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Megan Thee Stallion, ASAP Rocky, and Rihanna Cheating Drama Explained

Learn everything about the ongoing drama!



Megan Thee Stallion, ASAP Rocky, and Rihanna Cheating Drama Explained
Megan Thee Stallion, ASAP Rocky, and Rihanna Cheating Drama Explained

It has been quite the week for the fans of Rihanna, her boyfriend ASAP Rocky, and American rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

Everything started when the global star and soon-to-be mother unfollowed Stallion on Instagram due to some unknown reasons.

The news came as a shock for the fans of the two as they had previously expressed their deep desires to work/collaborate alongside each other – mainly Stallion.

Besides, Rihanna had also praised Stallion after following her on Instagram in 2019 and even appointing Stallion as the brand ambassador of her lingerie brand named Savage X Fenty.

After that happened, Stallion did several photoshoots and posed for the lingerie brand. Fast forward to the present time, eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Stallion’s pictures are no longer featured on the website of Savage X Fenty and the Barbadian singer no longer follows Stallion on Instagram.

As for where A$AP Rocky comes in between this drama, rumors suggest that all of it started after Rocky cheated on Rihanna with Stallion. Here is everything we know about the drama!

Did ASAP Rocky cheat on Rihanna With Megan Thee Stallion?

The news of the rumored cheating scandal first came out from the gossip blog Crazy Days and Nights.

The blog has the feature of a blind item that lets people share an anonymous tip about anything. And one person had shared a blind item on March 16, 2022, that read, “The very fast rapper cheated on his much-higher-on-the-list significant other with a three-named rapper.”

This led many to assume that the people mentioned in the list are Rocky – the very fast rapper; Rihanna – the much-higher-on-the-list significant other; and Stallion – the three-named rapper as her stage name is Meg.

Additionally, Global Times previously reported that a source had told them Rihanna has “long been uncomfortable” around Rocky due to “some perceived past flirtation” between Rocky and Stallion.

However, on the other hand, Hollywood Life reported on March 21, 2022, that Rihanna and Rocky’s relationship had made severe progress and they might even get engaged sometime soon.

Coming back to the cheating scandal, it is yet to be confirmed by anyone. And until that happens, the rumors must only be taken as nothing else but a grain of salt.

Several celebrities like Drake have also unfollowed Megan Thee Stallion

Rihanna isn’t the only big celebrity that has unfollowed Stallion in the past few weeks. Stars like Nicki Minaj, Drake, Teyana Taylor, and others have joined the list of people who have unfollowed the rapper on the photo-sharing platform.

As of now, there is no official confirmation as to what led these celebrities to unfollow Stallion on Instagram. However, there are some rumors. One speculation suggests that it might have something with Stallion’s tragic incident with Tory Lanez.

The incident was a huge argument that happened on July 12, 2020, right outside of Kylie Jenner’s house party, which resulted in Lanez allegedly shooting Stallion in the foot. The case about it is still ongoing, and nothing much can be said now.

Similarly, some believe celebs unfollowed Stallion due to her personality. One Twitter user wrote, “Meg stay in a lot of drama with [people] and labels. She is the only one who is consistently having this issue. She is clearly the problem.”

Megan Thee Stallion’s feud with Carl Crawford

Speaking of her drama with people and labels, which also links with the above-mentioned cheating scandal, Stallion has been in a legal and online feud with Carl Crawford since 2020. Crawford is the CEO of the label 1501 Certified Ent.

It all started when the rapper and her legal team filed a petition requesting her album Something for Thee Hotties to be deemed an album. As per the court documents, the label didn’t consider Something for Thee Hotties as an album.

The issue went back and forth, with the label counter suing the rapper. Later, both the parties involved took their feud online. Stallion even went on to call Crawford a “powerhead.”

Additionally, she had talked many things about him and clarified that she never wanted to take the matter online. However, she was forced to do so as she was painted as the bad guy in the whole affair.

In reply to all those insults and things said by Stallion, Crawford mentioned that all of the things she said were a lie and the truth would eventually come out.

He even went as far as to say, “This is coming from a bona fide alcoholic who [slept with] the whole industry, including her best friend’s [boyfriend].”

This statement from Crawford came in handy after Rihanna unfollowed Stallion. Many assumed that Crawford was talking about Rocky cheating on Rihanna with Stallion.

But, as said earlier, nothing about the topic is confirmed yet. So, let’s hope there will be further developments in the matter.

Dipesh is an experienced writer who has been covering entertainment news and stories for more than two years. Presently, he writes stories for Glamour Buff and GB Issue.


Fans Were Convinced Shantel Vansanten Was Pregnant in ‘FBI’

Know the truth!




Fans Were Convinced Shantel Vansanten Was Pregnant in 'FBI'

Shantel VanSanten is a model and actress best known on television as Quinn James in the CW adolescent drama series One Tree Hill, as Becca Butcher in the Amazon Prime Original The Boys, and as Julie Swagger, the wife of lead character Bob Lee Swagger in the USA Network series Shooter

She has also starred in films such as The Final Destination, You and I, and Something Wicked. During the fourth and fifth seasons of the CBS procedural series FBI, VanSanten played Special Agent Nina Chase when series actress Missy Peregrym was pregnant and went on maternity leave from 2022 to 2023.

In the FBI, Chase was pregnant and as a result, she left her team to take care of herself as well as the baby. This also meant the departure of VanSanten from the show.

This soon led to the speculation that VanSanten was pregnant in real life and her pregnancy was written into the show. Here is all we know about it.

Rumors of Shantel VanSanten being pregnant

It was reported by MediaMass that VanSanten was pregnant after she was spotted with what seems to be a baby bulge while out on a dinner date. They noted that she was with her boyfriend having a romantic dinner date.

A source revealed that she made toast two times and she drank water instead of wine. They noted that it was unusual to make a toast with “anything but a full glass of wine.”

The actress’s publicist did not verify or dispute the charges. According to the outlet, her publicists said, “ “I do not comment on her personal life.”

Unfortunately, this has just increased curiosity about VanSanten’s claimed pregnancy.

VanSanten never made any statements regarding her being pregnant. But later, the tabloid confirmed that they were false. 

As said before, the speculations of her being pregnant started after her character, Chase, got pregnant on FBI. FBI is a CBS crime drama series that follows the personal and professional lives of agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ criminal branch in New York City. 

VanSanten played Chase, an FBI Special Agent who took over for Maggie Bell after she was exposed to sarin gas on the job. Chase, who joined the FBI in season 4, also works as an undercover agent and, in season 5, begins a romance with her fellow FBI agent, Stuart Scola.

Chase confessed she was pregnant with Scola’s kid less than a year into their relationship in season 5, episode 6 titled ‘Double Bind.’ Chase informs her boyfriend that she discovered she was pregnant the night before. 

She then confirms that Scola is her baby’s father. When Scola inquires whether Chase intends to retain the baby, she answers, “I don’t know,” before concluding the discussion.

Later in the episode, Chase says that she is quitting the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s criminal section to join the white-collar division. FBI executive producer Rick Eid said to TV Insider in November 2022 that Chase’s pregnancy was a means for VanSanten to take a break from the FBI while still maintaining her relationship with Scola. 

“We didn’t want to kill Nina off. She’s been an incredible addition to the show, and intertwining her story with Scola’s allows us to keep her character alive,” Eid commented. “It also gives Scola’s character another dimension; he’s now facing fatherhood on top of being an FBI Agent.” 

He added, “Though Nina is leaving the team, she’s still an FBI agent, and her relationship with Scola will continue in some capacity. We’ll see her again soon.”

Chase returned to the FBI in the April 2023 crossover event with FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, and FBI: International, where she was shot while assisting the Fly Team in storming a residence in Italy where terrorists were residing. Chase survives the shooting, and Scola pays her a visit to the hospital to see how she and their baby are doing. 

Scola asked Chase, “How do you feel?” to which the latter responded, “I’ve been better.” Scola asked about the baby and Chase said, “I think so,” as she placed her boyfriend’s hand on her baby bump.

Scola felt the baby kicking and then he confessed that he loved Chase. Chase responded through tears, “I love you. A lot.”

Shantel VanSanten’s boyfriend 2023

VanSanten has not revealed anything about having a boyfriend in 2023. Therefore, it is safe to speculate that she is currently single.

That being said, it is possible that she is dating someone and is keeping her relationship under wraps. So, unless the actress confirms her dating history or relationship status, everything is mere speculation.

In the past, VanSanten was married to her boyfriend of four years, Victor Webster. After meeting on the set of Love Blossom, a Hallmark Channel film in which VanSanten’s character worked with Webster’s character to reach a production deadline for a new perfume after her father died, the two became friends. 

Soon, the friendship turned into a romantic relationship. The pair were happily in love with VanSanten’s boyfriend often gushing about her.

Webster did not hesitate to show off his girlfriend on Instagram, sharing about how much he loved her. They celebrated their fourth anniversary in February 2021 and Webster took to Instagram to congratulate his partner.

He wrote, “Happy 4 years of being stuck with me @therealshantel Seems like a lifetime, a wonderfully adventure-filled lifetime already. Through thick and thin, ups and downs, and everything the world has tried to throw at us, you’ve still managed to put up with me. Love you babe, happy anniversary.”

That same month, he asked her to marry him. They hiked 2000ft to the top of the mountain where Webster had told her that he loved her for the first time.

He proposed to her to which, VanSaten said yes. She wrote on her Instagram at the time, “I didn’t say anything for awhile, not out of suspense although it would have been a good prank, but because my legs stopped working, I had to sit down and I couldn’t stop crying and kissing him … I forgot to say anything at all … BUT OBVIOUSLY I SAID YES!!! I can’t wait to spend FOR-EV-ER with my best friend!!!!”

The pair later married three times, the first time at Pasadena City Hall in California on the anniversary of VanSanten’s grandparents. VanSanten and her husband got married again in Napa, California, in October 2021. 

They arranged a third wedding in Minnesota for her family members who were unable to travel to the ceremony. By the looks of it, VanSanten and her husband seemed like a happy couple, someone excited to spend the rest of their lives together. 

However, the duo called it quits after less than two years of marriage. According to the court documents collected by People, Webster filed for divorce in January 2023.

They listed their date of separation as January 10, 2023. However, they have not stated the reason for their divorce. Similarly, it is unknown if their divorce has been finalized or not. 

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Chris Galya Will Soon Have A Wife — The Actor Proposed To His Longtime Girlfriend

Chris Galya will soon have a wife.



Chris Galya Will Soon Have A Wife — The Actor Proposed To His Longtime Girlfriend

Chris Galya doesn’t have a wife yet. However, he has been in a romantic relationship with his longtime girlfriend and soon-to-be wife, Heather Catania, a media maker and digital content creator.

In 2020, the pair announced the exciting news of their engagement on Instagram. Chris shared a photo of them with Catania showing off her ring on his Instagram account, writing, “got a wifey for Christmas,” on December 27, 2020.

On the other hand, Catania shared the same picture and noted, “She said YES.” The fans and followers congratulated the couple for their new beginning and sent them well wishes.

Chris Galya and his soon-to-be wife Heather Catania.

Chris Galya and his soon-to-be wife Heather Catania. (Source: Instagram)

With a wedding ceremony pending, the question on everyone’s mind is when the couple will officially embark on the journey of holy matrimony. 

As the pair continues to share their love story through social media, fans eagerly await any hints or announcements regarding their impending marriage. 

That being said, while the exact details of their relationship, including how and when they met, it appears like the pair has been together since 2012, as Catania appeared for the first time on Chris’ Instagram in 2012.

Since then, Catania has appeared numerous times on Chris’ Instagram and has not shied away from sharing a glimpse of their relationship with the world.

Who are Chris Galya’s parents — How old is he?

Chris was born on August 23, 1987, in New Jersey, USA, to his father John Galya, and his mother Denise Galya. He is currently 36 years old. 

His father, John, was a lawyer, while his mother, Denise, worked as a waitress. In addition to his parents, Chris has a brother named Vinny Galya, who works as a physical education teacher at the elementary level. 

The actor is of American nationality and Italian descent. His early passion for acting sparked during his childhood, leading him to participate in the drama club at his high school. 

Chris Galya’s famous movies and TV shows

Chris’ professional acting debut came in the movie Momma’s Man in 2008, where he portrayed the role of Teen Boy 2. 

However, it was his portrayal of Tony Chiccolini in the TV series Jessie from 2011 to 2015 that pushed him into the limelight. His performance in the series garnered widespread recognition and immense love from both audiences and critics alike.

Beyond Jessie, the 36-year-old actor has made appearances in various TV series, including Pipers Picks TV, Piper’s QUICK Picks, KARtv, On-the-Spot Interview, Radio Disney Music Awards, Awesomeness TV, and even the iconic Family Guy among others. 

His journey into films is equally noteworthy, with standout roles in the 2013 movie Isolated, where he portrayed the character Ambassador for Peace, and Dead Trigger, where he played Chris Northon. Additionally, in 2021, he appeared in the film Sweet as Shane.

Who is Chris Galya’s girlfriend Heather Catania?

Chris’s girlfriend, Heather Catania, is a social media manager, and digital and brand strategist currently serving as the Brand Strategy for Creative Disrupters. Moreover, she is also the founder of Social Fleur and First House, a Luxury Marketing & Business Consultancy. 

Born and raised in a suburb of New York City, Catania attended Boston University, making the Dean’s List in her first year. She later earned a BFA in Photography, Commercial Design, and Art Theory from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

At just 18, she caught the attention of Central St. Martins School of Art & Design in London, becoming one of the sixty globally selected students for the highly competitive fashion photography program. She later went to The Pratt Institute and Parsons School of Design.

At 19, she secured an internship at PAPER Magazine and worked with Fashion Editor Mickey Boardman in assisting on cover shoots featuring prominent figures like Kelis, Johnny Knoxville, and Maya Rudolph. 

Furthermore, she started as a Beauty Intern at NYLON and swiftly rose to Assistant to the Editor in Chief, Marvin Scott Jarrett. Her roles included scouting models, producing photo shoots, working with renowned figures like Terry Richardson, and contributing her own photos to the magazine. 

Within a year, she became NYLON’s first Bookings Editor, overseeing cover shoots and fashion editorials with celebrities like Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart, Nicole Richie, Mary Kate Olsen, Zac Efron, Diddy, and Jonah Hill.

Heather’s journey continued with creative rebranding efforts at JANE Magazine at Condé Nast before she earned freelance positions at ELLE and Details Magazine. 

Her talents were recognized at Harper’s Bazaar, where she became Acting Senior Bookings Editor, collaborating with esteemed photographers such as Peter Lindbergh, Terry Richardson, Karl Lagerfeld, and Carter Smith.

Beyond publishing, she extended her influence into branded campaigns for top-tier fashion clients, including Samsung, M.A.C. Cosmetics, Coach, Steve Madden, H&M, Bloomingdale’s, Marc Jacobs, Nike, Uniqlo, Nokia, Diane von Furstenberg, Alexander Wang, and Urban Outfitters. She also played a crucial role in strategizing a comprehensive E-Commerce build-out for Bloomingdales.

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Why Did BabyTron Get Arrested? Uncover The Truth

BabyTron was arrested for a brief period of time.



Why Did Babytron Get Arrested? Uncover The Truth

American rapper BabyTron made headlines in February as he faced arrest for the possession of controlled substances.

The news of BabyTron’s arrest came to light via the news publication Daily Loud. The outlet shared the rapper’s mugshot on Instagram and confirmed that he had been arrested for the possession of controlled substances in Dawson County Jail in Lexington, Nebraska. 

The rapper’s mugshot was reportedly taken on February 8, 2023, at 3:30 PM in Van Buren, Michigan, visually confirming the incident and offering a specific date and time.

This charge typically involves carrying a drug for sale or use without a prescription from a physician, and such substances are deemed illegal under both state and federal law. These substances include cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana.

Similarly, the penalties for drug possession vary depending on several factors and encompass a wide range. Individuals charged with such offenses often find themselves subject to fines ranging from $100 to $100,000 or more. 

In addition to potential monetary penalties, those facing drug possession charges might also be subject to a maximum sentence of up to 10 years of imprisonment, depending on various factors. 

However, specific details regarding the exact consequences that rapper BabyTron had to confront in light of this arrest remain undisclosed at present.

Fans react to Babytron’s arrest

Amidst news of BabyTron’s arrest, internet users found humor in the situation. One Twitter user shared a lighthearted comment, stating, “Just looking at bro, he’s guilty for whatever he did,” accompanied by a crying emoji. 

Fans also hoped he would soon be released from jail. A few reactions read. “Free my boy,” while another wrote, “I think I speak for everyone when I say we’d all go to jail for Babylon.”

Fans' responses to BabyTron's arrest.

Fans’ responses to BabyTron’s arrest. (Source: Twitter)

Despite numerous fans expressing concern over BabyTron’s arrest, the rapper has maintained silence about the situation. As of now, he has been released after posting 10% of a $15,000 bond. 

In a recent update on his Instagram story, he shared moments from a performance in Columbus, Ohio. Notably, on October 27, he posted a picture showcasing a sparkling watch while sporting glasses and a baseball cap and captioned, “MEGATRON 2” OUT NOW!”

In response to the post, an enthusiastic fan expressed gratitude, commenting, “Thank you for blessing my ears,” while another asserted, “Bro, anyone saying the new album is mid needs to clean their damn ears; they clearly can’t relate to what he’s saying with their no-motion-havin’ ass.”

Moreover, the rapper extended birthday wishes to fellow musician LIL CA$HLOW in his Instagram story, providing glimpses into his activities following the arrest-related speculation.

BabyTron dropped ‘Out On Bond’ before his arrest

Before BabyTron’s arrest, he had been riding high on a remarkable streak of consecutive full-length albums. In October 2022, he delighted fans with his 15-song album Bin Reaper 3: Old Testament. The title hinted at a biblical layout, prompting expectations from fans for another testament.

Likewise, in January 2023, the rapper continued his momentum with Bin Reaper 3: New Testament, a standout project comprising 26 songs and collaborations with notable artists such as Lil Yachty, Cordae, Rico Nasty, and more. 

Moreover, in the aftermath of his arrest on February 8, 2023, BabyTron surprised fans with the unexpected release of the EP Out On Bond on February 24.

However, what truly captivates fans goes beyond the rapper’s prolific output; it’s the consistent excellence he brings to each project. Infusing a blend of imaginative bars and pop culture references, BabyTron has mastered the art of delivering music that resonates with his audience.

BabyTron’s age revealed 

BabyTron was born on June 6, 2000, making him 23 years old as of 2023. Born under the zodiac sign Gemini, he is characterized by traits such as adaptability, curiosity, inquisitiveness, intellectualism, intuition, outgoing nature, and sociability, among others.

Similarly, the rapper’s real name is James Edward Johnson. Nevertheless, in the professional realm, he exclusively adopts the moniker BabyTron, solidifying a distinct persona for his musical endeavors.

BabyTron’s family background 

BabyTron was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan. According to a Pitchfork interview, he describes himself as biracial, attributing this identity to his black father and Caucasian mother. 

During his high school years, Johnson embarked on his rap journey, co-founding the group Shit*yBoyz with friends StanWill and TrDee. To kickstart their music careers, they established the YouTube channel BbyTron SB in August 2017. 

Subsequently, the rapper marked a significant milestone with the release of his debut album in October 2019, which notably featured a collaboration with fellow rapper Lil Yachty. 

Following this, he continued to build on his discography, introducing other albums such as Sleeve Nash, Back to the Future, Dookie Brothers, Luka Troncic, and Bin Reaper 2, among others.

BabyTron further solidified his presence in the music scene by sharing the stage with acclaimed artists such as Danny Brown and Sada Baby. This collaborative experience not only showcased his talent but also played a pivotal role in expanding his fan base and establishing his presence in the industry.

Discussing his music style, music journalist Alphonse Pierre noted in a Pitchfork interview that the rapper excels in delivering verses with clever punchlines featuring highly specific and nostalgic pop culture references. 

Likewise, BabyTron’s lyrical prowess extends to crafting short vignettes that vividly detail internet scams. His flows exhibit a dynamic range, alternating between sounding as if he’s just been shot out of a cannon or expressing boredom in the back of a classroom. 

Pierre also acknowledged BabyTron’s keen ear for funky beats and emphasized the artist’s unwavering commitment to the Detroit rap style.

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