Behind Josh Gates' Illness, Health, and Hospitalization

Behind Josh Gates’ Illness, Health, and Hospitalization

Josh Gates lost over 30 pounds during the pandemic.

Behind Josh Gates' Illness, Health, and Hospitalization

Josh Gates is an American television host and producer. On Syfy, he hosted and co-executive produced Destination Truth and Stranded, and he presently hosts and co-produces The Discovery Channel’s Expedition: Unknown and Legendary Locations.

He is also recognized for hosting several live specials and appearing as a guest investigator on the television shows Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International. Ping Pong Productions, his production company, introduces the series.

What Is the illness of Josh Gates? Look at Josh Gates’ health, illness, and hospitalization.

Josh Gates with team hospitalized after eating bat feces-infested food

Gates stated in a tweet that he is prone to it and feels special because almost no one else is.

The presenter becomes ill after firing daring shots over an extended period. He was hospitalized after consuming infected food, and they ended up in hospital after getting infected by rotavirus.

The incident occurred around January 2018, when he, together with Discovery team members, resided and worked for a few days in the deep below. They ate the exposed food and were contaminated by bats, bugs, and other critters.

A severe ailment forced them to the clinic, where their condition was examined due to bat crap. The moderator was highly ill and claimed he would never go to such places again.

Gates seems to be in great condition and has no severe illness. The experience most likely taught him to deal with himself and maintain a healthy diet.

Josh Gates has a rare allergy to hedera helix

Even though Gates seems to be in a healthy state at the moment, he has a rare allergy. The T.V. star revealed that he is allergic to hedera helix, sometimes known as English ivy.

He tweeted, “Statistically, almost nobody is allergic to hedera helix or common English ivy. I guess that makes me special?”

The T.V. star has been hospitalized several times due to his allergies.

Josh Gates lose 30 pounds during the pandemic

Gates has ascended the world’s most distant mountains, walked through its densest jungles, and descended into its deepest caves. Prior to the pandemic, Gates spent most of his year abroad shooting the hit Discovery Channel series Expedition Unknown. 

It was a way of life that honed the 43-year-old explorer’s skills at sleeping on airport floors and eating meals on the road.

As a result, there was a lack of regular exercise and a healthy diet, which Gates claims made a living a healthy lifestyle impossible. However, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the explorer has adjusted his habit, losing more than 30 pounds while unwittingly chronicling the consequences onscreen. 

“I spent a few weeks sitting at home not doing much, and it kind of hit me…I have this time and it is important to use this time,” Gates said to Forbes.

He addressed that many people go different ways during the pandemic. Some stuff their face with food, while some choose to be goal-oriented, and he was the latter. 

“For me, the pandemic was an opportunity to craft a new routine.” gates continued. 

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