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A Detailed Look at Gabbie Hanna’s Social Media Deletion, Controversy, and Red Table Talk

Everything about Gabbie Hanna’s social media deletion, controversies, and more!



A Detailed Look at Gabbie Hanna’s Social Media Deletion, Controversy, and Red Table Talk

YouTuber Gabbie Hanna is known for many things. Among them, one is for being one of the most controversial YouTubers.

Over the years, she has been involved in multiple online feuds with several influencers. As a result, many had tried to “cancel” her many times and even started petitions to delete Hanna’s YouTube channel.

One of the most signed petitions was started by Justice Right — 23,109 people have signed it out of 25,000 signatures. Similarly, the backlashes resulted in the YouTuber losing several of her subscribers and online followers.

And all of it seems to have taken a toll on her. Due to that, Hanna surprised everyone by taking down all of her social media handles and YouTube channel on October 18, 2021. Her drastic action resulted in some being happy, whereas some were sad.

However, it was later known that she didn’t completely delete everything. Social Blade showed that her main YouTube channel still had the same number of collective views. It meant that she only hid the videos.

Similarly, all of her Instagram posts might have been privatized or hidden, excluding her IGTV videos which were still visible to her followers. As for her Twitter handle, her tweets were gone, but one could still see her liked tweets.

And although Hanna’s decision to completely leave the internet came as a shock to many, it wasn’t very shocking if we knew all the facts.

Gabbie Hanna had previously hinted at leaving the internet

As mentioned earlier, Hanna received several backlashes, and many even bullied her.

That might be one of the reasons why she left the internet. The other reason might be her mental health issues, about which she had been a bit open in the past.

In her YouTube video of May 22, 2020, titled ‘Watch Somebody Burn and Crumble,’ she talked for a while about how her mental health and well-being were affected by all the online trolls and backlashes.

Hanna addressed the hate she received and explained that others twisted everything she said or did. Additionally, she had pinned one comment on that video – written by herself.

The comment read, “At this time in my life, my main and only focus was to regain my mental health and not allow myself to reach a place of self-harm. Difficult emotions take a lot of time, patience, energy, and thought to process and heal from.”

“Thank you for being a supportive community that can hold space for me and isn’t afraid to see me when I feel most vulnerable,” she added.

Likewise, before her surprise exit from the internet, she had given one one-liner statement to DramaAlert. The host, Keemstar, later shared the statement on Twitter — it read, “I left the internet.”

The host also gave his personal opinion on Hanna’s leave and wrote that the YouTuber was bullied non-stop by many Tea channels who were lying about her.

As for if Hanna is back on the internet or not, she is already back. Besides, just a few days after disabling her social media handles, on October 22, 2021, she released a new music video — it went on to receive a lot of hate.

Some of Gabbie Hanna’s controversies

Hanna has been a part of several controversies since she attained the limelight. One of the first ones was in 2017, when she made a video about her classmate who passed away due to a drug overdose.

The thing there was that she didn’t consult the dead classmate’s family before making the video. Then, after being criticized for making the video, she made another follow-up video where she apologized to everyone.

One year later, the YouTuber had started to promote a free set of makeup brushes – except the shipping wasn’t free. But that wasn’t the problem, as several users of the product complained that the brushes were poorly manufactured.

Some even said that the product started to shed after using it for the first time, and some people never received their product. That led people to criticize Hanna for promoting such a bad product.

However, instead of apologizing, she blamed the people who bought the product. In a video, she said, “Are they these amazing, high-quality, can’t-even-believe-it, great brushes? No. I also never said they were. I’m not sure what quality people were expecting when they paid $10 for 10 brushes.”

Another topic of discussion floated around in 2019 when the YouTuber allegedly told Trisha Paytas’s then-boyfriend, Jason Nash, that Paytas had herpes. Paytas immediately denied the accusation.

Additionally, Hanna had to apologize for making a tweet that read, “If I could be any animal I’d be a beyonce.”

In the same year, Hanna got involved in what could be said as her most serious controversy. YouTuber Jessi Smiles – real name Jessi Vasquez – accused her former boyfriend, Curtis Lepore, by saying that he raped her in 2013.

Gabbie Hanna has been a part of several controversies

Gabbie Hanna has been a part of several controversies (Photo: Instagram)

Note: Buzzfeed reported that Smiles had filed a case against Lepore in 2014 but dropped them just a month later after Lepore pleaded guilty to the charges.

Smiles also claimed that Hanna knew about it and still maintained a friendly and professional relationship with Lepore. After Smiles revealed such a thing, many started to label Hanna as a “rape apologist.”

Several fellow content creators and other followers started to turn on Hanna and call her manipulative and calculating.

Similarly, Hanna also faced backlash for her problematic behavior on the sets of Escape the Night. Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda revealed that the YouTuber acted just like a diva, fought with colleagues, made several unreasonable requests about the food she was given, etc.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Hanna responded about all of it and said, “Who didn’t I apologize to. I gave Jessi Smiles an apology. I gave Beyoncé an apology. It feels like I’m always dishing out apologies and I’ve never once received one, and that to me feels a little chaotic.”

She also admitted that she wasn’t always on her best behavior in the past. And that she has a “neurological disorder that was unchecked, and I wasn’t taking care of my mental health.”

Furthermore, she revealed that she was recently diagnosed with ADHD and C-PTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder) and that that disorder has often caused her to be impulsive. Hanna also said the condition had affected her short-term memory.

Gabbie Hanna and Perez Hilton on ‘Red Table Talk: The Estefans’

On December 15, 2021, two of the most controversial social media personality – Perez Hilton and Gabbie Hanna – sat down to discuss the cancel culture on the 19th episode of Red Table Talk: The Estefans’ first season titled ‘The Cancel Culture Epidemic.’

And as both of them have several hates and have been canceled multiple times, they were the best to discuss the topic. Hilton and Hanna had quite the feud while they were on the Facebook Watch show as they discussed the cancel culture.

The controversial YouTuber appeared in the middle of the 24 minutes and 42 seconds long episode and immediately disagreed with Hilton’s discussion with the Estefan sisters.

Hilton had mentioned in 2010 that he would stop doing things that would prevent him from getting canceled. But as he hadn’t done so, Hanna called Hilton a hypocrite.

She said, “You sound like such a hypocrite. You’re still doing things that you got canceled for. But you know you don’t have to say anything about [expletive] anyone? Like, you can just shut your mouth, and that would be cool too.”

Following that, Hilton started with his own things about Hanna, saying that people say the same thing about her as they say about him. He also pointed out her recent controversy and said that the public has accused her of “very hurtful, cruel, and toxic things.”

The two went on for a couple of more discussions before ending their feud. They eventually started to talk about the cancel culture and being canceled. Hilton opened up about people finding cancel culture “sad and interesting.”

Adding more, Hilton said that people get canceled after disagreeing with what the other person thinks. Hanna also agreed with Hilton and noted that there isn’t “enough love in disagreement.”

The episode ended with the Estefan sisters agreeing with both Hilton and Hanna.

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Who Are Peja Anne’s Parents? Exploring the YouTube Star’s Family Life

All about Peja Anne’s personal life!




Who Are Peja Anne’s Parents? Exploring Her Family Life

Peja Anne is one of the up-and-coming actresses from the United States.

From a young age, Anne was active on social media and amassed a massive fanbase. Moreover, her being part of the ROCK SQUAD has increased her influence.

Since Anne became famous when she was a kid and currently she is just 13 years old, people are curious about her family. As a result, she is often asked about her parents and siblings.

Peja Anne

Peja Anne. (Source: Instagram)

Here is all we know about it.

Peja Anne’s parents and family 

Despite growing up in the limelight, Anne has kept her personal life private. As a result, there is no information about her personal life online.

She has never revealed the name and identity of her parents. According to Famous Birthdays, Anne was born on February 23, 2010, to her parents and raised in Northern California.

Similarly, she grew up with three siblings — two older brothers and an older sister. However, their names are not known.

Peja Anne has not revealed any details about her parents and family.

Peja Anne has not revealed any details about her parents and family. (Source: Instagram)

It seems like Anne will not be sharing details about her personal life any time soon. But when she does, we will be there to update you about her parents and siblings.

Peja Anne’s bio

As said before, Anne rose to prominence as a part of the ROCK SQUAD channel. Along with her castmates, she performs in comic shorts and vignettes for their social media.

However, Anne has been active in the entertainment industry since she was four years old. She has since walked the runways of New York and Los Angeles.

Other than YouTube, Anne creates content on TikTok and Instagram.

Anne stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall which is 155 centimeters. Similarly, it is reported that she weighs 49 kilograms or 106 lbs.

Peja Anne’s social media presence and net worth

Anne is mostly active on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Apart from ROCK SQUAD’s channel, she also has her own YouTube channel, @peja, which has over 428K subscribers. 

She has over 70.3K followers on TikTok, @pejaanneofficial, and 129K followers on her Instagram account, @pejaanne. Anne has done a great deal in a short period of time, putting her in the spotlight. 

As a result, she has a lot of sources that aid in her net worth. Her major source of income is being a part of ROCK SQUAD. 

But alongside that, she has supported or promoted a number of products, including Shein. She is active as a social media influencer and constantly posts on Instagram. 

Moreover, Anne also posts regularly on TikTok. As a result, she has a net worth of roughly $500,000 as of 2023. 

However, her specific salary has not been released. Even if she has already had great success in her profession, she still has a long way to go. 

Therefore, it won’t be surprising if she increases her net worth in the upcoming years.

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Paramore’s Hayley Williams Has Over 10 Tattoos Inked on Her Body

All are personal and meaningful to Hayley Williams.




Hayley Williams Has Over 10 Tattoos Inked on Her Body

For some people, getting tattoos is the best way to express themselves. 

The same is the case of the Paramore singer Hayley Williams. Williams has over 10 body ink, and she once said that she only inked something that was personal to her. 

She admitted that she only had weird tattoos, and they mainly were inside jokes. She said, “I mostly have only weird tattoos. They’re all inside jokes, and I’m always getting something that’s personal to me.”

Here are all the tattoos Williams has and the meaning behind them.

The cover-up tattoo of her ex

The Paramore singer was in a long-time relationship with Chad Gilbert. The pair started dating in late 2007, engaged on December 25, 2014, and married on February 20, 2016.

During their relationship, Williams got the initials of his name —  CEG —  tattooed across three fingers. What was a sign of love to the singer soon became a sign of regret after she and Gilbert divorced on July 1, 2017.

Gilbert had cheated on Williams, and hence, the two parted ways for good. Williams did not want to see her CEG tattoos anymore, so she covered them with three black squares in February 2018.

Related to her band, Paramore

Williams has been the lead singer of Paramore for almost two decades. As a result, she has a couple of tattoos dedicated to the band.

One of them is the logo of the band, a box with three lines, which is inked on the inner side of her left wrist. All the members of Paramore have this matching tattoo. 

Williams’s left wrist has two more tattoos. One is a line that resembles two teeth with a gap in between. 

Hayley Williams has a couple of tattoos dedicated to her band, Paramore.

Hayley Williams has a couple of tattoos dedicated to her band, Paramore. (Source: Instagram)

The second is the letters “AL,” which stands for their album, ‘After Laughter.’ Another body ink related to the band is Williams’s “WARPED!” tattoo with a cloud and lightning behind her ear. 

She got it to represent the storm she experienced on the Cleveland Warped Tour. On the inner side of her right ankle, she has a tattoo of a heart surrounded by patches.

Above it are the letters HHT and a pink razor blade with a banner that reads, “SHAVE ME.” HHT stands for Hurting Hearts Tour, and the razor blade is a tribute to the time she toured with her bandmates. 

Hayley Williams’ “favorites” tattoo

Willams has a lot of tattoos of her favorites, like her favorite motto, quote, or song lyrics. On her wrists, she has the words, “Accentuate the positive / Eliminate the negative” with a heart.

The lines are lyrics from the Johnny Mercer song, ‘Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive,’ one of Williams’ favorites. Similarly, she has TCB inked on the back of her left arm with a lightning bolt.

TCB stands for “Takin’ Care of Business,” the motto of Elvis Presley and the TCB band. Presley is Williams’s idol, and hence, it was a way for her to pay tribute to her idol.

Hayley Williams’ other tattoos

Williams has a matching tattoo with her sister, Erica, which they got on Erica’s 18th birthday. It is on the front of her right leg and is an art of “Mirthmobile” car from Wayne’s World that is diving into a rose.

Williams has tattoos of flowers on the left side of her midriff. It is dedicated to her two sisters, McKayla and Erica.

On her right thigh, she has a tattoo of a solid black cross, and above that, she has inked a hand holding ribbons and an envelope with red and black colors. The cross represents her faith, and the envelope represents long-distance letters and calls.

Williams and Dakotah Rae, her best friend, have a matching tattoo of an outline of a heart on their wrists. 

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Ethan Payne’s Weight Loss Helped Him Become an Endurance Athlete

Ethan Payne’s journey is quite inspiring!




Ethan Payne’s Weight Loss Made Him An Endurance Athlete

Ethan Payne, best known as Behzinga, has had one of the most drastic weight loss transformations. 

Behzinga is one of the founding members of the Sidemen, who started gaming as a teenager. He channeled all his energy into gaming, which aided in weight gain.

Soon, he became famous and was appreciated for his humor and gaming skills. However, since he used to weigh a lot, he had become the subject of fun multiple times. 

As a result, he started working out excessively in 2018. By two years, he had a massive weight loss — he lost over 79 pounds. 

Soon, Behzinga transformed into an endurance athlete from a mere gamer.

Ethan Payne’s weight loss journey 

Behzinga talked about his journey to become an endurance athlete on his YouTube Original series, How To Be Behzinga.

He had always aspired to shed weight, but seeing KSI transform drastically for his match with Joe Weller inspired him. He said, “Seeing KSI step in the boxing ring against Joe Weller and seeing the transformation he made – not just physically but mentally – that was inspiring.”

He wanted to find a purpose like that and decided to feel good about himself. He woke up the following morning dedicated to changing his lifestyle.

He changed his diet and did not have a cheat meal for six months. Similarly, he only drank water and cut off junk from his diet.

Behzinga pushed his weight loss journey by tasking himself to run for the London Marathon for Teenage Cancer Trust. This helped him be focused on training himself. 

“Two years ago if you’d have told me I’d be running a marathon I’d have laughed in your face,” he said. “If you told me I’d be doing the stuff I’ve done in this doc, I would have said you’re crazy.”

Ethan Payne, aka Behzinga, underwent a massive weight loss journey from 2018 to 2020.

Ethan Payne, aka Behzinga, underwent a massive weight loss journey from 2018 to 2020. (Source: Instagram)

But Behzinga pushed himself, and soon, he became an endurance athlete. He trained with 2017 World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall, who helped him work out and exercise.

And voila! The YouTuber had a massive weight loss transformation and soon shed 79 pounds.

Behzinga’s diet and workout

Behzinga’s diet and workout routine were the main reasons behind his weight loss. Before, his diet included coco pops, Wagamama katsu curry, spicy rice & peri chips, Butterfly chicken, Nandos, Coca-Cola, Pringle tubes, and Haribo Straws.

But now, he eats porridge, granola, chicken, rice, mixed vegetables, beef, and protein shakes. He also takes supplements like fish oils, pre-workout shakes, and multivitamins.

However, he still craved food and his comfort diet. He distracted himself and kept himself busy so that he would not attempt to stray away from his healthy lifestyle.

He said, “Whether it’s video games, admin, or sending emails, I always try to keep busy. But you also need to ensure your meals are satisfying you.” 

Similarly, Behzinga’s workout regime consists of weight lifting and cardio. He said, “I’ll get my cardio done in the mornings, that’s the first thing I get done. In the afternoon then I’ll lift weights – and I’ll follow a push-pull-legs program.”

On Mondays, he works on his chest, shoulders, and triceps, whereas on Tuesdays, he works on his back and biceps. On Wednesdays, he does leg workouts and rests on Thursdays.

On Fridays, he pushes; on Saturdays, he pulls; and on Sundays, he works on his legs again. Usually, he takes a rest from the gym on each fourth day.

All in all, Behzinga’s weight loss journey is mostly aided by his diet and workout regime.

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