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Who Are Master P’s Children? Meet All of Them

A detailed look at Master P’s children!



Who Are Master P’s Children? Meet All of Them
Who Are Master P’s Children? Meet All of Them

Percy Robert Miller Sr. is a renowned American rapper, record executive, and actor who is best known by his stage name of Master P. Thanks to his works since the early 1990s, he is considered one of the wealthiest hip hop artists in the United States.

Outside his professional life, Master P is a family man and a father to nine children. Among his nine kids, he shares the most with his ex-wife Sonya C — a reputed singer on her own.

Additionally, the rapper is close to most of his children despite his busy working career. Here is an in-depth look at all of his children!

Romeo Miller

Percy Romeo Miller, or Romeo Miller only, is the eldest child of Master P and Sonya C. He was born on August 19, 1989, and was initially raised in the suburbs of New Orleans, Louisiana.


Romeo followed the footsteps of his father since his childhood and used to go by his stage name Lil Romeo. He started gaining fame when he started making music under his father’s Limit Records.

Romeo is presently a business and has founded several musics and record labels, such as Guttar Music, The Next Generation, Take a Stand, and No Limit Forever Records.

Additionally, he has appeared on the television screens a couple of times, appearing in the Nickelodeon show titled Romeo! (from 2003 to 2006) and co-hosting The Mix on Fox Soul.


Coming over to his personal life, he is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend named Drew Sangster. On February 15, 2022, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, whom Romeo calls Baby R.

Vercy Miller

Vercy Miller is the second eldest child of Master P and Sonya C. He was born on July 26, 1991, and also goes by the nickname of Young V.

Like his father and older brother, Vercy once stepped foot in the entertainment industry and made his appearance in multiple movies, including The Team, Decisions, and I Got The Hook Up 2.


As for whether or not he is involved in the music industry, The Sun has reported that Vercy might be a part-time producer and DJ.

Besides that, not much information could be found about him as he rather lives a private life. He could be found on Instagram where he has presently garnered around 16,700 followers.

Veno Miller

Veno Miller is actually Master P’s late brother Kevin Miller’s son. He was born on July 16, 1991 — making him 10 days older than Vercy Miller.


Distractify reports that Master P adopted his brother’s son with Sonya C after Kevin’s death in a robbery in 1990. And although Veno isn’t his biological child, Master P has always regarded him as his own child.

Veno has been somewhat active in the entertainment industry and has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows such as Zoey 101, Master P’s Family Empire, LaLa Land, and Victorious.

Veno Miller is Master P's adoptive son

Veno Miller is Master P’s adoptive son (Photo: Getty Images)

In 2021, he got his major break after playing one of the major roles of Carter Conley in his big-screen debut movie Malibu Horror Story.


Tytyana Miller

Among Master P and Sonya C’s children, most people are quite familiar with the former couple’s daughter Tytyana Miller — she tragically passed away in May 2022.

Tytyana was born on June 15, 1992, and was on the spotlight multiple times since her birth. She mainly earned fame as the daughter of Master P and Sonya C, but there were also contributions from her works as an actress and model.

She was also known for her appearance on the WE TV series Growing Up Hip Hop where she opened up with her father and brother, Romeo Miller, about her drug and drinking addiction. And thanks to the support from her family, she was able to overcome those addictions.


On Sunday, May 29, 2022, Master P announced the death of his beloved daughter Tytyana. Some of his words were, “Mental illness & substance abuse is a real issue that we can’t be afraid to talk about. With God, we will get through this. #MyAngel.”

Inty Miller

Intylyana Miller is another child of Master P and his ex-wife Sonya C. Apart from her birth name, she is also known by the names of Inty and Princess Inty.

Born on June 25, 1993, Inty is one of the emerging R&B artists who has already marked her name. Besides, it’s even reported that she has an estimated net worth of $500,000.


Her debut single came in 2017 when she released ‘That Real Love.’ Her first song was successful and Inty followed it with the release of her second single titled ‘You Know I See You.’

Similarly, some of her other songs are ‘For Better Or Worse’ and ‘Whatever It Takes.’ Furthermore, she has appeared in movies such as A Mother’s Choice and I Got The Hook Up 2.

Cymphonique Miller

Cymphonique Miller, aka Cymphonique, is another daughter of Master P. However, her biological mother isn’t Sonya C, and the name of her mother is yet to be publicly revealed.


Born on August 1, 1996, she was initially brought up in San Francisco, California. Like her other siblings, she is also involved in the field of music and acting.

To this date, she has released one mixtape titled Passion, one EP titled No Days Off, and numerous singles, including ‘Takin’ Over,’ ‘All About Tonight,’ ‘My Everything,’ and ‘Been Through It All.’

Speaking of her career as an actress, she has appeared in movies and TV shows such as Phineas and Ferb, Opposite Day, Big Time Rush, Winx Club, How to Rock, The Dempsey Sisters, and Never and Again.


Itali Miller

Itali Miller is the sixth child of Master P with his former wife Sonya C, and the rapper’s seventh child in total. She was born on May 6, 1999.

Itali is one of Master P’s children who hasn’t actively pursued a career in the music or acting industry. She has only appeared in the 2010 short movie A Mother’s Choice and the 2019 movie I Got the Hook Up 2.

As of now, it’s unknown what she does for a profession. Nonetheless, as she is only 23 years of age, it might also be possible that she is focusing more on her studies rather than finding a job.


She is active on Instagram where she has amassed around 28,000 followers. Her Instagram bio reads: “A young woman who possesses the quality ‘It’; absolute attraction.”

Hercy Miller

Hercy Miller is one of the youngest children of Master P and Sonya C. He was born on March 28, 2002, in California, United States.

Unlike his brothers and sisters, Hercy has completely remained off the music and acting industry. Instead, he is a rising and talented basketball player who is presently playing for Xavier University’s Men’s basketball team.


As per Nashville Tennessean, Hercy had transferred from Tennessee State in 2022 after he landed a $2 million Name, Image, and Likeness deal.

As for how talented he is to receive such a big deal, his head coach, Travis Steele, had to say this in January 2022, “I think he just decided he wanted to try to experience something different in college basketball. He’s a great young man, comes from a really good family.”

Mercy Miller

Mercy Miller is the youngest of nine children of Master P — his biological mother is Sonya C. Born in 2005, he celebrates his birthday every year on September 13. As of now, he is 16 years of age.


Like his older brother Hercy Miller, Mercy is also a fan of basketball and could be seen playing the sport for his high school team.

In January 2022, he took a transfer from Minnehaha Academy to Oak Hill Academy. He is one of the rising aspects of the game and has a bright future ahead of him.

Speaking of his youngest, Master P said this in an interview, “Growing up he [Mercy] was able to go to a lot of the games and see a lot of the greats play there and Coach [Kelvin] Sampson he is a man of his word.”


In the end, Master P mentioned that Coach Kelvin is building a great program and by the time Mercy graduates, he’ll be a big part of that.

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Faizon Love Discusses Health and Fixation on Weight Loss

Faizon Love said that there is racism when it comes to big people.



Faizon Love Discusses Health and Fixation on Weight Loss

Faizon Love, who was originally named Langston Faizon Santisima and was born in Cuba, is an actor and comedian. 

He is most famous for his appearances in various comedy movies such as The Meteor ManDon’t Be a Menace, Friday, BAP*S, Elf, The Replacements, Made, and Couples Retreat. 

Additionally, he lent his voice to the character of Sean “Sweet” Johnson in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and played the role of Wendell Wilcox on the television show The Parent ‘Hood.


He defended Lizzo after an interviewer mentioned that Kanya West and others fat-shamed her, accusing her of promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. Here are some more details on the topic. 

Faizon Love opened up about fat shaming and health 

During an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, West criticized the body-positivity movement by using Lizzo as an example. West referred to Lizzo as his “good friend” and explained that when she loses weight, she is attacked on social media by “bots” who promote the idea that being overweight is a desirable goal when in reality, it is unhealthy. 

In an Interview with VLAD TV, Love was asked by the interviewer, “ A lot of people, you know, including Kanye and so forth have fat-shamed Lizzo. He mentioned Lizzo and how they are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.”


The interviewer mentioned how in the industry, no one raises a similar question when other male artists are heavy like DJ Khalid, and it’s a kinda sexist thing to address women like Lizzo and other artists.

“Now someone who is heavyset himself, how do you feel when someone talks about Lizzo,” he asked Love. To which he replied, “There is racism against big people, and also there are these theories that because you are big you’re unhealthy. That’s a [expletive] lie.”

He continued, “It’s for stupid people. Cause, I know a lot of skinny [people] dying right now, that is very unhealthy. You know Halle Berry has diabetes.” 


Faizon Love sued Universal in 2020

Love sued Universal in November 2020 over his and Kali Hawk’s removal from the international poster of “Couples Retreat,” claiming it was racism.

Following the lawsuit, Love issued a statement: “This film was a big money-maker for Universal, but instead of honoring my work and my contract, the studio chose to render me invisible to billions of moviegoers around the world,” as per Variety.

His suit also claimed that Vince Vaughn had advised him “that making a big deal about his removal from the poster would not be good for his career at that time.”


Love claimed Universal did not honor a previous agreement to feature him in future films, which affected his career, but he withdrew the lawsuit in January 2021 after reaching an amicable agreement with Universal.

Despite this, Love continued to find work in smaller roles and projects, as per his IMDb page, including appearances on Black-ish and Step Up: High Water. Love stated in a 2016 interview that his work created roles for other actors.

Keep reading Glamour Buff for more exciting stories! 

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Everything about Chef Erin French’s Net Worth and Career

How much is her net worth?



Everything about Chef Erin French’s Net Worth and Career

Erin French, an American chef, has amassed a sizable net worth as a result of her culinary skills.

French has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of this writing. Her restaurant, The Lost Kitchen, is her main source of income. 

She also initiated the television show named after her acclaimed restaurant. The first season of the show, which debuted on Discovery+ on January 3rd, 2021, consisted of six episodes. Likewise, season two of the show premiered on October 22, 2022. 


Besides, she is the author of two popular books. Her first book, The Lost Kitchen: Recipes and a Good Life Found in Freedom, was released in 2017, followed by Finding Freedom in the Lost Kitchen in 2021. French recently published her third book, Untitled French Cookbook Fall 2023.

The Chef undoubtedly earned a sizable sum of money from her books and television program. Additionally, French has 252K Instagram followers, where she documents her daily life as well as what happens behind the scenes at her restaurant.

Erin French spent most of her childhood in her father’s cafe

French was interested in cooking from an early age. Her father, Jeffery Richardson, owned a cafe in town, which provided her with opportunities to develop an interest in cooking. 


The chef began her cooking career at her father’s cafe. She used to take on various tasks, which included dishwashing, waiting tables, and also frying pancakes in her cafe. Likewise, by the time she was 14, she could flip hamburgers in her parent’s diner.

More on Erin French’s career 

In 2011, French and her ex-husband Todd opened a restaurant named The Lost Kitchen together. However, the business wasn’t successful, and Todd closed it without consulting her. 

Later, the chef reopened the restaurant following her divorce. Initially, she employed only female chefs and sourced ingredients from her farmer friends. She gets some of her recipes from her mother and grandmother, which she elevates and makes her own.

Erin French enjoyed creating new dishes.

Erin French enjoyed creating new dishes. (Source: Instagram)

In an interview with Food and Wine, French stated, “I get the best produce. My friend will text me a photo of a cauliflower in her field, and I will say, ‘Bring me 12 of those.’ Later, that friend will serve the cauliflower herself.” Moreover, the chef even made the tables out of barn boards and plumbing fixtures.

As previously stated, shortly after opening The Lost Kitchen, French initiated the television show of the same name. Her restaurant grew in popularity over time, and customers now travel long distances to dine there. French restaurant’s success is largely due to the success of her television show. She has become a household name in the food world.

The chef also received a James Beard Award in 2016. She previously entertained celebrities such as Martha Stewart. She received approximately 20,000 cards per year, making it one of the most difficult restaurants in the country to book.


Furthermore, the chef credited her new husband with keeping her afloat during the pandemic. She told People, “I was fearful no one would ever love me again. I felt tainted. But the relationship I’m in now — he’s so supportive and is never trying to put a cap on me.”

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Alvin Bragg and Wife Jamila Ponton Bragg Married for Nearly Two Decades

Alvin Bragg and his wife will mark their 20th anniversary in November 2023.




Into Alvin Bragg And Wife Jamila’s Decades Long Married Life

Alvin Bragg is currently a trending name on the internet for being the Manhattan District Attorney overlooking former US President Donald Trump’s alleged role in paying hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels with whom he allegedly had an affair.

Since Bragg is looking over the high-profile case, he has been gaining attention not only on a national level but on a worldwide level. And those people have been eager to know more about the first person of color to serve as the New York County District Attorney.

Is Alvin Bragg married to a wife?

As of this writing, Alvin is in a long-term marital relationship with his wife, Jamila Ponton Bragg. The married couple shared the wedding vows on November 1, 2003, and have been together since then.


As per The New York Times, Alvin met his future wife while they were enrolled at Harvard University — Alvin was pursuing a law degree then. In contrast, Jamila was pursuing a master’s degree in education.

Alvin Bragg with his wife, Jamila Ponton Bragg, during their wedding ceremony

Alvin Bragg with his wife, Jamila Ponton Bragg, during their wedding ceremony (Photo: Instagram)

How they fell in love and when they began dating is currently unknown. But after being in a relationship for some time, they decided to get settled down and tied the knot at the Heinz Memorial Chapel in Pittsburgh.

At the time of their wedding, the then-30-year-old Alvin was serving as an assistant New York State attorney general. Similarly, his then-29-year-old wife worked as a program director at a New York-based nonprofit youth organization named Girls Incorporated.


From the day Alvin and Jamila got married to the present day, they have always been together and supported each other in every step of their lives. And their marital life got even happier when they welcomed two children; a daughter named Maya and a son named Mark.

However, little to no information is available about his children, as both of them have kept their kids out of the limelight. Nonetheless, the family of four was seen together at an event in June 2021, where Alvin was a speaker — his wife and kids were also on stage.

Who is Alvin Bragg’s wife?

Alvin’s wife, Jamila, is the founder of a theatre production company named JamRock Productions, LLC. As per America Theatre, the company is committed to working for, about, and by women. Jamila’s debut as a co-producer was in March 2020 on Charles Randolph-Wright’s play Blue.


Before doing this, she used to work for other companies. Per her LinkedIn profile, her career started as a project director for Girls Incorporated, where she worked from December 1999 to December 2005.

After that, she joined The Atlantic Philanthropies as a special assistant to the CEO in June 2006 and served in that position until her departure in November 2007. From February to October 2012, she worked as an educational outreach manager for The Electric Company in a Sesame Workshop.

An old picture of Alvin Bragg with his wife, Jamila Ponton Bragg, and their children

An old picture of Alvin Bragg with his wife, Jamila Ponton Bragg, and their children (Photo: Instagram)

In April 2015, she joined the Emma Bowen Foundation as a consultant and worked there for almost three and a half years — she left in August 2018. There are no other details about her profession since then, as it seems she hasn’t updated her profile.


Coming over to Jamila’s family, The New York Times mentions her father’s name is James A. Ponton, and her mother’s name is Ocie M. Ponton. As per the outlet, Jamila’s father had died before her wedding to Alvin. As for her mother, she is a teacher.

Alvin Bragg’s Wiki: bio and family

Born in 1973, Alvin celebrates his birthday every year on October 21. As of this writing, he is 49 years of age. Likewise, his zodiac sign is Libra, and his birth name is Alvin Leonard Bragg Jr.

The former assistant United States Attorney was raised as a single child in the suburbs of Manhattan, New York. As for his parents, they are named Alvin Bragg Sr. and Sadie Bragg. Unfortunately, his parents are now deceased.


The DA’s father – who died on March 18, 2014 – used to serve as a Manhattan-based director of the New York Urban League. Furthermore, Alvin’s mother – who died on October 31, 2018 – worked for Borough of Manhattan Community College as their vice president for academic affairs.

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