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Who Are Master P’s Children? His Daughter Tytyana Tragically Passed Away in 2022

A detailed look at Master P’s children!



Who Are Master P’s Children? His Daughter Tytyana Tragically Passed Away in 2022

Percy Robert Miller Sr. is a renowned American rapper, record executive, and actor who is best known by his stage name of Master P. Thanks to his works since the early 1990s, he is considered one of the wealthiest hip-hop artists in the United States.

Outside his professional life, Master P is a family man and a father to nine children. Among his nine kids, he shares the most with his ex-wife Sonya C — a reputed singer on her own.

Additionally, the rapper is close to most of his children despite his busy working career. Here is an in-depth look at all of his children!

Romeo Miller

Percy Romeo Miller, or Romeo Miller only, is the eldest child of Master P and Sonya C. He was born on August 19, 1989, and was initially raised in the suburbs of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Romeo followed the footsteps of his father since his childhood and used to go by his stage name Lil Romeo. He started gaining fame when he started making music under his father’s Limit Records.

Romeo is presently a business and has founded several music and record labels, such as Guttar Music, The Next Generation, Take a Stand, and No Limit Forever Records.

Additionally, he has appeared on the television screens a couple of times, appearing in the Nickelodeon show titled Romeo! (from 2003 to 2006) and co-hosting The Mix on Fox Soul.

Coming over to his personal life, he is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend named Drew Sangster. On February 15, 2022, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter whom Romeo calls Baby R.

Vercy Miller

Vercy Miller is the second eldest child of Master P and Sonya C. He was born on July 26, 1991, and also goes by the nickname of Young V.

Like his father and older brother, Vercy once stepped foot in the entertainment industry and made his appearance in multiple movies, including The Team, Decisions, and I Got The Hook Up 2.

As for whether or not he is involved in the music industry, The Sun has reported that Vercy might be a part-time producer and DJ.

Besides that, not much information could be found about him as he rather lives a private life. He can be found on Instagram, where he has presently garnered around 16,700 followers.

Veno Miller

Veno Miller is actually Master P’s late brother Kevin Miller’s son. He was born on July 16, 1991 — making him 10 days older than Vercy Miller.

Distractify reports that Master P adopted his brother’s son with Sonya C after Kevin’s death in a robbery in 1990. And although Veno isn’t his biological child, Master P has always regarded him as his own child.

Veno has been somewhat active in the entertainment industry and has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows, such as Zoey 101, Master P’s Family Empire, LaLa Land, and Victorious.

Veno Miller is Master P's adoptive son

Veno Miller is Master P’s adoptive son (Photo: Getty Images)

In 2021, he got his major break after playing one of the major roles of Carter Conley in his big-screen debut movie Malibu Horror Story.

Tytyana Miller

Among Master P and Sonya C’s children, most people are quite familiar with the former couple’s daughter Tytyana Miller — Tytyana tragically passed away in May 2022.

Tytyana was born on June 15, 1992, and was on the spotlight multiple times since her birth. She mainly earned fame as the daughter of Master P and Sonya C, but there were also contributions from her works as an actress and model.

She was also known for her appearance on the WE TV series Growing Up Hip Hop, where she opened up with her father and brother, Romeo Miller, about her drug and drinking addiction. And thanks to the support from her family, she was able to overcome those addictions.

On Sunday, May 29, 2022, Master P announced the death of his beloved daughter Tytyana. Some of his words were, “Mental illness & substance abuse is a real issue that we can’t be afraid to talk about. With God, we will get through this. #MyAngel.”

A heartwrenching Instagram post was also shared by Tytyana’s older brother Romeo Miller. He wrote, “Our family is dealing with an overwhelming grief for the loss of my little sister Tytyana. We respectfully request some privacy so that our family can grieve.”

Months after Tytyana’s death, Master P appeared on CBS Mornings, where he talked about the tragic incident that struck his family. He stated, “Love your loved ones while they’re here. Once you walk out that door you never know who’s gonna come back.”

“Coming from where I come from, coming from poverty, you would think that you would outlive your kids and that was the mission, and I feel like going to my daughter’s funeral I feel like I went to my own funeral.”

Tytyana Miller on 'Growing Up Hip Hop'

Tytyana Miller on ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ (Photo: We TV)

He continued, “I don’t even wanna go to no more funerals. My daughter had a lot of life left in her and she was a happy woman that knew that tomorrow she could do something better.”

At the time of Tytyana’s passing, her cause of death wasn’t revealed. But it was finally revealed after five months, in November 2022, as Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner reported that Tytyana died of accidental fentanyl intoxication on May 27, 2022.

Inty Miller

Intylyana Miller is another child of Master P and his ex-wife Sonya C. Apart from her birth name, she is also known by the names of Inty and Princess Inty.

Born on June 25, 1993, Inty is one of the emerging R&B artists who has already marked her name. Besides, it’s even reported that she has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Her debut single came in 2017 when she released ‘That Real Love.’ Her first song was successful, and Inty followed it with the release of her second single titled ‘You Know I See You.’

Similarly, some of her other songs are ‘For Better Or Worse’ and ‘Whatever It Takes.’ Furthermore, she has appeared in movies such as A Mother’s Choice and I Got The Hook Up 2.

Cymphonique Miller

Cymphonique Miller, aka Cymphonique, is another daughter of Master P. However, her biological mother isn’t Sonya C, and the name of her mother is yet to be publicly revealed.

Born on August 1, 1996, she was initially brought up in San Francisco, California. Like her other siblings, she is also involved in the field of music and acting.

To this date, she has released one mixtape titled Passion, one EP titled No Days Off, and numerous singles, including ‘Takin’ Over,’ ‘All About Tonight,’ ‘My Everything,’ and ‘Been Through It All.’

Master P alongside his children

Master P alongside his children (Photo: Twitter)

Speaking of her career as an actress, she has appeared in movies and TV shows such as Phineas and Ferb, Opposite Day, Big Time Rush, Winx Club, How to Rock, The Dempsey Sisters, and Never and Again.

Itali Miller

Itali Miller is the sixth child of Master P with his former wife Sonya C, and the rapper’s seventh child in total. She was born on May 6, 1999.

Itali is one of Master P’s children who hasn’t actively pursued a career in the music or acting industry. She has only appeared in the 2010 short movie A Mother’s Choice and the 2019 movie I Got the Hook Up 2.

As of now, it’s unknown what she does for a profession. Nonetheless, as she is only 23 years of age, it might also be possible that she is focusing more on her studies rather than finding a job.

She is active on Instagram, where she has amassed around 28,000 followers. Her Instagram bio reads: “A young woman who possesses the quality ‘It’; absolute attraction.”

Hercy Miller

Hercy Miller is one of the youngest children of Master P and Sonya C. He was born on March 28, 2002, in California, United States.

Unlike his brothers and sisters, Hercy has completely remained off the music and acting industry. Instead, he is a rising and talented basketball player who is presently playing for Xavier University’s Men’s basketball team.

A picture of Master P's son Hercy Miller

A picture of Master P’s son Hercy Miller (Photo: Instagram)

As per Nashville Tennessean, Hercy had transferred from Tennessee State in 2022 after he landed a $2 million Name, Image, and Likeness deal.

As for how talented he is to receive such a big deal, his head coach, Travis Steele, had to say this in January 2022, “I think he just decided he wanted to try to experience something different in college basketball. He’s a great young man, comes from a really good family.”

Mercy Miller

Mercy Miller is the youngest of nine children of Master P — his biological mother is Sonya C. Born in 2005, he celebrates his birthday every year on September 13. As of now, he is 16 years of age.

Like his older brother Hercy Miller, Mercy is also a fan of basketball and could be seen playing the sport for his high school team.

In January 2022, he took a transfer from Minnehaha Academy to Oak Hill Academy. He is one of the rising aspects of the game and has a bright future ahead of him.

Speaking of his youngest, Master P said this in an interview, “Growing up he [Mercy] was able to go to a lot of the games and see a lot of the greats play there and Coach [Kelvin] Sampson he is a man of his word.”

In the end, Master P mentioned that Coach Kelvin is building a great program, and by the time Mercy graduates, he’ll be a big part of that.

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Ironmouse’s Health Updates – What Disease Does She Have?

Ironmouse is one strong person!




Ironmouse’s Health Updates - Is Ironmouse Dying?

Ironmouse, the VTuber and streamer, has been streaming since 2017.

Her content mainly revolves around gaming, voice acting, singing, or simply talking about her fans. However, she has never revealed her face to anyone to date.

Nobody knows what Ironmouse looks like in real life, and the only thing known about her is that she is a Puerto Rican-American VTuber. Her appearance is that of a girl with fluffy pink hair with a heart-shaped ahoge and hairpins.

She also has white horns and light purple eyes. While there is a lore behind Ironmouse and how the character came to life, the main reason behind it is quite heartbreaking.

The streamer, who hides behind her alter ego of Ironmouse, started doing so because of her illness. Due to loneliness because of her health, the anonymous streamer created the character Ironmouse, which has helped her escape her brutal reality of illness and weak health.

What disease does Ironmouse have?

The streamer behind Ironmouse suffers from Common Variable Immune Deficiency, also known as CVID. It is unknown if Ironmouse suffers from Primary Immunodeficiency, best known as PI, but she often raises awareness of the illness.

CVID is an immunological illness characterized by recurrent infections and low antibody levels, particularly in immunoglobulin (Ig) types IgG, IgM, and IgA. According to WebMD, symptoms include a high vulnerability to external invaders, chronic pulmonary illness, and gastrointestinal inflammation and infection. 

CVID affects both men and women equally. The illness can be present in children or teenagers. However, it is not usually diagnosed or recognized until adulthood. 

The typical age of diagnosis ranges from age 20 to 50. Unfortunately, CVID is a chronic condition that lasts a lifetime.

Similarly, PI is the condition in which a component of the body’s immune system is lacking or malfunctions. To be classified as a PI, the immune deficiency must be inherited and not induced by secondary causes such as another disease, pharmacological therapy, or exposure to chemicals in the environment. 

The majority of primary immunodeficiencies are hereditary illnesses, with the majority being identified in infants under the age of one. However, milder types may not be recognized until maturity. 

Immune deficits can lead to chronic or recurring infections, auto-inflammatory illnesses, tumors, and organ dysfunction. There are currently few therapies available for these disorders, most of which are unique to a specific kind of PI. 

Ironmouse also has a lung condition. She is often isolated, bedridden, and on oxygen because of her poor health.

Her health and illness have made her largely homebound, with her interacting with the world via her avatar, Ironmouse.

Is Ironmouse dying?

Ironmouse often talks about her illness with her fans and followers. Since then, they have been concerned about her health, often asking, “Is Ironmouse dying?”

Ironmouse suffers from chronic illness, something she has been dealing with before she started streaming. Even though CVID is difficult to handle, it is not life-threatening if she is taking all her medications.  

If there is proper medical attention, a properly balanced diet, lifestyle modifications according to the health and illness along strong support systems like family, people with CVID can live a socio-normative lifestyle. According to Reddit, Ironmouse mentioned in 2021 that she was feeling much better than before.

She lives with her family, who takes care of her health properly. She even mentioned that she was feeling better in a long time.

She told The Washington Post in December 2022 that streaming has also saved her life. “My health started improving because let’s be honest,” she said, “money helps with getting stuff.”

So, it seems like even though her illness demands a lot of care and support from her family — both emotionally and financially — Ironmouse is doing well.

That being said, Ironmouse often raises awareness about her condition to her fans and followers. From simply talking about it to raising donations, the streamer does her best to educate her fans and followers about CVID and PI.

In a December 2022 interview with Plasma Hero, Ironmouse talked about her illness. She said, “At the time, I think I was so worried I didn’t realize how talking about it could raise awareness; I don’t make my illness the main focus of my content, but I do speak about it from time to time for education and awareness and to explain why I may not be feeling my best at times.”

Talking about her health and plasma donations, she said, “Plasma is liquid gold to me. Without it, I get very sick, but with my regular infusions, I am able to live my life to the best of my ability. Plasma has given me an opportunity to live again.” 

On August 4, 2021, the streamer held a charity event on the occasion of her Twitch anniversary, where she raised over $100K for Immune Deficiency Foundation. 

In 2022, her friend and fellow streamer, CDawg, raised over $300K for Immune Deficiency Foundation through a cycleathon. Similarly, in June 2023, she did a 30-day subathon, where she donated half of her subscription income to the foundation.

Ironmouse’s biography 

The biography of the streamer behind Ironmouse is a mystery. As said before, the only thing we know about the streamer is their illness and that she is from Puerto Rico.

She often talks about how her family is supportive and takes care of her health. However, it is unknown how many members are there in her family.

Ironmouse’s biography, age, and family are a mystery.

Ironmouse’s biography, age, and family are a mystery. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, there is no information about her age. She began to seek a career as a streamer instead in 2017 because she was lonely and needed something to do. 

She was hesitant to use her actual face online until she was inspired by Kizuna AI, the first YouTuber to refer to herself as a “virtual YouTuber,” to stream with a digital avatar to disguise her identity. She came to consider herself a VTuber after noticing an increasing number of individuals identifying themselves as such.

Her avatar typically takes the form of a horned demon with pink and purple hair. It’s backstory and is influenced by the fact that she had jokingly referred to herself as a personification of Satan. 

Since then, when asked about the biography of Ironmouse, it is said that her age is 6669 and is staying on Earth pretending to be the daughter of a family she has brainwashed.

She has been active since 2017 and is a founder member of the 2020 VTuber group VShojo. She is the most-followed English language VTuber on Twitch, with over one million followers, and has the fourth all-time peak subscriptions for a Twitch broadcaster.

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Lana Kington’s Complete Biography – From Her Family Roots to Personal Relationship

Lana Kington appears to have a close relationship with her parents.



Lana Kington's Full Biography from Her Family to Relationships

Australian internet personality Lana Kington has gained widespread fame from her presence on many social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and many more.

Following Kington’s increasing fame, many of her fans and followers have expressed their curiosity to learn more details about her life, including her family, dating life, height, and so on.

Lana Kington mostly remains mum about her parents

Kington was born to her mother, Joyanne Kington, but has not revealed her father’s name. She has also remained notably private regarding her parents throughout her career.

Despite the social media personality refraining from discussing her father and mother in public, she offered a rare glimpse of her family on February 12, 2017, by sharing a blurry picture featuring herself and her mother.

In the snapshot, Kington can be seen holding a cup while affectionately hugging her mother. Alongside the picture, she captioned, “Went to Guns and Roses with Mum and Dad last night. It was alright.”

Following the post, many of the social media personality’s fans and followers left heartfelt and complimentary messages in the comment section.

One person stated, “Such a beautiful photo! Looks like you had an amazing time!” while another said, “Wow it looks like you have such a great relationship.”

Just like her reserved approach regarding her parents, she has successfully maintained a private stance concerning her siblings. Nevertheless, the social media personality has posted many pictures with Madison Lloyd on Instagram, who appears to be either her sibling or close friend.

For instance, on August 23, 2018, she shared the snapshot with Lloyd in Finns Beach Club and captioned, “DEDICATED & TRUE influencers will commit to faux candid laughter amidst a shark attack.” Likewise, on September 14, 2019, Kington posted a lively selfie showcasing their joy and enjoyment.

Lana Kington is in her early thirties

Kington was born on February 18, 1990, making her 33 years old as of 2023. Born in February, she falls under the Aquarius zodiac sign, characterized by traits such as progressive, intelligent, independent, and idealistic.

The social media personality mostly celebrates her birthday surrounded by her close friends and family. One particularly memorable birthday that she shared with her followers was when she turned 30.

Lana Kington celebrated her 30th birthday with her close friends and family.

Lana Kington celebrated her 30th birthday with her close friends and family. (Source: Instagram)

Kington posted a series of pictures that captured the joy and happiness shared among her family members and friends as they gathered together to celebrate her special day.

Accompanied the post, she included the caption, “The only thing that could have made this lunch any better was if Joe Exotic jumped out of my cake,” along with a yellow heart emoji.

Likewise, the internet personality took a moment to extend her heartfelt thanks to her friends Lloyd, Adelle, and Jemhope for making her feel like a queen on her birthday.

Lana Kington’s height and weight

Kington stands at approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 58 kilograms. She maintains her physique through regular exercise and a healthy diet.

The social media personality has frequently shared videos and pictures related to her workout routine on her Instagram. For instance, on September 3, 2020, she posted the reel in which she was seen working out on a treadmill.

As the video proceeds, Kington makes a playful twist by increasing the speed of the treadmill, creating a funny and relatable moment for her followers. She also added a humorous caption to the post that read, “Every chick on the first day of Spring.”

Likewise, on August 25, 2023, she posted a video of herself working out at home in a playful manner. She then highlighted the need to exercise even when feeling hungover, joking about the cost of canceling a workout session.

Lana Kington is in a content relationship with her boyfriend, Ty Mclennan

Kington is in a relationship with a director, Mclennan, aka Raz. Even though she has not revealed the details of their first meeting or when they started dating, she has occasionally provided a glimpse into her dating life via Instagram.

On July 8, 2020, the social media personality posted two black-and-white pictures with Mclennan. In the first snapshot, Kington appeared to be tipsy, holding a bottle of beer and hugging her partner. Similarly, in the second picture, Mclennan was captured playing with Kington’s hair.

Alongside the post, she added a playful caption that read, “Back when a public face licking/hair sniffing was an okay thang.”

Similarly, on October 17, 2022, the internet personality provided a glimpse of the cherished moment she shared with her partner during their trip to Ha Long.

In the picture, Mclennan was seen gently kissing her forehead while they held each other in a warm and affectionate embrace. She captioned the post, “The tour guide made us do it!”

Upon seeing the post, many of her fans and friends took to the comments section to express their affectionate sentiments for the couple. Lyndl Kean commented, “Tour guide knows best, cuties,” while another fan stated, “Keep doing it lovebirds!!” accompanied by two red heart emojis.

Brief on Lana Kington’s career

As mentioned above, Kington is active in most of the social media platforms. She started her Instagram journey in 2012, and since then, she has consistently posted multiple images on the platform related to her lifestyle, with her friends, and many more.

As of this writing, the social media personality has 59.7k followers on Instagram and a total of 869 posts. She also maintains an active presence on TikTok, where she continuously posts humorous videos.

As a result of her engaging video, Kington has successfully garnered 22.4k followers and a total of 1.5 million on the platform.

Additionally, she has a self-titled YouTube channel. She first posted the video titled “INSANE Priceline haul!” on June 21, 2021, which received 305 views and 4 likes to date.

Likewise, as of now, she has posted only five videos on the platform, with the most popular one being “I made an OnlyFans!” with 792 views.

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The Rise and Riches of Colton Underwood – A Look at His Impressive Net Worth

Colton Underwood’s net worth is substantial!



A Look at Colton Underwood's Impressive Net Worth

Colton Scott Brown-Underwood, more commonly known as Colton Underwood, was born on January 26, 1992.

He is an American reality television personality and former professional football player.

Underwood’s journey in the NFL began on May 10, 2014, when he joined the San Diego Chargers as an undrafted free agent.

However, his time with the Chargers was short-lived, as he was cleared from the team on August 30, 2014.

Shortly after, on September 3, 2014, Underwood found himself on the practice squad of the Philadelphia Eagles, though his stint with them was brief, ending on September 9, 2014.

Moving forward, he made another attempt at an NFL career, joining the practice squad of the Oakland Raiders on December 1, 2015.

Unfortunately, his tenure with the Raiders came to an end on August 29, 2016, when he was released from the team.

Colton Underwood in the field

Colton Underwood in the field (Source: US Weekly)

Many fans of Underwood are curious about his personal life, specifically about his financial circumstances, such as his net worth.

So, let’s move forward and learn more about him in detail.

Colton Underwood’s career

Underwood has built a name for himself in the entertainment sector and is best known for participating in different reality television shows.

He rose to prominence in 2018 as a contestant on The Bachelorette during its 14th season, followed by an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise the following year.

However, it was in 2019 that Underwood fully stepped into the spotlight as the star of The Bachelor for the 23rd season, capturing audiences with his search for love.

Aside from reality dating shows, Underwood has appeared as a guest correspondent on Extra as himself. In 2021, in the documentary series Coming Out Colton recorded his path of self-discovery, in which he freely discussed his sexuality.

In 2022, he returned to television in Beyond the Edge, establishing himself as a familiar face in the reality TV world.

Colton Underwood in beyond the edge poster.

Colton Underwood in Beyond the Edge poster (Source: IMDb)

Underwood’s fame exceeded beyond television when he appeared in Adam Doleac’s music video for Famous in 2019.

His achievements in reality television were recognized at the 2019 Reality TV Awards, where he won the Fan Favorites award, and at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, where he received the Most Meme-able Moment award for his iconic fence jump.

He was also nominated for the People’s Choice Awards as the 2019 Competition Contestant.

Colton Underwood’s net worth

All his career activities have helped him make his net worth stronger every time. You must be curious about how much his net worth is now.

Colton Underwood posing for a picture

Colton Underwood posing for a picture (Source: Instagram)

Celebrity Net Worth reported Underwood’s net worth is $1 million.

All about Colton Underwood’s house

After Underwood came out as gay, he and his partner made their relationship public on Instagram. They’ve also invested $3 million in a Sherman Oaks, California property, marking their first joint real estate purchase.

According to multiple sources, Underwood and Brown’s home contains a number of interesting defining features.

Their property has a gourmet kitchen, which is ideal for culinary enthusiasts.

There is an enticing outdoor refuge to rest in for relaxation and outdoor fun. The 2.5-car tandem garage provides plenty of space for their automobiles and storage.

The main bathroom features a beautiful 5-piece bath for maximum comfort and relaxation and also has a wine wall, which adds a touch of luxury to their home.

It seems they are gym people, as they have a simple home gym that allows them to keep up with their exercise routines. They can curl up beside the slate-surround fireplace on chilly evenings.

Furthermore, the garage’s 220V electric charging station symbolizes their devotion to eco-friendly living, making it a really modern and well-appointed house.

Colton Underwood’s early life

Underwood was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is the son of Scott Underwood and Donna Underwood, both former standout athletes at Illinois State University.

His father was a collegiate football player for the Illinois State Redbirds, while his mother excelled in volleyball.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Colton Brown-Underwood (@coltonunderwood)

His father and he both attended Washington Community High School; he graduated in 2010. He has a younger brother named Connor Underwood, and he was brought up in the Catholic faith.

Following in his father’s path, Underwood pursued his education at Illinois State University, where he also played college football for the Redbirds.

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