Top 5 Movies about Gambling, Casino Lovers Must Watch

Top 5 Movies about Gambling, Casino Lovers Must Watch

Don’t forget to binge them all!

Top 5 Movies about Gambling, Casino Lovers Must Watch

One of the main reasons we watch TV or film is because of the content or storyline. Therefore, casino lovers will enjoy watching one of their favorite hobbies played out before their eyes.

There is no better place to portray the glitz and glamour of casino life than on the big screen. The riches available to big Hollywood film companies paint the perfect picture of the gambling world. Tailored suits, elegant dresses, and a sprinkle of diamonds. What’s not to love?

Let’s look at some of the must-watch films that portray casino life. In these films, you’ll see the stars playing a casino game like online slots at Amazon Slots.


The name might be a little bit of a giveaway here. Unquestionably one of the greatest films to ever feature casino scenes. It’s a work of art from Martin Scorsese that perfectly portrays life in casinos with players of varying experiences trying their luck at hitting the jackpot.

This 90’s classic takes you back to Vegas in the late 80s when casino gambling was very much in its prime. A star-studded cast includes Roberto de Niro as the expert gambler Sam “Ace” Rothstein, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone. With a storyline based around real people, Casino is a must-watch for anyone, let alone those big into their popular casino games

Ocean’s 11

If you haven’t watched Ocean’s 11 yet, where have you been? This classic from 2001 features a ten-strong crew who plan robberies on three different casinos, and it takes you along the action-packed journey with them.

It boasts a stellar cast with Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon being just some of the stars who captivate their audience in this gripping crime/comedy.

Rain Man

It might not have been a gambling film by design, but Rain Man sees a large segment centered around the high-rolling Las Vegas casinos. Rain Man’s incredible mind makes him the perfect gambling accessory, and he gets more than his fair share of success in blackjack.

If winning four Oscars, including Best Picture, Actor, and Director, isn’t going to convince you to watch this enthralling drama. Hopefully, knowing the Vegas nightlife features prevalently might just convince you to take the time out of your day to watch this Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise classic.

The Hangover

The only true comedy on our list. The Hangover is the story of the ultimate “stag do gone wrong”. Four friends set off for the weekend of a lifetime in the city that never sleeps, unbeknown to their partners and, most importantly, the bride-to-be. Lost in the world of Las Vegas casinos, their night takes one or two unexpected twists, which lead them to waking up and questioning what actually happened the night before? 

Plenty of Blackjack and poker is played, and one member of the group becomes a useful asset, having read a book on card counting on their road trip there. It’s laugh-out-loud funny from start to finish with Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis undertaking a whirlwind adventure to find their friend Doug (Justin Bartha).

A film that will lift your mood as you get to see Las Vegas at its finest. 

Casino Royale 2006

The only way to make Bond films more glamorous than they are already would be to center its storyline around a casino. Daniel Craig’s debut as Britain’s favorite secret agent sees him tasked with the unenviable task of preventing an Albanian financier from winning a high-stakes poker game at the Casino Royale.

An adrenaline-inducing storyline provides a similar feel to being at a roulette wheel as it twists and turns throughout. Certainly not a film any casino lover wants to miss!

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