Fans React To Adam Conover's 'The G Word with Adam Conover' Trailer

Fans React To Adam Conover’s ‘The G Word with Adam Conover’ Trailer

“The G Word with Adam Conover goes inside the US government to find out what it actually does.”


Whether we like it or not, the government plays a significant role in our lives. Adam Conover looks at its triumphs and failures and how we might be able to modify it in the Netflix series, The G Word with Adam Conover.

The official trailer of The G Word with Adam Conover was released on May 3, 2022, on Netflix’s official YouTube channel, and fans have shared their wild reactions to it.

More details about the series

Conover’s new Netflix show, The G Word, is deliberately not a new version of Adam Ruins Everything, as applied to the process of American governance — which you might not realize from the trailer. It adopts much of Conover’s previous show’s tone and many of its tactics.

Furthermore, the comedian has a remarkable way of explaining complicated issues with a humorous anecdote. He’ll do the same with this series, but with more documentary-ness.

He travels throughout America in the episode. The show is based on Michael Lewis’ book The Fifth Risk: Undoing Democracy to examine how government affects our lives daily, for better or worse, and in unexpected and unusual ways.

It does seem to scratch the itch left by everything, namely, a mix of deep-dive study, cheerfully goofy sketches, and Conover’s unique hosting style, with its laser-focus on the absurdities of whatever topic he’s applying it to, particularly this issue.

Is there a more fruitful field for Conover to plow than government (notably, the government of the United States), a topic that’s been wrecked by the day of late?

Moreover, Conover speaks with people from various elements of America’s governmental apparatus in the trailer, including USDA inspectors, weather monitors, etc.

Each episode of The G Word will focus on a different topic, such as food, weather, money, the future, disease, and “change.”

In the final episode, Conover visits Barack Obama, who also serves as a producer on the show to debate if we can address the plethora of problems he uncovers during the series. However, during the series, Penn and Teller appear as special guests and do some magic.

The show will be brief, with six 30-minute episodes planned. It doesn’t seem like so much time will be enough to unpack everything, but we’ll see how it goes.

The show is written by Adam Conover, Biniam Bizuneh, Jonathan Braylock, Brian Frange, and Hallie Haglund. The series is produced by Barack and Michelle Obama, Tonia Davis, Adam Conover, Jon Cohen, Jon Wolf, Michael Lewis, and Hallie Haglund.

Conover released details about the show on social media on May 5; all the six episodes of The G Word will run on Netflix on May 19.

Fan’s reaction to the trailer

After the official release of The G Word with Adam Conover trailer, fans have been quite excited to watch and review all the series episodes. They have also been sharing many positive reactions to the released trailer. 

One fan commented, “Love comedic view of problematic issues (Last Week Tonight, Patriotic Act, Ruins Everything), wish we had that in Canada. Somewhat feels weird not to have the Ruins Everything persona, but nice seeing some iconic actors from the series.”

Likewise, another fan wrote on YouTube, “I love him, and bringing a comedic aspect to such an important topic is a great way to educate others. Can’t wait for this.”

Not just on YouTube, fans also had many positive reviews to share on Instagram, and overall it seems that the series will be yet another hit for Adam Conover.

All the best to the entire team!

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