Who Is Mia Dio Dating? Everything You Need to Know about the Internet Star

Who Is Mia Dio Dating? Everything You Need to Know about the Internet Star

Mia Dio is also known as the self-proclaimed Russian sugar baby.

Who Is Mia Dio Dating? Everything You Need to Know about the Internet Star

Mia Dio is an uprising American internet personality that has garnered healthy limelight through her TikTok videos. She is also known as the self-proclaimed Russian sugar baby.

In addition, she is a creative comedian who could be seen sharing tips on how to talk to men and other things on her TikTok handle. Thanks to her videos, she has garnered over 5.1 million followers and 121.2 million likes on the platform.

Furthermore, the link on Dio’s TikTok bio leads to a travel website, and her profile in it mentions that she is a “lifestyle coach, makeup guru, supermodel now also travel influencer, food connoisseur, and wild animal whisperer.”

The influencer has earned good popularity quickly, and her beauty has won the hearts of many. But is there anyone in her life who has won her heart?

Who is Mia Dio dating?

Dio is very private when it comes to her love life. Due to her confidential nature, she hasn’t shared many details about her romantic relationships.

Similarly, she hasn’t spoken about her present or former relationships. She also hasn’t given out any hints on having a boyfriend via her public Instagram handle — she has a private Instagram handle as well.

Nonetheless, Dio has dropped some hints on her TikTok handle. On April 8, 2022, she uploaded a funny TikTok video, a part of her “Talk to Men” video series, and captioned it saying, “The audacity #boyfriend.”

In the video, the TikTok star said, “I think my sugar daddy might be broken because he hasn’t taken me shopping in a very long time.” Right after that, a man’s voice could be heard saying, “Babe, how many times do I have to tell you I’m not your sugar daddy, I’m your boyfriend.”

In the end, the man says, “Will one Gucci bag shut you up?” to which Dio says, “I think that will do babe. Love you so much.”

This TikTok skit has surely raised the eyebrows of many who are left wondering if the internet personality has a partner or not. However, there is no other thing known about it except the said video.

In addition to the mentioned video, she has shared multiple videos where she has used the hashtag “ex” to refer to her ex-boyfriend. But, not much is known about her dating history as well.

Furthermore, she has mentioned several times having a “sugar daddy.” In her YouTube video of February 26, 2022, titled ‘I went viral for having a famous sugar daddy,’ she even shared short clips of people buying her things.

“You guys are probably wondering, but Mia, how does this affect your life. Well, let me tell you. Rich men are recognizing me off the street and buying me things, and I don’t know how to feel about that. I think I like it,” she said in the video.

To conclude, it couldn’t be said that Dio has a boyfriend until she publicly introduces the man of her life. Until then, it could be said that the video she posted was made just for fun, like the rest of her TikTok videos.

Mia Dio’s birthday falls in May

As of this writing, Dio is 20 years of age. She celebrates her birthday every year on May 14. This year, she will celebrate her 21st birthday.

Born in 2001, she was raised in the suburbs of Miami, Florida. As per her date of birth, her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Mia Dio was raised by her biological mother and step-father

The social media personality was raised by her birth mother, Claudia, and step-father, Luis Dio. Apart from them, she has four brothers and one sister, among which three are her half-siblings – from her stepfather’s former relationship.

Mia Dio was raised by her biological mother, Claudia, and step-father, Luis Dio

Mia Dio was raised by her biological mother, Claudia, and step-father, Luis Dio (Photo: Instagram)

As per reports, Mia’s biological mother and step-father started dating when they were young. The two eventually settled down in the hope of starting a happy family. Besides, they even welcomed a child while being together.

However, things weren’t meant to last longer, at least at the time. So Claudia and Luis decided to part ways. Later, when Claudia was taking on modeling as a career, she met a handsome Chilean man – whose name isn’t disclosed.

She and the man eventually started dating. But, after some time, Claudia came to the realization that she had abandoned her family, which she loved the most. As a result, she ended things with the Chilean man and decided to work out things between her and Luis.

In a now-privatized video of December 28, 2017, Mia said, “My older brother said something that woke her up, ‘Mom, why aren’t you with my dad?’ She realized how much she valued family – how important family was.”

“She said, ‘I need to stop being so distant. I need to reconnect. I need to work things out. I as a mother want to work things out for my older son,’ which, to this day, I respect her so much for,” Mia added.

Fortunately, Luis happily reconciled his relationship with Claudia — even though Claudia was pregnant with the Chilean man’s baby i.e., Mia. When Mia was born, Luis welcomed and raised her as his own daughter.

When Mia was old enough to learn the real truth, her mother finally told her everything. In the video, she said, “The reason that my dad didn’t want to tell me that I wasn’t quite his daughter was because he was afraid that I was going to grow up and think I was different.”

“He wanted me to be like that’s the man that’s there for me, that’s the man who raised me, that’s the man who loves me, that’s my father,” she further added.

Mia Dio was bullied in high school

Those who have been following Dio since the start know that she refers to high school as nothing more than hell. It’s so because she was bullied by her schoolmates – because she ran a YouTube channel – and the whole high school period was very difficult for her.

In one of her now-privatized YouTube videos of December 15, 2018, she said, “I was in high school and I absolutely hated it. I hated high school – I hated that I had a YouTube channel in high school because people would literally crucify me for that channel.”

“They would make fun of me so hard. Even though on the outside, I would be like, ‘F them, I’m cool.’ Deep inside, I was screaming. I was in a lot of emotional pain.”

All of the bullyings ultimately led Dio to ask one of the counselors if there was any way to accelerate her studies in high school — the answer was no. But, she again tried this time by writing a letter to the principal.

In the letter, she opened up about her rising anxiety levels, due to which she had to finish high school earlier. Thankfully, the school administration figured out a way to complete Dio’s studies earlier than the stipulated time.

“I decided to be a dramatic [expletive], and it worked,” she said. Afterward, she joined college and was a college junior at 17 only. As a result, it was hard for her to make friends initially, but everything sorted out eventually.

Mia Dio has undergone a surgery on her nose

The creator of a self-titled YouTube channel with over 64,000 subscribers often played soccer in her teenage years.

One day, the ball landed straight on Dio’s nose, breaking her nose and leaving a bump that she didn’t like. Initially, she used makeup to hide the spot, but as she grew older – and her nose as well – the bump became harder to hide.

Finally, Dio’s parents decided to let her undergo surgery to remove the bump — her parents had initially refused. In her old YouTube video, she said, “Although I consistently preach about self-love, this was always one thing that tormented me.”

“I love myself as a person, but just that one feature stared at me in the face and reminded me that I’m not nearly as pretty as I wish that I was.”

At the time of the surgery, the surgeon told Mia that her natural beauty was enough and she didn’t need a nose surgery. However, upon further inspection, the surgeon got to see that Dio had a deviated septum that needed remedy.

Surgery was performed on her nose, and it was a success. But, there were a few complications during the procedure. It’s reported that her body temperature started to rise after she was given a dose of anesthesia – the temperature was supposed to go down.

Dio is among the 1 in 100,000 people that suffer from an allergic condition called malignant hyperthermia after anesthesia is given to them. Thankfully, the anesthesiologist acted quickly and gave Dio a drug that countered the effects of her allergic condition.

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