Who Is Melanie Rose? Meet The Star Of Netflix's 'How To Build A Sex Room'

Who Is Melanie Rose? Meet The Star Of Netflix’s ‘How To Build A Sex Room’

Melanie Rose is spicing up couples’ lives with her new Netflix show, ‘How To Build A Sex Room.’

Who Is Melanie Rose? Meet The Star Of Netflix's 'How To Build A Sex Room'

Nowadays, Netflix is coming up with exciting concepts for their reality TV. 

From dating shows to documentaries — the streaming platform does not hesitate to spice things up. Their new show, How To Build a Sex Room, will be released on July 8, 2022.

As the name suggests, the show will revolve around couples who want to add spice to their home, married life, and romantic adventure with their partner by building an erotic room. 

They will be helped by a luxury interior designer, Melanie Rose, who is also the series’ host and consulting producer.

Here is everything we know about Rose and her show, How To Build A Sex Room.

Who is Melanie Rose?

Born and raised in London, Rose is a luxury interior designer. According to her website, she was previously a successful actress.

She appeared in many shows on TV and West End Shows before moving to Los Angeles. After relocating to the City of Angels, she became an interior designer.

Melanie Rose, the luxury interior designer and the host of the Netflix show 'How To Build A Sex Room.'

Melanie Rose, the luxury interior designer and the host of the Netflix show ‘How To Build A Sex Room.’ (Source: Instagram)

She has been a luxury designer for over two decades. She has designed everything from small apartments to multi-million dollar homes. 

Mainly, she focuses on traditional designs and renovations. However, she majorly works to satisfy her clients’ “unique and individual needs, to create a deeply personal space.”

But she also has a niche —  something not all luxury interior designers dare to do. She specializes in designing “scared spaces,” basically erotic and sensual rooms.

In an interview with ET Online, Rose discussed how she got into the business. She got into this after a customer asked whether she had ever built a sex room.

This caused her to wonder why she hadn’t. She researched it and found that there were not a lot of good options online.

She then decided that she could do a better job. As a result, the kinky hustle was formed.

She has been designing “sex rooms” for over ten years, and now, she is showing off her skills to the entire world with the help of the Netflix show, How To Build a Sex Room.

About ‘How To Build a Sex Room’

How to Build a Sex Room on Netflix is the kinkiest home design series you’ve ever seen. Rose helps couples construct a sex chamber in their homes to suit all of their fantasies.

Netflix teased their series, saying, “Couples looking for more spice in the bedroom hire luxury interior designer Melanie Rose to create stylish spaces where they can carry out any fantasy they wish.” 

The trailer showcases the newly remodeled rooms and the behind-the-scenes effort that went into them. Couples put some seductive gadgets to the test and rave about Rose’s work. 

Rose works with Mike, her general contractor, to make the couples’ fantasy rooms a reality. They add everything into such rooms, including stripper poles, clawfoot bathtubs, and a vast collection of sex toys.

How to Build a Sex Room Season 1 will consist of eight episodes and will be produced by ITV America’s High Noon Entertainment. Adam Sher, Jim Berger, Scott Feeley, Corrina Robbins, and Sarah Howell serve as executive producers.

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