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Nessa Barrett Seemingly Slams Harley Solomon and Jaden Hossler’s Friendship

Nessa Barrett seemingly called her exes losers.



Nessa Barrett Slams Harley Solomon And Jaden Hossler’s Friendship

Nessa Barrett, a rising star in the music industry, has made headlines yet again, this time for her apparent shade towards Harley Solomon and Jaden Hossler’s friendship.

The drama began when Barrett’s ex-boyfriends Solomon and Hossler started following each other on Instagram.

Hossler followed Solomon back after the former one had followed him at first. Fans quickly noticed this and speculated about a potential friendship between the two.

The speculation was fueled further when Solomon liked one of Hossler’s Instagram posts, and the two began interacting on social media.

Amid all these things, Barrett posted a story with her photo with “looossserrrr” written on it. It seemingly indicates that she was calling her exes losers. However, she deleted the post after a few hours.

Fans are excited about all these happenings among the exes. One fan commented, “LMAO did they bond over being less successful than their ex-girlfriend.”

Similarly, the other commented, “Both of these guys are just invested in their job and don’t seem to genuinely care about their relationships with anyone.”

“Harley dating Nessa was a career boost for him. Jaden dating Nessa was also a career boost as well. Both guys APPEARED to love Nessa but just profited off of her and gained relevance from her,” the fan added.

One of the fans pointed out the rumors of Barrett and Hossler getting back together to be false.

She wrote, “Jaden now follows Harley. My opinion, but think this puts to rest all the rumors of Jaden and Nessa. No way would Jaden start following Nessa’s most recent ex if he and Nessa were getting back together.”

Is Jaden Hossler still over Nessa Barrett?

In 2022, Barrett and Hossler were a popular couple, fondly referred to as ‘Naden’ by their fans. Unfortunately, their relationship ended, much to the disappointment of their followers.

Recently, there have been hints that the pair may be considering getting back together. TikTok personality Lewis has stated that sources informed her that Barrett and Hossler have been meeting privately and trying to work things out, as they still have feelings for each other.

Despite not making any public statements about their relationship, the couple has been seeing each other discreetly away from social media. While they have not fully resolved their issues since their high-profile split, things seem to be moving positively.

Nessa Barrett with her former boyfriend Jaden Hossler

Nessa Barrett with her former boyfriend, Jaden Hossler. (Credit: Pinterest)

However, Barrett’s revelations on D’Alessio’s podcast Between Good & Evil By: Charlotte D’Alessio suggest their romance is now over for good.

She has been avoiding anything that reminds her of her ex, but Hossler seems to have a different attitude. He included a song called ‘Crack My Skull,’ reportedly about Barrett, in his concert setlist and has admitted to being fixated on their relationship.

These contrasting reactions indicate that Hossler may be more interested in rekindling their romance than Barrett is at this point.

Harley Solomon seems to have moved on from Nessa Barrett’s relationship

Barrett and Solomon dated after the former broke up with Hossler. However, their relationship came to a halt after a certain time.

Barrett confirmed the breakup some time ago when she denied that her song ‘American Jesus’ was not about Solomon or any of her previous partners.

Despite the recent split, rumors have emerged that the social media star is currently dating Coco Blake, just a few weeks after the breakup.

The speculation surrounding Solomon’s love life has arisen from an Instagram story he shared on April 17, 2023, which featured a woman whose face was not clearly visible but had tattoos on her arms.

Fans quickly compared the tattoos to Blake’s photos, leading to rumors that the mystery woman was indeed Blake.

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Nicky Champa Dealing With Divorce from Pierre Boo via Humor

Nicky Champa is using humor as coping mechanism to heal from his divorce.



Nicky Champa Dealing With Divorce from Pierre Boo via Humor

Following Nicky Champa’s divorce from Pierre Boo, which was made public in July 2023, Champa has used humor as a coping strategy. 

His social media posts from late September and October 2023 serve as an example of this unique approach. 

On September 21, 2023, he posted a series of pictures from his solo trip to Joshua Tree, California. In the caption, he humorously wrote, “‘You’re so dramatic.’ Me: No, I’m not… *drives to desert alone to ‘heal.’*”

Similarly, on September 30, 2023, Champa shared a video on Instagram writing, “Guess who doesn’t believe in love anymore,” and he jokingly lip-synced the part “You and I” of Katy Perry’s song ‘Harleys In Hawaii.’

Nicky Champa dealing with divorce from Pierre Boo via Humor.

Nicky Champa is dealing with divorce from Pierre Boo with jokes (Source: Instagram)

He used humor again the next day, on October 1, 2023, posting a video with his mother writing “Who are the divorcees?” while lip-syncing to the same Katy Perry song. 

Additionally, on October 2, 2023, he published a photo of himself with comedian Chelsea Handler and humorously captioned it, “When you and bestie are single.”

Champa and Boo first met at a movie audition and grew closer as time passed. In March 2017, Champa and his now ex husband made their relationship Instagram official. After a few years of dating, the now-former couple got married in August 2022.

Why did Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo get divorced?

Fans were stunned following the divorce of Champa and Boo on July 9, 2023, after 6 years in a relationship and 11 months of marriage. Both famous personalities provided various grounds for their divorce, and the decision to part ways was not made hastily. 

Boo shared in his Instagram Story with a simple message that read, “We broke up,” and also apologized to his fans for the heartbreaking news. 

Pierre Boo announced his break up with Nicky Champa.

Pierre Boo announced his break up with Nicky Champa. (Source: Instagram)

Champa expressed how their relationship has become a brand in an exclusive interview with Out magazine. Champa also described he has nothing but love and respect for Boo, who had been with him throughout his twenties when he grew up. 

In addition, the age difference between Champa and Boo – who are 28 years old and 33 years old – and the couple’s status as social media stars put a strain on their nine-year relationship. 

Champa said that as time went on, they realized that they possessed very contrasting beliefs and were growing extremely exhausted due to the pressure of measuring themselves to other people’s standards. 

Additionally, he expressed feeling trapped in the set of expectations they created for themselves as a couple hence losing their sense of self as individuals. 

Champa had sacrificed much for the relationship and the brand they had been constructing, and he believed it was time to focus on his growth and joy. He also argued that the decision to split up was crucial in finding oneself and moving on as an individual.

Their joint YouTube channel, which had gained over 2.5 million subscribers, would no longer contain collaborative work. 

Champa stated that he wanted to concentrate on his acting, modeling, and personal development. He addressed working with the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and emphasized the value of developing one’s voice because their joint brand had somewhat buried it. 

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Indiana Massara and Boyfriend Mikey Tua Confirm They’re Dating

Indiana Massara is not single anymore.



Indiana Massara And Boyfriend Mikey Tua Confirm Dating

Indiana Massara and Mikey Tua are dating!

Yes, you heard it right! Massara and Tua, who had been friends for a long time, were rumored to be dating for a while, and they finally confirmed that they were now dating each other.

On October 2, 2023, Massara posted a picture with Tua on her Instagram story, and Tua also shared a photo with her on his Instagram story.

Indiana Massara and Mikey Tua confirmed they're dating.

Indiana Massara and Mikey Tua confirmed they’re dating. (Source: Instagram)

The Instagram story posted by Tua was reposted by Massara on her Instagram story and wrote, “ilyyyy,” which confirmed that the two are now dating.

Additionally, Massara also posted a TikTok video with her boyfriend using Tate McRae’s track ‘Greedy’ on October 2, 2023, writing, “4lyferrrr.”

In the video, Tua can be seen hugging Massara as both of them lip-synced to McRae’s ‘Greedy.’ Many fans were surprised and sent her well wishes in the comment section of her TikTok video. 

A fan wrote, “Ma’am is there something you need to tell us?!” Another excited fan wrote, “STOPPPP I LOVEEEEEE THIS FOR YOU GIRLY.” The next comment read, “I LOVE YALL TOGETHER!!!” 

The video was also reshared by the tea page @tiktokroomtm, and fans expressed their opinions on the matter.

A confused fan commented, “It’s kinda uh idk, cause she use to call him her brother,” while another viewer said, “i been shipping them ever since i saw them post very touchy pictures.”

Indiana Massara and Mikey Tua have been rumored to be dating for a while now

Tua and Massara have been at the center of dating rumors for a while, causing quite a stir among their fans.

The rumors first started when Tua shared pictures of them together on his Instagram account and referred to Massara as “my heart” in an Instagram story, which instantly sparked a wave of dating rumors.

It didn’t take long for fans to flood the comments section, expressing a mix of surprise and intrigue. 

Some fans called them the “most random couple,” while others raised questions like “Did I miss a chapter?” and “Are they dating?” 

Indiana Massara’s dating history

Massara’s dating history has sparked a lot of curiosity in the online community. She has been connected to numerous famous personalities over the years.

Massara also reportedly dated Jay Ulloa from 2018 to 2019. Matt Sato is another name that is linked to her romantically, although the details of their relationship are still unknown.

In 2020, the internet personality was rumored to be dating Zach Justice and Kio Cyr, both well-known online personas.

While her past relationships have failed, now, Massara is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend, Tua.

Indiana Massara is a singer and actress

Massara, full name Indiana Marie Ella Massara, is an Australian singer and actress who has been named one of Kiss FM’s youngest New Next Up Artists.

Born in Coolbinia, Western Australia, on August 23, 2002, the singer is of Italian descent and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

At the age of 13, she walked the runway at Los Angeles Fashion Week. In 2017, her career began in the entertainment sector as she started working with Brat and was offered the part of Rooney Forrester in the well-known series Chicken Girls. 

Massara released her debut single, ‘Drama,’ featuring Stoppa in 2017. Over the years, she continued to release several songs, including ‘Smoke In My Eyes,’ ‘In Your Dreams,’ ‘Do Yourself A Favor,’ ‘Apology,’ ‘That Day,’ ‘I Think We’re Alone Now,’ and ‘Squeeze.’

Furthermore, she started her first tour in October 2018 and performed in Australia with Swipe Up Live alongside influencers Tayler Holder, Zach Clayton, and Joey Birlem. 

Massara made her podcasting debut by co-hosting Dropouts with her friends Zach Justice and Jared “JareBear” Bailey in 2020. 

She also portrayed Paige in the 2021 movie Hero Mode and will play Jess in the upcoming movie The Crusades.

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A Glimpse inside Drew Gehling and Wife Julia Mattison’s Wedding

Drew Gehling and Julia Mattison had camp-themed wedding celebration.



A Look At Drew Gehling And Wife Julia Mattison’s Wedding

Drew Gehling and his wife, Julia Mattison, are married!

Gehling and his wife, Mattison, captured the world’s attention when they got married on September 16, 2023, and announced the exciting news via Instagram on September 21, 2023.

Mattison shared several pictures from their wedding day and wrote, “Well I’ll be damned. I got to marry the love of my life @drewgehling at Summer Camp.”

Drew Gehling and his wife Julia Mattison.

Drew Gehling and his wife, Julia Mattison. (Source: Instagram)

Both renowned Broadway stars, the couple decided to celebrate their love in a fun way, drawing inspiration from the 2001 comedy film Wet Hot American Summer, as per People magazine.

They transformed their day into a three-day summer camp-themed celebration at the Cedar Lakes Estate in Hudson Valley, New York.

Among the 140 guests who came to celebrate their love were famous personalities, including Sara Bareilles and her fiancé Joe Tippett and Darren Criss and his wife Mia Swier.

Gehling and Mattison filled the event with various activities, including kayaking, ziplining, and a talent show featuring some of the wedding guests’ best performances.

Mattison said, “I have a lot of nostalgia for summer camp, and felt our wedding would be such a beautiful opportunity to spend a weekend with our family and friends.” 

The celebrations started on a Friday night with a welcome gathering, and attendees were asked to dress up in a fun “Canadian Tuxedo” style. 

The next day, the couple added some excitement by ziplining into the lake before getting ready for their wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, the guests had a time exploring the activities offered at the camp, including kayaking and enjoying leisurely moments by the pool.

Mattison looked stunning in a strapless gown from Oscar De La Renta adorned with flowers that reminded her of the wildflowers of California, which hold a special place in her heart. 

She completed her look with a gold diamond necklace, delicate earrings, and stylish chunky heels. The outdoor ceremony space was beautifully decorated with bouquets that perfectly complemented the theme.

On the other hand, the Waitress actor wore his custom Michael Andrews Bespoke tuxedo that consisted of a white shirt, black bow tie, green velvet blazer, and black tuxedo pants.

Gehling’s 10-year-old daughter, Annie, whom he shares with his ex-wife Sara Jean Ford, did a reading during the ceremony, and their mutual friends Andrew Kober and Sarah Chase officiated the wedding.

Drew Gehling and wife Julia Mattison began dating in 2017

Gehling and his wife, Mattison, first met in the summer of 2017, during the filming of an episode of the web series Turning The Tables, and she admitted she “fell in love immediately.”

Later, after finishing filming, Mattison found out that Gehling texted their mutual friend, Kober and Chase, to ask for her number.

This initial connection was followed by a month of anticipation until the episode finally aired, leading to their first date. 

The NY-based writer also added, “It wasn’t until a month later when the episode came out that we properly connected and went on our first date.”

After dating for several years, the pair took the next step in their journey when they got engaged in January 2022. 

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