Behind the Death of TikTok Star Karla Pardini

Behind the Death of TikTok Star Karla Pardini

After getting a late-night phone call requesting her to come outside, Karla Pardini was shot and killed near her home.

Behind the Death of TikTok Star Karla Pardini

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Karla Pardini, a well-known Mexican TikToker, was shot dead after receiving a call from someone asking her to leave her home in western Mexico.

On September 20, the Sinaloa State Attorney General’s Office reported that she was attacked and shot numerous times close to her Culiacán home.

On the incidental night, Pardini’s mother informed investigators that her daughter had answered a call around 10:30 p.m.

Karla Pardini died after being shot near her Culiacán residence

A TikTok influencer was murdered and killed just a short time after getting a call ordering her to go outside. She allegedly received a late-night call before being killed close to her house in Sinaloa, Mexico.

At around 10.30 p.m. on September 20, according to Karla’s mother, the victim got a call and left the house, and she never came back.

Karla Pardini.

Karla Pardini. (Source: Facebook)

The influencer had over 90,000 followers before she passed away and frequently published content on dancing moves and clothes.

The woman was attacked and shot many times close to her home in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico, according to the state attorney general’s office. According to the Mirror, her body was discovered at the intersection of Catedrático and Ignacio López Rayón streets.

Before Pardini was killed by shooting, witnesses reported seeing numerous armed individuals wandering the neighborhood.

Sara Bruna Quinonez, the prosecutor for Sinaloa, said, “According to information provided by her mother, she received a call, stepped outdoors, and that’s when the attack occurred.”

The prosecutor also confirmed the case is being investigated as femicide to the reporters on September 23. She stated, “We have registered it as a femicide because she was exposed and in a state of helplessness when the attack took place.”

Quinonez also claimed they are investigating with the utmost secrecy not to alert the possible suspect. No arrests have been made thus far, and investigators have not disclosed the attacker’s identity. 

According to the regional government, the Mirror reported Pardini’s death makes her the fourteenth woman to be murdered in Sinaloa this year.

Who was Karla Pardini?

Pardini was a TikTok influencer who was well-known for sharing dance and fashion videos on her account. She last posted a video on September 19, which currently has over 1.6 million views.

The day before she was killed, Pardini uploaded her final video on her TikTok, in which she can be seen standing in front of the camera with the caption, “When they tell me they don’t like me. In short, I hope that you like me less.”

Thousands of viewers and followers sent condolences in the comment section for the untimely demise of the TikToker.

One of the followers wrote, “We live in a cruel world.” Another fan of hers noted, “I am very sorry, what a heartbreaking pain. I send you a huge hug for your parents, family and friends. Fly high.”

The third comment read, “With only 21 years of age, she had her whole life ahead of her. May she rest in peace.”

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