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Adam Driver’s Personal Assistant Oriol Piñeiro Talks Working for the Hollywood Star

Oriol Piñeiro mentioned that Adam Driver is reserved and he “force” Driver to leave his home.



Adam Driver’s PA Oriol Piñeiro Talks Working For Him

Oriol Piñeiro, Hollywood actor Adam Driver’s personal assistant, candidly talked about his experience working for the acclaimed actor during a recent interview with Tot Sant Cugat magazine.

Piñeiro has had vast experience working as a production assistant on advertising shoots and has previously collaborated with well-known people like Messi, Ronaldinho, and Shakira.

But for the past four years, he has had the honor of serving as Driver’s assistant, allowing him to interact with other influential figures in the Hollywood industry.

When asked how he became Driver’s personal assistant, Piñeiro explained that he initially entered the advertising world, where his job involved assisting actors, directors, and clients of various backgrounds. 

Adam Driver's personal assistant Oriol Piñeiro talks about working for him.

Adam Driver’s personal assistant Oriol Piñeiro talks about working for him. (Source: Reddit)

During a commercial shoot in Tenerife, Driver recognized Piñeiro’s exceptional skills in assisting.

Piñeiro stated, “One day Adam Driver came to do a commercial in Tenerife, he liked how I assisted him and wanted me to be his personal assistant in his films.”

The interviewer further questioned the differences between being a production assistant in advertising and Piñeiro’s current role as Driver’s personal assistant. 

Adam Driver with his team and his personal assistant Oriol Piñeiro (second from right).

Adam Driver with his team and his personal assistant Oriol Piñeiro (second from right). (Source: Twitter)

Piñeiro clarified that the advertising sector has a more laid-back attitude and places more emphasis on assuring clients’ comfort during their stay. 

However, working with the Star Wars actor, Piñeiro remarked, “it’s totally different” experience. Piñeiro oversees his schedule, discusses his projects, communicates with producers and directors, and attends to his requirements during filming. 

Additionally, the Driver’s PA is entrusted with coordinating external matters that concern the actor, stating, “ I coordinate everything that comes to him from outside. It’s a more complete job.”

Adam Driver's personal assistant Oriol Piñeiro talks about working for him.

Adam Driver’s personal assistant Oriol Piñeiro talks about working for him. (Source: Reddit)

The interviewer additionally asked Pieiro about how working with Driver had affected his travels. Piñeiro said that he had had the chance to travel widely due to his work with Driver. 

He started working with Driver with The Last Duel, which was filmed in Ireland and France, and they went on to work together in Italy for House of Gucci and in the United States for White Noise

They then returned to Italy for the production of Ferrari, and most recently, Piñeiro had just returned from Atlanta, where Driver had been working on his latest film.

When asked if Driver was open and outgoing, Piñeiro said he is generally reserved and uncomfortable in large crowds. 

The PA said, “No, he is very reserved, he does not feel comfortable when there are many people.” However, Piñeiro added once one gains Driver’s trust, he reveals a more lighthearted and humorous side.

Oriol Piñeiro force Adam Driver to leave the house

In the same interview, when the interviewer asked if Piñeiro had encountered many excesses in Hollywood, he stated, “I’m sure there are, but I haven’t seen any.”

Adam Driver.

Adam Driver during a photoshoot (Source: Instagram)

Piñeiro shared that their gatherings usually revolve around dinners where they enjoy wine, beer, and occasionally gin and tonic. 

They also indulge in a bit of partying, but nothing out of the ordinary that a typical group of friends wouldn’t engage in.

Piñeiro emphasized that Driver is not particularly inclined to go out frequently. He mentioned that he “force” Driver to leave his home for dinner outings.

Oriol Piñeiro went to Lady Gaga’s birthday party

During the interview, Piñeiro confirmed that he had attended Lady Gaga’s birthday party while working with Driver on the set of House of Gucci in Italy. 

Piñeiro told Driver that they should buy Lady Gaga something, and ultimately, they decided on a grand flower bouquet. 

However, as Driver is reserved and prefers to rest after feeling tired from the shoot, he opts not to attend the party himself, entrusting Piñeiro with the task of delivering the flowers on his behalf.

Adam Driver's personal assistant Oriol Piñeiro with Lady Gaga at her birthday party.

Adam Driver’s personal assistant Oriol Piñeiro with Lady Gaga at her birthday party. (Source: Twitter)

Piñeiro recounted the experience, explaining that he went to Lady Gaga’s hotel and met her assistant, who guided him to the singer herself to give bouquet in person. 

He described Lady Gaga as a delightful person, warm, and caring. Upon meeting her, Piñeiro was greeted with excitement as she hugged and kissed him. 

Piñeiro expressed that the ‘Shallow’ singer displayed genuine attentiveness, ensuring everyone was comfortable and well taken care of during the event. 

Although Piñeiro did not stay for an extended period, he emphasized that the experience was immensely enjoyable.

Oriol Piñeiro has also worked with football legends — Ronaldinho and Messi

Piñeiro has had the privilege of working with two football legends, Ronaldinho and Leo Messi, and he shared his experiences with both athletes. 

When asked about working with Ronaldinho, Piñeiro described him as a very handsome person who would always greet everyone upon entering the shoot.

However, he also acknowledged that Ronaldinho may not have been the best at following instructions. Piñeiro recalled a custard commercial shoot where everything was prepared, but Ronaldinho didn’t show up as expected. 

Despite this, Piñeiro emphasized Ronaldinho’s pleasant and humorous nature. They would often buy him a Play, a video game console, as he loved to play. 

Piñeiro even had the opportunity to play against the virtual Ronaldinho while controlling the real-life Ronaldinho, creating a fun and memorable experience. 

After each shoot, Ronaldinho would take the console with him, knowing that they would provide him with another one for the next session.

Moving on to his experiences with Messi, Piñeiro spoke warmly of the football superstar. He mentioned that he has served as Messi’s assistant on approximately fifteen occasions, and Messi has consistently displayed kindness and calmness on set.

Recognizing that acting is not his domain, Messi diligently follows instructions to the best of his ability and then retreats from the scene. 

Furthermore, he has worked with celebrities including Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Penelope Cruz, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cillian Murphy, Zoe Kravitz, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Shakira.

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Jasmine Goode and Girlfriend Melissa Marie Gets New Matching Tattoos – Look At Their Dating Life

Jasmine Goode and her girlfriend Melissa Marie took their relationship to new heights.



Jasmine Goode And Girlfriend Melissa Marie Gets Matching Tattoos

Fans first got to know Jasmine Goode on Season 21 of The Bachelor and Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise

Goode’s quest for love on the show didn’t quite work out as she had potentially planned, but her love life unexpectedly turned off-screen.

It was in the real world that the reality TV star found the love she had been searching for all along with her girlfriend, Melissa Marie.

Jasmine Goode and her girlfriend Melissa Marie get new matching tattoos.

Jasmine Goode and her girlfriend Melissa Marie get new matching tattoos. (Source: Instagram)

Goode and Marie have been together for the past two years, and the pair often share glimpses into their relationship via Instagram.

Recently, the 36-year-old television actress took their commitment to a whole new level by getting matching tattoos with her girlfriend, Marie. 

A few weeks back, she teased fans with a peek of Marie getting a tattoo on her Instagram Story. Another Instagram Story showed the pair showing off their new tattoo while they hid the design. 

However, last week, Goode finally revealed their new tattoo, showing a branch with three leaves tattooed in the same spot on their forearms, writing, “Enjoying the little things in life.”

Jasmine Goode and Melissa Marie have been dating for 2 years

Goode and Marie have been in a relationship for two years, since 2021. Their love story began after Goode’s appearance on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, where she didn’t find love but ultimately found it off-screen with her girlfriend Marie. 

While the details of how they first crossed paths remain unknown to the world, their love has been on full display as they’ve walked several red carpets together as a couple. 

For instance, on December 9, 2021, they walked the red carpet together at Katie Welch and Jordan Kuker’s 8th Annual Winter Wonderland Toys for Tots Charity Event. 

A close look at Jasmine Goode’s girlfriend Melissa Marie

Goode’s girlfriend, Marie, is a private person who prefers to stay away from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry. 

Unlike Goode, Marie doesn’t seem to be associated with reality TV shows or fame, as indicated by her low-profile presence on Instagram. 

Instead, she is an entrepreneur who has a background in athletics, having been an athlete during her college years. 

More on Jasmine Goode

Although some people would consider Goode’s inclusion in the Vanderpump Rules cast to be a coincidence, she has a deeper connection to the show. 

It may not be obvious, but her incorporation into the show is more natural than it seems because she presently works at SUR and has true friendships with some of the cast members. 

The TV star hasn’t just appeared on-screen, but she has also contributed behind the scenes. She received two production credits in 2018—one for the TV show This Is LA and the other for the movie Socio.

Moreover, Goode was a pro dancer. She danced for the New York Jets and the Golden State Warriors. Additionally, she was also a cheerleader.

She was a cheerleader in high school and eventually became the team’s captain. She was even a member of the infamous Dallas Cowboys cheerleading team. 

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Inside Kiana Madeira’s Wedding and Relationship with Husband Lovell Adams-Gray

Kiana Madeira said, “We are officially Mr. & Mrs. Adams-Gray.”



Into Kiana Madeira’s Wedding With Husband Lovell Adams-Gray

Kiana Madeira and Lovell Adams-Gray, who have been engaged for three years, finally said “I do” on September 2023 in Toronto in front of 200 guests.

The actors, who had been together since 2017, finally took their relationship to the next level and finally tied the knot after being together for six years.

Kiana Madeira and Lovell Adams-Gray’s wedding was straight out of a fairytale

Madeira and her husband Adams-Gray exchanged their wedding vows on September 10, 2023, at Casa Loma in Toronto.

The pair shared the news via Instagram, writing, “It was everything that we prayed for, and more. We are officially Mr. & Mrs. Adams-Gray,” alongside several wedding pictures.

The actors who got engaged in January 2020 were surrounded by 200 guests at the castle-style mansion, Casa Loma, the perfect fit for their “ethereal royalty” wedding theme.

The Fear Street actress said, “It was a dream come true. A fairytale,” while her actor husband noted, “It was everything we prayed for, and more” to the People magazine. 

Madeira wore an off-the-shoulder lace and tulle gown embellished with flowers and butterflies by Luca Sposa that she got from Liza Ray. With a custom-made matching Tania Maras veil, she completed the bridal look.

“This dress was the number one on my list from the very beginning when I saw it online and trying it on at Liza Ray in N.Y.C. just solidified my love for it,” she said to the outlet.

She flaunted a custom Tania Maras pearl choker and earrings by Karáhkwa Jewelry, an indigenous Canadian brand, and pearl-covered shoes by Charlotte Mills.

The Trinkets actress walked down the aisle to Justin Timberlake’s song ‘Pair of Wings’ played by the Soenen Sisters. 

On the other hand, Adams-Gray wore a custom-made white three-piece suit from Alan David Custom Suits N.Y.C. and dress shoes by Luca Del Forte.

Kiana Madeira and her husband Lovell Adams-Gray.

Kiana Madeira and her husband, Lovell Adams-Gray. (Source: Instagram)

Pastor Samuel Kenga officiated the pair’s wedding, and they signed the registers in front of their close family and friends.

For the reception, the newlyweds changed their outfits as the actress swapped her gown for a short halter dress and her husband changed to a purple and a white suit.

The guests were served a four-course dinner, which consisted of salad, ravioli, 72-hour braised short rib, and dessert.

The newlywed couple are currently busy honeymooning in Portugal before they return to their busy life. The actress shared lovely pictures of their getaway on September 24, 2023, writing, “Our first travel experience as husband and wife.”

Kiana Madeira and Lovell Adams-Gray have been together since 2017

Madeira and Adams-Gray first met during an NBA All-Star weekend in 2016, and after a year, he finally asked Madeira to be his girlfriend in 2017.

After dating for several years, the pair got engaged in January 2020. However, it wasn’t until February 2020 that the After Everything actress announced the engagement news via Instagram.

Showing off her engagement ring, she wrote, “Your words are my serenity and this love inside of me is bursting at it’s seams.”

In 2020, Madeira moved to New York City to be with Adams-Gray while he was filming Power Book II: Ghost. He took advantage of the opportunity to take their relationship further with a romantic proposal.

When the actress got to Adams-Gray’s apartment, she discovered a large cardboard box in the living room and stargazer lilies leading to it.

She opened the box and discovered Adams-Gray lurking inside, down on one knee, with a stunning ring in his hand. He proposed, and she said “yes” right away.

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DJ Diplo Gets Accused of Giving a Fan STDs amid AIDS Controversy

DJ Diplo has faced multiple accusations of transmitting STDs and AIDS.



DJ Diplo Gets Accused of Giving a Fan STDs amid AIDS Controversy

American DJ Diplo has recently come under scrutiny as he faces accusations of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to a fan amidst an ongoing AIDS controversy.

During a recent episode of the Let’s Get Into It Podcast, Sloan Hooks interviewed a fan who shared a shocking revelation about her experience with Diplo. The interviewee disclosed she contracted STDs from the DJ.

She explained that Diplo had consistently emphasized his rigorous STD testing regimen, comparing it to that of a star, which led her to believe he was free of infections and subsequently led them to engage in intimate activities without using contraceptives.

Later, when the host inquired how she could be sure that DJ was the one who transmitted the STDs, she explained that he was the only sexual partner with whom she had been intimate without using contraception.

The woman went on to elaborate, revealing that in the beginning, she hesitated to attribute the source of the infection to Diplo because she was apprehensive about his reactions every time she brought up the topic of STDs.

She also shared the details of how she discovered she had chlamydia. She explained that after her first intimate encounter with DJ, she developed a rash on her body and experienced discomfort. It was at that point that she decided to get tested, which led to the diagnosis of an STD.

After the shocking revelation, TheTeaTalk’s official page promptly shared a particular segment of the podcast video.

The caption accompanying the post reads, “Uh gross?! DJ #diplo is allegedly out here taking V cards and giving fans STDs #sloanhooks interviewed a not-so-lucky fan on his #letsgetintoit podcast who details her horrific experience with the famous DJ!”

Upon seeing TheTeaTalk’s post, fans and followers swiftly expressed their opinions in the comment section. One individual remarked, ”I believe her, to be honest.”

Similarly, another commenter shared, “Diplo is well-known in the industry for allegedly targeting young Black women and exerting pressure on them to engage in activities for the sake of their career, often funded by him or for financial gain.”

This is not the first time DJ has faced controversy related to sexual health. Recently, TikTok influencer Shelly Auguste accused the DJ of engaging in unprotected intimacy with multiple girls, including herself, and alleged that he might have transmitted HIV/AIDS to many of them.

Auguste detailed her experiences with Diplo in a viral video of 4 minutes and 19 seconds. She mentioned that about 1 or 2 years ago, she came across the story of a girl who had come forward about being diagnosed with AIDS.

To her dismay, she also recognized that this was the same girl to whom DJ had sent an intimate video. Auguste then speculated that the girl’s AIDS diagnosis might have been a result of her intimate involvement with DJ.

Furthermore, in an October 2020 complaint submitted to the Los Angeles Police Department, a 25-year-old woman accused Diplo of surreptitiously recording sexually explicit videos of her without her consent.

DJ Diplo defended himself, asserting that he never forced anyone into intimate encounters.

DJ Diplo defended himself, asserting that he never forced anyone into intimate encounters. (Source: DailyMail)

The complaint also made the serious allegation that he intentionally transmitted a sexually transmitted infection to another person.

Back then, Diplo disagreed with the accusations and posted a lengthy message in his defense. However, now he hasn’t addressed the issue of him transmitting STDs to the women.

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