on Jordan Peterson. (Source: Twitter)

Consequently, an individual took to Twitter and shared the video of the podcast, accompanied by the caption, “Y’all just haven’t been paying attention to Zachary Levi. He’s a hardcore Trump Christian who supports Jordan Peterson, hailing him as a ‘deep thinker.’ 

He added, “Peterson is known for his transphobic views and has appeared on the 700 Club, a Trump Republican Christian network notorious for its animosity towards minorities and the LGBTQ+ community.”

Similarly, fans have begun to criticize the actor, expressing suspicions that he might hold transphobic beliefs. One individual tweeted, “Praising Jordan Peterson?!! You must be seriously misguided to claim that you trust him and his intellect – he is a vehement transphobe!”

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TikTok User ‘ma1eman1pulator’ Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted by a Famous TikToker

After months, @ma1eman1pulator’s assault case has gained significant attention.



ma1eman1pulator Was Sexually Assaulted By A Famous Tiktoker

TikTok user ma1eman1pulator bravely came forward and disclosed that she was sexually assaulted by a renowned TikToker.

On April 12, 2023, ma1eman1pulator courageously spoke out about her experience of sexual abuse on TikTok. In the video, she lip-synced to Gunna’s song ‘P Power’ featuring Drake. 

Overlaying the video, a textual message appeared: “When I was sa by a TikToker who got canceled but somehow became uncancelled but I have receipts.” Along with the post, she included a caption, “I chose peace,” accompanied by crying and laughing emojis.


i choose peace 😭😭😭🤣🤣😭😭

♬ P power (feat. Drake) – Gunna

After sharing her post, numerous followers of ma1eman1pulator urged her to reveal the name of the person who assaulted her. One individual left a comment expressing their confusion, saying, “Why do people make these videos but don’t expose them?” 

In response, ma1eman1pulator explained her reasoning, stating, “He proceeded to record me while sa me, I’d rather not have that out there considering he has that over me if I exposed.”

Upon witnessing ma1eman1pulator’s response, a compassionate individual expressed their support, saying, “You did not deserve that one bit, and I’m so sorry. I understand the difficult circumstances you’re facing, and I genuinely hope you find justice!”

Similarly, another empathetic follower reassured ma1eman1pulator, affirming her autonomy over the decision to disclose or withhold information. 

They empathetically expressed, “You don’t have to tell us, baby. That’s entirely your decision, but please know that we are here for you and deeply empathize with your situation. Thank you for bravely sharing your experience, even though the world can be so cruel.”

After several months since ma1eman1pulator originally posted her video, it eventually gained widespread attention and went viral. The Tea Talk shared a screenshot of her TikTok video on their official page on June 7, 2023. 

Their caption shed light on the situation, stating,  “Trigger Warning! A TikToker by the name of #ma1eman1pulator uploaded a video a couple of months ago claiming that another fellow TikTok star who was canceled for unknown reasons, was uncancelled and now she wants to expose the receipts!”

Fans of ma1eman1pulator expressed their support for her assault case.

Fans of ma1eman1pulator expressed their support for her assault case. (Source: Instagram)

The Tea Talk’s post brought attention to the gravity of the situation. This revelation sparked conversations and discussions within the TikTok community and beyond as people debated the importance of supporting survivors of assault while recognizing the complexities and potential consequences they face when coming forward with their stories.

In response to the post, one individual expressed empathy, stating, “I feel so bad for this girl if it’s true. (I’m saying this because nowadays we can’t trust someone 100% from the internet.) We need to stop these sexual predators from gaining more clout by actually canceling them, and stopping supporting them and their products completely. This applies to both influencers and their fans.”

Moreover, people also began to arise regarding the identity of the person who assaulted the TikToker. One person made an assumption, pointing towards Taylor Holder, as he had faced multiple sexual assault allegations from different women. 

The commenter expressed their disgust, urging for transparency and truthfulness in addressing the situation rather than resorting to sending letters to others. She further emphasized that the other females involved, including Mads, deserved justice and proper resolution.

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Aya Tanjali’s Friend CJ Exposed Alabama Barker for Allegedly Culture Appropriating

Alabama Barker exposed once again.




Aya Tanjali Friend CJ Exposed Alabama Barker For Culture Appropriating

Alabama Barker has been under fire for quite some time.

It all started in May 2023, after she announced that she was going to be a rapper by playing a snippet of her music on TikTok and Instagram. Soon, people noted that she was black-fishing and using African American Vernacular English (AAVE) language.

Recently, on June 5, 2023, she was called out by fellow influencers for cultural appropriation and black-fishing once again. Aya Tanjali is a TikToker best known for short comedic, dancing, and lipsyncing videos.

She has a friend named CJ, who went off on Barker. He called her out for various reasons that range from holding someone at gunpoint to cultural appropriation.

CJ complained that Barker was still addressing him after he stopped doing so. While doing so, he revealed that the rapper held someone at gunpoint to post her.

CJ accused Alabama Barker of holding her boyfriend at gunpoint.

CJ accused Alabama Barker of holding her boyfriend at gunpoint. (Source: @thepharoahcj_’s IG Stories)

As soon as CJ uploaded his stories, people wanted to know who Barker was holding at gunpoint. Then it was revealed that Barker was allegedly holding her boyfriend, Notti World (@ddosama), at gunpoint to get a shoutout from him. 

Soon after, Notti World took to Instagram to post a video of the pair on his IG Stories. He confessed that he did not want to break up with Barker and that nobody could take him away from his girl. 

Aya Tanjali’s IG Story in response to Notti World’s.

Aya Tanjali’s IG Story in response to Notti World’s. (Source: @ayaatanjali’s IG Stories)

Then, Tanjali jumped in and claimed she was not trying to break up Notti World and Barker. She stated that she did not want to be associated with the couple.

She then exposed Barker, addressing that she was the one who was spreading rumors about Notti World. Hence, she told Notti World and Barker not to spread false information about her.

CJ accused Alabama Barker of cultural appropriation.

CJ accused Alabama Barker of cultural appropriation. (Source: @thepharoahcj_’s IG Stories)

CJ then uploaded screenshots of Barker appropriating Native Indians by wearing their outfits and hairstyle when she was young. The pictures were posted by her mother, Shanna Moakler, on her Instagram with the caption, “My little Indian.”

CJ then showed another screenshot which showed that Barker had texted him. She said, “My brother would rock you,” with a crying emoji, referring to her older brother Langdon.

Alabama Barker’s text message to CJ.

Alabama Barker’s text message to CJ. (Source: @thepharoahcj_’s IG Stories)

CJ did not take the threat seriously and made fun of Barker and Langdon. 

After that, CJ pointed out that Barker was black fishing. The latter had uploaded a video on TikTok lipsyncing to ‘Put It On Da Floor Again’ by Latto and Cardi B.

She sang, “Рut а rіbbоn оn mе, І bееn асtіn’ brаnd nеw // І аіn’t ѕmоkіn’ оn nеw ѕіdеѕ, [expletive], І’m ѕmоkіn’ оn уоu // Рut уоur bеѕtіе іn а расk аnd nоw І’m ѕmоkіn’ hеr tоо // І bееn bаwlіn’ ѕо dаmn hаrd, соuld’vе wеnt tо LЅU, huh.”

CJ accused Alabama Barker of black-fishing.

CJ accused Alabama Barker of black-fishing. (Source: @thepharoahcj_’s IG Stories)

Cardi B even reposted Barker on her IG Stories, but CJ was not having any of it. He posted the video on his stories and joked about Barker taking the lyrics seriously.

He also called her “Snow White,” presumably pointing out that she was Caucasian. He then posted a story saying, “You go low, imma go to hell EVERYTIME. That’s js how I work.”

Barker has not addressed the allegation of cultural appropriation or black-fishing by CJ at the time of writing.

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